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Three Ways to Dye Eggs March 29, 2012 747 Comments

When I was little , we liked to dye eggs every year in the spring: one dozen of the big white eggs we bought from the grocery store. This was the era before—okay, way before—backyard chicken keeping was popular. Not only that, but I lived in town, away from any local farmers who might have real […]

Hot Breeds for Hot Climates March 28, 2012 32 Comments

As Josh stated in his blog, there are many different types of chickens to choose from and you need to decide which types are best for your situation.  My family prefers  friendly, docile hens that are also decent layers.  We also need breeds that do well in the heat, since we live in an area where the temperatures can […]

Silkie mamas rule the roost March 27, 2012 11 Comments

  Even after years of chicken keeping, I have yet to try incubating myself.  I have 8 wonderful Silkies who are willing to hatch just about anything I give them. When I’m not in the mood to be overrun with chicks, but they insist on going broody, I toss them a couple of golf balls to keep them happy. Over […]

Three ways chickens will improve your beer March 23, 2012 21 Comments

You know what else chickens can do for you? They can help you make beer at home. No kidding. We have chicken beer all the time–the girls just LOVE helping! Well… all right, it’s not “chicken beer,” exactly. It’s not beer made from chickens. It’s not even beer made FOR chickens. (Is that what you […]

Attack of a Wiley Coyote March 22, 2012 25 Comments

Living in the city, with a tall block wall surrounding our back yard, I had a false sense of security regarding the safety of our flock. For about 2 1/2 years our chickens enjoyed peace in the backyard. They roamed free each afternoon and co-existed peacefully with our 3 dogs. Each night, before bed (which […]

Where’d all these chickens come from?! March 20, 2012 4 Comments

There’s nothing I like to do more with my free-time than to sit on the porch of my old show-conditioning shed and watch my chickens go about their business. Sometimes I find myself wondering just how I ended up obsessed with chickens in the first place. The only conclusion I can reach is that I […]

Three ways to add kick to your favorite deviled eggs March 16, 2012 16 Comments

Just about everyone has his or her own recipe for deviled eggs, and just about everyone loves eating them! Yum: rich, creamy mashed yolks, seasoned and piped into egg white shells. They never last long at a party. For my part, I do a fair impression of Cool Hand Luke whenever I see a plate […]

Two Silkie Moms March 14, 2012 22 Comments

Silkie hens want to be moms. That’s just about it for Silkie hens. They live for it. If they aren’t raising chicks, they are brooding eggs or thinking about raising chicks or brooding eggs. I have the feeling that they talk about it amongst themselves when we’re not around. So when my little White Silkie […]

The best chicken breed to choose for the Zombie Apocalypse March 9, 2012 609 Comments

Everyone wants the perfect chicken—the very best chicken breed. Of course, what qualifies as “perfect” varies depending on your needs. Some are looking for heat tolerant birds; others want cold tolerant birds. Some want heritage chicken breeds, while others just want the best layers.  Then there  are the folks who are looking for a flock […]

Healthy Chicken Treats and What Not to Give Your Flock March 2, 2012 54 Comments

Giving goodies to your chickens is a great way to earn their trust and get them to love you!  Chicken treats are also very helpful for use in training your flock to come when called.   It’s quite a sight to see the procession that follows me every time I walk across my yard—even when I’m empty handed.  I look like The […]