Hen and Chicks in the garden? September 16, 2013

Look at the hen and chicks! (No, not the feathered kind.)

Hen and Chicks giving old work boots a second life.

Hen and Chicks giving old work boots a second life.

They’re something you don’t need a green thumb to grow! They do well in pots, inside and out, rock gardens, sandy gardens and they’re completely drought tolerant. They don’t do well in soggy soil though, so be careful to keep your hen and chicks away from areas that have poor drainage. These hens are constantly having little babies too. So if you start with just one plant, you can fill up your garden in no time. One hen can produce up to 25 chicks per season. By the following season those babies will have babies. It’s definitely the plant version of Chicken Math.

These hen and chicks plants don’t need feeding, either. They aren’t even hurt if you forget to water them. Not to mention your hens and roosters won’t bother them in your garden. They’re simple to grow, and very popular in gardens all over the northern and southern hemispheres. There are numerous types and color combinations for the Hen and Chicks plant, Sempervivum by its scientific name. There are nearly 3000 varieties. You can mix a few types together, and have your own mixed flock of plants in no time. Plus, one big bonus is that these beauties can even grace you with some gorgeous colorful flowers!

Some of our favorites:

  • Bronco (pictured above)
  • Cob-Web Buttons
  • Jade Rose
  • Red Heart
  • Red Rubin
  • Black

Do you have a special place in your garden that you plant these?  I’d love to hear what types you’ve come across.

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