FUN with bento egg molds! September 28, 2012

How egg-citing: I finally got bento egg molds for my daughter’s bento box.  It’s an easy way to add a cute touch to a bento lunch—and it’s an especially yummy and nutritious way to do it if you have your own backyard eggs.  Check it:

Using a bento egg mold makes for a cute bento box lunch!

You may remember that I shared a cute deviled eggs trick for kids earlier this spring. (If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check the link.)  But now I’d like to share another neat presentation for your kids: bento egg molds.

A bento egg mold is, basically, a shaper for hard boiled eggs.  (For more cuteness, you might get a Harriett egg cooker and have your kids help you cook the eggs!) The bento egg molds are simple to use: you cook your eggs, peel them, and—ideally while they’re still a little warm—press them into the mold. Once they’re securely in the mold, either refrigerate them or place them in a dish of ice water until completely cool.

When you open the mold later: voila! A cute hard boiled egg, shaped like your mold. My bento egg molds create flower and heart shapes.

Heart and flower bento egg molds

Here are my heart and flower bento egg molds–but there are many different shapes to be had!

There are so many cute bento egg molds, I may have to start a collection. (I really want fish and bunny face bento egg molds…) You don’t have to be a fan of hard boiled eggs to enjoy these, either. You could also decide to devil the shaped eggs, if that’s how you prefer them!

For those of you who have never heard of  bento box lunches before, first crawl out from beneath that rock you’ve been hiding under (hahaha)… then watch this [CHEESY] video for a quick intro to bento box lunches.)

Do you have cute ways to prepare your eggs for your kids? Please share in the comments!

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julie September 28th, 2012

We got my granddaughter(now 5yrs old) started eating hard boiled eggs by making “egg people/aliens/monsters. Just after Easter one year she was bummed about no coloring on the eggs. So we grabbed non-toxic markers and drew on them. Then she asked for a face and the tradition began. Aurcana eggs make great alien faces!!! She cracks, peels and eats with glee! And best of all, she opts for no salt!! Occasionally we add a dab of ketchup to the edge of the plate for effect. Yeah, its probably morbid, but its all play… she is also involved in every aspect of our chicken care from hatching to feeding to processing a few for the freezer…. she is being raised to understand and give honor to her food source.

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