Chicken Dream Prize February 7, 2014

If you read the My Pet Chicken blog, you’re doubtless familiar with the My Pet Chicken website. Now there’s a My Pet Chicken Handbook, too–and we’d like to celebrate! Read about what we’re giving away and how to enter below.

Handbook cover

Celebrate with us!

We wrote our book because we realized that the vast majority of the frequently asked questions we hear about backyard chicken keeping were actually coming from people who had already read chicken how-to books–sometimes several books!–but who still found that many of their basic questions had been left unaddressed. Our new book is a complete resource for beginners in the pet chicken world. For those who have some experience or who have done some research, the My Pet Chicken Handbook fills in the gaps left by other how-to books.

Handbook expert plans

Our new book shares not only what to do–but also what NOT to do!

My Pet Chicken Handbook and Chicken Dream Prize Giveaway

In conjunction with the release of our book, we’re offering a giveaway. To enter, you’ll need to comment on this blog post, and tell us, in  350 words or less, three things:

First, let us know why you want our new My Pet Chicken Handbook over other chicken how-to books out there! For instance, are you after the 10 page breed selector chart?

Handbook breed selector

Need a breed that’s both heat and cold hardy, forages well and lays lots of eggs? Our chart will help you pick the best breeds for your needs.

Second, tell us what item/s in our online catalog you’d purchase if you were given $200 to spend at! Would you purchase your first flock? Acquire some chocolate egg layers, or blue or green egg layers? Choose a home incubator? Get a custom portrait of your favorite chicken? Choose some fun chicken-themed items for your kitchen?

Handbook Spread

We love chickens as much as you do!

Last, convince us why you want/need/deserve to win the book and your chosen prize!

Remember, enter with 350 words or less, cover all three things, and enter just once. We’ll choose five commenters who will each win a signed copy of the My Pet Chicken Handbook. One of those winners will also win the dream prize** that s/he chose!

Reward time - what's your chicken dream prize ?

Will you be the winner?

Rules: The contest begins today, and will end February 28 at midnight, EST. Entrants must be US residents, 18 or older. Winners will be selected by the authors and contacted by email… so be sure to submit your comment-entry using email address that you check regularly. If you are chosen as a winner, you must respond to our notification within two weeks of being contacted, or your prize will go to someone else! 

One last thing: keep entries positive and spam-free! Any entries deemed to be spam, personal promotion, or critical of or hostile to other authors/hatcheries/suppliers, etc. will be disqualified. We want to live in a “Be Nice” kind of world, so only “Be Nice” entries qualify!

**Please note that the maximum prize value is $200, so if you choose a prize with a value of more than that (such as a coop), you’ll get a $200 credit on a future purchase.

Bonus Giveaway for Twitter users:

Five Twitter users will be chosen randomly to win a signed book by tweeting about our contest.  To enter this second giveaway, publicly Tweet or ReTweet:

“@mypetchicken: I want to #win my chicken dream prize & an autographed copy of the new #MyPetChickenHandbook!”

Remember, the tweet/retweet must be public (so we can see you’ve entered!). Enter once only. Entrants for the Twitter book giveaway must be US residents 18 or older. Tweets/reTweets posted between  noon today, 2/7/14 and midnight, 2/28/14 will qualify as entries.


Tricia February 7th, 2014

I just moved to my Neck of the Woods (really, there was a sign on the door that said it was!) from the suburbs. I’m probably obsessively excited about being able to raise chickens for the first time. My fiancé is helping me learn and prepare, because he loves me, even if he doesn’t understand this new obsession of mine…also chickens – They. Eat. TICKS! Did I mention our Neck of the woods has ticks? Lots of ticks. I hate ticks. I have read a lot of those other books, but I NEED this book because I still don’t really know if I need REALLY cold hearty chickens for our -50F winters, or if I just need to design my coop with good ventilation. I also want to hatch my chickens, but which breeds, and should a newbie even try it? This book, I bet, has all the information I need to pick help my breeds (really want the book for this), hatch my eggs, and have happy chickens. I’ll also need some supplies for when I get my chickens (AFTER my wedding in April). What I want most is a mini advance automatic incubator and 6 eggs (4 standards and 2 bantams, breeds undetermined). You can bet my chickens are going to be treated well. They’ll get a large, warm, safe home, a great run for when I can’t be in the yard with them, and lots of ‘out’ time when I’m home. We have lots of predators, so they can’t just be out all the time. But I really need this book and these supplies to make that happen. I’ll need the book and the incubator first – because the My Pet Chicken website says I should set up the incubator before getting the eggs. I’m devoting as much time as I can to make sure I know enough to not have terrible heartache, for them or for me, but with wedding planning it’s been hard. This prize would be an AWESOME wedding present, and really get me jump started adding chickens to our Neck of the Woods.

denise macina February 7th, 2014

I would buy some new items for my chickens now. I would get some new fancy feeders and some nice yummy treats for them .Also some new nesting boxes!!! That stuff would make them sooo happy 🙂 Thanks for giving us a chance to get things we might not be able to :)!!! Thank you from my chickens and i

Susan Balcer February 7th, 2014

I have to admit I’m a newbie with no chickens, but I have developed a serious case of “Chicken Fever”. I’m in the research phase and have read 5 books so far, but have learned more on blogs, FaceBook pages and websites, such as yours. The books that have been highly recommended to me seem to be just a generalization for raising chickens. However, I am looking for a detailed book that will be my “go to” for years to come. If given the $200 prize I would purchase as many items as I could for my future flock, such as: 3 Zinc Galvanized Dual Nesting Boxes, EcoGlow brooder, Incubator, 2 Solar Nite Eyes, brooder starter kit, etc. I’m not sure how to convince you that I deserve the prizes, but my hope is to be a future chicken breeder within the next 6 years. Winning this contest would be step in fulfilling my life’s dream.

Rebecca February 7th, 2014

I would love a copy of the My Pet Chicken Handbook. We have a number of chicken related books, but always enjoy a well written book that has factual information that is relevant to backyard chicken keepers. I am excited about the breed selector (we are always considering new types of fun birds to add to our flock) as well as the treat recipes.

If given the $200 prize we would have the opportunity to add some new breeds to our flock. We have always been interested in Silkies (and other bantams), Jersey Giants, Ameraucanas, and Legbars and but the cost has kept us from ordering. It would be a fun chance to just order what we want as opposed to thinking about what our budget can support.

