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Gardening For Your Chickens April 30, 2013 7 Comments

As a gardener I want my entire family to benefit from what we grow. That includes the chickens and ducks. Fresh foods are important to the health of our chickens; healthier chickens means healthier eggs. When choosing our seeds to plant for the year, we keep the chickens and their needs in mind. You may […]

Vintage Trailer Coop April 26, 2013 3 Comments

Glamping: have you heard of it? It’s “glamorous camping.” Glamping in Vintage Trailers is now A Thing. In fact, not too long ago, I got  an old vintage Shasta that I plan to restore. West Virginia is a fabulous place for camping, and a vintage trailer to glamp with is just what I needed!  I […]

Grocery store egg labels: what they REALLY mean April 25, 2013 7 Comments

Here’s an article I recently wrote about grocery store egg labels for dLife, a wonderful online resource for folks with diabetes. Many chicken-keepers are already aware of the difference “cage-free” and conventional eggs—and that’s part of the motivation for keeping chickens. For you who aren’t aware, this one’s for you. Checking out the egg case […]

The Hot Tomato vs. the Aggressive Rooster April 19, 2013 8 Comments

My friend Jesse, owner/instructor at the Hot Tomato Pinup Academy,  recently shared a story with me about a battle she once had with an aggressive rooster belonging to her family. This is one reason I love my job so much: I get to hear the best, most entertaining stories about chickens, not to mention that […]

DIY roll-away nest box April 16, 2013 13 Comments

We have had mixed success with our egg-eating hen Isa that I talked about in this blog post. I appreciated all the feedback and suggestions you offered on that post—it’s good to know that I’m not the only one dealing with this problem! I tried one of your suggestions, and I also went ahead with […]

Hildy the blind hen learns to forage April 5, 2013 5 Comments

If you haven’t read the previous stories about Hildy, let me introduce her to you. She was our blind hen, and one of our favorites. She lost her sight when she was young, and had only very limited vision throughout the rest of her life. From what we could tell, she seemed to be able to […]

Fresh greens mean healthier eggs April 3, 2013 5 Comments

I love my flock!  Watching their funny antics, getting mobbed when I show up with treats, and being adored by a few lap chickens is rewarding, but being able to supply my family with delicious, healthy eggs from happy hens is one of the main reasons I keep chickens. Hens with access to fresh greens […]