650% increase in fertility?! May 17, 2012

Amazing Chunky Chicken Caviar at My Pet Chicken

Amazing Chunky Chicken Caviar

Whoa. This is so unreal, I just had to tell you right away. We’ve been testing out Chunky Chicken Caviar as a feed supplement for one of our rare breed flocks that was struggling with poor egg laying and fertility rates. I got the results in today, and I’m absolutely floored: within a month, this flock’s fertility and egg laying rates increased 650% and 518%, respectively.

Is that crazy, or what?

All of us on staff at MPC (we call ourselves “peeps”) who have tried this product can attest to how crazy our personal flocks go for it. Even the skittish birds had no problem coming right up to us after a week of offering it every day. And it sure seemed as though the hens laid better after eating this special treat–but we didn’t want to go crowing about that all over our website without any real data to back it up.

But now we have some data, and we’re crowing. Cock-a-doodle-doooooo!

Chunky Chicken Chickie-Puffs

Chunky Chicken Chickie-Puffs

A couple of weeks ago, we put Chunky Chicken Caviar and all of our other Chunky Chicken brand products on sale for 25% off. We’re not making any money here; we just want you to see how cool these supplements are, with the hope that you like them so much you purchase them again down the road. If you prefer pellets or crumbles, we have those, too, as well as a baby chick supplement we call Chickie-Puffs those babies go absolutely bonkers for. (You can see how bonkers on this video.)

And the awesome thing about all these products is that they’re healthy. Chicken scratch can be so fun to give your flock because of how much they love it, but it’s like ice cream: it can be downright detrimental to their health if you offer too much. All of our Chunky Chicken products are balanced and healthy, made chiefly from Musca Domestica (the common housefly!), with other key ingredients like flax, kelp, spirulina, oyster shell, corn, wheat and alfalfa. (Caviar has the rendered beef kidney suet kicker, which ups the fat content to over 38%, an excellent choice for a stressed-out flock!)

Anyway, just had to share the news with you. Hope you give it a try!

curiositykt May 17th, 2012

What age range do you suggest for the baby vs normal feed?

Joy Fabbri-Coombs May 18th, 2012

The eggs that we were gathering were different sades of brown. Some of the eggs were a medium dark brown. Now we are getting nothing but real light brown eggs. What would be causing this?

[…] The boost is incredible. If you like to hatch your flock’s eggs, you’ll particularly want to try these out. When we offered them to some of our own rare breed flocks that had been struggling, we saw a 650% increase in fertility and 518% increase in laying! Read more details about that in Traci’s blog post. […]

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