We have had our flock for about 3 and half years and have enjoyed every minute of them. While we aren’t new chicken owners, there still is lots we can learn. We enjoy new information and ideas, as well as thing we can try out with our backyard flock. This book sounds like it could supply us with lots of new information and keep us busy for a while.

Laci Chapman February 7th, 2014

I just started my first little flock last year, and I have since fallen in love! I would love to have a copy of My Pet Chicken Handbook, I find myself searching countless websites researching questions I have. Yet I generally find a ton of different answers so I am never 100% sure what I should do! I think having one resource to follow would be great. Secondly, if I was to be given $200 to spend at it would awesome…I would most certainly add some new babies to our home! My children loved having little peeps in the house, they have grown just as attached as I have! I think winning these wonderful prizes would be a welcome to ANY chicken fan! I love being able to teach my children about chickens, and showing them (and allowing them to help) care for them…I think its important to pass this knowledge down to the younger generation. Thanks for giving us not only the opportunity to win these prizes, but for being an informative valued place for chicken fanatics!

Jackie Maphis February 8th, 2014

I have a dream… That little chickens and little racoons would live in harmony and i would not have to lock the girls in at night, I dream that the girls could roost on top of the hen house like they want and not be terrorized by the sounds of evil beasties chewing away at the wood of there home.

Emily Lambert February 8th, 2014

Please be sure to look on Facebook at my post of the first perfect eggs from the MOST beautiful Buff Orpington babies you sent to me. They still sit on my lap and talk to me, and I tell them about the day I was freaking-out – so worried if they would get here ok that I drove to the post office rather than calling first thing that morning. FYI and the lady worried about the raccoons. We have put a blinking red solar light on all four corners of their house which is a little costly but worth it. I rest better at night.

Rebekah February 8th, 2014

I would choose some accessories for my chicks that are due to arrive Monday!

Eliana February 9th, 2014

I love your blog!! I want the book because I getting my chickens over spring break, and it just sounds and looks awesome!! I would get 1 blue Silkie, 1 white Silkie, 1 EE, and 1 wellie. ( around the same time my other chicks get here, of course.) I would also get some lime green egg cartons.

I would also like to ask a question. I live in Tennessee and, for future reference, I would like to know if I need cold hardy or heat hardy breeds. Thanks!! 🙂

Jenny February 9th, 2014

I would like the book because I’m getting my chickens over spring break, and I need some questions answered. I would like to get 1 blue silkie, 1 white silkie, 2 wellies, and 2 EE. I would also like some lime green egg cartons. I really need it because I’m a first time chicken owner and I need to know certain things, and I need the chicks because I REALLY want those breeds and the egg cartons for, of course eggs!! Thanks!! 🙂

Rebecca Blake February 10th, 2014

I would love to have a copy of the book because it would be a great reference to have on hand for any chicken owner. If I had $200 dollars to spend I would buy chicks and organic feed. I lost my 3 americaunas when a pack of dogs tore apart the adorable coop I purchased online and killed them. It was horrible. I just finished building a huge coop with a large run and a fence around it so I could start over. I absolutely loved having chickens, it was the first thing I had to have when I moved from the beach out to the country. They made me smile and I would love a chance to have some rare chickens if I won.

maggie means February 10th, 2014

I would use the book for the breed pages to help teach my 4-H kids different breeds and use it as reference to give good advice and knowledge to the 4-H kids and to help me in furthering my knowledge and understanding of my breeds and birds in general. I would use a $200 gift card to buy products for my birds such as treats and supplies that I want to raise chicks and ducklings. I would like to buy some egg cartons for any eggs that my birds lay and hope to hatch from my birds. I am always looking for more books to use to teach people about birds.

Kathi February 10th, 2014

I would love to read your book and learn new things about all my girls and my one little boy, We started with 6 then we kept going back to the breeder because she was so helpful, I now have 40. They make me laugh I love it that no matter what they love seeing me walk up to them The funny thing is when I was growing up and until a few months ago I was totally afraid of Chickens now I adore them. My friends thought I had slipped a nut, now when they drop in they are getting handed on e of my girls!

Kris Nelson February 10th, 2014

First, I would like to thank you for all of the products I have purchased from you! I have gotten 2 coops, treats, fertile eggs and day old chicks due to arrive in March and June respectively. I have learned more from your available info about hatching and raising chicks than I found in any of the books I ordered online! I just started raising some silkies this summer and they hang out with my sheep, llamas and alpacas like one big crazy family. My children grew up and moved out and now my empty nest isn’t quite so empty! We have become an unofficial petting zoo for neighborhood kids who love the unique animals I have. If I were to win, I would love to have a chicken of every variety so these kids could see all the possibilities and play with them. The smiles on their faces when they hold one of my silkies could be multiplied 10 fold! Then, maybe next year when everyone is of “legal breeding age” (the chickens, not the neighbor kids:) ) I could maybe give each one a chick or two of their own. That would be really cool! Thank you for the opportunity!

Faith Summerlin February 10th, 2014

I am 60 years old and my father and I used to grow chickens for eggs. I love the larger birds. We just moved to Alaska this past May so I really need help deciding which breed would be best for our area. I am most interested in layers. I would use my $200. To purchase a flock and supplies to get started. I love the wooden nests in your on line catalog. I saw several breeds that might work for our area but most have a limited availability.

Julia February 10th, 2014

I would love to win the book and the prize, because they would help me continue to celebrate what my father passed on to me, as his father did to him.

My father died in November of 2012 after sustaining 10+ years of Alzheimer’s. My father was diagnosed with the disease several years after retirement, but I had known he was developing it many years before, because I lived across the street from our family home, and saw the changes. One of my treasured memories of my father during that time was his telling me and my homeschooled children all the stories of how his father died of Hemophilia when Dad was just 9 years old, and how, before he died, taught him everything he know about poultry and agriculture, for which he got a degree from Rutger’s many years before. Looking back, by dad realized his father had known that he would probably not live long, and wanted my father to know these things so he could help his mother when the time came; – And he did!

My dad did everything with us during those years; Gardening, cleaning and butchering a 100 lb. tuna, chickens and a road-killed deer on our old formica table covered with newspaper, and even pressure-canning his own caught Blue fish. My dad was ahead of his time, really into all the sustainability and conservation ideas, as well as healthy eating.

