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Chicken coop gumption January 25, 2013 12 Comments

I need more gumption, chicken coop gumption. I don’t want any more frozen eggs. Yesterday there were four frozen–four! The fact is, I sometimes don’t get out to the coop enough, especially in winter. When it’s icy and cold, I need to go out more often to gather eggs, or they might freeze. I know […]

One of the best things about backyard chickens January 18, 2013 6 Comments

If you like backyard chickens, you can probably, without even having to think, count off many of the benefits of keeping hens: they produce eggs, they’re compost machines, they’re easy to care for, they eat bugs, etc. etc. And you’ll know, too, about the more subjective benefits. They’re funny; they’re pretty. They can make you […]

Chicken breed identification: It’s all in the details January 11, 2013 79 Comments

At My Pet Chicken, we get lots of questions from folks who would like assistance with chicken breed identification. We can often help… but sometimes we just aren’t given enough information to provide an educated guess! So, be sure to provide details. A picture is always helpful, but keep in mind that it will have […]

Why I don’t add light to the coop January 4, 2013 56 Comments

Last week I wrote about the fact that cold hardiness and winter laying aren’t the same thing, and there were some suggestions to add light to the coop to increase winter laying. It’s true that winter production increases if you add light to the coop (although good winter laying is still breed related)… but adding light something […]