How to Become Ms. or Mr. Mother Hen – Day 7 April 27, 2012

I want to be patient, I really do.  It’s hard, though. I mean, you remember that feeling you’d get as a kid when your birthday approached? That almost unbearable anticipation? That’s what I have.

Well, stop whining, Lissa. Act like an adult. You cannot open your presents early.

Chick looking at camera

Because this is totally NOT what I would find inside right now.

At Day 7 of incubation in my Brinsea—with 14 LONG days to go!—I’ll be candling for the first time.  I have a standard Brinsea OvaView candler, not the high intensity version. At Day 7, you might be able to  see the eye and a little movement if you’re lucky, but it certainly won’t look like a chick, yet. It looks more like a fish. Or something.  A little dinosaur, maybe.  The embryos are small at this stage, so you have to have good eyes or a good candler.

I have both… but I also have chocolate colored eggs incubating, among others. They are so dark, I don’t think I’ll be able to see squat, even with my good candler. Regardless of how much I see, I can take comfort that the eggs were packed well and everything arrived intact.

Package of fertile eggs

I've been waiting for you!

I know, I know. Arriving intact doesn’t always mean a whole lot.  Intact eggs could have been frozen in an icy warehouse, or baked in a hot truck. Or maybe scrambled in air turbulence, dropped… x-rayed. There’s a lot that can happen, really, and you can’t always tell from the outside. Sometimes it’s obvious, though.

A few years ago, I had a package of eggs arrive with fragile stickers all over, and I mean… All. Over. The box. It was like a package with big neon sign that read FRAGILE in flashing letters 10 feet high. I could hear Robot from Lost in Space annoucing “Warning, Will Robinson!” to anyone who dared approach it.


Fra-gi-le... it's Italian.

Fra-gi-le... it's Italian.

As my luck would have it, though, it was far from intact. It arrived in a condition that looked as if someone had actually stabbed the box with a hunting knife or a sword. Maybe it was attacked by ninja assassins or evil kung fu masters. I keep picturing Jackie Chan or Chow Yun Fat trying to defend my box from the forces of darkness and rough handling. They should have been more on the ball, because someone’s sword got through!

Whatever happened to that box, our local post office was mortified. There was a big gash on the side, and several eggs at the site of the “wound” were shattered, their contents glopping up all the other eggs in the box, and even coming out the hole in the package a little. What a mess!

Even then, you don’t know what will happen in incubation. Somehow, what wasn’t broken in that box ended up hatching very well… go figure. I guess Chow and Chan did the job after all. Or perhaps the post office actually did handle that package very carefully (except for the one guy that stabbed it.)

“Take THAT, fragile package!”

I can hear an evil laugh echoing from somewhere.

In most cases, though, my fertile eggs have arrived in good condition. Packing them well helps. (Even the best packing won’t defend against ninja assassins, though. You’ll need your own kung fu superstars to help.) Luckily this current package—a potluck collection of eggs from our Eggs for Education assortment—arrived just fine and were packed well. First, there was bubble wrap all around the outside.


Lots of bubble wrap

Then, there was an inner bag


Inner bag

Everything looks good

Then, all the eggs were individually wrapped in bubble wrap within that bag

Fertile egg packaging

Have I stated yet that I can hardy wait?

I was so excited when I saw what selection I got. I mean, truthfully, I’m fairly easy to please. When you order an assortment, you get whatever was laid that day; you can’t choose specific breeds. (To order specific breeds, you would want to, well… order those particular breeds, not a hatchery choice assortment.)

But the list said I got Lavender Orpingtons, Blue Ameraucanas and Black Copper Marans. Wow!  I know most people would be chiefly excited by the Black Copper Marans. The chicks are so hard to get, they’re almost always sold out! But, I think I’m more excited by the Ameraucana eggs, because I love Ameraucanas so much! And ever since my favorite broody Silkie died, I’ve thought about adding an Orpington or two, because Orps are known to be good mothers. While it’s not the case this time because no one is broody, usually when I hatch at home, I like to give the job to a broody hen. I hope I get some of the Orpingtons to hatch. I can’t wait to have an orpington mom to brood my flock’s chicks.

But here I am, seven days in. I’m ready to candle. (You can candle at three days, but I rarely bother. I don’t like to open the incubator too often to peek, so my first candling usually falls anywhere between days seven and ten.) With the Black Copper Marans eggs, well… I can detect nothing, really. They’re just too dark. There are some shadows that may be development… or not. I mean, look at this.

Brown egg color comparison

Gee, can you guess which one is the Black Copper Marans egg? Shown compared to a dark brown welsummer egg, and a regular brown Rhode Island Red egg.


What are you going to see through that shell? The BCM eggs are just so dark, I have to just cross my fingers and assume they’re developing.

The others, I can see fairly well.  The Ameraucana eggs all seem to be developing, although some of the air pockets look misplaced. OMGs, I love to see that little bit of movement, it’s so exciting! I always hold my breath when I candle, why is that? And I do see that one of the Lavender Orpington eggs is clear:

Clear egg

I bet this would have been a hen

So, that one probably got shaken just a little too much to start development. Naturally. Still, I’ll leave it in the incubator. It passes the sniff test—that is, it won’t explode!—and a full incubator tends to hold it’s temperature better. Holding a steady temperature in the incubator probably isn’t so hard to manage for me anymore—the Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance that I’m using has a thermostat that turns the heating element on and off as needed. When I used my old styrofoam incubator, keeping the temperature steady usually required that I not only had everything adjusted correctly, but also that I was holding my mouth right, as we jokingly say here in West Virginia. Still, old habits die hard, so I leave the clear egg in with the others.

So… if the BCM eggs are developing, then 23 out of 24 have started. There’s no way for me to know for sure, though, since those eggs are so dark. Since Black Copper Marans are not at the top of my personal wish list, that does make them more likely to have started developing  all right (or it seems that way, anyway). It’s only the eggs you really, really, really want that don’t hatch, right?

So keep your fingers crossed for me, okay? I’d like a few hens in the end; maybe six. Is that too much to hope for?



Brinsea wants to celebrate Mother’s Day with you by providing a Mini Advance Incubator for one lucky My Pet Chicken blog commenter located in the US! Plus, My Pet Chicken will be offering the winner six assorted fertile hatching eggs you can use to fill your fancy new incubator for the first time. That way you can become Ms. Mother Hen… or even Mr. Mother Hen, as the case may be!

To enter the contest, comment on this blog post below telling us when you candle your eggs. (Please note that complaints about particular incubator manufacturers, particular suppliers of hatching eggs, particular candlers, etc. will be disqualified as entries.) Contest ends May 13, 2012.

Keep watching our blog for updates on Lissa’s hatch in our “Ms. or Mr. Mother Hen” blog series to find additional opportunities to enter. If you missed your first opportunity to enter, do so right here




Karen S. April 27th, 2012

I’ve never been so lucky as to hatch my own, so I’ve never candled eggs. Thanks for the interesting blog post and the second chance for this great giveaway.

Tanya veitch April 27th, 2012

I love these incubators! One has been on my wish list for years!

Tami Dobbelaere April 27th, 2012

I don’t really have a device to candle with or for that matter, an incubator either, so I would really like to win one…:)

robin mcdowell April 27th, 2012

I candle my eggs at day 3 and if don’t see anything in any I candle again at day 5. By day 5 you should see something even a tiny vein developing unless it’s a dark shell like a dark green,blue or brown egg and I still can’t see something I give them untill day 7.

Kiernan April 27th, 2012

i’ve also never candled eggs, but I plan to start my flock next year with hopes of incubating our own eggs!

Kristen Oneal April 27th, 2012

I’m just as guilty of not waiting. I’ll admit it, we are a house of “checkers.” We love checking the progress often. It’s very similar to Christmas for us.

lisa andel April 27th, 2012

candled at day 15 on a new hen sitting on nest. way too late! had eggs in incubator once that i did not candle and they exploded. it was awful.

Bobbie Clark April 27th, 2012

I candle mine on day 5, 12 and 18. Sometimes I can’t help but check in between day 12 and 18, but I try my hardest not to!

Peggy April 27th, 2012

I usually candle between three and five days after the eggs have been under their mother, never had the chance to incubate them myself.

heidi woodruff April 27th, 2012

I am very new to the chicken world. I have not actually hatched my own eggs I bought some day old chicks and I am just loving them they are now old enough to be outside on their own and so I ended up ordering some silkies and just received them yesterday they are wonderful babies and so friendly they want to be around someone at all times. I am just waiting for my older ones to have eggs I would love to be able to hatch my own so I will be more experienced in raising my own babies. I can not even begin to express my feelings in being able to watch the changes in my babies as they grow. I would love to be able to watch them grow inside of their eggs as well. I would love to be picked to receive the incubator and hatching eggs. I would love to be surprised with some new birds that other wise I might not have picked for myself. PLEASE CONSIDER ME!

Denise April 27th, 2012

I had the pleasure of hatching as a project with my clients…it is WONDERFUL!

Dr. Lauren April 27th, 2012

The first time I incubated eggs (in a gallon glass jar with a bulb hanging from a coat hanger) I candled them everyday. By the way, I did have success, but spent hours checking the temperature and moving the light up and down. I ended up ith one rooster. The next time I borrowed an incubator.

Glenna April 27th, 2012

I have never hatched out eggs myself, we have always purchased babies to watch them grow! I love my chickens! My boys and my self would love to watch them hatch out at home! So candling has never been an option!

Tammy April 27th, 2012

I try between 5 and 7 days. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!!

Miranda April 27th, 2012

We hatched for the first time with a broody hen last spring. It was so exciting! The kids and I candled at day 7 and day 18. What a great experience for the whole family!

Christine April 27th, 2012

My first incubator experience and I’m on day 12 right now! I candled starting around day 4 and probably have every day since then! This is so exciting to see how the peeps develop on a day to day basis and how quickly they grow in those 21 days!

Nicole April 27th, 2012

I am the same way about hatching eggs. I get so excited when I get to candle. My turkey eggs show fertility at 3 days. It is so amazing to watch the little chicks develop all the way through the cycle. I get so ancy just waiting for them. I too have hatched BCM’s I had to use 2 candling lights just to see a glimpse of the veins. Their eggs are so beautiful, I just love the color.. I hatched them for a friend who could not find any eggs at all. Eggs that are extremely difficult to see through are Ringneck Pheasant eggs. Today is lockdown and I only know 1 is definitely fertile. I can not see the rest. I am hoping for a good hatch. I love showing my 2 boys the development of the chicks too. although if they don’t make it out of the egg my youngest usually gets sad. I just love your blog! Thanks so much for sharing your story!! Good luck with all the hatches you have now and in the future.

Paty Pawless April 27th, 2012

I use a smaller size LED flashlight…

Rebekah April 27th, 2012

I’m hatching my first eggs now (well my broody silkie is!). I candled them at day 7 and day 13. They are due to hatch this weekend!

Valerie Robinson April 27th, 2012

I’ve never candled eggs either, but would love to IF I win the incubator! Another way we can add more chickens to our existing flock. What a wonderful experience that would be, to be able to watch them right from the get go!! 🙂

RoseMarie Fiske April 27th, 2012

This blog is so interesting having just had my first experience with hatching eggs. The Brinsea seems like it would take some of the guess work and pure terror out of the process. I set my alarm the first night for every two hours to make sure the temp and humidity were stable. Can’t wait to read the next part of the series. I’m even thinking about trying to get one for hatch in for the season.

Jason April 27th, 2012

I’ve never done it – and I’ve never hatched out eggs. I’d love to start!

Melissa C. April 27th, 2012

I’ve never had the chance to hatch my own eggs, so I don’t know yet what my candling schedule would be. I would love the chance to hatch a batch though!

Casey April 27th, 2012

I Just bought my first batch of day old chicks so hopefully next year I’ll be up for the task of hatching my own. My chicks are just about 6 weeks old and I love them so much, They have such different personalities. I miss my day old chickies but love what they are growing into. Next year we will get a rooster and hopefully hatch some eggs. It would be nice to be there from laying to hatching so if I win this I would love it…and my kids too 🙂

Brenda Johnson April 27th, 2012

I’ve never hatched my own eggs (yet). How exciting it would be to candle developing eggs – just like a mini sonogram! Thank you for all of the interesting and useful information AND the second chance to win!

Kimberly Sanders April 27th, 2012

I have not yet had the golden chance to candle one of my own eggs. We did at a farm field trip years and years ago when I was just a wee lass. I wait for the day with bated breath!

Irene fernandez April 27th, 2012

I never hatched my own eggs. I am trying to win the incubator and hatching eggs for my son’s science class. Thus year’s 7th grade class had ZERO chicks hatch on their last project and the kids were all soooo sad. I think they were using an old styrofoam incubator and questionable hatching eggs. With the way school budgets are cut nowadays- a new incubator for the 7th grade sciene class is not on the list of necessities. They had adopters lined up for the chicks (I was looking forward to a few more additions myself). They learned about candling – I think they did it on day 3.

Jessi Counts April 27th, 2012

I wish I had an Amazing story about the first time I hatched eggs on my own…but I don’t.. My son’s class just put their batch of eggs to incubate on Tuesday. So hopefully I can live vicariously through them 🙂 I will say that after I picked up the eggs from “the chicken guy” my son and I took a little LED flashlight to them and gave them a little swirl..just so we could see the yolks move..It was pretty neat 🙂

Bobbie April 27th, 2012

I have never candled eggs before. Never even tried incubating them. Would LOVE to have a try at it though! Thanks for the chance!

Sharon Moore April 27th, 2012

Can’t wait to start hatching my own eggs. It seems very rewarding. 🙂

Kim April 27th, 2012

I have never owned a “candler” but made my own with a penlight. I am a nosey body when it comes to developing eggs. I check them about twice a week. I don’t have an incubator and have only hatched eggs from my oven light. But I have candled eggs from our broody hens too.

Danielle April 27th, 2012

We have tried candling, and had some luck with a strong flashlight. It would be great to add to our homeschool lesson we outreach with. If we win the incubator I think we will splurge for a good candler to complete the package! We can never wait to see what is inside those little egg packages!

Carissa April 27th, 2012

I’ve never hatched eggs, but I look forward to candling soon. My 4 year old will love it!

Barb April 27th, 2012

After losing our favorite broody hen who would even sit on duck eggs, we are interested in the incubator, and are contemplating hatching some quail eggs, too!

Carly Morganwalp April 27th, 2012

I just started with chicks so I haven’t incubated or candled yet. I’m excited to start though and would love to win an incubator!!

Tiffani April 27th, 2012

I would love the chance to hatch my own fertile eggs. I haven’t had an opportunity yet. My one broody hen so far this year was thrown off by our weird weather and abandoned her nest.

Terri April 27th, 2012

I’ve been wishing for an incubator for awhile but no go yet do I haven’t candled any yet. But I know when I’m ready I have lots of online chicken friends who will help me figure it out.

Deb April 27th, 2012

I tried candling the eggs we incubated, but only had a flashlight and never could see what I was supposed to. Someday I hope to do it again. I’d love to see the life growing inside the egg.

April Poulter April 27th, 2012

Well I just finnished my very first hatch. Like you I got mine online. I candled around day 7 the first time then once a week after that 😉 Sadly out of 13 Guinea eggs only 3 showed development and out of 6 duck eggs only 2 showed development. By day 28 only 4 eggs total looked like they would hatch. BUT in the end only 1 hatched. I dont know what happened, I think it may have been the humidity I’m not sure. I dont have a candler, I was using one of my husbands mini flashlights. I would love to get a candler before my next hatch. It would make it so much easier and maybe help me to know whats going on in the egg.

Cindy L April 27th, 2012

I haven’t candled eggs yet either but i may try today. We have a broody maran who has been sitting about 9 days. She keeps giving me the stink-eye though; I may just leave her alone. If I had an incubator, I could leave her in peace…

sclinton April 27th, 2012

I have not hatched any eggs on my own yet, and therefore have never candled any. My current chickens barely started laying and my new batch are still too young. I am hopeful that I will get some of my own chicks in the near future.

Donna April 27th, 2012

Love the excitement of waiting for biddies to hatch. My silkie is sitting on Serama eggs because the girls have decided they did enough by laying them. I hate when the Serama hens go on strike!! We have tried the styrofoam incubators with ZERO success. HELP!! We have looked at the Brinsea but haven’t had the money to take the plunge. Thanks for giving us the chance to win one.

Holly April 27th, 2012

A long time ago, when I did have an incubator, I candled around day 5 probably, and then again day 10 or 15, or both… I’ve a bad habit of trying to peek. (I tend to get anxious). But I have learned candling with a flashlight won’t get you any sneak peeks into brown or green eggs. I’m thankful to have another chance to win a Brinsea! When cooking eggs, I still check if they have been fertilized. I know with a ‘good’ incubator, I should be able to look for a pretty good hatch rate, I’m SO hoping to win!! Thanks again! Oh, thanks for letting me know I’m not the only goofy momma hen that gets so antsy waiting! Lol!

Jackie Winkelman April 27th, 2012

I have put a flashlight to any eggs my Leghorn lays over 3 oz….just in case I might see a double yolker!!! I would love to candle to see my baby chicks moving, how exciting.

Christie Albertin April 27th, 2012

When do I candle my egs? That’s what I want to do again. I get such great joy when I see the first blush of pink which means to look closer . . . . there’s going to be some veins. I try to wait an entire 7 days before the first candling, and then I try to wait 6, then 5 days more. When my children were growing up, we checked some of the eggs every day from day 7 until day 20. My incubators don’t work anymore – not one of the 8 of them. They sit in anticipation, but I don’t dare put eggs in them any longer, as I know the eggs have no chance. I now rely on hens who go broody on their time schedule – not mine. I look under the hens daily to make sure there are no new eggs laid when mama got up to eat and someone took the opportunity to sit on a warm nest, but I don’t dare remove an egg to get a glimps of the baby — the hen will let me know if we have a good one or a dud in due time (the turkeys know — they push the duds out of the nest for me to dispose of).

I yearn to have a working incubator, I don’t know anyone with experience using the Brinsea, but after reading the literature, I would love to take it for a spin, expecially with eggs of hens outside my gene community. I miss the pins-and-needles of watching the babies grow.

Jan McCrackin April 27th, 2012

We have all dark eggs and I have never been able to candle eggs and see anything. We just cross our fingers and hope we have a good hatch. Love to hear those first peeping though on hatch day.
Can’t wait to set some Black Copper Marans and Black Marans eggs but they haven’t started to lay yet.

Nancy April 27th, 2012

The first time I incubated eggs with my fourth grade class, all twelve hatched right on time! I was using a homemade incubator,donated by the custodian, and had very limited instructions. As I recall, we didn’t candle at all! That was years ago. A lttle over a month ago, I purchased six chicks (amber and red links) We’ve moved them from the brooder to a large wooden box made of old doors, fondly called “the coffin!” They’re growing fast and, hopefully will join my other four, backyard hens soon.

Mary Lee April 27th, 2012

I candle about midway. Would love to have a new incubator.