As I read everything I can get my hands on about chickens, find other kindred minds with whom to “talk chicken”, and work with my little flock, it brings back memories and helps me celebrate the wonderful legacy that was his gift to myself, and my children for all our time here, until we see him again in Heaven!

Julia February 10th, 2014

I forgot to say that I would probably get an incubator, because even though I already have hatched chicks, we did it with our little bantam, who died last year, and I would like to do some experimenting with cross-breeding for colored eggs, and sex-linked chickens.

Jeannie Shaw February 10th, 2014

I have a nice big coop and just got a few chickens but those of you who do chickens know there is a lot to learn and your book will help me to take care of them the right way!
Also we have already decided to expand…Imagine that LOL….we would love to have some wire so our babies will be safe and a water system and feeder for the second run if we were given the 200.00 to spend.
I have Grandchildren and Great Nieces and Nephews ( I come from a huge family) that I would love to teach how to produce everything they need to live just like my Minnie Momma and Papa taught me
Thank you for the chance to help with my dream!

Jessica February 10th, 2014

1. I would loooove this book because I loooove My Pet Chicken-all the advice and pictures and topics are totally helpful and fun to read!
2. With $200, I would definitely buy some new chicks. Also, I would get some goodies to brighten up my kitchen. And a heated waterer…
3. Oh my heart! WHY do I NEED this book…and my awesome wishlist? Because my 2 boys and I just moved from Upstate New York to Utah and have to start our flock from scratch again…Because my boys LOVE chickens and take pride in caring for them. Because I love chickens and the whimsy they provide in our daily interactions. Because I miss the farm in New York and our lovely chickens we had to leave…..

samantha February 10th, 2014

i would buy my very first flock, as i would like to build the coop with my father.
ive read that roadrunners are the best layers, so probable a few of them and then some feeders as well

Carol Toney February 11th, 2014

I would like a copy of My Pet Chicken Handbook because I would like one go to book, instead of the outdated books at my library. I need one place to look up current info, instead of the hodgepodge info online. With my prize money, I would purchase a LightPassage Solar Chicken Coop Light. I would love to have this accessory to help with more consistent egg laying during the winter months. The light would make a great addition to the wonderful enclosed coop and yard my hubby has built for them. I want and need to win the book and the prize because I love having chickens in my yard. I love the sounds they make, I love to share them with my granddaughter and I love to educate others about the joys of keeping hens. I enjoy growing vegies to share with my chickens and also how they help keep my garden weed and bug free. We live in the suburbs, but my daughters friends always asked them if they lived on a farm. They have always been very happy growing up on our farm, lol. I deserve to win because I promise to continue to share the fruits of my/their labor. I will continue to teach others about why their eggs are green, brown or white. I will continue to recycle my kitchen scraps and garden leftovers to supplement my hens and be an example to others in that same way. I love to show the connection to others of nature, health and humanity. Thanks so much!

Pam Harper February 11th, 2014

The reason I would like the book is to have it on hand. I have done some reading on different sights. I can’t afford to buy to much of anything right now. I have 20 chickens at the moment. I started with them 8 months ago. I love the guys and I get from 3 to 6 eggs a day. I want to give them the best that I can give them.
I want to get a few more. I would like to get a chocolate layer. I haven’t heard of those. I have one that lays green eggs. Since I have been dealing with chickens, I would like to get some things to put in my kitchen. I like the country style look.
I’m a real chicken fan. I love the ones I have and would like more. I would like to book so I can have it on hand, so I can learn and do better for my chickens. It may even help me my turkeys. I would appreciate it dearly if you picked me.

Peg Rappleye February 11th, 2014

I love the “My Pet Chicken” web site and have found it very helpful this year (our first year with chickens). I would really love to have a copy of the “My Pet Chicken Handbook” handy to aid me with questions that may arise regarding my girls. I get excited looking thru the attributes of the different breeds and trying to decide which one(s) we will try next. The girls and their rooster keep me grounded, I love to sit and watch them in the yard and appreciate them weeding my rose bed! When one gets sick or needs special attention we bring them into the house, outfit them with the chicken diaper I purchased last year, and let her/him have the run of the house. We have even let the rooster sleep in our bed with us. I am still trying to find the snooze on that alarm! Last summer we would keep a door open for the dogs to get out into their fenced enclosure, the chickens loved to fly into the fenced area and then come into the house to see me. If I were the winner of the grand prize, I would invest in a few special chicks and more equipment to properly care for them. An incubator would be a nice addition to our equipment as my daughter would like to hatch some silkie/frizzles this spring. We love our chickens like they are our children and want to pamper them to the nth degree. My Pet Chicken is definitely the place to find what you are looking for even when you don’t know what you are looking for. I LOVE MY CHICKENS! and that is the reason why I should be chosen for the grand prize.

Susan Austin February 11th, 2014

I would love to have My Pet Chicken Handbook because I am a ‘play farmer’. My friends tease me about being a ‘real farmer’, but the truth is :my chickens are my PETS. The fact that they give eggs is just a happy coincidence. I would love a new coop so I can keep more and keep them safe from the chicken hawks that we have around here. Also, some yummy new treats would be good! My great grandmother kept chickens. My Mom can still do an impression of her calling up her feed supplier and ordering: “Myrt, send me 50 pounds of chickenfeed”.

Adrean February 11th, 2014

I would love the Handbook because I feel you can never have enough information when it comes to chickens. I am getting a few chicks this spring, but have a list for next spring as well that includes an Americauna. I have 5 girls already, I’m excited to expand my flock, and continue to enjoy the wonderful eggs and their company. I would like them to be he happiest chickens in town, and your handbook would certainly help with that.

Nora February 11th, 2014

My family and I just moved into a new home. The most important criteria in moving there was that we would be able to have chickens! Our yard is big enough and the town permits it- yahoo! I am so exited to be starting our flock this spring (I can tell my family is getting sick of all the chicken talk- but who cares, I’m EXCITED)! I’d love a copy of My Pet Chicken Handbook. As a first time chicken owner, I am looking for any and all information I can get my hands on. The internet is helpful, but also overwhelming. I handy book that I could check as I need my questions answered would be most helpful. If I was to win the $200 I would buy 4 female Australorps (which my 4 year old already named Henry, Summer, Cobie, and Gertie [and yes we realize some of those aren’t really girl names]). Next I would purchase the Brinsea ecoglow. I love that it regulates the temperature perfectly and there is no safety concerns. Finally I would round out the prize money with all the other necessary supplies to start a flock (feeders, water heater, food, and some fun chicken items like egg baskets). I know there are plenty of other applicants who are just as deserving but I hope that you chose me and my family. We are a military family who has had many moves and we finally settled into our forever home. I know that a flock of chickens will be the perfect pet for our family. A loving pet, who will teach our children to be responsible and caring, is the perfect option for us. Since we are just staring our flock, the prize would go a long way to ensure our “girls” are well taken care of 🙂

Julie February 11th, 2014

No sob story here: I just want the book to gather more info on the best way to raise layers for the best production value–kinda like Adrean wrote on Feb. 11th.

