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Crooked Toes February 29, 2012 9 Comments

If you have chickens long enough and especially if you incubate fertilized hatching eggs yourself, there’s a good chance you’ll have a chicken with curled or crooked toes. Curled toes is when a chick or chicken walks on the tops of this curled toes and crooked toes is when they walk on the sides of […]

Older hens, Kenny Rogers and long term flock management February 27, 2012 21 Comments

I’ve often thought that older hens must be Kenny Rogers’ fans. Well, not exactly. But they know when to hold ’em; they know when to fold ’em; they know when to walk away, and know and when to run. They never count their… no, hold on; I was getting a little caught up in my […]

Poultry in Motion (Mail Order Chicks) February 23, 2012 7 Comments

Receiving a package of baby chicks through the mail is quite an experience!   I first received mail order chicks from My Pet Chicken 2 1/2 years ago – little Easter Egger chicks.   What fun!   My Pet Chicken had notified me as to which week the chicks would ship and I was so anxious.   Finally the […]

Quick and delicious! February 21, 2012 No Comments

Need something quick? Try huevos rancheros. I love this dish, because it takes only 15 minutes or so and it can be made mostly with pantry staples. Plus, well…  just YUM. Everyone loves these. It’s a great way to show off how delicious fresh eggs are. (This is also one of the recipes I shared in […]

Leghorns get a bum rap February 18, 2012 35 Comments

Most backyarders and chicken fanciers just don’t like White Leghorns. They’re too plain, many feel; too bourgeois; too flighty; too poorly suited for cold weather.  Folks want breeds with heritage, highfalutin parentage, and varieties with lots of color. Unusual combs and feathered feet or crested heads are preferable.  Birds that lay tinted eggs are all […]

The Perfect Scrambled Egg February 16, 2012 7 Comments

Have you ever wondered how restaurants get their scrambled eggs so fluffy? I have – and I’ve been struggling for years to get that consistency. Most of the time they end up chewy. My poor family! Turns out, I’ve been way over-thinking it. The secret is simply this: water!

Your hen is broody – now what!? February 15, 2012 75 Comments

( This is Part 2 of my broody hen series. Part 1 is here.) So your hen is hogging a nest box! She is pecking at you every time you try to retrieve freshly laid eggs your other hens have laid under her, in their attempt to contribute to her cause. She thinks she is […]

For the Love of a Chicken….. February 13, 2012 28 Comments

Her name is Lenore and she is far more than “just a chicken.” She is my heart and an incredible light in my life. I have 25 hens, but there is only one Lenore. She is a Speckled Sussex and whenever I look at her she has her head cocked sideways so she can look […]

Picking the Right Breed for You February 11, 2012 10 Comments

There are just so many options when it comes to chickens. How do you choose? It took many years, lots of coops and money to find the ideal breeds for me. Not everyone has the benefit of living on a farm in the country where they can just build another coop to test out another […]

Raising Worms for Feeding Your Chickens February 8, 2012 25 Comments

Some of my most cherished memories from childhood are from the years I lived on my grandparent’s 160 acre farm in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. My grandfather would plow his fields with a team of mules and I would plod along behind busting up dirt clods with my bare feet. We had chickens that […]