Melissa April 27th, 2012

We haven’t ever hatched before, but we would love to. I think I would check them as soon as I could, maybe day 3. I would just be too excited to wait! 🙂

Carol Schanz April 27th, 2012

I have never candled eggs. Thanks for the informative blog. I didn’t know that the undeveloped eggs would explode. Good tip for future when I start incubating instead of buying!

Kelly H. April 27th, 2012

We have only hatched one time and we candled at day 7 and day 16. I am so excited about this giveaway and hope, like everyone else, that I win.

Jennifer April 27th, 2012

We have candled our eggs about a week into the incubation. Hope to hatch some more eggs soon!

Khristi April 27th, 2012

I’ve never been blessed enough to be able to hatch my own chicks (yet) I would LOVE to win this!!

Amy Kehoe April 27th, 2012

As it happens, I started a batch of hatching eggs from my flock right around the same time. I will be candling tonight. I thought it funny that you hold your breath, I do the same, as if it will somehow affect the outcome. Lol. My incubator is behaving well so far, this time, only minor adjustments to the temperature so far. Not having to worry about that sure would be nice.

Leslie Cates April 27th, 2012

I use a large maglite to candle my last batch of eggs. Unfortunately the egg must have been too long without warmth to be viable. Their natural mother had met an early demise with either a fox or a hawk. I am very excited about the possibility of hatching out a new flock with the incubator. I know exactly how the blogger feels, patience is a virtue I want right NOW! I love my little flock but am very excited about the prospect of hatching out the next generation. Good luck with your current hatching!

Paula Bontrager April 27th, 2012

Just starting my flock this year. I am a new mother! Please choose me!

Lesli April 27th, 2012

It is so exciting seeing the eggs are developing. Never had an incubator but had our first babies hatch from my cochin sisters. Took turns sitting now all the babies follow them both. So cute.

Stacie April 27th, 2012

I have never candled but would love to!! As such I don’t have a system, but it seems like day 7 would be the first time if I were going to. Great article. Love this site!!

Fallon Duncan April 27th, 2012

Great post and I cant wait to see how your hatch turns out 🙂

Julie April 27th, 2012

I’m looking forward to a day when I can candle eggs. Haven’t done a hatch yet. The whole process is amazing.

Elizabeth April 27th, 2012

I always forget the first candle so it happens between day 5 and 10. I then try to candle at day 14 then again at day 18.

Deana Jennings Grover April 27th, 2012

I candle at day 7, then again around day 16 removing all the ones that didn’t start or just the quitters….This helps me make room for additional eggs! I love my Brinsea eco 20.

Karen Doll April 27th, 2012

Hi Lissa,
I have never hatched fertilized eggs before, and so I don’t have any experience candling eggs. But, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE another chance to win the Brinsea Incubator ! Thank you !
Karen Doll

Cheryl Martin April 27th, 2012

I usually candle eggs under the hen around 10 days, but the ones in my incubators I candle around day 5 and then again around day 10 and the around day 19 when I move them to the hatch box. I have a new batch of eggs in one incubator now that I will candle tomorrow. I also have 2 eggs in an incubator that my husband just built to run a test on it to make sure it is working properly. Crossing my fingers on it, I put the eggs in it the same day as my older incubator.

Aaron Price April 27th, 2012

We have a few broody hens that we let keep their eggs. They were doing well with them. Then all of a sudden they started playing musical eggs. Some times they would keep the egg they had been sitting on and next time we check its gone. We candled the eggs and there were formations inside but we have never been fully successful having one hatch. Id love one of the incubators as a gift for my wife. Her birds are almost family. They follow us around, sleep on our laps, and provide hours of entertainment.

william shoeman April 27th, 2012

I have never had a chance to hatch our own chicks since we dont have an incubator yet. But i would love the opportunity to do so with this second chance comment.

Melissa Dawson April 27th, 2012

Ive never been lucky enough to incubate my own eggs so candling is new to me but i look forward to it.

Andrea M April 27th, 2012

Small smooth cool round hope,
Impatiently settled in.
Come on day seven!

raina April 27th, 2012

I have two babies that Mama Hen hatched herself, but havent candled yet. I am desperate for an incubator!

Elizabeth Morse April 27th, 2012

Day 7 and 18…hope I win! My little 4-H’ers will be so excited! Incubation and.candling would be an awesome demonstration!

Marissa April 27th, 2012

I do SOOO love to candle the eggs(as much as my kids do..) but I also wait til day 7 just to try to keep from handeling them to much.

Lorna Violet April 27th, 2012

I candle at the end of the first week, and then again when i remove them from the turner at day 18. I always feel like I hold my breath the entire time.

luther34 April 27th, 2012

This is our first year, so I haven’t had the chance to find out how long I can wait to candle eggs. 🙂 Can’t wait until next year!(fingers crossed) 😀

Lisa Carlson April 27th, 2012

I think we were built with similar “patience” levels. If I could, I would candle them ALL the time! … We candled at 3 days and didnt see much ( our candler is makeshift) so we looked at 5 days and saw some blobs… we waited till 9th day to discard the “clears” to make sure we just werent seeing it… at 10th day they were doing the cha-cha inside it was sooooo cool!
Then we candled again at 14… and that is when I got disheartened… the whole thing was dark… but there was no movement…
So we waited till day 21 …and I didnt hear any peeps so I thought for sure something had gone wrong… on Day 22 we saw some PIPS!!! and could hear some peeps !!! ( I have some video on youtube under Zilla’s Coop) I was in hyperdrive now … the last baby came out at the end of day 22 .. We have an old vintage incubator ( large steel disk like a hockey puck) and would love to upgrade… and definately getting a better candler next time!!!

Terri April 27th, 2012

Like so many before me I have not candled eggs or incubated before. I dont even have chicken yet but Im dying to get some. I have been reading and researching for over a year. I would love to win because I want to be there from the beginning of my little baby’s life. I want to imprint on them from the start. So fingers crossed that my dream will start.

aubrey deyoung April 27th, 2012

I like to candle on days 7 and and 13 but I have some dark egg layers so sometimes no matter when I candle it’s impossible to see…

Miriam Cheng April 27th, 2012

I try to candle a few times and I just can’t help candling after the 12 day point. Mostly because I don’t have a fancy candler and I can’t see much at all in the early days. By Day 12 or so I can determine if an egg has a good airsac or is totally unfertilized…

Deb S April 27th, 2012

Thank you for showing your candler in action! I’ve tried candling with a flashlight with minimal results.
I’m still using the old styrofoam incubator and some hatch, some don’t. It’s still VERY exciting to watch and wait!
Love your blog – very informational!

Debbie April 27th, 2012

About 8 years ago my daughter and husband built a candling box as a 4-H project and it still works good today. It has a 100 watt bulb and we have tried candling at several stages during incubation, but we have only had luck seeing any movement after 16-17 days. I have pretty much given up trying to see anything in our “green” eggs or our pheasant eggs. They are so dark and thick that I have not been able to see anything. I would love to get some Marans. I seriously doubt I would be able to see through their beautiful eggs. 🙂

Annie Bartley April 27th, 2012

I use a syra-foam ice chest as an incubator… It only holds 4-6 eggs. BUT its actually quite good. As a high school teacher I use the incubator in my library so the children can watch the chickies hatch. For many of them its the very first time they have seen a baby anything!! I have each class make and decorate their own candling box. The box has 2 holes in it ,one for the flashlight, the other to peer into And when its all done I put everything on display in the library, chicks, opened shells, incubator, and all the fancy candling boxes made by the schools children.

Allison Weinsteiger April 27th, 2012

I cut a small hole in a paper plate, steal my husband’s flash light before he wakes up, and shine it through. It works for my light brown, beige and white eggs. It does not work for my Green, Blue, Olive or maran eggs. Maybe for Mother’s day my husband will buy me a candler… I got a meat slicer last year. :-/

nickie April 27th, 2012

I try to only candle on day 14 and 18. I’ve only done it a few times and I’m not very good at it. Practice makes perfect, right?

DeAnna April 27th, 2012

I try to wait till day 7, 14, and 18. Then pray at lockdown, LOL. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

nickie April 27th, 2012

I candle on day 14 and day 18. I’m not very good at it but practice makes perfect.

liz stewart April 27th, 2012

I love reading about chickens and hope to hath my own in a lovely incubator. cheep cheep!

Kelly Parrish April 27th, 2012

Day 10 and day 18.

Dawn Gruss April 27th, 2012

I have never hatched my own eggs but would love to win the incubator to give it a try!!

Caitlinn April 27th, 2012

Unfortunately I’ve yet to hatch my own, so have never candled… good luck to anyone in the running for this awesome giveaway!

jean r April 27th, 2012

I’ve never done any of this – yet. I’m still trying to learn as much as possible. You have really helped me out here. Thanks.

Kelly Jerman April 27th, 2012

Since I’ve never had an incubator and always just had hens sitting on eggs, I usually wait until 10 days sometimes 14 days before candling. Oh and since I just use a flashlight all I can really see is if there is a blog like something is growing or if they appear to just be plain eggs which means they weren’t fertilized 🙂

Nick Belton April 27th, 2012

Haven’t had the pleasure of hatching chickens yet but I have hatched a few Pekin ducklings and I would candle them every few days to make sure they were still developing properly. There is nothing like the excitement and wonder in seeing the little heart beats and movement inside the egg and eventually hearing the just barely perceptable peep coming from inside as the hatch day aproaches.

Brian Grafton April 27th, 2012

Wow ! Scrolling down thru the messages I realized something, I am one of only a few men on here.
Any way I candle somewhere around day 8 -10 and 18 when I take the turner out.

Nicole April 27th, 2012

I have never incubated before, but I don’t think I would candle! Of course, it might be nice to have an idea of how many might hatch, but I’d be too frightened to open the incubator if it wasn’t necessary. And likely, if it did appear clear at any stage, I’d leave it in for a chance to hatch anyway! :}

Elisha April 27th, 2012

We candled an egg for the first time the other day. We have a broody hen sitting on 13 eggs and wanted to see if anything was happening to the eggs she pushed out. Sure enough, two eggs that she pushed out were duds. It is amazing to see what is going on inside there- super exciting. I would love to get one of those high powered candlers, but we just used a regular flashlight for now. The whole process is just so amazing…. and we just use the broody hen! Can not wait to have a incubator that I can sit and watch the whole thing unfold before my eyes….. some day….

Mary R April 27th, 2012

1/3 along…2/3 to go……

PATTIE FERRELL April 27th, 2012

We’ve never hatched before although we’d love to, but we do candle our eggs for consumption every day. My kids love to see what’s on the inside before we crack the shells, and since we do share our eggs with friends, we inspect them for any spots or imperfections that you can’t see from the outside. We have brown egg layers so it was a challenge at first but we’ve finally got the hang of it now. What fun it would be to monitor the progress of a growing chick (fingers crossed)!

Megan Zielinski April 27th, 2012

I never hatched my own chicks! I am hoping to start soon! This blog was so interesting & helpful to candle when the time comes!

Taryn M April 27th, 2012

Ive never candled eggs but im lookin forward to doin it once we get an incubator.

Terry Compton April 27th, 2012

I try to wait until the 10th day,but 10 days is more like I’d love to try this great bator,my hatch rates have’nt been that good with the one i have.It’s heart breaking to loose a baby chick at any stage of the hatching,makes me feel guilty..

Donna Stone April 27th, 2012

I’ve never done this but the seven days you did sounds good. would love the chance to hatch my own one day.

Sharon Miller April 27th, 2012

Ok, Ok, You caught me! I am very inpatient when it comes to candling my chicken eggs. I try to wait until day 7 to candle them, but I usually end up candling them on day 5. I get so excited to see the embryo’s form, and grow into cute little baby chicks.
I guess you could say that I am like a kid in a candy store, when it comes to candling my eggs!

Loren Polk April 27th, 2012

Beautiful story! I love Marans, and they have been a hard find this year, so I have been looking to incubating options instead, and I’m certain it will be a long incubation for me if I can’t candle them 😛 Still worth the hassle though, so I hope I get that mini incubator. 😀

Deanna Parrish April 27th, 2012

unfortunately I’ve never had the honor of hatching eggs, even though I’ve really really really wanted to. I hope to get an incubator this year and maybe hatch some of our eggs in order to add to our flock. I can’t wait to start hatching those adorable little chicks and ducks. I know it’s going to be a trying process at first, but with this wonderful blog and all the helpful information out there I’m sure I’ll become a pro in no time. Thank you for proving us with all this wonderful information.

theresa h April 27th, 2012

i have never had fertile eggs before to hatch. i would like to in the future. i can’t wait!

Trina Andersen April 27th, 2012

We candled on day 3 and day 7. We used the old school method of flash light and a Quaker Oatmeal container. We were incubating all light colored eggs so we could see pretty well. By day 7 we had a good idea of what was fertile, but like you, left them all in. We hatched 5 of our 24. They struggled hard though in the styrofoam incubator though. It is just so hard to maintain the humididy…. It is so hard to wait! Do you remember the old Mervins commercial where the lady would stand outside before the sale chanting “open, open open” ? That’s how I feel everytime I wait for chicks!!

Becky April 27th, 2012

I have never hatched my own eggs. So I have never candled but would love to try!!!!

Alice Martin April 27th, 2012

I only candle eggs once in the incubation process. I have tried 3 days (this is the batch that 0 out of 41 eggs hatched), 7 days (I got 6 out of 12 to hatch) and 10 days (this was at school as a science project for the library class and all classes got to experience the process and we hatched about 25 out of 41). I think 7 is the best. You can tell definite development without it being too much to see anything. Although 10 days was fun because what you could see was zipping around inside the egg and the kids really loved that.

Judy Moser April 27th, 2012

Candling would be one of the most exciting things for my city preschoolers to experience. So far I’ve only been able to show them pictures of the process but I’m hoping we will be able to experience the real thing soon.

Debbie S April 27th, 2012

I have not had the opportunity to hatch eggs yet but am hoping to in the near future. Thank you for your interesting story! Good luck!

Ellie S. April 27th, 2012

I’ve never candled eggs, but I sure would if I had an incubator to encourage me!!

Renee Sauceda April 27th, 2012

I have only incubated 3 batches with mixed results, with the best results being when I used a cardboard box & light bulb lol! I sure would like to try a Brinsea!
I candled after 4 days then 7 & culled the duds. Then every 4 days after that till I could only see a black blob. Then hoped for the best 🙂 I used a high powered flashlight with an empty toilet paper roll (cut the long way & made narrower) duct taped to the end.

Lisa Palmer April 27th, 2012

I remember candling once as a child in school when we hatched some chicks. I believe as a part of our home school we would do it every 3 or 4 days so my kids can really see the small changes. Have them draw what they saw and make it a super fun lesson. Thank you for the opportunity and the information on your journey.

Courtney April 27th, 2012

I usually candle chicken eggs at 7 – 10 days but I candle duck eggs at 3 days. I’m too impatient.

Brandon April 27th, 2012

I don’t because I haven’t incubated any yet.

Heather O'Keefe April 27th, 2012

Since I haven’t hatched my own eggs yet, candling I haven’t done. But reading this post has been helpful in giving me an idea what products to use, when to use, and an idea of what to be looking for when I do get the oppertunity to start hatching my own eggs. Just reading the posts, has me anticipating the excitement (and anticipation) of enjoying playing grandmother hen with my own chickens.

Amy Stong April 27th, 2012

On white, clear-shelled eggs, on the 3rd or 4th day of incubation and again on the 14th day of incubation. On dark-shelled eggs, on the 7th or 8th day of incubation and again on the 14th day of incubation. I use a homemade candler! A small box with a hole about the size of a quarter in the top of the box. I set the egg on this hole and place a strong flashlight under the box.

Nikki Lawson April 27th, 2012

I’m addicted to candling my eggs!!! I enjoy watching the stages of development. It also allows me to toss out bad eggs which makes room for new ones. As I do staggered hatching- adding eggs all the time. I candle about day 3-5 to check for viability. Then weekly after. I don’t want any bad eggs bursting and soiling the incubator. Truth b told I candle several times a week with no I’ll effects :). I use a flashlight And a dark room to candle. I purchased the highest Lumens flashlight from a local camping supply store.

Kristina Moran April 27th, 2012

I have never candled an egg before but would love the chance. This is my second year with chickens and I have to say I am addicted. I would love to get a incubator so I can hatch my own and candling sounds like so much fun and it would be so amazing to watch them grow in the egg. I have 3 small kids and I also help out in a kindergarten class… What a fun class project that would be. :o)

yess bryce April 27th, 2012

i like to candle right away, and then again after about a week…
black copper marans?! lavender orpingtons? super cool

Chris Powell April 27th, 2012

I’ve never hatched eyes before but I’d really love a chance to try to hatch at home before please give me a chance to experience it

Heather April 27th, 2012

I’m so excited at the chance to win! thank you! We’re moving soon & I finally got my husband on board to be more sustainable our first adventure together is chickens then moving up to bigger livestock this would start us off for years to come.

Christy Byron April 27th, 2012

Thank you for the chance to win! I love my chickens! Getting more in July and hope to hatch some in the future!

Vanessa April 27th, 2012

I haven’t had the opportunity to hatch eggs none the less candle fertile hatching eggs, but if I did I think my main excitment would be seeing a growing chick!!! …I have actually “candled” my 3 hens (no rooster) eggs before just to see if there was a slight chance of a chick! Thank you by the way for the photos of how they ship…I was wondering about that.

Robert Ryan April 27th, 2012

I hope I win! My daughter and I candle at 5, 12, and just before lockdown 😀

Kimberly Marshall April 27th, 2012

I have never candled eggs!!! I bought my first chicks just a couple of months ago during chick days at one of the farm stores. It was as if I had caught a virus with a raging fever…….nothing would bring my fever down….except….more CHICKS!!! What started as 6 has grown to 21, plus 5 Guinea Keets…..They range in age from shipped in the mail days old, to bought someone’s extra Wyandottes that are 5 months old. All are healthy and happy, growing and teaching me the ins and outs of being a chick momma. NOW…time to move on to the next logical step…hatching eggs! It would be wonderful to win an incubator! My husband would be so happy that I had an incubator he didn’t have to buy. He will grumble about money spent on “chickens”, and yet he melts holding a baby chick. I think he just grumbles so we won’t think he is getting soft!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a Brinsea Incubator!!!!

Shannon Bish April 27th, 2012

I would love to win this incubator, and add to my flock. I love watching my hens run around the yard and play with the dogs. My hens have a great temperment and I have even thought about using them as therapy birds for my brothers class, the people have different disablities. I would also like to have the class see the eggs hatch and grow into beautiful birds.

Garilyn Bardash April 27th, 2012

I would love to be able to start my flock from eggs. I have never had the pleasure of keeping chickens. We have an acre of land for roaming and plans for the new coop and runs. Can’t wait for the babies! I would love to win! Thanks for such an awesome site!

