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Shannon’s Homemade Monster Tomato Fertilizer Recipe May 7, 2012 83 Comments

My chickens are gifts that keep on giving. Nothing they create goes to waste. In my previous article about composting chicken poo, I mentioned how even chicken waste isn’t wasted, but put to use in my garden. Egg shells can go into the compost pile, too, and they make an excellent, enriching addition–mine sometimes do–but […]

How to Become Mr. or Ms. Mother Hen – Day 14 May 4, 2012 182 Comments

You know, when I incubated in a styrofoam incubator, there was always a lot to talk about. I was always fussing like a silkie mom, though. Actually, I’m sure my family got silly-tired of hearing me talk about it. My husband, bless him for his patience, would ask me several times a day how the incubation […]