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DIY Chicken Coop 3.0? July 31, 2013 7 Comments

I am possibly in the process of designing my third DIY chicken coop.  I guess it’s a little odd; after all, I could just buy one of the amazing coops that MPC sells—but that would be too easy for the likes of me! 😉  I’m just a DIY person at heart. It’s not even about […]

Dear Chickens (an open letter to my flock) July 19, 2013 3 Comments

Dear Chickens, We’ve been hanging out a lot lately, but there are a few things I think we need to discuss. Perhaps we can clear up for the youngest chickens with the help of some visual aids. Truthfully, I find the confusion a bit charming, so I won’t name names—after all, you know who you […]

Hide-and-seek eggs July 12, 2013 25 Comments

Mostly, chickens will lay eggs in the nest boxes you provide for them. Instinct usually has them prefer enclosed, shady, out-of-the-way spots for laying, and nest boxes usually provide that. Your nest box can be something built in to your coop… or it can be a modified bucket, an old drawer, a fruit crate and […]

Backyard Pet Chickens: 5 Tips for Beating the Heat July 5, 2013 20 Comments

You can tell your backyard pet chickens are too hot when they hold their wings away from their bodies to help release heat; they may also pant with their beaks open to try to cool themselves off. But what can you do other than choose heat hardy breeds…  or move north? After all, while you may […]