Beth April 27th, 2012

We candle at day 7 and 14. Just did them last night and 14 out of 16 look good. I took the other 2 out. Don’t want any explosions!

Mellissa April 27th, 2012

My children and I are on our first “adventure in chicken keeping” this year and so far our hens and the unsexed chicks are not old enough to lay yet. However, when we get to that point and start incubating eggs I think we would probably candle around the halfway point. We are really looking forward to incubating some of our own eggs in the future, maybe we will try some mail order eggs in late fall.

Alice April 27th, 2012

I remember hatching eggs in elementary school and it sure was exciting! I would love to try it again as an adult. And I’m sure my flock would love a few new additions! Thanks for the post.

Jessica shatley April 27th, 2012

When my hen was broody I candled around day 4 and then day 12, probably overkill but I couldn’t control myself! I couldn’t wait to pick up an egg, hold it under my flashlight and see that little life moving around in its little cocoon! Can’t wait till I get the chance again!!! Love the blog 🙂

Heather April 27th, 2012

I have never had the opportunity of candling. I have heard much excitement with the joys that can be had with doing it. I would love to be able to show my fellow 4-H members this joy, and further the learning experience.

Jenna Brown April 27th, 2012

I’ve never candled any eggs, I’ve never gotten to hatch any before! I would love to win an incubator so I could though. 🙂

Stacy Ryerson April 27th, 2012

I’ve had chickens for years, but never candled an egg. It would be nice to know early on if the eggs are good or duds. I hate the waiting at the end when most the eggs have hatched but some are left. What to do if mama hen wants to get up off the nest with the early hatches and there are eggs left? Are they just slow to hatch, or are they bad? What to do? An egg candler would certainly eliminate the guessing!

Karin April 27th, 2012

I have never hatched my own eggs – in the past, I’ve always bought adult hens, then I bought pullets, this year I bought day-old chicks… maybe I’m ready to start hatching my own now.

I used to work on an experimental chicken farm, we candled the eggs at 3, 5, 7,10, 15, and 18 days – we were comparing development under different conditions, we had 3-4 incubators going at once.

Fawn Brashear April 27th, 2012

Oh i love this blog! Ive had poultry and waterfowl for several years now and love em. I always have some in the incubator and just lately ive been using the more natural means of egg hatching! lol Momma chicky (owlet) does a great job at hatching them , but the mommy part not so much, so i snatch up the babies asap and put them in the brooder! SHe hatches duckies better than i can lol and they always seem more healthy and happy than the ones i incubate. i currently have some lemon cuckoo, Lavender Orphingtons and some Rouen and Hybrid chicky eggs in the incubator, Ive candled the batches before but this one im leaving alone. I normally candle at 7 days and 14 days, just to check. The kids find it fascinating and i find it reassures me that im doing a decent job! There is nothing like watching them grow from start to Peep! 🙂

Sandy Jordan April 27th, 2012

I candle my eggs twice a week when incubating. Those that are developing I leave alone & those that are not developing or have stopped developing I remove. I find egg candling fascinating. It’s like a special peak into a tiny secrete world.

Wan-Chi Punga April 27th, 2012

I hatched eggs with my kindergartner class once during my internship. It was so much fun to watch the kids study the eggs development! We candled for the first time on day 7 (it was so hard for them to wait that long!!) and then twice a week after that. 6 chicks hatched if I remember correctly. It was such a great experience for the kids. Thanks for the chance to enter!!!

Brenda Davalos April 27th, 2012

I have never candled I don’t own a candler.

Jan April 27th, 2012

Although my handy husband (I like to describe him as a jack of all trades and a master of MOST) could build an incubator for me, I would feel much better about incubating eggs in a Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator. Especially since I haven’t yet attempted to hatch eggs. I have 9 going on 12 grandchildren this year and love to share my love of chickens with them. Hatching eggs would be a wonderful project for all of us.

Pick Me! 😎


Valerie Anna Durkee April 27th, 2012

I candled my incubating eggs for the first time yesterday, which would make it day 3 in the incubation process. I know I could have probably waited till day 7, but as this is my first time incubating, I super excited and just couldn’t wait. As stated in this post, the maran eggs are a bit too dark to really good a good glimpse into, but my gold laced wyandotte eggs…..i could see the blood vessels or whatever they’re called!!!!! I’m crazy excited!!!! I’ll candle again between 7 and 10 days and after that, I’ll check again once more at around 14 days!

I can’t wait!!!!!!

Susan Dumph April 27th, 2012

I have only tried to hatch with an incubator one time and it was a styrofoam one that we rented from 4H. After a lot of user error, only four of our eggs hatched, but they were adorable little chicks. That was when my teenagers were school aged. I would love to try this again with my youngest who is now 7. My school did this when I was in elementary and I never forgot it.

holly April 27th, 2012

I candle at days 0,7,13, and 18

Wendy S April 27th, 2012

I candled at about 7 days, 12 days, 18 days, and if they go beyond 21 days. Yay for another chance to win!

Anthony Jenkins April 27th, 2012

I have been raising chickens for about 5 years now. I currently have week old chicks and already have another bunch in the incubator i have. My daughter , who is five years old, is one of the main reasons i started to begin with. All the gangs i have hatched (about 8 gangs, 400+ chicks) i have never candled …. I get so excited, to see which ones will hatch and which ones wont, and candling only ruins the excitement i think 🙂 I am hoping to win this incubator for my baby so she can start hatching her own eggs also … Wish us luck , were going to need it .

Lazey April 27th, 2012

I’ve never hatched my own eggs so I gotta admit candling has never occurred to me… I would probably be impatient and candling every day.

Gary A April 27th, 2012

I didn’t know how to answer this question since I have never candled eggs before, so I did some research. It looks really cool and aw inspiring. Will you throw in a good candler with my new Brinsea? 🙂

Bann Matson April 27th, 2012

Oooo I LOVE that candler!

Teri April 27th, 2012

I have never hatched my own chickens. We did candle our birds eggs when she had a clutch. We used a flashlight and it worked well for us. I have always purchased day olds. As a homeschool parent my children and I want to do this as part of our learning experience. The best part is we will be learning together if we are the winners.

Laura L Larsen April 27th, 2012

I’ve never candled eggs as I’ve never hatched any before, but I would love to. 🙂 I’ve only purchased 1-3 day-olds from the feed store or co-op.

Ting-Ting Yang April 27th, 2012

I am a mother of six and we just bought our first chickens two months ago. It has been a wonderful experience. We have named all 10 and everyone wants to help clean and care for them. I think it would be wonderful for us to be able to hatch our own. I know it would give the kids a good lesson.
We have built a lovely coop for them that the chickens love spending their days around. The kids love learning how the eggs are made and how chickens can make good compost for our garden. Hatching a few would really give them more insight.

Julie Alberts April 27th, 2012

I love candling & would do it daily, if I had the time! I usually start on the 13th day… it’s always been a good day for me (birthday) & by that time I can see more chick, which I love!

Anjanette April 27th, 2012

The only time I have “candled” an egg is when I was trying to see if I had a double yolker without having to crack the egg. Lol I hope I can really candle eggs one day.

Jeri April 27th, 2012

I’ve never hatched any eggs …..yet…..would love to win this incubator so i can give it a go! Have always bought day old chicks, but I’m sure that isn’t near as exciting (which is also great fun to new baby chicks) as hatching out your own! So PLEASE pick my name 😉

Billie Worley April 27th, 2012

As a kid , my mother would hatch eggs in her incubator. I would love to use the flash light see what was developing around 12-15 days. I would get soo excited. I would love to share this experience with my son. thank you for the opportunity

Mary April 27th, 2012

We’ve watched Mike Rowe candle alligator eggs on Dirty Jobs. 😉
Our family has thought about getting some fertile eggs to hatch. We are not zoned for roosters, brooders are expensive, and a homemade brooder can be so risky. We have even contemplated giving fertile eggs to one of our broody hens. But they sometimes fight over who gets to sit on the eggs and on occasion the scuffle rolls the egg out of the nesting box and it cracks. The long and short of it is, that we’d love to hatch some eggs!

cindy bowman April 27th, 2012

i would love to win a incabator and hatch my chicken eggs.thank you for the opportunity to try.

Megan Work April 27th, 2012

When I was little my dad had a beat up old Styrofoam Incubator he got at a yardsale. It did a terrible job, but we used to candle on day 7.

DeAnn Scabilloni April 27th, 2012

cant wait to candle my own eggs, if Im lucky I will win an incubator and some fertile eggs! cant wait to do my own and be ms mom to some more chickens!

cindy bowman April 27th, 2012

i would love to win this incubator to hatch my chicken eggs. thank you for the opportunity to try.

Chel April 27th, 2012

Candle on Day7

Avery Robnett April 27th, 2012

To be honest I candle my eggs almost every day, real quickly, because I like to see them develop, and I havent had any problems with my hatch rates.

Amanda April 27th, 2012

wow, I’m loving this blog. It brings me back to when I was incubating. I cant wait to get back in the game. Its so exciting!

Stephen April 27th, 2012

We do not have an incubator, but would absolutely love to have one of our own. We have not had the opportunity to candle any yet.

Victoria H April 27th, 2012

I once had the sweetest little silkie hen who would follow me around the yard, sit on my lap, and “talk to me”. She laid the cutest little eggs but never got broody, then one day she decided to sit on one of the eggs and I was worried about the other chickens bothering her so I brought her inside! I candled the egg with a toilet paper roll and flashlight about once a week because I was so excited and after a few weeks of her living in my living room the egg hatched! That’s the only chick I’ve ever hatched so it was very exciting and special! I just got some new chicks from MyPetChicken and I am hoping to hatch some of their eggs once they start laying.

Sarah April 27th, 2012

I candled several eggs last year, at about 7 and 14 days, but the light was not very good and the eggs did not hatch.

Jennifer Higgins Foster April 27th, 2012

Hey, great blog! It’s always nice to read when the writer is so entertaining and to be kept up-dated. “It’s only the eggs you really, really, really want that don’t hatch, right?” I totally know how you feel! Well to answer this blog question. My grandmother was the one to raise the chickens and she would always give me one special egg to hatch. Back then I didn’t care what kind of chicken just as long as I got one. She would candle her incubated eggs on days 10 and 15, but the only thing she had to do so with was a flashlight. She would wait until dark so it was better to see. She must of knew what she was doing because we ended up with a chick from every egg she said had one.

Linda K April 27th, 2012

I’ve never had the opportunity to hatch my own eggs. So I’ve not done this either. Would love to have the chance.

Kristy April 27th, 2012

I have never hatched my own, but would love to try!
I’d love to win one of these. 🙂

Michelle Lynn Benge April 27th, 2012

I’ve never had the pleasure, but would truely enjoy hatching and candling eggs. To see their progress as they’re growing would be a wonderful experience for me.

Heather Harris April 27th, 2012

I really enjoyed reading about how to see the lil baby chick inside the egg. I have not hatched my own babies as of yet. However, I look forward to the experiance and sharing it with my niece and nephew. They do love to feed the lil ones from their hands and letting them sit in their laps. My extended family has crept into our hearts. Thank you for helping us enjoy and learn about keeping chickens. Heather

Aslan April 27th, 2012

My first batch I candled almost every day because it was something so new and exciting. Now I manage to do it only about two to three times during the incubation period, just to make sure none are going bad and to remove any that did not start development. It’s always fun to see the little bird wiggle around, and such a relief to know they’re doing well 🙂

Laurie McCullen April 27th, 2012

I candle my eggs on days 7 and 14, I have some hatching in two days

Karen V. April 27th, 2012

I candled at 12 and 18 days, in a very primitive fashion.But, I was so nervous while doing it, I didn’ t think I saw anything.But, I was wrong! I love these blog posts they are very interesting and educational. 🙂

Kelly Cassel April 27th, 2012

I am so happy we have another chance to enter to win the incubator. Thank you. Usually by day 5 I HAVE to candle. I just can’t help it I have see what’s going on inside those eggs! I don’t have an actual candler, I use a small flashlight, but that works very well.

Brenda April 27th, 2012

I have never hatched out eggs myself, we have always purchased babies to watch them grow! I love my chickens! My husband and my self would love to watch them hatch out at home! So candling has never been an option! want to win want to win.

Brenda Rother April 27th, 2012

I’ve never had an incubator to hatch eggs and I’m dying to try it! I’d like to try to hatch not only chickens, but guinea hens, too. I’d love to find a few cuckoo marans eggs to hatch…I’ve always wanted them!

Michele April 27th, 2012

I’ve never had the pleasure of candling eggs, but if I win this incubator I certainly can’t wait to try!!!!! Thanks for the second chance!

Betty Urie April 27th, 2012

I am enjoying reading your blog – you share the same excitement we all do about the miracle of a fertile chicken egg. I usually candle at day 10 to try to be sure I can see something in the egg. A strong flashlight works well for candling. Thank you for the wonderful contest and the opportunity to enter!

Cheryl Lindsay April 27th, 2012

This is exciting!! I love reading everything I can about chickens. We are only a year into keeping chickens, so learning something new every day is easy!! I am still hopeful for all the eggs to hatch!!! Looking forward to the next update!!

Carol April 27th, 2012

I am on day 16 with 13 Breda fowl eggs that are developing and 1 Blue Copper Marans eggs from my own pair. I too was having trouble candling these dark beauties and I changed the batteries in the candler. After that it is very clear which Marans egg was a dud and the other one. Yay! They can be candled! Good luck with your hatch and thanks for the contest. I would love to win.

Barbara Barnes April 27th, 2012

I am a Guinea owner but adopted one orphan black chick from an Action at our local Fair Grounds. I would love to experience the hatching process. Searching on line for all the information I need to raise this chick.. But I think he/she needs a family of her own kind. Sure don’t want a Rooster growing up thinking he is a Guinea.. Very interested in learning the incubating process and candling. Enjoying my pet chicken in the mean time. Also, Enjoy your blog and all your information.

Jill K. April 28th, 2012

I’ve never had the thrill of seeing anyone candle an egg. I am hoping to do this myself and when I win I will tell you all about it and will even send pictures!! 🙂

dianne williams April 28th, 2012

I have never candled eggs but have had many hatched by my girls.

Tami Hall April 28th, 2012

We’ve never incubated before, and from reading this blog, I’m kind of bummed we ordered chicks and can’t incubate. I hope next time.

Alana April 28th, 2012

Thanks for the second chance to win the incubator! This is our first year with chickens. I would also love to candle eggs for the first time!

Kristin Dorton April 28th, 2012

I have only candled eggs once. My Buff Orphington hen went broody and had been sitting on eggs. The problem was that she didn’t stay on them. She would sit for a couple of days and then wander off for several hours. I candled them to see if they were growing, which they weren’t 🙁 That’s why I need to win an incubator! That way I know they are getting the attention they need. It would be so wonderful! My son and I would be in constant amazement, and my better half would be happy that he could stop paying for the babies my chicken math tells me I need to add to my flock each spring 🙂

Jocelyn April 28th, 2012

I actually haven’t candled eggs before- All I have done with broodies is keep an eye out for broken eggs and remove them before they start to smell and contaminate the nest.

Melissa Bayness April 28th, 2012

I candle at days 7, 14, & right before they go into lockdown, I would love to own one of these incubators, and Im sure my bf wouldnt mind either! (it would keep my chicken math down) 😉

Thanks for the great opertunity for the give away!

Tracy Seago April 28th, 2012

I candle with a little 9 LED flashlight at weeks one and two, and then at lockdown. Now if only I had decent incubator!!

chris Garrett April 28th, 2012

I have never had the opportunity to candle eggs. I would love to have an incubator and have a chance to do this.

britny garcia April 28th, 2012

I have not yet had an opportunity to hatch my own chicks. I hope we get to hatch some at the end of the summer/beginning of fall in my son’s 3rd grade class! What a great giveaway! I am in love with all of Brinsea’s awesome products! 🙂

Kynnedy G. April 28th, 2012

That’s cool! I hope I can have a chance to hatch my own eggs someday.

NoHater April 28th, 2012

We candle our eggs for quality before they go under a broody hen or into the incubator. After that it is hit and miss when we candle, if we candle at all. Ideally we would like to candle them weekly but life gets busy and things happen, like today when we got home and looked in the bator and heard chicks peeping and saw a couple eggs pip. This batch never got candled after day one because it is Spring and everything (a lot) happens in the spring around here! I had to set my phones alarm to remind me to check the humidity and to remove them from the auto turner a few days ago….. At last check we had 2 new chicks and several new pips! Tis the season!

sarah page April 28th, 2012

oh, how I would love to win this incubator! it seems so reliable, and what a sigh of relief that would be! I waited till day 7 to candle and in our silkie eggs the little guys were moving all around! we waited till day 11 to throw any we felt were not developing…thank goodness we were right and only yolks were inside.

Fallon Duncan April 28th, 2012

I candle at 3 & 7 days I should just wait till 7 but it’s to tempting to check them out at 3 🙂

Tricia K. April 28th, 2012

I candle them at around 10 days and at 18 days. My 4 year old daughter loves to watch them move in the egg.

Chase Culpepper April 28th, 2012

My name is Chase Culpepper, and I’m an eighth grader at Montessori School of Anderson in Anderson, SC, and in the past three months I have fallen in love with chickens. In my town, I have discovered that it isnt legal to keep chickens in the city limits. I found this absolutely riduculous and this is the reason why I am a few weeks away from having the law changed to allow laying hens. It’s been a long and unruly process, but I have yet to budge. Also, there has been a great support group in my town to get this ordinance changed for good. I want this incubator so that I can learn how to efficently raise the animals that I have fallen head over heels for. I cant wait to see the first moments of a young chick’s life where it will imprint on me as it’s “mother hen.” I don’t yet know how magical that experience that is, but I hope to soon discover that. From the books, internet sites, blogs, and etc. I have heard that fertile eggs need to be candled around the period of 10 to 15 days.Thanks for the oppourtunity!

Deidra Torrez April 28th, 2012

I usually candle on day 7 then again on day 14 then once again before lockdown. The kids love to see the chicks moving in the egg. They get so excited and they know that soon they will have baby chicks. The kids at school also love when i come to candle it makes them so happy to know that soon they will have some baby chicks soon to hold, name and love. I teaches the kids at school the different stages of development also and i love the look on their faces when they learn something new.

Judy E April 28th, 2012

I last candled eggs in 7th grade.. With a flash light. It didn’t work so well. I would really enjoy this set up. Thanks for the chance to win!

levi mcknight April 28th, 2012


Julie D April 29th, 2012

I usually candle around day 10 and day 18, right before lockdown. I will candle a bit earlier or one more time if I need to make room in the incubator for more eggs coming in.

Gina Brown April 29th, 2012

I’m still pretty new to chickens. I’ve never candled eggs. My chicks are 7weeks and I’m getting some silkies in July. And like a lot of folks, I think I’ve caught the chicken bug! Would love the incubator!

Anne Norman April 29th, 2012

I haven’t candled eggs before; I’m looking forward to when I will.

