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5 Reasons to Reduce Your Egg Candling March 31, 2013 326 Comments

Egg candling can be a most addictive experience.  Years ago, when I first started home incubation, egg candling would begin on the third day, and then happened again nearly every day thereafter until lockdown. I couldn’t get enough. Secluded in a dark room with a very strong flashlight, I would imagine my pile of eggs […]

5 ways to save money on chickens March 22, 2013 19 Comments

Can you save money on chickens? You bet! Keeping chickens is inexpensive and rewarding… and everyone seems to want to keep chickens these days. After all, chicken feed is synonymous with cheap, and you also get the benefit of beautiful, healthy eggs and fun pets. There is an upfront cost to get started, though, and that […]

My blind hen Hildy – Learning to find food March 15, 2013 20 Comments

How can you teach a blind hen to forage if she can’t see what’s on the ground? That was the problem that presented itself to us when Hildy learned to go outside. When our blind hen learned to use the coop door to come outside, we were thrilled—but also frightened and worried for her.

My Blind Hen Hildy – Going home to roost March 8, 2013 16 Comments

One of our biggest worries relating to Hildy our blind hen was that, while she had learned to leave the coop, she hadn’t learned how to go back in. This made a certain amount of sense, given her disability. After all, when leaving the coop in the morning, she was going toward a bright patch […]

Backyard Chicken Class 101 March 7, 2013 16 Comments

I recently taught my first backyard chicken class–what a blast! Over the years, I’ve answered a lot of chicken-related questions, but I find that hands-on demonstrations really help with in-depth understanding. This was the first official chicken class I’ve taught… but honestly I’ve taught “unofficially” for years. For instance, we’ve had guests and friends to […]

My Blind Hen Hildy – Free Ranging March 1, 2013 11 Comments

For the first few years, our blind hen Hildy didn’t ever leave the coop on her own. This was something of a relief. After she recovered from her injury and learned to find the feeder on her own, it gave her unmolested time to eat and drink from the feeders and waterers, since the rest […]