Chicken ornaments: decorating for the holidays November 23, 2012

Chicken ornaments. It’s time to get mine out. And yes, I decorate with chickens for the holidays… at least partly. (Then again, everything in my life is at least partly chicken!)

I always thought that if I got ambitious enough, I might get a photo of my family with three French Hens in front of my tree, and that I could use it as the cover of a holiday card. So far, though, no good. A nice “Three French Hens” photo has eluded me. But three French hens? I’ve got them. For reals.  Probably a lot of you all do, too. I have  both Faverolles and Marans, and those are both French breeds.

Other French breeds (that I don’t have) include the Crèvecœur, the La Flèche, the Houdan and the Bresse.

Even though I haven’t gotten the Three French Hens photo, nonetheless, my tree seems to get more and more chicken-y as time goes on. It seems as if I get a new chicken ornament for my tree nearly every year.  This is one of my favorites, my glass rooster:

Chicken ornaments - glass rooster

… although I have to admit that I like this glass rooster almost as much. I have a blue tree and it would be stunning with my other ornaments!

There are actually quite a few rooster ornaments available, if you look. Perhaps this is because in some Spanish speaking countries, Catholics celebrate the Misa del Gallo, or the “Rooster’s Mass” at midnight. They believe that the cock crowed at midnight on the day that Jesus was born, announcing the arrival of the “Light of the World” in the same way it was accustomed to announce the arrival of the sun at dawn every day. My glass rooster chicken ornament doesn’t hold that meaning for me, but nonetheless I enjoy the symbolism–and I love that there are so many different glass rooster chicken ornaments out there.

Another favorite of mine is this fairy hugging a hen:

Chicken ornaments - fairy hugging a hen

Isn’t she adorable? I love the look on the hen’s face, too!

But there are always all sorts of ornaments I’m still wanting. For instance, check out this cool 3 French Hens chicken ornament,  or this French hen chicken ornament. Google is awesome for finding new chicken ornaments. If you can’t find what you’re looking for by searching for “chicken ornaments,” remember to try “rooster ornaments” and “hen ornaments”–and even “French hen ornaments” as well.

Looking for a holiday gift for the chicken lover in your life? A chicken ornament might be just the thing. If you want something easier to mail–and something that can be enjoyed year-round–also consider our cool chicken bumper magnets; they make great stocking stuffers!  (Plus, they’re half off today through Sunday only!)


Do you have any favorite holiday chicken ornaments or gifts? Do you give gifts to your chickens for the holidays? Please tell us about it in the comments!



LindaG November 23rd, 2012

Wow, I can see why you are waiting for some of those ornaments. Nice, but expensive.
I do love your ornaments. :o)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Aurelia December 25th, 2012

I love your ornaments today I did gift my chickens with some extra meal worms

Lori November 9th, 2014

Love it! I have a ‘chicken Christmas tree’ too! I put it up in my kitchen every year and seem to add a new ornament every year!

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