Krystal Tenny April 29th, 2012

I try to wait and candle around day 7. It is just too hard to see anything earlier, also I don’t want to potentially cull a fertile egg.

Ariana April 29th, 2012

I candle eggs at around day 10 – even though the suspense drives me BATTY! I think that waiting until day 10 lets them get enough development time that you should know almost positively by then which eggs are forming and which to chuck.

Loretta Forman April 29th, 2012

i always candle around day 5 then again around day 12 to see how things are going. after this I candle right before lockdown. I dont like leaving eggs in the incubator that are not forming just in case ( i dont want to know the smell! ) LOL. So far i have hatched chickens 5 times and ducks once. I would really like to hatch some quail so i could add to what i have (the 2! HAHA) i really enjoy them and would like to see them hacth

Dianne April 29th, 2012

I’ve never candled before but after reading the posts I will certainly do it in the future. Hope I win the incubator so I can get started.

Amy April 29th, 2012

My son candled eggs in school but we have never been able to hatch eggs at home. I am truly looking forward to this experience with him!

Jolene Bates April 29th, 2012

I candle at day 5 to day 7 when possible. I don’t have a turner so I have to hand turn and am in my incubator anyway. I would love to have this little incubator and I will never turn down hatching eggs. I was so sad when some hatching eggs I had gotten died at lockdown a few weeks ago when a tornado hit a town 20 miles from me. Our electricity went out for 2 days. I didn’t want to open my incubator and let precious heat and humidity out. My window fogged up and I couldn’t see that one had pipped. I lost some Marans and blue breeds in that mess.

slurpmeistr April 29th, 2012

I have candled eggs for the past four years at my work, as I am in charge of the incubator for my boss. I have loved that moment when it is candling time, soooooo awesome to see the baby chicks,quail or ducks wiggling around in the eggs and knowing not much longer till I come into work and hear the peeping sound I love so much, an added bonus since I care for them for a few weeks before they go to the farm they bond to me and it is so much fun to feed and cuddle those fuzzy bundles of joy. I would love to have the opportunity to incubate eggs here at home because then my fuzzy babies will join my flock of gorgeous hens, all bought from my pet chicken.

Mike h April 29th, 2012

Never hatched eggs. Hopefully soon!

Caleb Terrell April 29th, 2012

Wanting to have my own chickens just don’t have anything to start. YET.……

Jessica Metzgar April 29th, 2012

I usually start at around 5 days, sometimes sooner if I can’t control myself any longer. I am always impressed at the stuff eggs can tolerate and still hatch, if you knew how dumb my ducks are when it comes to nesting you would know why I say this lol.

Katie April 29th, 2012

I’ve candled eggs that were under a broody, but I’ve never had an incubator. I hope I win! 😀

Wenonah April 29th, 2012

We candle around day 10. We used to candle earlier but we just ended up having to open the incubator up too often.

Sue Fischer April 29th, 2012

I no longer have my 4 year old incubator and would LOVE to have one. I am not able to purchase one at this time as a senior but would so relish a new one to hatch some wonderful little peeps. My hens are too old and won’t sit…been offered some hatching eggs during the course of the year but haven’t had an incubator…

Thank you so very much.

carol April 29th, 2012

I made a candler from a shoe box and old lamp I have per inspiration from youtube videos..haven’t tried it out though,waiting for eggs to be a week old.Eager to learn what I will be looking for when I do. Would love to have the incubator.As of now have one broody hen and have had 3 chicks hatch so far.Have had some not make it because of the cold weather we’ve had.the chick hatched and was exposed to the cold and didn’t make sad..An incubator would be so nice to have as to avoid that type of mishap again..Thank-you for this chance to win a nice one.

Madison April 29th, 2012

I always get excited to candle my eggs. Its so hard not to candle them. I usually candle around day 5-7(throw the ones that aren’t good out) and then I usually don’t candle again. I might candle at lock down but usually I’m in a hurry to put the eggs in the incubator and forget to.When I candle my eggs I use a small flash light that is a great flash light to use because its small. I usually candle at night time so that its dark and I can see the growing embryo better. I get even more excited when the eggs are hatching!! I actually have some hatching right now and can’t wait to see how many hatch!Also, if I’m having a slow hatch I sometimes candle across the top of the eggs(with out taking them out of the incubator) to see if there beaks are up yet and into the position of when they are about to hatch out. I do that to see if they are okay(alive) and if they’re about to come out. My eggs tend to hatch early(mostly silkie eggs). They usually hatch around day 19-20. My last hatch, I had most of my chicks hatch out on day 19 and some on day 20. I only had a couple hatch on day 21, there actual hatch day.

Thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous prize!

Patti Trew April 29th, 2012

I wait until day 8 and then again at day 16. At Day 8 I mark the ones that I don’t think have made it and then really check them good at day 16. I then dispose of the undeveloped ones on day 16. I have browns and blue eggs so it is a little more tricky to candle them.

Pat Byrne April 29th, 2012

Patience, I had to wait since January, When I ordered them They just arrived yesterday and they were only 24 hours old. I’m soooo happy all of mine are colored heavies. So I will have to wait until they are older to see what kind I have. This is as close to heaven as you can get!!!!

James Posegate April 29th, 2012

I candle my eggs at day 7 -10 and then every other day till the 17 day.

Jennifer M April 29th, 2012

We haven’t gotten to hatch our own yet so we have never candled eggs. But I would love to hatch with my girls and they can experience the wonderment of growing little lives.

Tracy Jenner April 29th, 2012

I have to control myself and candle at day 7. I use a brinsea egg lume and love it although I am considering upgrading to the ova scope. Getting eggs i the mail makes me feel like a little girl again waiting for the mail man! If they are clear at day 7 I have been known to give a few days longer (day 10) to just make sure that I am right. Ring of death is hard to see in the dark shells but easier in the white shells. Really dark eggs I struggle to see at times so these I sometimes weigh them and see if the weight alters. If no room in the incubator I would sit on them myself if I could 🙂

vicki shows April 29th, 2012

Having an incubator is my next step…..My goal is to achieve olive green egg layers. I have EE and getting a Marans Rooster in May. I am a backyard chicken lady that likes different colored eggs….LOL I really appreciate all the info on your blog. Thanks again, Vicki Shows

Lindsey Turner April 29th, 2012

I had put a batch of 35 marans eggs in on the 22nd due to hatch the 13th of may not realizing that it was mothers day! You’d think I could remember that seeing as it will be my first mothers day as a mommy ^.^ I don’t know if I’ll be able to candle them (as you said marans eggs are almost impossible to see through lol) but I may try and attempt it tonight. Good luck with yours!

Robert Wright April 29th, 2012

i remember my first egg i ever hatched it was a barred rock x light brahma it hatched late december(i could not wait for spring to hath some eggs)it was a little rooster we named him junior he was so cute he lived for a long time in my bedroom as have all my baby chicks.i would love to have a professional incubator and eggs to start my flock over again as we have now moved to a place where we can keep chickens. a little Brinsea would be perfect for me thank you for the chance to win
Robert Wright

Gean Canaday Vandehey April 29th, 2012

I have never candled and egg , I let a broody hen set last year but a skunk got most of her eggs and of the ones I saved only one hatched and it died during the night. So an incubator would be nice.

Ami April 29th, 2012

I tried to candle some of my eggs, but I had no idea what I was looking at.

Marilynn Britton April 29th, 2012

I have never candled eggs. Didn’t have a candler. Just incubated and hoped.

Barbara April 29th, 2012

I candle my eggs at about two weeks into the incubation, unless I’m just too excited, then I do it at day 8. I have had the experience twice now of exploding a rotten egg. Just last week I had pulled eggs out from under a broody hen that had not hatched. My neighbor and partner in chicken crime and I decided to check the eggs to see why the few left didn’t hatch. As I was standing there talking to her and my hubby for some strange reason I decided to tap on the egg with my fingernail. I was taping away and all of a sudden it exploded and gross yellow curdled yuck flew in my mouth, under my glasses in my eyes, in my hair, under my chin and down the front of my shirt. I ran for the hose while they stood there laughing. I think I learned a lesson on that one. I sure could use a good incubator.

Melissa Pennington April 29th, 2012

Have tried several times to hatch out some baby chicks but no luck I candle them at 7 days and I see viens but not sure what happens they are not hatching I have a really old incubator might be the problem. I am not going to give up because I feel we need to teach our children these things, traditions are being lost, Hope I win :o)

William Pennington April 29th, 2012

We candle our eggs at 7 days and we get excited when we see viens but something keeps going wrong chicks never hatch, really need a new incubator. Hope we win 🙂

Kyle Bowser April 29th, 2012

I have never hatched my own eggs -YET!!!

Evelyn Hoyt April 29th, 2012

Our chicks are scheduled to arrive this week from We are newbies in the micro flock trend. Maybe our next step will be to incubate our own eggs? Would be a kick start in that direction to win the incubator!

Beth April 29th, 2012

I have hatched twice. Both times I candled on the 5th day. By then I can usually see veins. If I’m not sure, I put those eggs in one row and wait and candle again at day 7 and day 10. That one is usually the best as I can see them moving. By this time I can usually tell which eggs didn’t develop or stopped developing and I toss them. I will candle again before lock down, but that one is stressful. I worry about air sacks looking too big or too small. The chick is taking up so much space that you can’t really see movement. . . and so I worry about that.

Ashley Anderson April 29th, 2012

I candle around day 5, then usually around day 10 as well. Hatching chicks is one of the most amazing experiences in life!

Cindy Newell April 29th, 2012

I don’t have any fancy candling devise to candle my eggs. I just use an LED flashlight. I candle mine on days 7, 10, 14, and 18. I love watching my babies grow and get really excited when the babies move about in their shells. It is so rewarding to watch them grow from just a tiny speck to a little ball of fluff.

chad W April 29th, 2012

I have a Welsummer hen that has been laying on eggs for 7 days now, this is my first time with a broody hen. I have been very excited about becoming mr. mother hen only to discover today she abandoned her nest to sit on the one next door. I’m bummed to say the least. No chance to candle today.

Colleen v April 29th, 2012

I haven’t hatched my own yet but my mom always candled at days 10 and 14 so I will probably do similar!

Lin K. April 29th, 2012

Can’t wait!

Stephanie C April 29th, 2012

The one time i was lucky enough to have both a hen go broody and a rooster, i candled at 10 days and again at 17. Unfortunately only 2 eggs were developing and the hen abandoned the nest one frosty night 🙁

Peggy April 29th, 2012

Have a pile of eggs we found under the henhouse, they don’t smell but no one was sitting either. I’ve never hatched my own but would love to try. i guess a candler is in the cards.

Cheryll Wesoja April 29th, 2012

I try hard to wait until day seven to candle but sometimes can’t wait so I candle them on day 4-5, especially on shipped eggs or ones that I am really looking forward to hatching. 🙂

Mary April 29th, 2012

Loved the article….excited for your hatch!

Sandra Joss April 29th, 2012

I do not own an incubator, so I hatched some eggs using a broody hen. I candled mine on day 5, 12 and 18 while the mother hen was off the nest. Sometimes I can’t help but check in between day 12 and 18 because the developing embryo is so fascinating. I have never owned a “candler,” so I used a small LED flashlight in a dark closet.

Bev April 29th, 2012

I’ve never candled an egg before, as we are in our first year of keeping chickens. When I was a child I remember my father bringing eggs home to incubate, though I do not remember him candling.

Olivia April 29th, 2012

This article makes me want to hatch my own chicks :o) Good luck!

Vickie A April 29th, 2012

I love to candle my eggs at the 6 day, 12 day then finally at 18 days then lockdown time!! I LOVE TO INCUBATE!!! I could not candle my American Buff goose eggs…but 2 out of 6 very old (mail order) eggs did hatch to my delight!

Candyce Ramon April 29th, 2012

Bought my incubator used & have hatched chicks for the last several years. Some years two or three hatches. (It is a Little giant.) Need a new one! (Incubater) It is wonderful to see chicks & ducks hatch & grow!!!! I learned by reading how. Got pretty good at it. I candle eggs on day seven & fourteen, then get the brooder ready. I just love it!!!!!!! I have also hatched peacocks & ginnes. Have given my brooding hens duck eggs –& yes they hatched them.

Michelle Lynn Benge April 29th, 2012

I am dying to have the privilege to experience the joy of hatching my own eggs, I’ve never done it!

Jill S April 29th, 2012

We just raised our first batch of baby chicks and we LOVED it. I think hatching babies from eggs would be right up our alley. We absolutely love our backyard bug patrol and couldn’t imagine life without them! (Funny how something so strange as a chicken fills a void you never even knew you had!) We appreciate the opportunity to win this outstanding incubator AND eggs! It would take our backyard farm up a full notch!

Alicia April 29th, 2012

I’d like to say that I am tough – that I wait it out until day 10 because that’s usually when you can really see what’s inside….

Unfortunetly, I’m lucky if I make it to day 4. I get so excited about the possibilities of cute little chicks……would you believe me if I say that my kids make me do it?

Jessica April 29th, 2012

I’ve never candled eggs before cause I’ve never got to hatch my own eggs but I’d love the chance to!!

Beth April 29th, 2012

I tried hatching eggs in a home made incubator and it did not work. I think my digital thermometer was off and it was not warm enough. But I candled my eggs about once a week. I was so excited when I saw the little blood vessels form but then I noticed that they were not changing and I was so sad. When I was a kid I hatched 5 quail eggs in a small plastic incubator. With the way the temperature fluctuated I am surprised any of them hatched. But it was one of the most fun and memorable things I did as a kid. Now I am home schooling my kids and I wanted them to see those eggs hatch. Maybe I’ll try again next year but I am too disappointed right now.

Sara April 29th, 2012

I want to win this one sooooo bad! I am a mother of three who home schools. I think it would be the most fantastic thing to hatch our own chicks. My son is too sick to be around a lot of people. He has connected to animals especially birds. The doctors have said he is now well enough to be around animals – so we have started a flock of chickens. I can not imagine the excitement of waiting for those eggs to hatch. An incubator is number one on my wish list!

Mary L Johnson April 29th, 2012

Although I have had several successful hatches I have never candled the eggs.

Donna Adkins April 29th, 2012

I felt like you were writing what I was thinking except we get our eggs from our hens!! This was supposed to be my sons 4-H project but after the first hatch I was an addict , as soon as lockdown starts I watch the eggs every second of my very little spare time (with 9 kids and homeschooling) and can hardly sleep if I know there is a pip.. Oh I almost forgot, well I did forget I candle my eggs around day 7 and then before lockdown!

Wade April 29th, 2012

I’ve raised a wide variety of avian species, most naturally, some in an old, hand-turn incubator. Budgies, cockatiels, canaries, button quail, chickens, and more each develop at different rates, so I can’t hold back form checking early. I may start candling at 3-5 days, and every couple of days after.

christi April 29th, 2012

I am in the progress of incubating my first hatch with a borrowed incubator. We candeled at day 8 and 14. The eggs are too dark to see much with our flashlight but I can tell we have progress in 11 out of the 12 eggs. Can hardly wait to see what happens on day 21!

Holly Malean April 29th, 2012

Om my, I just love the black copper maran egg in your picture! I want one so bad!

Allison April 30th, 2012

I candled mine every day until I could see no more inside the egg heheh…is that a bad thing?
Out of my dozen shipped painted showgirl eggs, only two made it in tact…and out of those two, I got a black silkie and a paint showgirl! Which is what I was planning on keeping when I ordered the eggs anyways; one silkie and one showgirl. How lucky was that?!

Coco Rogers April 30th, 2012

New chicken keeper here, waiting on my first batch of baby chicks in 2 weeks. I’d love to be able to hatch and candle some eggs with my son!

Karen April 30th, 2012

Your blog is fascinating and so educational. thank you.

Joseph April 30th, 2012

Can’t wait to see the end results.

Robert April 30th, 2012

Would love to see chickens in my neighborhood.

Ben April 30th, 2012

I candle about 5 days in and then again at about 14 days. Thanks for the giveaway!

Erin April 30th, 2012

I’ve only candled eggs once for an animal science class. We must have done it too early because none of us (even the teacher) saw a thing! But they hatched fine and were adorable anyway!

Anne Parsons April 30th, 2012

I candle at day 7. I can’t bring myself to throw away the ones that don’t look like they are developing, just in case. I am also guilty of candling on the days that they need to be turned. I like to see that there is progress and sometimes movement. I use a piece of cardboard with a hole the size of a quarter. As long as the shells are a light color, it works great.

Rachele H April 30th, 2012

I don’t like to get too ahead of myself… That has me feeling depressed if I feel there aren’t enough babies growing. I wait till the 2 week mark. On darker eggs it is harder to tell at such an early age for me. The boys LOVE to see the little chick moving inside the egg when we do them. So far the incubation rate for us has been pretty good. I believe it would be much much higher if we were to win the new incubator.

margaret romines April 30th, 2012

I would love the chance to hatch off some of my Rhode Island Red eggs . I bought me some and they had a virus in them and I lost every one of them I think if I could hatch my own I’d know they were healthy chicks….

Michelle April 30th, 2012

I remember raising chickens when I was growing up and the hushed excitement when mom would tell us she was candling the eggs. All us kids would sit around the eggs and watch and ohh and ahh when we saw that first little dark speck. Then we would periodically candle them to make sure they were still growing and even get to see one move inside every now and then. I have my own kids now and we have just started raising chickens. I can’t wait until they start laying and we get to start incubating the eggs and watching them grow inside and then hatch!

Rachel Richards April 30th, 2012

I’ve only candled one set of eggs. I had a Black Australorp hen go broody in February, and I just couldn’t pass up setting eggs under her! I set 13 eggs (ended up with 5 babies!) and candled at day 7. I had never candled before, so I had watched a couple videos on YouTube. It was REALLY hard to tell what I was seeing… so, I candled again around day 10-12… MOVEMENT!!! And you could really see the babies developing! Its amazing how fast they grow! I now have 5 happy, healthy 11 week old babies! They’re so fun to watch! And there’s nothing like watching eggs hatch that you collected from your own chickens, and set under one of your own hens!!! Although- it sure would be nice to not always have to rely on a hen to go broody to set eggs!

Rachel Andrews April 30th, 2012

I’ve never hatched eggs of my own before, so I can’t say from experience! This would be an awesome beginning for me…

I’ve read that it’s safe to candle every 5-7 days as long as you open/close the ‘bator quickly, though.

I would probably just use a flashlight, haha.

June Smith April 30th, 2012

I candled for the first time last night and was not sure I saw anything. Just looked like a big dark spot inside. Did see the air cell. Using a styrofoam incubator and would love to have a new one.

Tiffani S. April 30th, 2012

I wait until day 7 to candle. Of course, after that I have a hard time keeping myself from candling every day! lol

Myrddwn April 30th, 2012

Ido not yet candle my eggs. I have never had the pleasure of hatching my own. Next year, hopefully. I have room next year for two more hens, and I am hoping to add an Olive Egger and and French Black Copper Marans. I thought it would be a great experience for my children to hatch some eggs, and luckily for me I have found several breeders who sell fertile eggs from both! I even know someone with five acres and an egg co-op who can take the extras and any roos I get.

