Joyce is back!! January 22, 2012

Over the years, Joyce has been one of our most-loved customer service representatives. About a year and a half ago, she was diagnosed with terminal multiple myeloma cancer, underwent a major operation to remove the cancer, and set on a rigorous course of treatment. Her prognosis was just 2 years to live. It was with sadness all around that she resigned from My Pet Chicken. She’s been missed sorely during that time.

Joyce is ba-ack!

Joyce, My Pet Chicken customer service representative

As you’ve probably surmised from this post’s title, Joyce’s story has turned out much happier than we could have dreamed. Her initial response to chemotherapy was so positive that her doctor recommended her to a cutting-edge stem cell treatment program through NC-Chapel Hill, after months of exhaustive tests to make sure she was strong enough for the treatment. The treatment has given her a new prognosis of 10+ years to live, and she’s feeling strong and well enough to return to her post at My Pet Chicken. We’re all beyond thrilled to have her back.

Joyce is thankful to everyone for their well wishes, love and prayers, and especially thankful to her chickens for giving her a reason to live. She knew during her darkest times that her kids and grandkids were strong and would survive without her, but that she just couldn’t leave her chickens.

If you’re lucky enough to catch her on the phone, you’ll note her fine southern charm, feather-smoothing style, and encyclopedic knowledge of chicken care.  In her own words, “Every call is an adventure and I get such a kick out of making people feel good and having a good time with them. I have found my place in this world.”

You can send a little love her way, too — she’ll sure appreciate it.

derek January 27th, 2012

So excited to have Joyce back!

Margaret Woody February 1st, 2012

I had know Joyce’s prognosis and knew MyPetChicken would hold her position if she was able to return. I had thought about her so much over this last year and prayed for her, as I know others were doing. WHAT A WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR!!!! A big hooray for Joyce – and prayers answered. Can’t wait to call and say hello! Margaret

Susan Berry February 3rd, 2012

Thank God for such a wonderful report. I am new to MPC but have enjoyed reading the blog and care tips. I am getting my first chickens in April and look forward to speaking with Joyce during my learning curve. Blessings to you Joyce and your family. And Blessings to MPC for your obvious high ethics, compassion and loyalty to your staff.

Julie February 5th, 2012

Joyce, my prayers go out to you and I’m so happy that you are back. As an Oncology nurse I know first hand that we are not in control, God has a plan for all of us. So grateful for all you do. God Bless and glad your back. Julie S.

Sara B February 5th, 2012

I’m so greatful to hear wonderful news like Joyce’s.
Joyce, your story gives so much hope to many.
I’m thrilled for you!!
Sara B

Judy February 7th, 2012


Nobody can talk chicken the way you do!!!

So glad you’re back!


Jeanine February 10th, 2012

Wonderful news for Joyce. Good Luck and welcome back to MY PET CHICKENS.

Our first 6 girls arrive week commencing 21st February. Our 6 year old daughter is excited and so are we. Hopefully they will all arrive alive and well.

Shelby February 12th, 2012

I am the amazing Joyce’s granddaughter and I love how much you guys love her!!! I worry about her when I’m away at school but between your love for her and Lenore I think she’s in good hands. 🙂 <3 <3 <3

Marty February 16th, 2012

I’m also new to chickens and a new fan of the blog. Joyce, this entry and the comments says wonderful things about you and the MPC community. I look forward to talking to you for many years to come!

Donna February 16th, 2012

Fabulous news! We will be getting our first chicks in a few weeks and am excited for more than one reason…my mother adored chickens, our entire kitchen was decorated floor to ceiling with everything chicken… and she passed away from MM 8 years ago. I’m glad to hear your prognosis is so well and that they are making great advances in the treatment for MM. My mother would have absolutely loved that we will finally have chickens; the girls will be another reminder of my mom.

Cindy Tony Kruszewski March 19th, 2012

God Bless You, I am going thru it now, in October, I was told by my Doc’s nurse, that I had a form of Leukemia, it has been a hard rroad to hoe, thx to u it does give me hope, that with alot of prayer that I can also go into a remission, this is not a good day for me, I am hurting and feel like going to sleep and just staying asleep, and forget about the pain and the stress.Plz keep me in your thoughts and prayers, I now have 2 rooster 16-hens, and hoping hubby brings me 2 more babies as soon as my hubby gets home from work, each one is name, we now have 3 pens, which is one of the things I had on my bucket list, was to have a rooster with a few hens, wow how things change, sorry got to go, thx for your help Joyce,
Polly aka Cindy

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