My Pet Chickens – Little Blue and Pecker too April 23, 2012

Little Blue, my Blue Easter Egger Bantam


I am fond of all my chickens, but Pecker and Little Blue have a special place in my heart because they enjoy hopping up into my lap to sit and be loved on.

Little Blue is such a sweetheart.  She’s one of my newest chickens, a 9 month old blue Easter Egger Bantam, and loves to be held.  She will fly up to my lap on her own or let me pick her up at any time.  Besides being such a sweetie, she lays pretty blue eggs.

Pecker is 3 1/2 years old and although she is one of my favorites now, I didn’t like her at all as a chick.  In fact, she’s probably the only chick I’ve raised that I didn’t care for.   I rescued Pecker and several of her flockmates from a tiny little brooder at the feed store.  These dinosaur look-alikes were about 4 weeks of age and in the ugly stage of life – no cute fluffy butts to be seen.  The poor things were missing feathers and some were even bleeding due to picking because of their overcrowded living space.

Pecker, my Black Star hen, likes special attention

You’d think that a rescued chick would appreciate their rescuer, but not this chick.  Every single time I reached into her new, spacious brooder to pick up the new babies and take them outside for playtime, she’d peck me – hard.  Patience, I thought.  Nope … she still pecked me each and every time.  I really didn’t like this aggressive chick at all.

Eventually, it was time to introduce Pecker (so aptly named), and the other Black Stars to the older pullets.  Once again, I became the chicks’ rescuer.  They would run to me for protection and Pecker soon learned to fly up onto my lap for safety.   She finally discovered I was not her enemy and started turning into a friendly, pet chicken.   To this day, if she sees me sit down, she will saunter over to me and jump up onto my lap if it is empty.

At around 2  years of age, Pecker needed rescuing yet again – this time, from a coyote and you can read her story here.

At 3 1/2 years of age, Pecker is a jealous and bossy hen.  If Little Blue has beat her to my lap (the throne), Pecker will stand and peck at my knees until my lap is clear of the offender and I pick her up again.

When starting our journey into raising chickens, I never expected to own a couple  of ‘lap chickens’ and have enjoyed watching the different personalities of the individual members of the flock emerge.

Jessica shatley April 23rd, 2012

I once had a black star hen I called big momma. She was my favorite from the get go. My only broody hen, she tried 3 times to hatch chicks. Once was successful with 7 chicks and 7 ducklings! The sweetest hen I ever had, I could carry her wherever I wanted :)I miss her the most, and I wish that mink a not so very humane death lol. Thank you for sharing!

Laurel Rufibach Powell April 23rd, 2012

Great article!

Nan Moore April 23rd, 2012

Last night the 8 week olds from MPC spent the first night in their new pen and they were pretty upset when it came time to roost. They just wanted to pile up in the corner. I had to put them up on the roost and a couple wanted to spend the night in my lap. Awwww. I never thougth I would love chickens so much. Thank you MPC for bringing so much joy into my life!

Cheryl Martin April 23rd, 2012

My husband took the eggs out from under his little serama hen this morning. This was not only her first time to lay but her first to sit too and results were not good. This is one he aptly named precious and she has been spoiled from the time of hatching. Since removing her nest this morning she has been in his lap every time he sits down. She just wants to be cuddled and loved. Bless her heart, wish she could have hatched at least one.

Laura Jenkins April 23rd, 2012

Always love to hear stories from other “chicken people”. My neighbor and I keep our chickens together and the fluffy butts are something that we always like to look at. We over the years have sustained losses to our flock as well. The one that bothered me the most was last years loss of one of our Araucanas. We had decided to try hatching eggs ourselves and bought an incubator and eggs. The first to hatch was our little Mazie. The bravest..most personable chicken we have had…one day last year when I was getting them ready in the morning I didn’t shut the run tight enough and Mazie got out. The local fox was waiting for his chance and got her. I returned just moments later with the fresh water I was getting and found the flock upset and Mazie gone. I regret my inattention…foxes will take advantage of the smallest mistake…

John Yochum April 26th, 2012

My wife just called to let me know that one of our three americanas just layer her first green egg. We were.all so.delighted at the news. The three of them are so loveable.

Victoria May 1st, 2012

We just got our first 6 Chicks on April 9th, 2012.
3 Rhode Island Reds an 3 Auracanas. I named them all but now they are 3 weeks old and the only ones you can tell apart are the Auracanas. They have their Personalities, and I could watch them for hours!!! We can’t wait till September when we will get our first eggs!!!

Kelly G. May 5th, 2012

We just purchased out first 12 chicks April 6th! 4 were for my nephew and the rest for my children. I however have become the “mother hen” and love taking care of my new babies. This is our first time owning chicks and everyday they grow and change so dramatically. I just love them. They all stay together in a brood and love to follow me in my garden. While I am weeding, they are ridding the plants of the pesty insects. We are quite a team. 🙂

Mary Ann May 7th, 2012

Love reading the comments! Chickens definitely have their own individual personalities 🙂

lynelle baxetr May 28th, 2012

i just got a chick a few days ago and i luv her already!

Heather February 25th, 2014

I found your blog on pinterest (doing a search on easter egger hens) and I love this post! I have an Ameraucana (I think) who will jump up onto my chair and roost next to me. Each of our three hens will roost in our laps if we place them there. But it would be so nice if they would just hop up! Hens can make wonderful pets! <3

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