Deann Scabilloni February 11th, 2014

Really would love to see what to do and not to do while I’m preparing for the new additions coming in July. I have to build new secure yards for the girls I already have and for the littles. As well as a new coop since their will be too many to add with the present flock. As for the prize I really need to get several things to prepare for the new arrivals. Would be wonderful help!

Terri Soikes February 11th, 2014

My oh my, I have to decide???? I might upgrade my watering pans Or add swanky nest boxes.. More “kids” to fall in love with, would be nice as well, since I have been thinking of going to standard size chickens.
I am blessed by the kids. After my husband died they gave me a reason to get out of bed every day. A reason to care . And even to this day they make me feel valued…sounds kinda silly, huh?
That being said the biggest problem is finding information on the ways I can do better for them. Some of the questions may seem silly, but honestly, what IS the best flooring for a coop? How to prevent problems from occurring and what is the best food or treats. Yes, I like spoiling them! All of which I’m sure you cover.

Julee Billingsley February 11th, 2014

If I had $200 to spend at my pet chicken I would get an incubator, nesting boxes and that solar light would be great. Mostly I would want to fill my empty hen house with some heat hardy breeds that won’t scare my husband! lol. We had to sell ours two years ago when
our income bottomed out. Now we are ready to start a new flock. A book would be a great go to thing when I can’t remember all the things my Grandma taught me. Just seeing those chickens out in the yard would be like seeing Grandma smiling again!

Denise Gran February 11th, 2014

To win this contest is a must. It is only my chickens I do trust. Why do chickens eat their poo? Why is there a mean one too? Your book is what I need, in order to be freed. From nights of worry and regret. This book, and I’d be set. 200 bucks! That’s a lot of happy clucks! An incubator to start some eggs new, my preference is blue. Treats for my chickies-they would love it! I know your book will be a hit! Just like this website for all things legit.

Jess February 11th, 2014

I would love to win a copy of the My Pet Chicken Handbook! I love the “My Pet Chicken” website and the advice on the MPC Facebook page. I have had chickens for a while and even if I know the answer to some of the questions I always like knowing the websites opinion. My Pet Chicken has become my number one source for chicken information… there is no need to look anywhere else.
If I were given $200 to spend at the MyPetChicken store… I don’t even know where I would start. It would be probably the best shopping ‘spree’ ever! I really need a new waterer… since the handle broke on my current one. Or maybe I would add to my flock since a few unfortunate events claimed the lives of my most favorite hens this winter. But… there are also some nice chicken décor things in the store… they would be nice too!
I would like to win this contest because I have recently moved (not without my chickens of course!) in with my boyfriend and I don’t have the extra money I normally do to spoil my chickens with. Also we are moving out of our trailer into an actual place this spring (yay!) so I would love the extra chicken money to buy some decorations for our country themed place!

Debra Rist February 11th, 2014

I grew up on farms and we always had chickens, but raising chickens in town is a whole new experience and I am hoping that the Chicken Handbook will help me on that front as well as help me remember things about chicken care I know I have forgotten. If I had $200 to spend at My Pet Chicken I would buy my first flock of “girls” and whatever else I could to give them the best, happiest life possible. And finally while I do not deserve it more than anyone else I want to provide my family with the best foods possible and growing/raising our own is the best way I know of to do that. Good Luck to everyone!!!

Amanda Carpenter February 11th, 2014

When we first started raising chickens we came upon them by serendipity. I am a veterinary technician and I go on farm calls often. On one call (for a goat) there was a scraggly looking mostly bald and frightenly red backed golden hen in a pen with 5 silkie roosters. I was told by the owners that they were looking to unload her elsewhere. I took her home. Goldie (that’s what we named her) was our first chicken. She recovered beautifully and by her next molt was a brand new chicken. We loved her so much that we ordered 12 new pullets from MPC the next spring. And so the obsession began! We eventually lost Goldie due to age but she is fondly remembered 🙂 We now have 21 chickens, all from MPC. We would love to add more chicks to our flock. With a $200 spree on the MPC site we would want at least 1 faucanna chick and then some chocolate egg layers. We love to learn new things about chickens so a book all about chicken care would be a great help 🙂 thank you for the opportunity!

Mary Glynn Lambert February 11th, 2014

Pick me! Pick me! I lost all my chickens last summer and my chicken house, complete with all equipment, has set empty all winter. I would like to have a dozen or so chickens and LOTS of feed. The feed is so expensive that it “almost” makes having chickens not worthwhile. I say “almost” because their intrinsic value is worth a lot to me. I enjoy their company (I greet them in Portuguese in the mornings) and fresh eggs are the best!

Angie Lewis February 11th, 2014

My reasoning for thinking this book is perfect is in the title: My Pet Chicken Handbook. I have read so many guides, so many handbooks, in preparation for my fuzzy little additions to the family. April cannot get here soon enough! To me, these baby chicks are the beginnings of an adventure where they will become beloved pets and family members. If you’re having a baby, would you rather have a book written by a doctor, a mother, or both? I feel that Lissa and Traci’s expertise is both, packed into this colorful handbook.
As I mentioned, my flock has been preordered since the hour My Pet Chicken updated the preorders on November 21. I was refreshing the bantam page like a madwoman that day and whooped with joy when I saw my time to order had come. With prize money, I will most certainly be ordering supplies for my new flock from the website. It may be too late for brooder items, but it’s never too late for chicken feed, treats, grit, feeders, waterers, or emergency supplies. Also, I really like some of those bumper stickers. Your kid is an honor student? Pish posh, my children make me eggs!
Oh goodness, now for the part where I must convince you to choose me for this fabulous contest. If I haven’t charmed you yet, I hope that my promise to be the best chicken owner I can be will! As a first time pet chicken owner, I need all the help I can get. Money to spend on my baby chicks, as well as a handbook to answer questions I haven’t even thought of yet, sounds like a wonderful start to my pet chicken adventure!