Rachael B. April 30th, 2012

I candle at about a week, sometimes a bit later. I could really use an incubator!!!

Jennifer April 30th, 2012

I would candle my eggs round day 5 but I have never incubated eggs before. But if I had an amazing Mini Advance Incubator I would candle them on day 5!

Carol Spiros April 30th, 2012

The only time I candled eggs was when we allowed our broody Blue Cochin to set on some eggs. Unfortunately none made it 🙁 Poor things.

Sandra Hudgins April 30th, 2012

I candled when in school. I think & would read everything I could, consult Vet & farmer friends & make the best educated decision–and then probably still check them as often as healthy for them like a Mother Hen, keeping watch over my little chicks. I just was in the hospital & have been dreaming about having little Aracaunas & Silkies in my garden now that chickens are allowed in our town. Wahoo! This Advance incubator looks like a dream!

Maggie April 30th, 2012

I have not yet had the joy of candling…but can’t wait 🙂

jess s April 30th, 2012

I’ve only ever candled one batch before, but we started candling at day 5, and then every 2-3 days after that. Candling eggs is pretty close to real life magic !

Nicole B April 30th, 2012

I candle with a flashlight around 15 days. I don’t have an incubator. Just two broody silkies

Lu April 30th, 2012

I have not hatched eggs in YEARS. My mother always made us wait one week to candle our eggs. (timed right down to the last min). I always thought it was just as exciting as opening presents christmas day. I’d LOVE to get an incubator and get my 5 kids into it like my mother did with us.

Robin April 30th, 2012

I got my girls from a classroom hatching but would love to experience the miracle of hatching and candling my own. It would be a great way to get some variety within my flock and in my egg basket! I’m also thinking that I could host a great presentation/lesson/field trip for my homeschooling friends.

Sarah Henry April 30th, 2012

I would love to hatch some of my Americans blue eggs!

Dianne April 30th, 2012

I have never hatched/candled eggs but would love to do it. I bought my first 6 chickens about 7 weeks ago. I’m recently disabled and had to quit work, and the chickens sure have kept me preoccupied. Would love to hatch some more.

Donna Williams April 30th, 2012

I candled mine on Day 7 with one of those little LCD flashlights in a dark room. It isn’t perfect, but it did the trick. Our first batch of classroom eggs were duds after a week of development because the room temperature was going up and down. I bubblewrapped the incubator, and things are holding steady. One more week to go. 🙂

Heidi Newman April 30th, 2012

I’m new to chickens but I already have a list as long as my arm as to what breeds I want for my coop! I’ve been thinking of ordering some frizzle or silkies… so those would probably be some of the first eggs I’d order! 🙂

Alicia Parker April 30th, 2012

I try to candle mine at 7 days but i always leave them all in there just in case i make a mistake

Teresa Morrow April 30th, 2012

This would be so cool to win. We have tried to hatch some duck eggs in an incubator 2 times and unfortunately none of them hatched, either time. Candled them on the 7th day, left the ones that had veins in them and got rid of the duds. Guessing the incubator didn’t do its job very well. My granddaughter does poultry and waterfowl in our county fair, and her favorite of all is the chickens. She loves them. If she could win this, I know she would go crazy buying eggs and hatching them!! lol

Lee Brawley April 30th, 2012

I have had chickens before and now have a new batch of rhode island reds. 12 to be exact and they are 2 weeks old. I love chickens of all kinds. I dont think there is a breed that I dont just love. I have never candled eggs but seen it done. My son in law incubates his own eggs and raises lovely chickens for egg production just for himself and friends.
I am looking forward to my babies getting into a pen.(at current in a brooder beside my bed) Yes i am a true mother hen. Thank you!

Gayle McKeige April 30th, 2012

I don’t have a candler. I have an old styrofoam incubator in which I hatch my backyard beauties.

Beth April 30th, 2012

I have owned chickens on and off for most of my life yet I have never hatched eggs. We just bought a home in March ’12 and got our first 6 chickens at one day old. I would love to be able to start hatching eggs now that I’ve settled down somewhere where I know I won’t be leaving. Thanks for the opportunity.

Mariam DiMaggio April 30th, 2012

Great blog–very interesting & exciting! We have had our chickens for a few months now. We bought Fred our rooster and 6 hens and then bought day old chicks and a mom. We would love to hatch our own and can’t wait to candle them. My husband, son and I have truly enjoyed our chickens. They are really smart. We love them.

Katherine April 30th, 2012

We would love to hatch some eggs! A Brinsea incubator has been on our wish list for a long time – they’re the best.

Michele April 30th, 2012

I candle mine before setting, then at 7 and 14 days. I have a dark Brahma rooster and a very varied flock of hens so my chicks are mutts with feathered feet! I would love to find copper or french maran eggs. I bought some on ebay, but only one hatched. Right now I am using a Brower Top Hatch and only get around a 50% hatch rate. I would love a more precise incubator!

mary ryan April 30th, 2012

I havent ever tried hatching some eggs/candling eggs, but would really like to try. I have 2 daughters who help out with our 6 hens and i think it would be a very rewarding experience for them to do (and me!!!)

Jen Coghlan April 30th, 2012

I was sitting on the edge of my seat reading your blog post! I love candling eggs! My heart just stops when I see the little heart beating in the egg! I always consider my eggs as “lottery tickets” because you never know what you will get inside and I, like the blogger, can’t wait to see what comes out!

I candle whenever I can but have the best luck at 7 day increments. I candle with a flashlight which isn’t the best but it is what I have. If it is a huge flashlight I take a towel and wrap it around the sides of the egg so just a bit of light shines through it.

My girls love to see the heart beat and when the eye spot can be seen. At times we can see the little embryo wiggling around at the end of it’s umbilical cord. Then, at the end, we like to see which ones have punctured the egg sac and we can see their head bobbing in the open space, ready to begin pecking their way out!

I would love to hatch dark maran eggs in the future but it does frustrate me a bit when the shell is too dark brown or blue/grey that I can’t see through it. I am glad that there are others out there like me – simply egg-citing!

Margaret Kellogg April 30th, 2012

I love hatching babies. I have some coming this week. One hatched yesterday a little black banty with feathered legs. I like to candle my eggs 3 to 5 days after I put them in the incubator because there is usually something happening by then. If there isn’t that makes room for other eggs. I love my Easter Eggers, I love the dark eggs the Kucoo Marans lay and I just got some Welsummer chicks from our feed store. I can always use another incubator.

Julie April 30th, 2012

I candle at day 7 with a bright lcd light in a dark room. I mark the questionable ones and note why I wonder about them, then I recheck and cull in another 7 days. Rotting eggs put off gasses that will kill the developing chicks.

I used to hatch a lot in a brinsea but I lost it in a housefire and have not been able to afford another. Winning one would be heavenly. I am currently using styrofoam incubator. I occasionally sell rare breed eggs for hatching but prefer to do a test hatch before selling….

Walter April 30th, 2012

I would like to hatch good healthy Laying hens Breed is not as important as being hardyy here in Northern Pennsylvania and good layers.

MArilyn Stewart April 30th, 2012

A speckled Sussex, a Lace Wynadotte, a Welsummer…..I already have 11 breeds but never incubated eggs.

Amelia Marie April 30th, 2012

I am hatching Guneas for the first time. We are about halfway into incubation. I was told by the lady who gave me the eggs to candle at day 10. At day seven I wanted just a PEEK but my boyfriend made me wait, because we were not at day ten. Reluctantly, I made it through the next three days and FINALLY was able to candle. I was so excited to see healthy eggs developing. I can hardly wait for them to finish. It has been a great lesson in patience.

Tonya Scott April 30th, 2012

I would love to hatch some chocolate eggs of any kind I have french copper marans but would love more and I absolutely love Brensiea products I have had wonderful hatches out of my eco 20.

vanessa April 30th, 2012

As for what type of egg I’d like to hatch… Well, it would have to be a fertile one. The only time I’ve tried to candle an egg was when i was younger, and it was a store bought egg :). I think it would be more exciting knowing that I could have a chance in the future to hatch a fertile egg. Thank you 😀

tiffany donaldson April 30th, 2012

When candling an egg……….if I won I would hatch the eggs from my columbian wyandotte. And my blue laced golden wyandotte… I hope I win!

Carol Saucier April 30th, 2012

I love my Black Copper Maran eggs, but love Dominque’s also.

Tina April 30th, 2012

I like to candle about day 5,6,7 but sometimes can’t wait that long. Great story,and would love to have this incubator. Thank you.

Rebecca April 30th, 2012

I have yet to get a candler but would LOVE to have one. I have always tried using an old can with a hole poked though to try and see. It doesn’t work. I even tried to incubate an egg using a blanket and a goose-neck lamp. The egg didn’t explode, but I was careful not to drop it. I gently set it outside and walked away. If I had a candler, I would have probably moved on from that egg a long time ago.

heather s April 30th, 2012

I would actually be extremely nervous Taking an egg out of the incubator for Any length.. of time scares me I am definitely no master at egg hatching, I would leave it a mystery It would make Hatch day much more Exciting. I would have definitely try my hand at maran and polish But I couldn’t just stop there but Time will only tell what I will hatch out! isnt that the truth….Good luck everyone!

Jenner April 30th, 2012

I haven’t hatched chicks from eggs but I would love the opportunity! I’m hoping to expand my flock this summer. Thanks for offering such an awesome giveaway!!

Heather Clower April 30th, 2012

I have only hatches 2/3 eggs before, and I didnt know how to candle them. I now want to hatch some again for my daughter to experience, but we have no incubator. We are saving up! Hopefully this will be free lol!

Laura Marshall April 30th, 2012

It would be GREAT to be able to hatch baby chicks… My friend got me interested in back yard chickens, a few years ago, and now I tag along to all the shows, and love to hear about her chickens, If I could hatch my own eggs, i’d be thrilled.

Allison Townsend April 30th, 2012

I would love a nice Binsea incubator! My kids and I are waiting on our first ever hatch of Indian Runner ducks using a styrofoam incubator…it is so stressful hoping that we are doing the right thing but yet exciting at the same time! I wish we could have spent the money on a better incubator. We candled our duck eggs at 7 days, 14 and again at 21 days…we see movement but fear the air cells are too small:( Fingers crossed that we will have a successful hatch and see baby ducklings in 7 more days. Kids already have our next hatch picked out – Black Copper Marans, Easter Eggers and Silkies!

Norman Fryar April 30th, 2012

I have had the wonderful oppertunity to teach youth the process of chick development for years. I have even purchased eggs to demonstrate the candleing process. However, I have never had the chance to provide youth with the experience of hatching out eggs. I explain the development process of the chick and utilize candling as a means to demonstrate how the photos on the poster are reached.
I have started a small flock of my own and plan on utilizing fertile eggs to provide a better option.

Traca Sawyer April 30th, 2012

My 13 year old daughter who does 4-H with her poultry candles at 1 wk, then at 2 wks and then again just before hatching…she just loves seeing the babies developing in there! So far we have to borrow an incubator from our local 4-H Extension office…so it would be so cool to get our own!!

Marcy Kalasky April 30th, 2012

I homeschool my daughter. This incubator would make a great science project for her. She has been wanting new bantam chicks. This would be great!

Sheri April 30th, 2012

Peafowl …..make my day….candle on 10 and 20!!

Jan DeBack April 30th, 2012

I candled my first hatching eggs at 4 days and saw the veins on most of them (had a couple that were just too dark). What a thrill to see some developement! I can’t wait to do it again.

Gwen April 30th, 2012

I definitely need 1. I had a very poor hatch on my last incubation and would like to have a good 1.

Jill Boling April 30th, 2012

I usually candle my eggs on day 3 to see if it’s fertilized or not. Then I like to candle every other day to see if they’re making progress or if there’s something wrong with one. Plus, It’s exciting to see them get bigger everyday! I just use a bright LED flashlight most of the time.

Joan McAllister Clapp April 30th, 2012

I only have hatched one batch of eggs and I just gave fertile eggs to a broody hen and let her do the rest. Of the 12 eggs 9 hatched. I would raise more if I had an incubator but I would have to win one and a candle light too. My husband thinks I spend to much money now buying chickens and he does not understand it would be less to raise them. Please pick me!!

Susy Saul April 30th, 2012

JUst wanna say that we have always wanted to hatch our own eggs !!! The kids always thought it was way cool to put the eggs on a homade candler when we would find eggs at the hen house. To have an incubator would be a very fun an educational tool for me as a grandmother to teach my new grandsons and daughters the cycle of life !!! Thanks for the contest and Happy Mothers Day to you and your mom !!!! Susy

kristin stocking April 30th, 2012

We candles our first set of eggs after a couple of days. No babies.

Beth April 30th, 2012

If I won an incubator I would hatch silkie bantams because my daughter loves chickens and would love one that would sit on her lap. I might also hatch seabright bantams because they are so pretty. And definitely some welsummer chickens because I love the dark brown eggs.

JD April 30th, 2012

My husband and I would love to win this incubator so that we could start hatching our own eggs!

Dwayne E. Locke April 30th, 2012

I purchased my Brinsea about a year ago and have had no problems with hatching duck eggs……I candle them when I first begin, and then at about 8 days….it is always astonishing how much change has taken place in those few days….I can actually see the heart beating…..Love my Mini Brinsea

Mark h April 30th, 2012

Don’t have any candling equipment yet. Looking at making one. Right now trying to make do with a flashlight.

Elena Fiske April 30th, 2012

I remember watching my dad candle eggs when I was a little girl, but I don’t remember what day he did it! I have not hatched any eggs yet, but I have a lovely little bantam hen that seems as though she’d be interested and I’m hoping she will get full on broody for me!

Marty April 30th, 2012

When I hatch my first eggs, I’ll be so excited I’ll probably start trying to candle them on day 2!

emily davis April 30th, 2012

i would love to have this system! my chickens frustrate me so by laying eggs, sitting on them for a bit and then getting bored and leaving! our eggs are dark, yet i try to see through them and cannot. i would love to hatch my own chicks!

Rachael Hunter April 30th, 2012

And now, after reading this installment of how to become mr. or mrs. Hen i want to hatch ONE OF EVERY BREED E.V.E.R. plus a sumatra rooster 😉

Leah April 30th, 2012

candled on day 7, 14, 18.. would have liked to candle more, but didn’t want the styrofoam incubator we were using to loose too much heat. Would love to win the brinsea!

Diana April 30th, 2012

my choice of chickies would be frizzles. i fell in love with this breed. when i first started raising chickens. Its fun to see which one will frizzle and witch one wouldnt. They make great little pets. When my kids and i first started hatching babies we would first candle the eggs and day 7. We would take a flashlight and get in a dark room and all of us would be huddled around looking lol. You can realy see if there is anyone in there. And we would candle them every week. To check on there progress. We would even start nameing them.

Karen A. April 30th, 2012

I actually havent ever candeled our eggs either. I usually just mark each of them with thier hatching dates and let Mamma do her thing. I would love to incubate some Marans as they are tough to come by and it seems like the hatchery websites I order from tend to be out of those quite quickly in the spring. Those deep chocolate brown eggs are so beautiful! Love the blog btw!

Joseph McCormick April 30th, 2012

I usually candle about day 7 or so…then just when I get curious

Jennifer Solano April 30th, 2012

I have never candled eggs myself, I’d never even seen it done until this past Sat. A friend showed me how with eggs he had in his own incubator. He showedd me a fresh egg straight from the nest box and then his eggs in the incubator which were 2 or 3 days from hatching. It was sooooo neat. I put my eggs in my home made incubator Sat night so I plan to candle on day 7, 14, and 18 before I close up the incubator for hatching time. Would love to win this incubator to use at my children’s schools for educational purposes.

Paula Lane April 30th, 2012

Wow, what a great Mother’s Day gift this would be! I would use it to incubate blue cochins. We have decided to get more into the cochin breed. I have never incubated or candled chicken eggs but used to do so with my zebra finches! We would candle early (day 3-5) and check often to see progress!

AK Middlebrooks April 30th, 2012

I candle my eggs on day 7 as often as I can but no later than day 10. I do not like to open the incubator too much after that. I have a Hovabator grey plastic bator with a auto turner that is stopped on day 18. I have an extra ring in the incubator and sometimes do not get to candle because the eggs in the top ring are too close to hatching. I generally add eggs to the bator when I use this method every 7 days. I would like to have a new bator because my hatch rate with current bator is about 50%. I have Black Cooper Marans. Last hatch was 9 birds from 21 eggs.

Megan Desmond April 30th, 2012

I have never had a chance to candle eggs. It’d be awesome to get a chance to!

Rhoda Parenteau April 30th, 2012

I would hatch my own layer eggs and also duck and turkey eggs so I would not have to keep buying then and shipping them in.My grandson hatches eggs at preschool every spring with his teacher so this way I can keep up with what he did there since he is starting school this fall.

Melody L April 30th, 2012

I have always dreamed of having Black Copper Marans, or Wheaton Marans.I can’t wait any more than 6 days, then my daughter and I gather around for the candeling. She is the best assistant I could ever have. Funny story the first time she saw a chick hatch,,,,,,, that was the last day she ate eggs for over 3 years.

pat shearer April 30th, 2012

I would love to have and incubator I have never canded and egg I have 8 live hens coming from pet chicken would love to have egg black copper marans or wheaton hope i win. I would say day 6 would be the time to candle them but not sure . thanks for the chance to win.

Dolores Becker April 30th, 2012

We don’t have a professional way of candleing an egg. We just use a flashlight. It is’nt real reliable but it gives an idea. To be able to take an egg no matter what breed it was and watch it progress up to the point of seeing it hatch would just be the best expenience.

Valerie Robinson April 30th, 2012

I would hatch more Easter Eggers. I love their blue-green colored eggs! 🙂

Ruthanne April 30th, 2012

I would love to hatch some eggs. I have never done that before. I just started my flock of 4, bought chicks from a Hatchery, they are now 5 weeks old. I would hatch some Red Stars, or maybe some Orptingtons. How Eggciting.

Suzette April 30th, 2012

I have 11 chickens that I raised from day-old chicks, but I have not hatched any chicks myself. That is the next goal for me, and winning an incubator would be sure way to achieve this new dream!

Heather Wright April 30th, 2012

I have never candled either, I would love the chance to hatch some buff orpintons with my brownie girl scout troop.

Dominick San Angelo April 30th, 2012

You can start to candle at 3 days however you start at 7.

dee kelley April 30th, 2012

I haven’t candled any eggs but I would do barred rocks. I have a beautiful rooster. and 12 nice hens would love to have little black chicks with white on their heads again. They are such a good breed and often overlooked.

michael Standfest April 30th, 2012

i have never candled my eggs yet. sadly, we’ve never been successful in having a broody hen when we have fertilized eggs. a few months after our rooster became a problem with our children, two hens went broody, but it was too late. right now, i have some silkies who aren’t going broody although i let them pile up all the eggs that they want.

