Not another chicken blog January 15, 2011

With new blogs, facebook pages & twitter feeds started every day, at first blush it might seem like we’re just adding to the digital noise. However, after speaking to thousands of chicken keepers, new and experienced, we think sharing some of our own experiences can be of help to others. While there are definitely things you don’t want to do (e.g. use cedar shavings as bedding, feed your chickens potato skins, etc.) one of the most important thing is to pay attention to your own flock’s subtle and not-so-subtle cues.

We have lots of information on different chicken breedschicken care guideincubation & hatching guide, and chicken help database. However, because everyone’s environment and setup is a little different, we thought that having several authors would be most helpful.  So, several members of our awesome staff have volunteered to provide a window into their chicken keeping worlds. Some of them have very small flocks; some are relatively new to keeping chickens; others have been keeping and breeding chickens for years.

Our goal is to present real world examples of problems, solutions and the joys of raising chickens. We hope that hearing our stories will give you confidence in keeping chickens yourself. Please let us know how we’re doing or if you have any suggestions! You can email all the bloggers at You can also join us on Facebook & Google+

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