Heather D February 11th, 2014

To win the handbook would be a great deal of help to me. We are getting our first ever chickens this spring! I grew up on a cattle ranch so I’m not worried about smell, mess or anything like that, I just want to make sure I give them the best care possible and I believe the “My Pet Chicken Handbook” will teach me exactly how to do so. is the first place I go if I have a question so I’m sure the book will be handier, I can’t wait to start reading it.
If I were to be chosen for the $200 gift card I would feel like 10 kids at Christmas. I buy 1 Buff Orpington $2.45, 1 Blue Orpington $17 and 1 Lavender Orpington $34 (I’ve heard they are good backyard chickens and we are in a residential neighborhood so I need quiet, friendly birds). I would also purchase the “I Heart Backyard Chickens Magnetic Bumper” $5.95, Solar Sipper $27.95, Chicken Fountain “Mini” $59.99, Chicken Treat Ball $4.95 Chick Feeder, Galvanized $4.95, Chunky Chicken Crumbles $19.95, All-Natural Egg Cleanser $10.95, 3 Pink Pulp Egg Cartons $1.05 and Harvest Delight Poultry Treat $9.95.. Grand Total $199.14
I am a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children, 2 cats and soon to be 3 chickens. I am determined to build my coop and Garden by spring and start providing my family a healthier lifestyle, not to mention this will be a great way to start my kids (3 1/2 year old girl & 19month boy) learning responsibility and respect for life. We live in a residential neighborhood within city limits and are only allowed up to 4 chickens (no roosters). We will be the first house in our neighborhood with chickens & want to do our research so it’s a great experience for everyone and hopefully start a trend. We will not be eating our new feather friends, only their eggs. Winning this would make such a wonderful start for our soon to be chickens and we would be forever grateful.
Thanks a million- Heather and Family

Cathy Groom February 11th, 2014

A how to and a what not to do book for raising chickens is a must for owning chickens. It would be great to have all the answers in one book. We are newbies since this past Spring. Our 12 year olds class hatched eggs for a school science project. We have 2 Leghorns, 1 Silky/ Bard Rock mix and 1Red Sex Link. Everyday we are always searching for advice on something just like we did with our children. It would be awesome to win a copy of your new book. In this short time period of owning chickens I’ve been told I’ve turned into a crazy chicken lady! I would love to get some new hens that lay different colored eggs but it would be really cool to own a hen purse and matching coin purse! But for my babies we have already, a chicken tractor would be awesome! So far it’s been really awesome owning chickens and we would like to experience new breeds and winning this contest would help that dream continue. Who wouldn’t want to have all the knowledge necessary to raise beautiful healthy chickens!

Shawn Jennings February 11th, 2014

I would really like a copy of My Pet Chicken Handbook because it contain useful information for someone like myself who is just getting started. The handbook also contains recipes for one of my favorite foods, eggs! The book looks great and I really would put it to great use, exactly as the authors intended!

If I won the grand prize I would use it to start my very first flock and get all the essential equipment to get started! I’d get 2 Buff Orpingtons and a Rhode Island Red, all females with Marek’s vaccinations. I’d get the 20″ chick feeder, 1 gallon plastic waterer, heat lamp reflector and a bag of chick starter feed. For the later stages of their life, I’d order the plans for the Garden Ark chicken coop, a 22 lb feeder, 3 gallon waterer, heated metal water base, chunky chicken caviar, a wooden egg and egg carton!

In closing, I believe I’m the best choice as the winner because I will use every page of the book in order to further my chicken knowledge as well as keep my chickens healthy and happy! I just moved to Kansas to take care of my ailing father and have been slowly getting into homesteading as a healthier lifestyle and means of saving money. I just tilled the ground for my very first vegetable garden and with the addition of chickens to my home, it would be a perfect combination! If I were to win the grand prize I would be able to have everything I need to get started becoming more self sufficient and have the best guide and equipment for chicken raising, a homesteader could ask for! Not only would winning this just be plain awesome, it would also help me to save a lot of money over the years in food and fertilizer costs, stay in good health by eating healthy and fresh eggs and help keep the American spirit alive! Raising chickens is an American heritage and there’s nothing I love more of than some America! Thanks for putting on this awesome contest and hopefully I’ll get to meet my 3 new ladies this spring!

Jennifer Borst February 12th, 2014

First – We are new to chickens, less than 1 year and would love to win this book. My son is in 4-h and showing for his first time at the fair so any information to help us learn would be so wonderful. Second – If we won the $200 we would get an incubator to help us on our journey of raising and experiencing chickens. They are pretty expensive so we have not purchased one. Lastly – we need to win this contest because my two kids that eat breathe and dream chickens would be sooooo thrilled (and I would be jumping for joy as well). Whether we win or not, your store is great, we have purchased egg cartons, meds, treats, etc. Anyone who wins this prize will be lucky to have any products from your site. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck and thank you for having this contest.

Devyn February 13th, 2014

I would like the “My Pet Chicken Handbook” over others because I have been on your website for a few years now, and you are the most knowledgeable site out there! Every question I ask, no matter how bizarre, you always answer within a day. If your handbook is just an eight that knowledgeable then I will be the best chicken-keeper this side of Florida!
As for the money, well this is a very difficult question! Firstly, the whistling rooster teapot. I love roosters, I love tea, it’s a win-win! I might buy some silkies or Belgian Bearded Mille Fleur D ’Uccles for a bantam flock, but I do not think I could buy any full-sized hens because my flock has just lost a member and they are squabbling for her place. However, I would defiantly buy an egg carrier, and an incubator for later.
I’m still a pretty amateur chicken lady, as I’ve only raised one flock from chicks (they are two and a half years now) and I could really use some tips and guidance in book form. I’ve tried a few handbooks, but they all either had incorrect information or not enough. I am sure this book will really click in with my backyard chickening and not just orient on those with tons of land.

Mindy Casey February 13th, 2014

As long as I can remember I’ve wanted to live on a farm! After years of condo living my husband and I have finally purchased a home with a yard and plans of my “mini farm,” spin in my head. As I type this, it is once again snowing outside and my thoughts turn to spring.
I’ve spent these winter months planning and researching in preparation for a large garden which I hope to include a few chickens and rabbits. As a first time chicken owner your new book would be invaluable. I’ve bookmarked many websites but to have all the info I need in one place would be fantastic! If I won the prize money I would put it towards purchasing my first flock and feeders, waters, etc to get started on my journey towards fresh eggs and entertaining mini farm friends!
I also think growing things and caring for animals is a life lesson and gift that I want my two young children to experience first hand. Thank you for considering my entry.

