Gingerbread Chicken Coop Contest December 13, 2013

Last year I baked a gingerbread chicken coop. This year I want to see YOUR gingerbread chicken coop.

And I’ll make it interesting for the contestants: the best gingerbread chicken coop will win a signed copy of the My Pet Chicken Handbook (although note the book won’t be released until February, so there will be something of a wait before your prize is ready!). Read on for the particulars of the contest; you don’t have to bake a coop to win a prize.

Gingerbread chicken coop

Here’s the gingerbread chicken coop I baked last year!

To enter the gingerbread chicken coop contest, just send one to three photos of your gingerbread chicken coop to by December 19, 2013. By entering the contest, you agree that we can use your photos in our blog and on Facebook (if you have a blog, we may link to your blog). The subject line of your email entry must read “Gingerbread Chicken Coop Contest.” You can enter multiple times, but each entry must be a different gingerbread coop. Please, only one coop per entry, so if you’ve made five coops, send five emails. (Also, if you’ve made five gingerbread chicken coops in a week, you may want to call the admissions office of a culinary academy. Or maybe a psychiatrist.)

Next Friday (December 20), I’ll share the best entries on the blog, and ask for comments about the contenders. One of the commenters (randomly chosen) will win a magnetic bumper sticker—so do comment. (You can comment more than once and participate in a discussion of the gingerbread chicken coop entries, but you  will only be entered ONCE. And just in case it need be said, any comments insulting the coops or coop-makers will be removed and you will be disqualified. )

gingerbread chicken coop contest: win a bumper magnet

You can win a “Raise Chickens!” bumper magnet by commenting on next week’s blog post, to let us know which entry you like best!

I’ll announce the winners December 27.  By entering, you agree that my decision choosing the winner is binding. Although I’ll choose the winning coop, I can be swayed by the crowd: I’ll take  under advisement any clear favorites in the comments. However, I won’t be bound to the crowd decision, either. I say this just because I don’t want this to be simply a popularity contest, where the person able to mobilize the most votes/comments wins! I’d like “cool gingerbread chicken coop” to win out. The ability to convince people to vote for you and the ability to make an amazing gingerbread chicken coop are two different things, after all (hm, there’s a lesson in there, somewhere).

What will I be considering when making my decision? A few things.

  • The coop should incorporate some gingerbread. Graham crackers and other building materials are fine, but coops that are built from mostly gingerbread will get more consideration.
  • Creativity is more important than the size or complexity of your gingerbread chicken coop design.
  • Good photography will increase your chances of winning. In other words, you may have a great coop, but if the photo/s you submit are bad, readers/commenters and I may not be able to tell just how great!)
  • A sentence or two explaining your thought process or baking/building technique is not required… but can be helpful. Readers may want to know where you got the candies you used to decorate, how you made such cute chickens, how many little hands (or not!) helped you, and so on.
Chickzilla compared to the gingerbread chicken coop

Chickzilla was too big for my tiny gingerbread chicken coop, so I had to improvise, and made gingerbread chickens out of ghost cookie cutters.

One last word: I’ll be contacting the winners by email. If you don’t respond within two weeks, I’ll choose someone else to receive your prize, so be sure to submit an email address that you actually check!

All right: let the games begin!



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Anne Weller November 25th, 2014

Great idea!! I hope to participate

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