Egg color: Do your eggs have the blues? September 7, 2012

Egg color: Traci posted about the “secret danger” of obsessing over egg color earlier this year. She worries over which eggs to cook with, and which eggs to keep in her egg basket. I agree; I feel as if some eggs are real works of art, and it feels like a crime to crack them!  As Traci explained it, “What if someone unexpected drops by? I want the most spectacular-looking egg basket with which to wow them.”

Beautiful egg color

Natural egg color sure can WOW!

Many of you agreed with Traci, too, judging by the comments on her post! Me, too: I am obsessed with egg color. I don’t keep a daily egg basket on my counter like Traci does, but I do arrange our eggs in specific patterns in their cartons, so as to show off the color variations to most effect. I am careful to get the undyed cartons, too, because I’ve determined that the neutral color is the best way to set off all the different egg colors we get.

Even my husband has picked up on my egg-arranging weirdness. When he gathers eggs, he knows I don’t want all the eggs of one color clustered together. I want the colors scattered out, alternating. Sweet of him to notice and pick up on that on his own. It’s nothing I had to tell  him (although he may have gottent he message early on if he caught me rearranging the eggs he just gathered, hahaha!) And THEN, once the eggs are all arranged and clean in their cartons, when it comes time to share eggs… I admit I even I obsess about which carton to give to whom.

This past weekend, for instance, I had gathered eggs to share. Since we had so many blues and greens that day–some of my brown and chocolate egg layers are molting–I had a whole carton of blue and green eggs, and I designated that carton to share with some friends of ours who have two young daughters that love the blue and green eggs. Even though our brown eggs are just as delicious, they told me once that their girls loved the “colored” eggs the best. Perfect! I knew just what eggs to give them. 🙂

(My daughter was the same way at that age–in fact she once forbad me from gathering blue or green eggs. “Those are mine,” she informed me with great solemnity. “I’ll get THOSE kind.”)

So, I prepared a full carton of blues and greens for them… and promptly forgot to give it to them before they left. It was a minor tragedy, and I kicked myself about it for three days.

I had the blues, and so did my eggs.

Sad egg is sad

Sad egg is sad.

So, please tell me what YOU do. When you share eggs, do you arrange the colors and carefully pay attention to what egg goes where in the carton? Do you save specific eggs for specific friends, or do all the green eggs go to your grand kids? What color egg cartons do you prefer? Or maybe you just think I’m strange. If so, don’t worry. Believe me, I’ve been told that before!


Darlene September 7th, 2012

I would arrange eggs colors carefully! Would love to have multiple colors of eggs, but spouse insists if they do not taste different (due to change in egg color), we do not need blue, green, gray, lovely speckled brown from Marans, eggs. He’s missing the point entirely! Pretty eggs!

Potter Dee September 7th, 2012

I love putting faces and word balloons on other people’s eggs. I sneak into their cartons at parties and make them look very upset and begging not to be cracked/eaten. Makes for a good story the next day.

Michelle September 7th, 2012

I love the idea of putting faces and word balloons on the eggs! What a funny treat.

I arrange our to look pretty in the carton. And each egg is dated so that people know which to use first since we don’t always get a full dozen in a day.

George Castonguay September 7th, 2012

I’ve just had my ladies start to produce eggs and one of them is an Easter Egger and I am getting some lovely blue/green eggs. I can’t wait to share them with my firends!

Carol S September 7th, 2012

I only have brown eggs in 3 lovely shades. While I do long for a colorful egg basket having only 3 hens right now I am obsessed with keeping their eggs separate. When I give eggs I give “LuLu” eggs, either all from one hen or a mix of all 3.

Connie Roche September 7th, 2012

I have friends that only want BROWN eggs– so they get those– but I try to give a good mixture of colors,– brown in several shades, white, blue and green eggs and some lit pink– in all other cartons-plus a guinea and or a duck egg- but I am obsessed with getting the olive egger eggs and the marans– and working on getting an incubator and fertile eggs — my brooders killed my eggs– hens fighting over nests- I was very upset and I felt like it was my biddies that died–I love my chickens, guineas and my beautiful ducks–

Beth K September 10th, 2012

This is my 1st time making a comment. My 5 hens are 5 months and have been layin. About a month. I am.wondering if you get any especially soiled eggs and if you ever have to clean one and how you would do that ?

Lissa September 11th, 2012

If your run is grassy rather than bare and you keep your nest boxes clean, you’re pretty unlikely to get any badly soiled eggs. I have a lot of feather-legged breeds, though, and I’ve noticed that when it rains, even though they have acres of grass, sometimes the feather leggers can bring in mud on their foot feathers, and that will occasionally get on my eggs. If that should happen to you, we have instructions for washing eggs right here on our website.

Neil September 20th, 2012

Double Laced Barnevelders lay a brilliant warm brown speckled eggs. Candling them is a bit difficult though. you need a very bright lamp. I would like some hens that lay blueish or greenish eggs in the future

Kim March 18th, 2013

Hey, Connie, you have guineas?! I know they’re not really chickens, but they’re the BEST!! And their eggs are so pretty and small!

Kim March 18th, 2013


Piper Brennan July 20th, 2013

Each day I gather eggs of blue (from my true Ameraucanas, and some of my LF and bantam Easter Eggers), green (from most of my LF and bantam Easter Eggers, and my Favaucanas), pink (from my Barnevelder/Easter Egger crosses), blue-green (from some of my Easter Eggers), really dark brown (from my Silver Cuckoo, Blue Copper, Splash Copper, & Black Copper Marans), lovely dark speckled brown eggs (from my Welsummers), white (from my Polish, Silkies, Mottled Anconas & Blue/Splash Andalusians), light brown (from my Buckeyes) and a whole mess of colors from my barnyard mixes!

Peggy Jacobs January 29th, 2018

I have a beautiful white rooster, don’t know the breed, and several different breed hens. RIR’s, Cochine, BC Marans, Ameruacanas, Wyandotts. How does the rooster affect the color of the eggs my hens lay? Is that first generation egg color affected or the the eggs from the resulting hens?

Lissa February 1st, 2018

The rooster only affects the color of eggs of his offspring, because he passes his genes to them. Mating doesn’t affect the color of the eggs. 🙂

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