Chris February 13th, 2014

I would love to have this book. I tend to research things I am interested in before jumping in head first and I did research chickens before starting a small flock a couple of years ago. What I found was that the information that was available was often contradictory and left a lot of questions I had unanswered. Nevertheless, we bought a few standard chicks from the local Co-op and a few bantams chicks from the local Tractor Supply and dove in. My daughter was 5 at the time and really enjoyed raising that first group of chicks and I enjoyed it almost as much as she did. I enjoyed designing and building their coops and almost every bird has turned into a pet. If I were to win this prize I would add to our flock, I know a lot more about the different breeds now and I would love to add some specific breed to both of my flocks. I would like to add some white egg layers to the standards and my daughter would like to have a few Sultans and a bearded breed. We would like to add Silkie’s to our Bantams as well as a few other breeds.

Jessica Givens February 15th, 2014

My husband, two little girls ancan’td I sold our subdivision house a year ago and the only way we could get my then 4 year old to leave her “big house” was to promise we would try to find a farm to rent and get a couple chickens. .. she was sold. And after searching FOREVER to keep our promise, God provided the perfect farm for us! We received our first order ever from MPC in April 2013 of 11 chicks and totally fell in love. We fell so much in love we are waiting on our 2nd order of 15 chicks from MPC (two of which are rooster! !) to arrive in April! All of that said I have got the chicken bug! ! I took Lissa’s test to see what kind of chicken person you are and I though I would get the”you’reI your way to a chicken lady” category and I actually got the your probably the chicken lady of your area”! Couldn’t believe it! ! But I do like to read everything I can get my hands on so that I can feel ready when the time comes! !

1. Why do I want this book? I love MPC and have been all over your site a million times and truly trust your information because I know you all have your own home flocks and love them as much as I love mine! I want this book so I can make better decisions in regards to the care of my flock!
2. What would I buy? I can’t decide between an incubator and adding chicks like Legbars and Lavender Orpingtons!
3. Why do I desire to win this? Because I think this is truly a Dream Prize and it would allow me to have things I would otherwise not be able to afford! ! Thank you for the opportunity and all you do!

Julia Laughlin February 15th, 2014

I do not own any chickens yet. I have a small homestead of 2 acres and currently have milk goats and gardens. My son has so many allergies and does really well when he is not exposed to all the processed foods. So I have decided to add chickens this year for their health eggs! So far I have researched everything I can before I purchase my first flock. My husband has also started building our coop. Winning the My Pet Chicken Handbook would be perfect as I have not decided on the type of chickens that would best suit my needs yet.
If I were to win $200 I would most certainly purchase my chickens and supplies needed to care for them!
I would love to win so our family can be one step further to sustaining our healthier lifestyle and teaching our son a much simpler way of living to be healthy!

Lissa February 15th, 2014

Here is the link again. (Above, it’s just above the recipe.)

Melissa February 15th, 2014

I would want your book over all others because there is a lot of extra helpful information in it. My Pet Chicken is very knowledgeable about all questions I have seen ask on your site. As for the $200 gift card. I would purchase 4 hens and a rooster of several breeds of various chicken breeds. I need more Brown leghorn pullets to go with my roo. I need more buff Orpington pullets to go with my roo. I need more Rhode Island reds to go with my roo. Also more Buff Brahma pullets to go with my roo. Would like to add Wyandotte’s and Marans to my breeds. We live on 6 acres of land and I know they would have a happy home to roam and eat bugs.

Stephanie R February 15th, 2014

The first thing that struck me about your book was the picture of the pages Planning for Chickens like an Expert. I thought to myself that was exactly what I need, someone who wants chickens but isn’t quite sure where to start. Next, when you mentioned the breed selector, I was hooked. I am concerned about what breeds would fit best for me and for my environment. As for the $200, it was easy to decide what I wanted with the money. I would put it towards a coop for my chickens. I want to make sure I can provide them with the best home. The hardest part is the “why choose me” question. There are a lot of people out there just like me who want to raise chickens and they are all deserving. I have been dreaming about raising chickens for a few years now and this would be that sign that the time is right!

Jackie Maphis February 15th, 2014

love the new book

Jackie Maphis February 15th, 2014

I would like your handbook over others because you have been there and had to answer all these questions already so I expect it to be more complete then others.

If I was given $200 I would buy another chicken tractor!

Aubrey February 15th, 2014

Well I Love! the handbook it is really comprehensive and only being in my second year of chicken keeping I still have allot to learn. From diets to coop planning, the charts are super helpful and provide allot of knowledge to the first time keeper, and a new insights into many topics for those more advanced. lots of info on many topicsI never thought of like nutritional content of feed and staving off illness. I would use the 200 dollars to order an incubator and some rare breed chickens. I want it ! need it !got to have it! because I am trying to start a self sufficient CSA farm raising rare and endemic breeds of livestock. The ten year plan for this farm is agro tourism. It is not a business just one woman’s dream of selling eggs, honey and farm education to connect people with there food.. I therefore can use all the wins I can handle to support this dream. Good Luck everyone!

Lora V February 15th, 2014

I have already purchased the new book so I needed it enough to buy it on my own. We have recently purchased our chicken through you, we got 4 Silkies 2 white and 2 black, 2 Easter Eggers and 2 Frizzles. We won’t be getting them until July. I got the book because you are one of my go to places for knowledge on my new pets and to help support a community I am quickly falling in love with!

There are so many things I need while getting this Brooder set up and building our coop (they will also be able to have supervised free range). We are just beginning so we need everything. If I had $200 the first things I would buy is Brinsea EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder on sale $74.99 and a chick waterer and a chick feeder. A Chicken Fountain because we live in Vegas so fresh cool water would be great to keep my girls cool and clean on sale $64.99. I would finish it up with some organic chick starter feed to start my girls out right.

I deserve to win the prize because I am just getting going setting every thing up right costs a lot of money I have already spent a lot of money. I support the places I believe deserve my business and you are one of those places so we have purchased our new babies from you and will be purchasing more through you. $200 worth of stuff would help me out so much. I deserve to win because I am a wholehearted good person who never wins anything, this would make me feel like I have won the lottery if I won the big prize!

