My poor husband – chicken surrogate January 31, 2012

chicken surrogate in the coop

A little too much love, sometimes

I have a chicken surrogate, and I feel guilty.

Every day, just like the rest of you, we go to the back yard to visit our chickens. We let them out in to the run; we collect eggs; we feed the girls treats and dole out a little love — or in the case of our two little girls — a LOT of love. At night, we close them in.

Just yesterday, I realized it’s been three weeks since I’ve been out to the coop.


Because it’s cold and mucky out. I’m a major wimp when it comes to the cold. And I know my husband will go if I don’t.

I’m a terrible person.

What’s worse is that my justification centers around how busy I am. I AM busy, of course. What mother of young kids isn’t? But my husband is, too. And I find the time in the summer. Oh, I find the time at LEAST twice a day when the weather’s good. I have to run out the kitchen scraps to chickens as soon as they’re made — go to the nest box to see if I got another chocolate or green egg — bring my kids out to distract them from killing each other — find out why the flock’s skwawking, etc. I find the time.

My dear husband, that you uncomplainingly trudge out to the coop all winter long, when I’m “too busy,” is just one of about ten thousand reasons I love you.

Melissa February 8th, 2012

I just love this post. Sometime we forget how wonderful they are. I have a husband like yours. Really does not like the cat, but will scoop the box. Knows how much I love the chickens, so makes special things for them. How blessed are we?

Tresa February 11th, 2012

We are surrounded by so much negative every day that we sometimes loose sight of how truely blessed we are. I too have a wonderful husband that helps take care of our ten hens, one rooster, four cats, and our dog. Sometimes I get frustrated with him, but it’s usually because I don’t understand his point of view. When I remember how empty my life was before I met him, then it helps me to see how lucky I really am. After all, he’s the one that built our coop (with a little help) and talked me into getting chickens in the first place. Without his gentle persuasion, I would not know the joy of keeping chickens.

traci February 11th, 2012

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a little husband appreciation. 🙂

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