Donna M, April 30th, 2012

I candle my eggs around day seven from under the hen. Would love to hatch out some Marans and Ameraucanas!

Shawn April 30th, 2012

I have yet to incubate. Just got my babies. When we(my son and I) we would candle day 6 , day 12, and day 18. He wants to hatch polish and I want to hatch silkies.

Jessica April 30th, 2012

I would hatch any and every egg I can get my hands on!!!! This will be the first time my daughter will be old enough to help.

Candie Hawkins April 30th, 2012

I have never candled eggs before..never had an opportunity to hatch my own eggs! I would love to win!

Wild Angel April 30th, 2012

My Boyfriend and I have a flock of 8 together we have no children together but the baby chix we bought. He is such a good daddy to the chickens and I am happy to have them with him. We both would love to hatch our own to do things together brings us closer and to start from egg on our next flock would be a special treat. He has no children and these chickens are as close as he will get. We have been learning about chickens and hatching we know that this is an Art we would love to master together with much love.

Bobby Buff April 30th, 2012

I was given an incubator last Summer. This year we decided to try our luck with it. We candle at 10 days and again on day 18 when we took them out of the turner. At this moment we have 20 chicks, 8 more pipped and hoping for the rest, We set 45 eggs and had 6 clears so we are looking at 39 total. .

Nancy April 30th, 2012

This BRINSEA MINI ADVANCE INCUBATOR looks fantastic . . . would love to hatch out some buff brahams . . . IF I don’t win hopefull I could save up to get one will have to see how much . .

Naz April 30th, 2012

This is my second time having chicks, I really want the incubator, it’d be a new experience for me, and I really want to watch chicks hatch in front of my eyes.

Linda April 30th, 2012

We candle our eggs usually 7 days after incubation process starts. If I won I would hatch every kind of eggs we have, quail, pheasant, turkey and chickens. We have ducks but they do their own thing!

Terri April 30th, 2012

I would love a larger incubator. I have been hatching in the styrafoam ones for yrs. They only hold 28-30 eggs. It seems like I am continually hatching out babies all spring. It would be nice to just do it one or two times and that is it. I don’t candle mine I just stick them in the incub. and what hatches hatches. It’s really fun to see how many we get. I need some Black Coral Marans though because my maran eggs just aren’t as dark as i want them. I have Cuckoo’s. I also have Welsumers, Americanas, Australorps, Rocks, and Sex links. I have been trying to get lots of really dark eggs but I noticed above that I need the BC Marans to get them. ;( I need to find where to order them now.

Tricia May 1st, 2012

I have never hatched before but if I do, I would love to candle at about day 15. I would be extremely happy if I won!

Susan May 1st, 2012

I haven’t candled eggs since I was a teenager, well over 40 years ago. Can’t wait to do it again. We had a large flock of Aracaunas, white Leghorns, “Domineckers,” and “Banties.”

Donna Santi May 1st, 2012

Well I am pretty impatient with most things, but my baby chicks I can wait and be surprised. My favorite would have to be my little cochins!!

Myra Fuller May 1st, 2012

I am not good at candling–got too many dark eggs-but I still try. I have a home made incubator, and my success rte so far is nothing.Boy,wouldI love to have a working first rate incubator.

Debi Clark May 1st, 2012

OMG, I have never had the opportunity to hatch my own eggs but would LOVE the opportunity – we raised a rooster and chicken in hopes of getting some sitting eggs but alas…. nothing – never sat on the eggs. So this would be great and the first time, I would probably start candling after the first week and frequently just for curious sake
I would bring my grandkids over and show them but they are so weird after the first time they wouldn’t be interested but my baby grandkids would and we would watch the whole process right before our eyes – how cool would that be????

Vanessa Leamy May 1st, 2012

I’ve never owned an incubator and have never candled eggs, but now I’m intrigued and look forward to trying this out for myself. Thanks for the info.

Butch Good May 1st, 2012

I haven’t seen an incubator in use since I was about 7 or 8 years old. I can’t remember when My Mother would candle them. But I do remember my Mom showing me what to look for. I remember seeing the viening in the eggs. She taught me a lot about chickens. I am planning on doing some incubating myself. I want to get some different chickens to add some color to the coop. I just have gold and black right now. I also want to start with some heritage turkeys and get a small
flock together. I also have planse in the works to build a call back pen for some quail, so Ill probably try that in an incubator as well.

Mary May 1st, 2012

How enticing!

L Fleming May 1st, 2012

I always candle my eggs on exactly day… well, never. I’ve never had the opportunity. But I am a good student and very eager to learn.

Brenda May 1st, 2012

I’ve never been so lucky as to hatch my own, so I’ve never candled eggs. Thanks for the interesting blog post and the second chance for this great giveaway.

Ashley May 1st, 2012

I have never hatched my own eggs because I have no incubator and no broody hens!
I tried to leave eggs that I have candled to see if the hens would sit, but they don’t :'(. It seems like such an exciting thing to hatch yourself and be the momma hen. I always wanted to know how they ship the fertile eggs so a BIG Thank you for adding pics to this… I’m learning something new everyday! Thanks for the great post!

Christy J May 1st, 2012

When I had an incubator, I was *very* impatient and candled chicken eggs for the first time on day 3 and duck eggs on day 5 or 7. After that, I’d candle every other day or so to make sure they were developing well 🙂

Deborah W May 1st, 2012

I have never hatched eggs before! I am dying to do so, but do not have an incubator. This would be the perfect opportunity for me. I love my chickens so much that all my co-workers call me the crazy chicken chickie. That’s okay with me though!

Johnny Crafton May 1st, 2012

On day 10 is the best time for me

Michele Manning May 1st, 2012

I have never been lucky enough to hatch eggs.
I would love to do it though. I would try to hatch some
of the rarer breeds and maybe some bantams. I love the
variety of birds and teaching my kids about all things chickena and gardening.

Greg Love May 1st, 2012

I have never used an incubator before (always my natural incubator instead), but I would love the opportunity. My daughters and I would definitely start with some Polish eggs. We have been wanting to add some to our flock for a while now.

Courtney Rhines May 1st, 2012

I’d love to have this incubator!

Mindy Hopkins May 1st, 2012

I candle the eggs at day 5, and 13. Even if I don’t see anything right away I still leave then in there in hopes that something will develop.

Amanda May 1st, 2012

I don’t think I first candled any eggs until after the first week. I have candled 3 or 4 times since and I have less then a week before they hatch. I havn’t candled them in the past week since they all seemed to be developing and I feel like I already candled them more then enough. I can’t tell if any of them aren’t developing, none seem to be rotting anyway so they get to stay.
One of my red hens decided to go broody yesterday, so I shoved all the eggs I had been saving, 9, for hatching under her. She’s never hatched eggs before so it should be interesting to see what kind of mom she turns out to be.

Stephanie May 2nd, 2012

Oh my!!! How exciting. We had chickens when I was a child and let the settin hen do all of the work. I never got to candle a egg. We are building our coop right now for some chicks I got this spring and I was doing a search for some exotic breeds to add to them.
My little one tries to bring home eggs from other farms to hatch. I caught her with a couple in her bed. I have a couple of chicken owner friends making fun of me because they give her permission to take them home. We’ve never had any to break yet but of course none of them have hatched.

Marcia May 2nd, 2012

I tried to candle my green eggs at day 7 and couldnt see much. I candled this week on day 14 and i think i saw movement. My 4 year old grandson and i had a blast looking. We are trying a broody hen. I have never hatch eggs before i am so excited. They maybe born on my grandsons birthday.

Julie Hooker May 2nd, 2012

Very exciting! I can’t wait to get an incubator. Hubby has given his blessing if only I had the money. Let’s see….what would I hatch?….Well as of right now I have Buff Orpingtons, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Gold Laced Wyandottes, Rhode Island Reds, Brown Leghorns, Easter Eggers, Gold Comets, Black Sex Links, White Rocks and Cornish Rocks. I’ve only had chickens since April 2011 but we love it and are up to 42 with 13 of the hens being laying age. Thanks for the chance to win!

Marcia May 2nd, 2012

As a little girl my parents always tell the story of me making a nest of rocks and sitting on them trying to hatch the eggs. I grew up on a farm . I am now 57 and have just recently added a chicken to my farm. Now i have 4 and and as you see above trying to hatch new ones.

Vernet May 2nd, 2012

I hope to win the incubator so we can hatch some rare breeds like Buckeyes, Sussex, Campines, and Yokohoma (?) with a more reliable incubator!

Lindsay Kaples May 2nd, 2012

I have never been able to hatch my own eggs due to the lack of an incubator so to win this would be FANTASTIC! I have always wanted to. I have heard you candle them at 7, 14 and 18 days. I have a young son who I know would love the experience of watching eggs develop/hatch.

Julie Puckett May 2nd, 2012

I could be addicted to candleing if there is such a thing, it is so hard to NOT open up and take a look all the time. I just use a small LED flashlight and sit in the dark hoping to see that little eye and movement. Thanks for the chance to win a great incubator.

James May 2nd, 2012

I haven’t yet. Would love a chance to hatch eggs. No incubator!

Brenda May 3rd, 2012

I would love to be able to hatch my ownown babies. I can not even begin to express my feelings in being able to watch the changes in my babies as they grow. I would love to be able to watch them grow inside of their eggs as well. I would love to be picked to receive the incubator and hatching eggs. I would love to be surprised with some new birds that other wise I might not have picked for myself.*PLEASE! Please! please! CONSIDER ME! * would love to say I have one some thing in my life. this would just as great as the lotto.

Amy Greene May 3rd, 2012

HI, I have been raising chicks all my life. Now i have 3 little girls with wide curious eyes. I bought two foam hovabators and have been incubating for my first time and envolving all my girl in it. Now im on day 18 and for some reason no matter how many thermometers i put in the bators they all read something different. Ive been candling left and right, even dropped and broke one of my precious biddies. I was heartbroken when i did this. But to my surprise my oldest and middle daughters looked up at me and asked “What does it look like?” : ) So…..We picked apart the membrane around the little chicky and took a peek. It was broken on day 13 so it already looked much like a skinney version of a chick. My youngest looked at it and said “eeeeewwww, is it sleeping?” I said “no its broken. She just kept looking at it and wrinkling her eyebrows at it. This is what I get out of this. I get the plessure of teaching my cubs. I really hope even just one of our 15 eggs hatches. I dont want them to just learn out of this that moms silly and cant even keep eggs alive. These bators temps are all over the place. I have managed to keep the biddies alive and developing so far. I just hope they make it through the hatch. As for the contest, I dont even care if I win it. I just wanted to share that it would be so nice if my incubators would work atleast well enough to experience this wonderful event with my girls. Last yr we got to use a mother hen for this and got to see the chicks soon after hatching, but this time we will be able to be the mother hens, and see the whole hatch, hopefully. Thank you for letting me coment on this. I think the child in me shines each time I get an oportunity to help my children learn something cool.

Julie Jaworski May 3rd, 2012

I would love to learn all about “candling my eggs”…..My kids would love it and so would I. Happy Mother’s Day to all 🙂

Janetta Dobler May 3rd, 2012

If I candle my eggs, it’s usually at day 10 and day 18. Sometimes I don’t candle at all because I don’t want to handle the eggs that much.

Leslie Burton May 3rd, 2012

I’ve only hatched one batch on a borrowed incubator. I tried candling about twice a week.

Deborah W May 3rd, 2012

So exciting! Would love to have that opportunity!

Vivian Hogue May 3rd, 2012

I’ve never candled an egg before but it looks very interesting! This looks like it would be so much fun!

Dawn May 3rd, 2012

We are just finishing up our first year of having chickens – I can’t believe I have lived this long without them. Slowly we are increasing our knowledge of chickens and eventually I would love to candle and hatch my own.

Terri Hamlett May 3rd, 2012

I candle at day 7 and then at lockdown.
But I never toss an egg until lockdown.

Paula K. May 3rd, 2012

I am just started raising chicken and am looking forward for my children to see egg hatch.

Jenn May 3rd, 2012

I candled once with a paper towel roll and a lamp! LOL

I would love an incubator!

Maresa May 3rd, 2012

I would LOVE one of these. I love my chickens and it would be great if I could hatch some eggs. My silkie hen has left her nest now twice and 2 poss peeps died the first time and 1 this last time. They were with in a week of the hatch date 🙁

Keara May 3rd, 2012

I hatch dark Marans eggs too. It is very hard to see development early in the dark eggs. I candle at day 17; if the egg is completely dark inside with only an aircell I leave it in, if the light shines through the egg I know it did not develope and toss it out. I have never had a bad egg explode, sounds gross hope it never happens to me!

Joe May 3rd, 2012

I have always ordered day old chicks for my use and have not tried the home incubator way. Once of my chick order lables wa smized up and I actually received hatching eggs! They told me to keep them and hatch them for free or throw them away. My neighbor took them as he had an incubator. he only had about 60% hatch, which is why I have been hesitant to try that route. If I were to win, I would like to try, as I do have some great hens and a good rooster! It woould be interesting to see what we get!

melissa sawyer May 3rd, 2012

We day 5 and then day 13 as its our lucky number and my daughters will.not.let us skip.this day. We started hatching after the 4h agent came to.the school to hatch with our children. Since my kids have been hooked.

Paul May 3rd, 2012

We have never had the opportunity to hatch our own but now that our son is a little older he is really wanting to see some hatch. We usually always order babies each spring.

Andrea White May 3rd, 2012

I just started incubating eggs for the first time yesterday so I have not yet been able to candle my eggies. I so can’t wait for my chickies to hatch! It’s going to be a long 21 days!

Rae Lipshultz May 3rd, 2012

We are very interested in Heritage and endangered breeds of chickens and would love to be able to establish some to help the breeding program in the US. To be able to order eggs for breeds we just can’t find locally would be exciting as we are also trying to sell attractive assortments of eggs locally. I would be able to go on line and order Maran hatching eggs or eggs from breeders who carefully monitor the quality of their flock.

lisa schimpf May 3rd, 2012

i candled my eggs last night but i think my eggs are to dark we couldn’t see much ..we are using a homemade incubator..but would live to win this one !

Meagan May 3rd, 2012

I candle at day 4,8 and 12 just to make sure I give them a chance but am still able to get the eggs out that need to come out.

Garnet Brooks May 3rd, 2012

I do not have a “real ” candler but have used my own homemade devices to great success, I have even been fortunate enough to be able to candle some snake eggs that my female clutched and hatched out 24 of the 26 eggs she produced. I would LOVE to have this incubator, I have been really wanting to hatch out some chicks this year. Raising chickens is in my DNA , my parents had chickens as did their parents before and so on, and my Grandfather raised exotics and ran a successful egg business for 40 years.

Pamela Summers May 3rd, 2012

I candle my eggs on the 8th day. I can always tell which are good and which need to be removed. after that, I don’t touch them until its time to take them out the turner. I think the less you mess with them, the better!

Rachel G May 3rd, 2012

I have never candled an egg, but can’t wait to be able to candle them.

Liz Oliver May 3rd, 2012

We just started this path to backyard chickens last summer. And added some more baby chicks this spring. We haven’t tried hatching eggs yet. Perhaps if we win this fabulous incubator that will be next summer’s adventure.

Heather Cook May 3rd, 2012

When we used a broody hen, we didn’t bother candling our eggs. I would consider it if we had an incubator. Probably day 7. 🙂

Shannon Krogmann May 3rd, 2012

Ok here i am for my second chance to win 🙂
I really would love a incubator 🙂 thank you!

Sheila E May 3rd, 2012

I have hatched several batches of eggs and produced successful chicks. However I travel a lot and need an incubator with a turner since I can’t trust the people in my household to remember to do simple tasks sometimes!! Hatching eggs is so much fun… as is going out to the barn to collect eggs my lovely hens produce each day. My friends always ask me for my farm fresh eggs!! Good luck all!

Melissa Fraley May 3rd, 2012

I candle on day 7 or 8, and again on day 14 or 15. I love watching the chicks moving around – and so do my kids! I must admit, I might have candled a couple of eggs on day 18 before locking down. So fun!

Heidi Newman May 3rd, 2012

Looking forward to candling my first one! But I have to win first! 🙂

Cathy Eddy May 3rd, 2012

I candle at day 6 to 7 then every 4 days after that.

Curtis Daughdrill May 3rd, 2012

I’ve never candled eggs or used a incubator. We love our chickens!

Liz Oliver May 3rd, 2012

I have 2 girlfriends in my area and we trade day old chicks when we have to buy a minimum so that we all get a nice variety of hens. Having never had hatching eggs, I haven’t candled. But if we win this incubator we will be learning how to candle and soon.

Emily Hackett May 3rd, 2012

I never had the chance to incubate my own eggs before. However I did let my girls set. I tried to candled them at 6-8 days. It was very exciting for my daughter and son. An incubator would be perfect for them to watch babies hatch.

Crystal George May 3rd, 2012

I want to try hatching my own very badly, it would be so much fun.

Jamie Martin May 3rd, 2012

I have never had the opportunity to hatch my own so I have never candled my own. I so want to share this (If I win) with my niece and nephews. My 11 yrs old nephew has his own flock of red stars and his own rabbits. He would so love this!

Dawn Bunn May 3rd, 2012

7 & 14 days but mine didn’t hatch =(. I hope I win this incubator so I can try again!!!

Carol Schanz May 3rd, 2012

Would love to candle eggs! This is my first year with chickens so I have not had the opportunity.

Ilean Roberts-Hardy May 3rd, 2012

I usually candled day 10 -14. My hubby made me a wooden box with a light in it for my first and only candler. I moved away and lost all my chicken equipment. Now 10 years later, I am starting all over again. I appreciate all the knowledge that gets shared here.

Lindsay May 3rd, 2012

I don’t have an incubator or a broody hen so I have never had the fun of candeling eggs. I hope I win so I can experience the fun!

Amber May 3rd, 2012

Honestly, I’ve never candled or incubated. I orginonally got chickens just for ethebggs from My Pet Chicken. My kids are now obsessed with our pets and I am turning into a crazy chicken lady. My husband (a middle school science teacher who would love to use an incubater in class) is eagar for more avian babies. And my son’s environmental preschool would love to raise chicks so our suburbian preschoolers can learn where food really does come from! We would all love to learn to candle!

Shannon Krogmann May 3rd, 2012

Candle at 3 days but i also do it at 7 or 10 days 🙂

rose May 3rd, 2012

I have chickens I bought as babies but until now I have never hatched my own. I had a chicken go broody on me so I bought some fertilized eggs to put under her and just the other day 2 hatched. I cannot wait to try again

Alisha May 3rd, 2012

I would love to win this so my kids can start to raise babies from the eggs then having to buy babies all ready, The kids at school would love to learn how baby chicks hatch at least once a year in the classroom would be great to so even kids that can’t have them at home can still learn and feel like they help life still.. I would love to be able to hatch my own eggs as I never got too, been on my wish list for a while ..