Thank you for having a great site and being so knowledgeable for helping us newbie’s out by teaching us what we need to do. I am so excited for my new adventure!

Jeff Franklin February 15th, 2014

I caught the fever last year. A customer of mine showed me his chicks he got from My Pet Chicken. I have checked out his pen and his birds. I would like to learn more, I plan on starting my flock this year.

Liz Lafferty February 15th, 2014

I could really use this new “My Pet Chicken Handbook”! My family of 6 moved from Suburbia to a 2 acre property in September in a beautiful bucolic area of protected farmland and state forest. I quickly checked out all the homesteading books at the library at least 6 times! I finally had to take them back and happened upon another book for 50 cents at a school book sale. There were no pics and very little in the book about care and maintenance of the flock. So disappointing. I really need a book that focuses on just chickens and no other livestock. I feel a great responsibility toward these animals and need some good resource material just for them! I actually already used the breed chart to figure out what type of birds I wanted for my first flock and found it extremely helpful. We like the idea of more than one color eggs and will hope to have an Americauna in our flock to add some whimsy. If I had more money-like- say-$200 I would use it for all the supplies that are rapidly adding up: feeders, waterers, nesting boxed and feed. Even writing this post makes me long to start my new life as a chicken momma!

Beverly Rosa February 15th, 2014

Love my Ladies! I purchased them through your great company! I am always learning something new on your web site. Would love to have the book at hand.

Jen Port February 15th, 2014

I too have read and viewed every tweet, book, blog and website about chickens but still seem to lack some answers. I have roughly a hundred roosters and hens of many different sizes and breeds in my flock. Somehow they all get along (even with a couple of goats) and we maintain a peaceful existence.
The chapter from the book I am most interested in is “Distinguishing if there is a problem.” While everything seems fine in the flock I often worry that I may be missing signs if a bird is stressed. Occasionally a chicken will die and while I know this is the cycle of life I wonder if there was a something I missed or should have noticed ahead of time. Sometimes there are noticeable signs but google doesn’t give me answers. I know that My Pet Chicken has those answers.
If I were to win the prize I would purchase treats for all of my birds. Probably the Chicken Crack or the Harvest delight.
I don’t know if I deserve to win the prize but my birds do. Where I live roosters are not allowed in the city so I often take in roos with the promise that I will never hurt them in any way. They will live out their existence on my property, I will make sure that they are fed and are safe from predators and they will never be used in fighting or be eaten. While I make sure they are fed and try to provide extra vegies once in awhile they have never had the opportunity to try commercial treats. Those are just outside of my financial means. If I were to win this contest those roos could pig out on frivolous non essential goodies. 🙂 In fact all of my birds could experience a little indulgence.
I am entering this contest because my chickens are a part of my family and I want to do everything I can to give them the best life possible.

Lori Willson February 16th, 2014

I love my chickens!!! I’ve read every book I can find on them even though I’ve had them for over 8 years. There’s always something new to learn and I think a book from your web site about chickens would be just great.

If I could get something new for them it would be heated water bowls most of all. This winter has been brutal here in Michigan and the most useful thing has been the heated water bowls. If I had the extra money I would like to improve their coop. We built it 8 years ago when we first got them and after having them all these years I could think of some things I would of done differently.

I think everyone entered here deserves the prize just as much as I would because everyone of us loves our chickens! Once you start you just can’t stop! Good luck to everyone here. Whoever wins will have some very happy chicken!

Erin Clark February 16th, 2014

Thank you for writing a book geared toward those of us with a small flock! I desperately needed a breed selector like that when I was ordering my first batch of chicks and the more personal stories about hilarious mishaps, the better! I could always use another chicken book, especially recipes dealing with how to use all different size eggs. I might have some small or peewee eggs and extra large eggs in the same day with my girls! It makes it hard to use a standard recipe.

If I had 200 to spend in your store I would definitely buy more chickens! We have plenty of space to expand our flock and I’d love some easter egg layers to spice up the few dozen I sell on the side. Good luck on your book sales!

Melissa McQuiston February 19th, 2014

I would LOVE to buy my future chickens their dream coop. My family and I are moving out of the city and absolutely cannot wait to start our flock! We are clueless and have so much to learn, so your book will be a Godsend to both us and our feathered-friends-to-be. We know our chickens only deserve the best and we have selected the Smart Chicken Coop! My husband very early on said we would never own any animals; two dogs and a hamster into it, he is now as excited as me and my kids are about the chickens!

Carolyn Zewe February 19th, 2014

1) I would love to have a copy of your new book. If it is anything like your website, I’m sure it will be very helpful and a great go to source for chicken advice.
2) I would love to get some more chickens! One can never have too many, right? My Pet Chicken carries many breeds I can’t find anywhere else, especially the blue and green egg layers. I love a colorful basket of eggs!
3) Winning the dream prize would allow me to not only purchase more chickens, but upgrade to some new supplies that otherwise I might not be able to afford. Chickens are so much fun, they make me laugh everyday!
Thank you for offering this contest!

Christal February 20th, 2014

i would love this chicken book for the ten page breed chart and all the other helpful information. I have been raising backyard chickens for four years now. I would like to know more about the health of chickens and being able to establish if there is something serious going on. If I had 200 to spend in your store I would buy the olive eggers, blue egg layers, and an incubator would be super fantastic! I am entering to win this because i love chickens and now ducks. And if i won i would spoil my hens with some treats and new friends 🙂 good luck everyone!!!!!

Marion Kupper February 21st, 2014

After looking at just the contents page I see that this is a book for me. And it would be a reference for a long time to come.

As soon as the new garden is finished the chicken coop will be built (can’t wait!!!) and since all of the “Chicken Raising” is new to me, I have lots and lots to learn.

1.The Breed Chart, how to know the chickens are healthy and the recipes are all stand out as need to read items. I’ve yet to see anyone else talk about how to use and cook different size eggs.

2. If I won would order the Brinsea EcoGlow 20 chick brooder,Organic chicken starter 25lb,4-H easy fill drinker, 2 egg baskets with handle and 3lb mini hanging feeder.

3. I don’t want to purchase chickens until everything is set up to provide them with a safe and fun environment. Winning this would help put me closer to being able to get the chickens.

