Vintage Trailer Coop April 26, 2013

Glamping: have you heard of it? It’s “glamorous camping.” Glamping in Vintage Trailers is now A Thing. In fact, not too long ago, I got  an old vintage Shasta that I plan to restore. West Virginia is a fabulous place for camping, and a vintage trailer to glamp with is just what I needed!  I might serve up martinis or Tiki beverages with little umbrellas (or our home brewed beer). There will be tablecloths and cute dishes, and I’ll get to sleep on a bed. (I’m getting too old for tent camping!) But what does this have to do with chickens, you might ask? Nothing, really… except that a visionary has somehow combined two of my loves and built this adorable vintage trailer coop.

vintage trailer coop, outside view

He’s named his vintage trailer coop “Ham-N-Eggs,” referring to the “canned ham” shape of the old trailers.


It’s even a Shasta.

The truth is that I hear tales about people converting old (real) trailers into vintage trailer coops, and that’s not usually the best idea. If it’s in such bad condition that you wouldn’t camp in it, it’s probably not the best thing for your chickens, either. And while it’s true that converting an existing structure can be an inexpensive way to get your coop, when it comes to vintage trailers–and vintage trailer coops–you’d be better off selling your trailer for parts and building a new homage, like this one. Did you know that the Shasta wings typically sell for more than this whole coop cost? According to the “Flying Ham,” the builder, who has graciously allowed me to feature his coop here, he has only about $250 in the coop.

I love the design of his coop, too.



Nests, feed door and access door in the front…



… a ventilation door up top in the back…

vintage trailer coop inside photo

… and the “floor” of the coop is wire for additional ventilation. That wouldn’t work in my area–it gets too cold here in WV!–but it’s a great idea for hot weather states. Chickens can have problems if they’re permanently housed on wire floors, but that’s not the case here in this tractor-style coop, where the birds will spend most of the day on the ground foraging grass.

Vintage trailer coop: action shot!

It looks as if the chickens get plenty of time outside the coop, too.

I love seeing neat coop designs–there are just so many out there! My own coop is a big converted building, an old cellar house. It’s way bigger than we’ll ever need… and yet I see something like this and can’t help but want a vintage camper coop (or a gypsy caravan coop, or…)


Be sure to check out the build photos of this coop over on the Vintage Shasta Forum!


Tell me, what’s the coolest home-designed coop you’ve seen recently? Are you like me–do they make you feel like you need another coop even when you don’t really need one?


Elizabeth April 26th, 2013

Wonderful coop!

Denise April 26th, 2013

Classy! Amazing! Love it! Lucky chickens!

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