Backyard egg French toast for the kids November 15, 2013

It is one of the sorrows of my life that my husband doesn’t much care for French toast, even though we’re fortunate enough to be able to have backyard egg French toast. I can make French toast from our own homemade bread, with our own backyard eggs, and top it with our own home canned jams.

Backyard egg french toast

French toast made with backyard eggs and topped with homemade mulberry sauce

I’m just not that crazy about syrup, not when there’s homemade jam!  I love it. Specifically, I love it with jam or fruit. That got me to thinking that I might be able to win my husband over of I could find the right toppings.

First of course, I do get not liking French toast, even backyard egg French toast. It’s okay to not like a thing. For instance, don’t hate me, but I just don’t care for chocolate that much… but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy it, occasionally. However, chances are that if I have a choice between a chocolate something and a fruit something, I’ll probably choose the fruit. That’s where my husband is on French toast, a decided “meh!”

That won’t stop me from trying to get him hooked, though! For kids, you can make fun shapes:

Awww! Backyard egg French toast can be cute, right? RIGHT?!!

Awww! Backyard egg French toast can be cute, right? RIGHT?!!

This did not fool my husband. His powers of observation are such that somehow he still figured out it was French toast. Sacrebleu!

The other option is to try various unusual toppings—include the savory, like ham or tomatoes. If you add a little garlic powder (rather than nutmeg and vanilla) to your egg mixture, it’s almost like an open-faced strata. Another idea is to top with crumbled pepperoni, marinara and Parmesan.

I also recommend trying some sweet toppings, if that’s where your preference lies. Use chocolate syrup on your backyard egg French toast for those of you who love chocolate! Or try bananas and chocolate. Or a s’mores version, with chocolate chips, teddy bear grahams and marshmallow cream. You  might also try whipped cream and candied nuts. Grilled fruit like peaches or pineapple works wonderfully, too. Strawberries and ice cream. Lemon curd and blueberries.

The possibilities are endless, but nothing has worked on my husband so far. He likes it, but it’s still just a “meh” dish to him. What else should I try? What’s your favorite French toast topping?


Margaret Osmulski November 22nd, 2013

Have you ever tried eggnog French toast? Especially with home made eggnog made with our own backyard eggs? My personal favorite!

Lissa November 22nd, 2013

That sounds yummy! The eggnog I make is actually quite frothy. You can read the recipe here. However, my regular French toast recipe uses a similar mixture, only I don’t separate and beat the whites, first! 🙂

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