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The 6 Important Habits of Successful Small Flock Owners August 31, 2012 6 Comments

Successful small flock owners may have vastly different management styles. Some may hatch their own birds, while others may order from a hatchery or buy from a breeder. Some small flock owners will free range their birds, while others–just as successful–may provide confined range. Some add supplemental light in the winter, while others let their birds experience […]

Favaucanas – Great news! August 24, 2012 431 Comments

Last week I told you about my Favaucanas. Favaucanas are half Salmon Faverolles and half Wheaten Ameraucana. We were a little surprised, to say the least, by the overwhelming positive reaction. There were lots of comments on that blog post and on Facebook requesting Favaucana eggs to hatch… and many emails requesting them, as well. […]

Three egg-cellent tricks for a productive flock August 23, 2012 19 Comments

Everyone hopes for a productive flock, even if “high production” wasn’t near the top of your list of reasons for getting pet chickens in the first place. I hear a lot of advice about how to get your chickens to lay early, lay more, or lay their bountiful gifts where and when you want them […]

Favaucanas: what your flock may be missing August 17, 2012 127 Comments

Favaucanas. Boy, do I love them! … what, you’ve never heard of Favaucana chickens?!! I can’t believe it! Just kidding. I’m not really surprised–naturally, you wouldn’t have heard of Favaucanas. There is no such thing as a Favauacana, not really… at least, not officially. They exist only in my flock, and probably a few other LUCKY […]

Bug eating chickens: My secret weapon August 11, 2012 37 Comments

I hate to admit it, but I am terrified of large, ugly insects.   I love furry and feathered animals;  I can handle pet mice, pet rats, reptiles, and even slimy amphibians… but most critters with more than four legs are extremely creepy to me.  Thanks to lizards, geckos, toads—and of course our wonderful bug […]

Keeping video game chickens August 10, 2012 8 Comments

Video game chickens are rather maligned creatures. Have you ever stopped to think how many video game chickens there are? I believe it probably started with Zelda. Remember that game? The chickens in Zelda were called cuccos, and Link could grab their legs to have them fly him around in a limited way… or he […]

How to eat eggs, according to grandma August 3, 2012 4 Comments

Eggs with soft yolks, served with toast. This is my favorite way to eat eggs, mostly because of my grandma, I think. Every morning, she had an easy poached egg and toast for breakfast, and I will forever associate eggs and toast with her. Somehow this simple meal is as elegant as she was, at […]