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Winter layers and Cold hardiness – NOT the same thing! December 28, 2012 48 Comments

One of the mistakes I initially made years ago when choosing my chicken breeds was that I didn’t understand that there was a difference between cold hardy breeds and winter layers. To me, a breed that was described as cold hardy was bound to be a winter layer, too. But that’s not true. It’s just not the […]

Pumpkins for chickens – Pumpkins everywhere! December 11, 2012 7 Comments

Now is the time to get pumpkins for chickens. Scoop up all the left over, cheap pumpkins you can find from the grocery stores and farmers markets. They should be cheap now, or perhaps even free! Chickens just love them and they are a nutritional powerhouse for our fine feathered flockers. Pumpkins are loaded with […]

Top 50 reasons you might be addicted to chickens December 7, 2012 32 Comments

We all had fun reading all the responses to the You Might Be Addicted To Chickens game we posted on Facebook! I collected  some of our favorites and came up with a great list: Top 50 reasons you might be addicted to chickens You might be addicted to chickens if…   you plan your dinner menus […]

Every Day an Easter Egg Hunt December 3, 2012 6 Comments

Daily Egg Hunt Recently I went out to pick the last of my string beans. There is nothing that beats the taste of fresh beans right off the vines. As I picked I noticed something under the plants that didn’t seem to be the color one would expect to see in the midst of a […]