The Chicken To-Do List October 19, 2012

Most of us probably have to-do lists, and I’m no exception. I wish I was, though. Sometimes I dream of having a Chicken To-Do list. No, I don’t mean a list of things I need to get done for or relating to my chickens. I mean the type of simple, straightforward to-do list my chickens seem to have.

Chicken To-Do List leaves time for fall foliage appreciation

A Chicken To-Do List leaves time for fall foliage appreciation. 🙂

A Chicken To-Do List consists mostly of looking for things to eat (bugs, berries, grass seeds, etc.), and then eating them. It’s true. I mean, there also may be the occasional dust bath or sun bath, and maybe a plan to finagle a good spot at the feeder, waterer, or roost–or to land the prime nest.  But for the most part, when your chickens are well cared for, the Chicken To-Do List consists of seeking out and scratching up tasty treats to eat.

My To-Do List consists of lots of things: lawn mowing, beer brewing, blog writing, egg gathering, vacuum cleaning and so on. It’s not that I don’t enjoy those activities–I do! It’s just that there are so many of them. And then there are the things I enjoy less well, like dish-doing, toilet scrubbing, laundry folding. And there are also the things that take money, like grocery shopping, car repairing, doctor going, tile laying, porch fixing.  It hardly leaves time for friend calling, family visiting, trail walking and chicken enjoying.

Meanwhile, the chickens have all this hard work ahead of them:

Black Copper Marans in autumn

Our Black Copper Marans rooster Gerard sort of matches the sugar maple in the background.

I’m over simplifying, of course. The chickens doubtless have their own schemes and worries.

Still. I have to admit I’d love to trade my To-Do List for a Chicken To-Do list every once in a while, wouldn’t you?


Suzi October 24th, 2012

Love your website. We recently got chickens! They are such a joy!
Here is a post on building our coop. I think you will appreciate it.

Maery Rose October 27th, 2012

Definitely! Now I need to go get started on my weekend To Do’s!

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