Shannon Guess May 3rd, 2012

I candle mine after about 2 weeks. I don’t have an incubator but I have a few hens that sit on eggs. They like to Peck me horribly when I check their eggs

Tryne Brenna May 3rd, 2012

I candled my chick eggs so darn often. I would say I did it about 10 times within the 21 day incubation, but I read that you could and it wouldn’t affect the eggs. Well I had only 2/23 develope and neither pipped. Big disappointment! looking forward to using a Brisnea and getting some trustworthy eggs.

Jan O. May 3rd, 2012

I don’t candle my eggs. I tried it and am not good at it, especially the Ameraucana or Maran eggs. My grandson just got some Seramas and we need a Brinsea to hatch their eggs when they start laying!

Jenn Davis May 3rd, 2012

My most successful hatch- I didn’t do much to. I think I candled once, just made sure that the humidity and temp were where they needed to be and nothing smelled fowl….I mean foul…as I’ve had eggs explode before.

Donna Santi May 3rd, 2012

Now our classroom candles about a dozen eggs and I swear we saw some movement in each egg and at final count we only had two eggs hatch….I must have just wanted to see something…

Promise May 3rd, 2012

Whatna? You get to enter this ONCE PER POST?!? Wahoooo! Sign me UP! Win win win! Hahaha

Cara May 3rd, 2012

My Day7 entry! This series has me so excited about the prospect of hatching eggs that I’m going backward!

Allison Weinsteiger May 3rd, 2012

We candle at days 5, 10, 15. Why? Blobs are distinct. The number are easy to remember and anything that isn’t growing will start to small by 15. Sometimes, if excited, we candle at days 18 or 19, when we unplug the turner.

Jean Castle May 3rd, 2012

I candle on day 5 (more to see how the humidity is than anything else) and again on days 10 and 15. If for some reason an egg looks discolored or I suspect a problem I may candle that egg alone. Like you, I wish I could see into my Marans eggs but that has always been impossible.

Mariam DiMaggio May 3rd, 2012

We have never candled an egg, but we sure would love to try. We’d love to be able to hatch some eggs, but we don’t have an incubator. We’d sure love to win one. We love our chickens. They are very smart. They come to us when we call them. We surely enjoy having them. I have 2 Silky babies in my kitchen with a light right now. They are so sweet. Its amazing waatching them grow & the changes. It would be nice to hatch our own babies. We’d love to win the Brinsea! Thank you!

Jerry Conard May 3rd, 2012

I’ve never incubated before….As a kid, I always have let the hens do the work. Last summer I picked up a batch of day old chicks for my son to raise and he has wanted to incubate ever since they started laying. We have 3 different breed bantams….I think he is curious on how mixed versions of each would look,

Brandy Parsons May 3rd, 2012

Oh let it be me !!!!

Susan S. May 3rd, 2012

Fun and informative! I’d love to win a Brinsea incubator!

Debbie May 3rd, 2012

I would LOVE to have some hatching eggs! My father-in-law has one of these incubators and loves it-but he lives in another state so we never get to “borrow” it! lol Never candled eggs (yet) but the joy of having our own chickens is fantastic. (We’ve been paying $4 or $5 at the local farmer’s market for their eggs-so having my own is just nice!) Hope this qualifies as an entry… 🙂

Kayla Rosencutter-Jones May 3rd, 2012

Oh! How I love to hatch my own chickens. It’s amazing to watch the chicks grow and develop into full grown hens and roosters. I have a still air incubator without an egg turner. Right now I have chicken, duck and goose eggs incubating together. One chicken egg hatched yesterday morning and is doing fine. My duck eggs are due to hatch on May 9th and my goose eggs are due to hatch on may 19th. Keep your fingers crossed for me because this is the first time hatching duck and goose eggs. I have candled them several times and they seem to be developing as they should. If I had a really good incubator I could stop worrying so much over the chicken eggs at least. Regardless whether I win the brinsea or not I will keep on hatching eggs. Just because I love chickens.

Jennifer May 3rd, 2012

I’m new to this chicken business. I have never candled an egg, yet. I have only bought the chicks so far. I would love to hatch my own babies.

Cindy Speer May 3rd, 2012

I don’t candle because I have never owned an incubator. But I’m wanting one soooooo bad. If I had one I will have to fight myslef not to candle a lot I guess.

Darlene May 3rd, 2012

I have never tried to hatch eggs, never been brave enough. My daughter-in-law is incubating duck eggs and she started candling at about 10 days. It was amazing to see movement within the eggs. I would love to win the Brinsea Advanced Mini Incubator and the six eggs to hatch and be surprised by what baby chicks are hatched.

Chelsea May 3rd, 2012

This year I have tried hatching duck eggs the ‘natural’ way but nobody will sit on them. But, I did try to candle them on day 7 or so. I didn’t see anything. 🙁 Well, that would be because nobody sat on them, duh! I would love to have an incubator.

Chelsea May 3rd, 2012

I have candled on the 7th day.

Nicole D May 3rd, 2012

When they’re in the incubator I candle at 7 days and 14 days. After that I leave them alone. When they’re under a broody I don’t candle until day 23. I feel like less is likely to go wrong with a momma hen then when I’m doing the incubating. : )

Marie Gale May 3rd, 2012

I have been dying to hatch my own chickens’ eggs! We’ve tried with a broody hen but ended in failure. I would love to do this with my kids.

Deb Inman May 3rd, 2012

I have never hatched eggs before since I just started raising chickens. This would be something I would definitely want to do. I can say, however, I am successfully raising chicks that I received from you. They arrived safely and all are doing great! Thanks for the great service!

Jennifer Thompson May 3rd, 2012

I like to candle the eggs about the 7th day with a large flashlight. In the middle of the night. It’s always so exciting & fun! I would like to win the incubator because we’ve learned the hard way to mark the eggs that are going to hatch & the take the eggs that a hen snuck into the box & added her eggs! 😉

Mary R May 3rd, 2012

The excitement builds!!

Angela Thomas May 3rd, 2012

I candle my eggs after being incubated for a week. I only have silkie eggs that I hatch out right now. I just can’t seem to eat them because they are like my babies!!!

Nicholas Bennett May 3rd, 2012

i would love to hatch my own eggs , love my chicken when they was little so funny too watching them get into trouble and i raise mine in box till got big enough, dont know how they do it but would find poop splats on walls of box higher then they could jump lol

Karen N. May 3rd, 2012

Two weeks ago I started raising chickens after a 52 year gap. Whew, what a difference. Our hens raised their own brood with no obvious help from us. It is not a science and a hands on experience. I ordered my first chicks and they arrived 4/17 as day olds and are doing wonderfully. I would love to hatch eggs and will as soon as I get the equipment onboard. The only candeling I have done is to check and see if an egg was edible or too far gone to chick. LOL
These were eggs of unknown age. I am looking forward to being a good and scientific mother soon and would love to win the Brinsea Advanced Mini Incubator to get started. Thanks

michelle May 3rd, 2012

ha ha I suppose my new way of candling is weird…I use the scope light off a rifle my fiance has…When I lived at home we had an old projector we used both work awesome! We usually candle around a week…sometimes earlier if they have little blood veins developing I figure I’m doing good!

Brandi Adkin May 3rd, 2012

I would love to win this incucbator because i have only been using one that I have made and am dying to actually use a Brinsea because I have watched your videos and seen how good the babies hatch! Also because i am addicted to chickens unfort. its a hard bug to get rid of once u catch it-but a good 1!!

Poppy hall May 3rd, 2012

I just dashed down to the barn to check the eggs for wicks. They don’t have any!! So I don’t know when to candle an egg.
I decided to ask One Eye who is a rescue chicken form Nashville and lives in her own private condo because she just broke her toe (as well as having just lost her eye!). She said she has never candled any of her own eggs.
I then went into the chicken coop to ask those girls. Well, they were too busy eating left over steak to care to answer.
Thought I might ask Number Six who is a guinea and currently sitting on her own clutch of eggs in a nice secluded spot……but thought better about it. She likes her privacy and would have a “do not disturb” sign up if she could have found one!
No point in asking Rod Stewart. He’s a blond polish crested dude. And far too much of a rock star to bother with “this women’s stuff”…….even if he does like to choose and approve nest locations and supervise the egg laying. They are, after all, his potential future babies…….but I think they all became breakfast, cookies and muffins (not that he needs to know that!)

Samantha Nightengale May 3rd, 2012

I’ve never hatched my own yet, but I would love to! 🙂

Laura Jones May 3rd, 2012

I would be thrilled to win The Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator. Years past we had one of those styrofoam incubators, to say the least it got used once with small success. We tried to candle with not much luck, we just did the ole’ wait game. I would love to incubate eggs and have my very own little peepers! I love my chickens and I love My Pet Chicken for all the information that is readily accessible! Thank You!!

Aimee May 3rd, 2012

I only just started keeping chickens last year, and I ordered mine as sexed chicks. I’ve never hatched my own but I still loved the blog post. I couldn’t stop reading! 🙂 I’d love to hatch my own some day and feel the anticipation first hand!

Billie May 3rd, 2012

I have never candled before and can’t wait to start.

Makenna May 3rd, 2012

I LOVE these incubators! They have been on my have-to-buy list for 3 years!

Jackie May 3rd, 2012

We haven’t had much luck hatching out eggs with our styrofoam incubator. We candled at day 12 and did find some that had signs of life though. Would love to own a real incubator!

Makenna May 3rd, 2012

I LOVE these incubators! They have been on my have-to-buy list for 3 years! I’m gonna hatch 12 Russian Orloff eggs with it! (whoops! Guess I have to win it first)

Makenna May 3rd, 2012

Whoops! I forgot to say when I candled my eggs! I candle them on days 5-7

Gina Afrisio May 3rd, 2012

I have not candled before as I have just started having chickens recently but hope to candle within the next few months.

Frank Boysia May 3rd, 2012

I have candled 4 batches of eggs. Couldn’t find anything in my first batch. Come to find out there was nothing there. Second and third batch was my learning experience. Tried at 7-10 and 14 days. Saw the most movement and black lines( duds) at 10 days. Could see their little legs moving back and forth. Felt like I was witnessing a chick ultrasound. So exciting!. Last batch was just a few Copper Marans and they were so dark that I couldn’t see anything. The eggs I hatched were in a borrowed incubator. Would love to have the Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator because I’ve heard of their great quality and it would suit my small backyard program.

dawn May 3rd, 2012

the far left is the black copper meran egg. this is entry #2

Loretta Forman May 3rd, 2012

well lets be honest! LOLOL!!!! i candle at day 5 just to see how things are going and then I ALWAYS “TELL” myself to candle again at day 12 and then at lockdown ………..however ….. I CANDLE ALL THE TIME! i cant help myself! i thought it would get better with time but this is my 6th time hatching and well i cant stop! i have hatched chickens and ducks so far and really want to hatch Quail eggs. and it would be so nice to have a brand new incubator instead of the ones i keep putting together myself 🙂

Dana May 3rd, 2012

I try to wait until the 7th day to candle the first time, but it’s a long wait! Then I typically candle a week later and then just before lockdown. It is very hard to keep my hands off of those eggs though. I love seeing the babies moving inside the egg!

Kelly May 3rd, 2012

I have always wanted an incubator. I would probably always a few in the oven if I had one.

Sandy Jordan May 3rd, 2012

I love candling eggs. I keep a small flashlight handy so that I can candle the ones I collect each day. Just cup my hand around the light beam & tuck the egg into my hand. My instant candler works all the time.

Beth May 3rd, 2012

We candled eggs during a project with my son’s class at school on day 7, very carefully. It was so exciting. I have a small flock of 6 very well loved year old hens that we raised from day old chicks so I am Mamma Hen to “The Girls”. I would love to win the Brinsea incubator so that I could add a rainbow assortment to my flock. Couldn’t think of a better Mother’s Day gift than to be able to hatch my own chicken babies! I love your blog and information on raising healthy and happy chickens!

Naomi May 3rd, 2012

We used an old slide projector to candle the eggs every few days.

Heather May 3rd, 2012

This is the first year that we’ve ever done chicken. We bought 6 baby chicks and my kids instantly fell in <3 with EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. We have never had the experience to candle egg yet, but we were planing on trying it next year. We love reading about everyone chicken experiences on your blogs and we think its really great that you give people the opportunity to be able to WIN some really awesome stuff. Thank You for all of your good info.

Kim May 3rd, 2012

I have only incubated one batch of eggs but I tried to limit myself to candling on day 7 (to check to see whos moving along alright) and then on day 15 out of pure curiosity to see how much things have changed…Like I said I TRY to limit myself to those two candling sessions and for the most part I do…Give or take the half a dozen times before and after those two occasions!! ;-P

Sarah May 3rd, 2012

I begin candling my eggs after the first 96 hours (4 full days) after they have been in the incubator. Candling and imprinting gives me the most incredible bond and love with my chicks, its like the first time a human mother hears her babys heartbeat, or feels the first kick.

Rita Yamasaki May 3rd, 2012

I have had chickens for years but never hatched them before. I want to do this so much now. I would like to win this Brinsea incubator and give it a go!! I used to go and see the eggs hatch at Bullock’s in Pasadena when I was little. My Mom always took us around Easter time to see the little chicks hatch!

Jason Mullins May 3rd, 2012

I have never candled an egg, I have scrmble a few. I have a flock of chicks coming up now and am getting ready to see what i can hatch out. I also have duck that lay abundantly but are inefficient hatchers. With a new incubator and some reading up on candling I will be ready to go!!

Elizabeth Reeves May 3rd, 2012

I candle first at about seven days. I also check periodically through out the whole incubation process. I will mark eggs that I’m not sure are developing properly, and candle those more frequently. I try not to go overboard, but, once I can see those little guys and gals wiggling in there, it can be hard not to want to take a peek at them all the time. I hatch eggs with my young boys (2, 5, and 7) and candling really helps them learn about development.

Esther Widgren May 3rd, 2012

I’m still a newbie and have never hatched eggs so I am reliant on the wonderful information I get from sharing folks like YOU!
I would LOVE to try to incubate some eggs some day and winning this contest would
go a long way to making that a reality!
Thanks for all you do!

Linda May 3rd, 2012

Here in the 4-H office, we have been known to “test” hatch quail, chicken, etc. right on the office desks. We never can be sure who is more thrilled by the process, our 4-H’ers or the adults. For chicks, we candle on days 7, 14, 18 – if we can curb our excitement! I use my rusty old hand held electric candler and keep it in the office – just in case!

Leslie Johns May 3rd, 2012

True confession time…I am hatching out guinea eggs for the very first time. I candled them at Day 11 which is the same day that I would candle chicken eggs. Well, it looked to me like there was an awful lot of “duds”…about 14 out of 32 eggs. Disappointed, I packed up the duds in an egg carton and headed to the pond (I throw my duds in the pond to prevent varmints from being tempted close to my property). The first egg sank…the second one floated…hmmm…I started getting nervous. Then I thought about how guineas incubate 7 days longer than chickens. What if these “duds” were actually okay, just not that far along??! How would I know??? Back into the house I go to get a store bought egg (my girls are still too young to lay), pitch it into the pond…and it sinks! Ok, so this means if they float they are fertilized? growing? no meaning at all? AAARRGH! Just to be safe I packed up my “could-be-duds”, marked them with a penciled “?” and back into the ‘bator they went…to be checked a little further on into the process! 🙂

Lisa May 3rd, 2012

I am waiting for my first peeps as I write. They arrive next week from MPC. I do plan,in the future, to incubate some eggs once the chickens are old enough to lay fertile eggs. I did order one rooster for this very reason. I want to enjoy them full circle.

Kristin May 3rd, 2012

I’ve never hatched before, so candling would be new to me. How neat though!

deborah plessinger May 3rd, 2012

Send it to Alaska!! The eggs up here are cold!! And my current incubator had a hiccup in it’s function and now for some reason some of the eggs seem to have stopped developing. We need more chickens in Alaska please help!!

Jeri May 3rd, 2012

Would love to hatch out some of my own chicks! Never have had the opportunity to try, but have always wanted to. Hope I’m lucky enough to win! thanx for the chance to win 🙂

Phyllis Munn Guyton May 3rd, 2012

I tried to candle some eggs for the first time on the 7th day. They were brown eggs and it was very hard to tell very much. The eggs are due to hatch next Tuesday. It will be interesting to see what happens since this is my first try in an incubator. Sure would love a new incubator ! … Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers … Take care !

Alicia Parker May 3rd, 2012

I candle my eggs at 7-8 days

Raquel Green May 3rd, 2012

I have not hached eggs before, but if I get the opportunity to, I would candle them between seven and ten days.

Loretta May 3rd, 2012

I just used my incubator for the first time it holds 7 eggs and I hatched out silkie chicks. I would really like to win this incubator so that I can incubate even more eggs and have them hatch out.

Amanda Caldwell May 3rd, 2012

I’ve only tried to hatch once and they all died 🙁 I candled at day 7 and 14. Everything was going great, until they went 5 days past hatch day. 2 of 12 hatched but died, 1 started to zip, then died in shell, and the other 9 just died in egg 🙁 I need a Brinsea!

Tim S. May 3rd, 2012

I really want to have more chicks! That Brinsea incubator looks GREAT! I would like to add some more chickens to my old flock, so please MY PET CHICKEN let me WIN!

Neeta May 3rd, 2012

Please pick me! 1 out of 20 hatched in my stinky incubator! A Brinsea would make me happy!

Jenn Silverman May 3rd, 2012

I’ve never “hatched from scratch” but now that I’ve got my babies and my laying hens, that’s my next move!!! The kids are absolutely LOVING it. My 6yo even gets up every morning to let them out!! : )

Tanya May 3rd, 2012

I keep messing this up. Let’s try again…
I would LOVE to have this same experience!!!

Michelle Lynn Benge May 3rd, 2012

I would love to hatch my own eggs! But I would use it for any and all species, if it’s an egg I’d hatch it. I currently have four baby birds I’m raising that has no mommy. I don’t even know what they are, but I don’t care. They are babies, what can I say, all things deserve a chance. If you pick me I will be your free advertiser! Sign in my. yard, sticker on my car, blog, anything!!

Laurie McCullen May 3rd, 2012

I would love a chance to try out the Brinsea Incubator. I candle at 7 and 14 days

Julie May 3rd, 2012

I’ve never candled eggs before, but Mother’s Day seems like a good start!

Maria Clarke May 3rd, 2012

omg sounds just like me I get so excited waiting for the chicks. I candle about day 10 and then again day 16 and around day 23 if I have some that did not hatch by then. I get so excited when I see any movement that I am afraid I might drop the poor baby to be:) Its so hard waiting for these cute little babies to be born but its always worth the wait :)Hopefully 1 day I can afford to buy an incubator and a better candling device…

Glee Bohanon May 4th, 2012

What a great post. ! I never thought I would be keeping chickens, never mind thinking about raising my own. An incubator would be so exciting! I hope I win one.

helen May 4th, 2012

Well all i have is a LED flashlight to candle my eggs and a home made incubator. i candle my eggs at about 8 days in i usually have about 90% of them develop pretty good but at the end i only have about 1 or 2 chicks hatch out of 20. a better candler an incubator would be nice 😀 And just a quick question can the eggs really explode??

