Chicken coop gumption January 25, 2013

I need more gumption, chicken coop gumption. I don’t want any more frozen eggs. Yesterday there were four frozen–four!

lack of chicken coop gumption

I waited way to long to gather these up! The lack of chicken coop gumption can lead directly to frozen eggs.

The fact is, I sometimes don’t get out to the coop enough, especially in winter. When it’s icy and cold, I need to go out more often to gather eggs, or they might freeze. I know this. But still, more often than not, I find myself inside by the fire, with a purring cat on my lap and a quilt on my feet … or, alternately, inside by the fire with a dulcimer on my lap and a purring cat on my feet.

It’s never as bad as all that when I do make myself go to the coop, even when it’s really bitter outside. For instance, wind chill put the temperatures at negative 10 degrees a few days ago here in West Virginia. (Durn, that’s cold!) But once I’m inside the coop, it’s fairly comfortable. We don’t make the mistake of heating the coop, but it’s obviously sheltered from the wind… and all those chicken bodies inside do a good job of making it tolerable.

So why don’t I have chicken coop gumption? Why do I let my eggs freeze, especially when we get fewer, anyway with the short days?

I wish I knew.


Goodness knows, the chickens have gumption enough. Why don’t I have chicken coop gumption? This is photo from a few days ago: the sun wasn’t up, and it was single digits… but my flock was as busy as usual.

Actually, there’s nothing wrong with frozen eggs per se. They may not be good for hatching, of course, but for eating, it doesn’t hurt them to have been frozen. The problem is that when they freeze hard in their shells—as they may in this bitter weather—the shells may crack because the contents expand. But a crack in the shell can let in bacteria: not good! And sometimes the crack is so fine, you may not notice it, which can mean you’re risking eating contaminated eggs if you let them freeze. Not to mention, sometimes those hairline cracks can cause a leaky mess in the refrigerator as the eggs thaw.

So, when I put off gathering eggs, it only creates more work for me when I finally do go out, because then I have to candle the eggs to check for hairline cracks, before determining whether to keep them or not.

Maybe this is like dieting: you know it would be good for you, but you Just. Don’t. Do it.

What are your suggestions for getting the gumption up?


Cheryl January 25th, 2013

Now this bring up some points we did not think about what we have been doing is a quick wash of the frozen egg shell and remove the shell then putting the frozen eggs in a freezer container and into our freezer to be used later for quiche or scrambbled eggs. we don’t even give the eggs time to thaw.

Kristi @Let This Mind Be in You January 25th, 2013

Hi Lissa! Yep—I lack chicken coop gumption (and other gumption, for that matter) sometimes and it doesn’t even snow here! I’m a sissy! My suggestion is to attach it to something else that you like, or that MUST be done, that way you program your mind do get it all done in one routine. Is there anything else besides collecting eggs that absolutely needs to get done, and that you won’t likely forget to do each day? If not, then make a plan to reward yourself with a lovely cup of coffee or hot cocoa after each collection. 🙂

I’d love for you to come share this and two more posts at Farm Girl Blog Fest #17. I think my readers would like to read what you have to say, as well as perhaps share what they do when they lack gumption. 🙂 Past posts are fine, as long as they fit into the criteria!

Hope to see you there!
Kristi@Let This Mind Be in You

Meg Levinson January 25th, 2013

You need more coffee!

Debbie January 25th, 2013

I’m like you, but I do usually make it out every day, with an exception once in a while. This winter have 3 Dairy goats too, so that helps me get out more often. Momma is going to kid in spring so she has to be fed. The chickens & goats are right beside each other. Sometimes I feed the cracked eggs to the cats scrambled with their food. They don’t complain. We are in Pa, a mile over the WV line near Blacksville.

Tami January 25th, 2013

I only have the gumption b/c I feel so guilty! lol I also only have 3 girls and they lay all before 9:30 am. So I go out in the morning and grab them. The only other thing that keeps me motivated is those little grateful faces when I do. We don’t heat our coop either & trucking out there several times a day to change out water and give them a few treats is the least I can do. The ladies also only have a small coop but they will not come out with snow on the ground!

Sharon January 25th, 2013

I have two little dogs that must go out every 2-3 hrs. that is when I check for eggs and check and make sure the girls are ok.

Teresa January 25th, 2013

Set your chickens free and put a nest box on your house next to a door or window?

Michael January 25th, 2013

I too end up with frozen eggs, living in Michigan. What i do is thaw them and cook them and feed them back to the girls.

Jamie Lynch January 25th, 2013

This is a very timely post. I was just wondering about if frozen eggs would be ok to eat or what. Thank you for answering my question before I had to reall think about how to ask it. 🙂

william January 26th, 2013

seems like you need a kid…this is looking awful lot like a chore…:)

Carol January 26th, 2013

Thanks for the tips on frozen eggs. I don’t lack gumption. I check my coop 2x a day- before I go to work and when I come home. I work 2:30 to 10:00 pm as a lift operator at a ski resort in Pa!

Kim March 5th, 2013

What I do is as soon as I get outta bed I go right out!

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