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My poor husband January 31, 2012 3 Comments

Every day, just like the rest of you, we go to the back yard to visit our chickens. We let them out in to the run; we collect eggs; we feed the girls treats and dole out a little love — or in the case of our two little girls — a LOT of love. […]

Chickens At Work In Your Garden January 27, 2012 1 Comment

Chickens can be a blessing to those who don’t believe they have a green thumb, who get easily overwhelmed in the garden, or just don’t look forward to the clean up and prep work that goes with gardening. Your little fowl friends can be the most handy tool to have in your garden. If you […]

Joyce is back!! January 22, 2012 11 Comments

Over the years, Joyce has been one of our most-loved customer service representatives. About a year and a half ago, she was diagnosed with terminal multiple myeloma cancer, underwent a major operation to remove the cancer, and set on a rigorous course of treatment. Her prognosis was just 2 years to live. It was with […]