Lissa May 4th, 2012

Yes, they can! Sometimes if there is bacteria in the egg, the bacteria can produce gas which can cause the egg to explode when the pressure builds too much. In a warm incubator, conditions are good for fast bacterial growth! It’s usually the same gas that produces the stereotypical “rotten egg” smell, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. Not only is it yucky when one explodes–not fun to clean up!–an exploder can also contaminate your other eggs with bacteria.

Kemp Cove May 4th, 2012

I have not incubated yet, but it would be so hard not to candle every single day!! I would have to read up on the best days to candle. I can’t wait to incubate my own!!

Chrissy Billich May 4th, 2012

My boyfriend and I both wanted to hatch our own eggs when we started with the whole chicken idea Jan. 2011 but its very difficult to get fertile eggs and incubators are pricy. Finally December 2011 (Day after Christmas) my boyfriend surprised me by taking me to the feed store, because he heard they carried baby chicks, and we got 4. My neighbors have been wanting to hatch their own eggs b/c they now have 3 grandchildren living with them so if I won I would hatch eggs for the both of us and the children, ages 3, 4, & 5 would be able to see the process and I would love to be the mother hen and have then imprint on me 🙂 ! We would attempt to make a candler as to see the babies progress! Since I don’t have children of my own we have baby chickens to fill that void and space in our heart! My oldest is 17 weeks, originally named daisy but renamed Duke, and we need some hens in this house since we keep getting roosters! Please choose me and thanks.

Lauren Allpress May 4th, 2012

I haven’t ever candled eggs (or hatched them!) but I’d bet it would be a neat thing to show my kiddo.

Jennifer Augustyniak May 4th, 2012

I have never candled eggs but I would love to start incubating. I think it’s time to take the next step with my chickens 🙂

Garilyn Bardash May 4th, 2012

I would love to start my new flock with this fabulous incubator. I have even resorted to candling store bought eggs just to see how much I can see inside the shells. Please enter me in your great contest! Thanks so much for great information and a fun site.

Nancy Sutton May 4th, 2012

I raised chickens when I lived in Ohio 20 years ago. I hatched both chickens and ducks, but I never candled them.

A year ago I moved to five acres where I can again raise chickens. I purchased ten day old chicks at a local feed store. I’m looking forward to hatching my own again. A Brinsea incubator would be a wonderful way to hatch my own eggs. Please enter me in your contest.

Thanks Nancy
Central Florida

Sally Allen May 4th, 2012

I am a second grade teacher and I hatch eggs in my class each spring. I am blessed to have a family that provides my classroom with eggs. They take the chickens back to live on their farm, but this year because my son is in my class we will hopefully be taking the hatches home! We are getting the coop ready now. This year we have added duck and guinea eggs. We candled the eggs this morning at day 7. I want the children to experience it, but we only use a flashlight. Sometimes it is difficult to see. I have learned my lesson with handling the eggs too much, so I candle at 7 and 14. Our classroom would love the chance at a fancy new incubator!
Ruston, LA

Suzette Williams May 4th, 2012

HI! I’ve never hatched eggs before, so I can’t tell you when I candle my eggs, but my daughter REALLY wants this incubator for her first batch of chicks. She’s even working on her coop designs, and would be SOOOOO excited if she got this incubator. I could even say it was a birthday present from pet!

Trisha May 5th, 2012

I have never candled chicken eggs. I have some eggs under a mama hen right now, but am not sure of the logistics of candling eggs that are out in the coop. I can’t quite figure out how it’s done. Take them all into the house? Thank you for your wonderful blog and the chance to win something. Truly appreciated.

Susan May 6th, 2012

I had the joy today of having the neighbor boy, Noah (and it was his 13th birthday too!!) BEG me to come and help put the chickens in for the night – this is my second day of letting the flock out of the coop (in a fenced in area to start with) and he couldn’t wait to meet all 80 them, and 2 ducks! He is a fast learner and after a few tips – combs and waddles, yellow legs vs. green legs – he was catching them like crazy and telling me who was a boy or girl chicken. We moved on to feeding them and he met the broilers too. So we talked about meat chickens and layer chickens, hens and roosters, and lots of other chicken type stuff.

This is the kid who left his freinds on this birthday to come to my house and learn about chickens, and he wants to come over after school this week to learn more!! His father and I were just talking tonight about incubators and maybe raising some phesants and quail next. Noah is all for that!! Until we do, i will continue to each him as much as I can, and as much as he wants to know about chickens.

Brenda May 6th, 2012

I haven’t incubated any eggs yet, but I would love to hatch my own babies. My husband thinks it’s funny that I sit and watch my chicks for hours lol. I would be checking the eggs all the time just in case.

Audri C. May 6th, 2012

I LOVE black copper marans~ they are beautiful! We raise and show them- i hope I win the incubator so we can have more to show! I love raising other poultry too~ i have a baby turkey i got from 4~H poultry club that follows me around and sleeps in my hair! We have:chickens; turkeys; quail; pigeons, and guineas. I know alot about chickens too~ I won 1st place in district 4-H judging contest~ I would go to state competitions but I’m only a junior. I hope i get the incubator and the chance to raise new chicks!

Sue G May 7th, 2012

I’ve never hatched eggs, I’ve only ordered chicks. I really want to start ordering fertile eggs and hatch them myself. My kids do it at school and now Momma wants to do it too!

Gerrit Husar May 7th, 2012

I have not been lucky enough to hatch eggs, but if I could, I would love to hatch out some silkies, barred rocks, or orpingtons. I have never had chickens but it would be awesome to hatch some out!!
-Gerrit H.

Wendy May 7th, 2012

We are incubating Ameracauna mix chicks now. I have been very disappointed with what I see when candling at day 7. I hope that some of them hatch. The wait is grueling!

joshua potter May 7th, 2012

i look forward to winning, about the only way i can get some black copper marans in eastern idaho is to hatch them, they are far and inbetween here unless you want to add a ton of chickens to a shipping order, even then it is hard to find a website that has even a limited supply, you would nearly have to order a year in advance or so, with that being said i would hatch my marans, so if someone else wins i wouldnt say no to your donataion of a brand new incubator for my cause…lol

anke May 8th, 2012

Candling has become a “hobby” for me, but have not hatched any baby chicks in 2 years. But when I did, I started candling on day 7, again on day 10 and 12. Candling is addicting: best results – in my dark closet……

Brenda May 8th, 2012

I would love to be able to hatch my ownown babies. I can not even begin to express my feelings in being able to watch the changes in my babies as they grow. I would love to be able to watch them grow inside of their eggs as well. I would love to be picked to receive the incubator and hatching eggs. I would love to be surprised with some new birds that other wise I might not have picked for myself.*PLEASE! Please! please! CONSIDER ME! * would love to say I have one some thing in my life. this would just as great as the lotto.

Dorinda May 8th, 2012

I am LOVING “My PET CHICKEN”!!!! You have some much great information everyday. I have an old styrofoam still air incubator that we have used for incubating our little babies. I love incubating and candling, but am very sad at how few we seem to get each time. It is very hard to keep the “conditions” just right in this old one and I would be THRILLED if we could WIN a new AWESOME incubator to have a better chance at raising more babies. I wish we could afford to BUY a new incubator, but there is no way I see that in our near future. We will continue to look forward to the ones we do get hatched and enjoy being there “MOMMY” until the grow up and we become great friends!!! Then start all over again. I am only getting 10 to 18 hatched out of the 41 I set. I hope to get an AIR circulator at some point maybe that will help us hatch more babies. I would LOVE to WIN your wonderful offer on the awesome Mini Advanced Incubator, and the thought of being able to hatch some of MY PET CHICKEN eggs is such a THRILL!!!! I am expecting an order of your day old “Easter Eggers” coming in July! I am so excited about getting them I can hardly wait( but I have NO choice) Thank you MY PET CHICKEN for everything you do to help us learn more, and enjoy raising chickens through your advice and knowledge. You put out a GREAT deal of wonderful information, I always look forward to reading MY PET CHICKEN!!!! I would very much ENJOY being lucky enough to win some of your “Hatching eggs”!!!!! Wish I had an incubator that I felt was “good enough” to try and purchase some and hatch myself right now!!! If I DO happen to be so very blessed with winning, I will be doing JUST THAT!!! Looking forwad to recieving my little babies!!! I hope we win the incubator & eggs too! Thanks a million!!!!! Dorinda

Kristen May 8th, 2012

Well, I haven’t hatched my own yet so I haven’t been able to candle eggs. Knowing me I will probably research it and follow all the ‘instructions” on when to do it.

Patti Smith May 8th, 2012

I start candling around 5 days and then a few more times, never a set date really. And I am a cheater during lockdown time(actually the 1st time I’ve heard about it) I have been lucky though and have always had good hatches.

Chris May 8th, 2012

We start candling our eggs on Day 7. Sometimes I’ll let the kids do it on Day 5 if they are overly anxious to see if somethings growing inside =)

Katie May 8th, 2012

I’ve never candled, since I’ve never hatched out eggs, but I think it’s so cool that you can do an “egg ultrasound”! The ultrasounds were always the best part of my prenatle appointments so I can just imagine how exciting the would be with eggs!

Delilah May 8th, 2012

A little dinosaur.. I LOVE that! I often think of my girls as our little pack of dinosaurs. 🙂
And I doooo neeed to eventually hatch some eggs for “educational purposes” since the kiddies are home schooled this can be my first graders very first science experiment!

Paula Langhorst May 8th, 2012

I have never candled eggs, but I sure would love to!!

Jenner Dunn May 8th, 2012

I want this incubator soooooooooooooooooooooooo bad it is a good incubator. I hope I win!

Gerrit Husar May 8th, 2012

I have never had chickens or hatched them out so I have never candled eggs before. But I love Katie’s comparison to an “Egg Ultrasound!” So cute! I would love to have the opportunity to hatch some eggs, then I could try candling for myself! Thanks for giving us all such a great contest! Awesome blog!
-Gerrit H.

Elizabeth May 9th, 2012

Hi, I’ve never candled an egg but would love to try! Thank you.

Dawn Sotir May 9th, 2012

I mhere at day 21 and am heartbroken after one failed attempt. I work part time in a Nature Center and am not there all the time so my other staff members did not put water in the resevoirs and cooked my eggs! Even after being asked numerous times! You just made me laugh because I thouht there could be no one more paranoid about here chicks than me. I too have had sleepness nights worrying about these babies! I have been a basket case all day because I have had no chicks today, no pipping, I have nothing, I even started crying!
So thank you for letting me know I may still have hope tomorrow to hatch some chicks. If not I try again till I get it right! Thank You! Dawn

Sherry Bowen May 10th, 2012

I have never hatched my own eggs but would love to do so as I really want to raise some Black Cooper Marans and a few other awesome breeds. I would love nurturing those little eggs along until they hatch. I think it would be the most awesome experience. I also love having Easter eggs daily, our eggs are so beautiful and taste wonderful and fresh…So much better than store bought…

Steve May 10th, 2012


Karen May 10th, 2012

I candle my eggs day 7 and 14 , ok ok, sometimes I cheat and candle without taking them from the bator on day 5 and maybe 10 cause I need to make sure they are ok. I love to see them wiggle around, it like they are saying Hi Mommy, but in reality they are probably thinking turn off that light !

Courtney May 10th, 2012

I have never candles eggs but it looks cool. We want to learn!!

Alissa D. May 10th, 2012

Ive never hatched my own but I would love too! Is it really necessary to candle or can you leave it like a surprise till the end? I started with 2 blue Ameraucana’s at a day old they we’re the cutest little fluff balls ever! Then a week later I add 2 blue laced red Wyandottes (a week old) I just loved these lil guys. At 4 weeks old I just couldn’t resist I got 2 more chicks (cuckoo marans) the lady said they were 2-3 weeks old but they were so tiny I think they were only 1/2-1 week if that. I guess you can say I’m addicted lol I can’t wait to get more 🙂

Charlotte May 10th, 2012

Have never got to candle before. Cant wait for the opportunity! Keeping fingers crossed 🙂

Marilyn H. May 10th, 2012

Candle the 5, 12, and 18th day.

Deleith Campos May 10th, 2012

I have not had much luck with candeling the DARK eggs ..I do the same as most and HOPE there is something in them. One day maybe we will have a nice incubator to put more in at one time to have better odds. Been having a hard time with the ladies hatching them out. Thinking its because they are new to sitting and hatching?

Lanna Jones May 10th, 2012

Between day 5 and 7, and again of the 14th day. Just to make sure everything is going smoothly 🙂

Deleith Campos May 10th, 2012

I try and candle 3-4 times before pip date. This is our 2nd try and having the ladies sit on the eggs. I hope the odds are better this time..So far looks like we have a few with something going ..hoping for half at least out of 12 eggs

Kate May 10th, 2012

I have never hatched eggs. So using the candle would be so very neat. I would want to look every day
Thanks for the contest!!!

Mary Belcher May 10th, 2012

Just récently hatcheð my 1st batch of brahma chicks. I was so excited to be setting my 20 silver laced and buff brahma eggs. I did check them with an LED flashlight the day I set the eggs. They were all clear. It was hard to wait 7 days totht candle them again to see if I could identify the development that I had studied picture after picture hoping in the dark I would know what I was seeing. At 7 days it was a long wait until it was dark enough to begin. I set up my flashlight and set down to check all my eggs. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd through 20 eggs. I love candling, its so awesome to see those little babies growing inside this tiny space. I had 19 of 20 developing even in light of my wacky bater’s temperature variations. I candled again at day 14 and still had 19 viable embryos and I could see feet, feathers and beaks! I’m hooked on hatching and can’t wait to get my new Brinsea bater, ha!

Deborah May 10th, 2012

I try to candle a few times before hatch day to take out any bad eggs, get better hatch rates that way.. I need a better candler though a flashlight is hard to use.

Paula Crochere May 10th, 2012

On April 20 th 2012 I put 22 silkie eggs in the incubator, this is my first time doing my own eggs and trying to hatch eggs, Oh my what a time I have had. well today is hatching day and nothing yet, absolutely nothing, so I,m thinking what have I done wrong.
After setting the eggs in the incubator thinking the humidity was correct, I just couldn’t wait to candle my eggs using a tiny bright flashlight. I carefully took 22 eggs into a dark room the 4th day, so exciting, the eggs were light in color from my silkie hens.
On some of the eggs I could see what I thought was something forming hmmm but still not sure so I waited. on the 7th day I candled them again11 of my eggs I could see some slight veins or what I thought was that ,so excited, 11 eggs were totally clear so I did away with them, of the 11 good ones there was one that was guestionable hmmm. well back on the internet to look everything up , so ok the one egg guestionable doesn’t look good has a dark spot and a dark line, not sure what to do, decided to keep it for while longer back in the incubator. candled on day 14 what a surprise I could see slight movement, in 10 eggs more veins, the one guestionable egg was worse really red dark line and not seeing much of anything, back to the internet to look this up hmm looks like a quitter so got rid of that one. 10 eggs left in bator telling myself to not open the incubator again till time to move them. ok have to keep up with the water, humidity guage I have seem to have quit, I’m thinking at this time I have probally killed them all, ok so I tell myself don’t panic well its day 18 I have totally messed this up,humidy is way off , I run to the closet cigar store to get a humidity gauge, I,m thinking and praying for my little chicks to make it at this time, ok got the humidity back up whew, candled them so excited they are still alive can see movement, air sack looks good like on the internet. well it will be what it will be, still waiting to see if any hatch it has been a long day, still nothing maybe they are just a day late, still hoping and waiting .

Lori S May 11th, 2012

I have a led flashlight that I candled my eggs with,,It’s not the prime way of doing it and it does work, most of the time….I had my grandchildren come over at day 8 and again on day 14, so they could see the changes that were happening inside.. The looks on thier faces and the comments were priceless. They helped roll the egglings and talked to them,,,,,wish I had a video cam,,The kids came back on hatching day and watched their little egglings break into the new world.From speeck to veins and wiggly things, to peepping and fluffy, incredible creatures……I would love to win your contest ,,so I can continue to to show and teach children and for that matter adults,,,the amazing process of life. which never ceases to captivate all who are privelged to be involved in the process….peep, peep ,chirp ,cluck and a cockle- doodle- do, To You!!!

Patrick May 11th, 2012

I candle my eggs after a week in the incubator. Then once or twice more a week or so later.

Paula Brown May 11th, 2012

I have never candled eggs. But am looking forward to raising some of my own chickens and would love to have the opportunity of trying. Doing alot of reading and learning alot. Thank you for the chance

April Brown May 11th, 2012

My farm would be truely grateful for a chance to be Ms. Hen. Not only would those babies have a great home with so much love and attention from me but also from my boys and the family. We are just a little chicken farm but a chicken farm that comes from the heart and soul. My first born gave me the gift of loving chickens and I am proud of that help us keep our farm growing and the spirit and love alive for all chickens.

Pam May 11th, 2012

I have never hatched but you are making it really tempting! I would just follow your advice on when to candle.

Jenner Dunn May 11th, 2012

I candle my eggs when day 7, 14, and 18 before lock down starts! I hope I win!

Dianna May 11th, 2012

just getting ready to start… remember my Mom years ago candling eggs and it seemed like quite the mystery.

Than Angell May 11th, 2012

I’ve never candled eggs. After reading how others do it, I plan on doing it next time I incubate eggs.

Kelley Thies May 12th, 2012

I would love to win a Brinsea incubator, I have wanted 1 for yrs but being on disability I can’t afford it, been stuck with an old worn out, careful not to pump it or the temp changes incubator, lost a great many eggs to that. But now I have hope in a wonderful dream of winning a Brinsea.

Thanks for the Dream

Will H. May 12th, 2012

We love our chickens!

Aurelia June 19th, 2012

Neat next year I might get some BCM chicken then NO incubator AND no worries but if one of my silkies starts setting Iam getting two blue silkies FROM MPC IN AUgust an also dose any one know how old silkies favoralls or bramas start setting

Aurelia June 19th, 2012

I love Chicckens and am getting my first order by mail right now I have 7 all different breed and yeah

Donna call January 2nd, 2014

I have Isbars and Cream leg bars coming in the mail and they will be my first mail order eggs. We received chicks via the mail last year and had a great time! So this year we decided to try hatching them ourselves, the anticipation is killing me! I’m scared and excited at the same time and I think my parents think I’m the weirdest teenager ever 🙂

sharon adams January 31st, 2015

I have 8 shipped eggs in the cooker now,they are the PHOENIX breed,such sweet little hens,great moms you site…its really hard not to candle too much,love to see them grow..

[…] sort of hard (to hatch them and care for them), but fun. We get a flashlight out every week and we candle them to see if they are growing. It’s really exciting to watch them hatch. You wait a few weeks and then you have a chick and […]

Baily May 23rd, 2017

I cant wait ethier it is taking forever!

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