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Four great tips for cooking with backyard eggs September 21, 2012 10 Comments

It’s that time of year—the autumnual equinox is upon us! If you started chicks early this spring, you may just now be seeing your flock’s first backyard eggs, since most breeds begin laying when hens reach around 6 months old.  We celebrate this time of year at our house in a variety of ways, but […]

Hatching Eggs: How I saved one “Lucky” chick September 18, 2012 26 Comments

My first attempt at hatching eggs did not go so well, but I had quite a surprising experience on day 21!  This unique experience made up for all the sadness and worry I had been going through with this batch of fertile hatching eggs. Three and a half years ago, when I was still fairly new to chicken raising, I did not own an incubator, […]

We’ve got the blues! September 17, 2012 9 Comments

In May, I posted a teaser about some new breeds we were starting, and asked you all which breeds YOU wanted most to see us carry. I’m so happy to announce that some of those breeds are now available! As hatching eggs, we have Cream Legbars, and as baby chicks we now offer Blue Ameraucanas […]

Black Copper Marans: I admit it, I was WRONG. September 14, 2012 26 Comments

If you keep a flock of pet chickens, you probably already know that Black Copper Marans are one of THE trendiest breeds right now. Everyone seems to want them. Aside from Penedesencas (which can be too flighty and nervous for the home flock), they lay among the darkest brown eggs out there. The eggs are […]

Egg color: Do your eggs have the blues? September 7, 2012 14 Comments

Egg color: Traci posted about the “secret danger” of obsessing over egg color earlier this year. She worries over which eggs to cook with, and which eggs to keep in her egg basket. I agree; I feel as if some eggs are real works of art, and it feels like a crime to crack them! […]