Richelle February 21st, 2014

I would choose “My Pet Chicken Handbook” over all others because I have dealt with MPC a couple of times in the past and you guys are knowlegeable & caring. Your customer service went above and beyond the help me out. You guys know your chickens!
If I had $200 to spend at MPC the choice would be easy – Five Silkie bantams in a variety of colors. My favorite girl is a Silkie from MPC and she is the best chicken ever. Truly a wonderful pet.

C.J. Mathes February 21st, 2014

First, I would like the handbook for the chicken treat recipes. I like making my hens treats and am interested in new recipes. Second, if I had $200 to spend at I would get a roll of 100’lx6’h coated hex wire because i am rebuilding my chickens’ run this spring. Also an assortment of baby chicks and maybe some hatching eggs because I just built an incubator and I am excited to try it out.
Last but not least, why I deserve to win is that I love raising chickens and have really enjoyed sharing my experiences with others and helping them to discover the wonder that is chicken keeping. Also, I am an official chicken whisperer. Just ask anyone who knows me 🙂

Sharla Hill February 23rd, 2014

I have been learning all I can for almost a year about keeping chickens and till I have my own I have been getting to know my friends chickens. I would love to read your book for all the great information I’m sure it contains to help me decide what breeds and how to best care for them. If I were to win 200 I am sure it would get me a small flock to love and some really nice equipment to make them comfortable. I would like to think I deserve (wow this sounds conceited sorry) to win because I have spent the last 10+ years rescuing cats and in turn spending every extra dime caring for them getting them vetted and spayed and neutered and providing a loving place for them when un adoptable for life. I can build a coop with what I have on hand but to find the funds to buy the rest would be very hard so I would be so grateful to win.

Elizabeth Wiegle February 24th, 2014

Firstly this looks like a perfectly awesome book for reference. Ive mostly used the internet thus far to learn about my chickens which my mom bought at the feed store on a whim, and have had trouble reconciling the conflicting information Ive often found. So I would look foward to reading the book cover to cover and then using it as a reference as i run into various problems. After almost a year of having chickens I couldnt be happier I really enjoy caring for them and the eggs are amazing! Since December Ive been on my pet chicken almost daily picking out new chicks for this spring! Ive changed my mind a million times but finally bit the bullet and checked out last friday! 9 more ladies due to hatch April 7 will bring my total to twenty hens and we couldnt be more excited! Since I just purchased my girls I would get them (and me) more things that I probably wouldnt get otherwise.. like and automatic waterer or egg cartons or new feeders or I could honestly think of a million things to get my already spoiled hens! Ive wanted chickens for a long time and now that I have them I cant imagine my life without them two hundred dollars would go a long way to keeping my girls happy. Please consider my entry because chickens are the best thing in my life right now and I just want to take good care of them for all theyve given me. The book and the money to spend on my pet chicken would only help me be a better chicken mom.

Alyssa Drost February 24th, 2014

I actually already have the My Pet Chicken book because I was so excited for it that I couldn’t wait until this contest ended. It’s by far the best chicken care book I’ve ever read. The breed selector is perfect. I get my chicks from a farm because there was a problem with my post office when I ordered them from MyPetChicken, so it’s great to have a hard copy of it instead of trying to remember what breeds I liked online earlier that day.
If I were selected for the giveaway prize, I would get Wolf Pee Granules, Mealworm Frenzy (3.5oz bag), Chicken Basket Gift Set!, Chicken Diapers (2 Black/White Polka Dot in Large, 1 Red Polka Dot in XL), Chicken Lover Parking Sign, Chicken Maniac on Board Magnetic Bumper, and Organic Layer Feed (10lb pellets).
I want to win the giveaway because I love my chickens more than people. It sounds obsessive, but let me explain. I have Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and severe phobias. My anxiety is so severe that everyday life often seems impossible. I have a tremendous amount of difficulty interacting with strangers, even just paying for something at the store or driving next to someone on the road. I am afraid of most animals (if a dog comes near me, I will have a panic attack), but my chickens are the exception. I have no fear with them, and when I am feeling anxious, they always help calm me down. They are not trained in any special way, but for me, being with them is like therapy. Actually, they have helped me more than formal therapy ever has, and I have gone to COUNTLESS sessions. Since I got them, my anxiety has become much more manageable. I do not have the means to spoil my chickens; they get the simple backyard treatment. I need to win the giveaway to repay them. My chickens certainly know they are loved, but it would mean the world to me if I could do something special for them after all they have done for me!

Dolly Silveira February 26th, 2014

Well, I will be honest, I bought your book, but gave it away to a friend that was in need of sound chicken advice. As an owner of a backyard chicken, with more to come soon, I have found this book to be the best and most complete source of sound chicken rearing advice. My friend and I are in the same boat, we both did 4-H and FFA, but did not raise chickens. When issues would come up, we would spend hours searching for needed information, but not have a go to book for everything chicken. Then I was convinced by one of the “MPC” staff that I should order the book, but I did it with reservations. Once I got the book I sighed with relief that I now had something that covered everything important in one book. So, I gave my copy of the book to my friend, who was in the same boat, and forgot I gave her a signed copy. If I was given $200 I would purchase some much needed supplies for my upcoming shipment of hatching eggs. I need to purchase a few brooding and coop supplies, i.e. light stand, brooding cardboard, galvanized feeders and waterers. I really need to win this contest to replace the book that I gave my friend and get a few supplies for my upcoming egg shipment. As a loyal customer, I would be extremely appreciative of being selected.

Stevee Salazar February 26th, 2014

Honestly, I spend way to much time thinking about my flock, I’m sure like 99% of the readers here. I don’t deserve to win, my hens do and my two roos, they are such gentlemen! I love this blog and have posted before. I know that the author(s) of it are well informed and indeed chicken lovers. I want to read about natural remedies and I just want to be able to use valid info to help a sick feathered friend, afterall they do so much for me… eggs, entertainment, and friendship <3 I would use the prize to give the girls some vitamin supplements and probably mealworms for my spoiled girls! Thanks MPC

Susan Staudt February 27th, 2014

I have a bad case of chicken fever. I have purchased several chicken books, and wanted more info. Finally purchased My Pet Chicken Handbook. It is by far the best of all I’ve seen! Loved it! But then my son got a coop and said he was wanting a good book, so I gave it to him. Now I need a copy! Plus a coop, and chickens, and everything my girls would need to be happy and healthy. Thanks for this contest!

carla clement February 27th, 2014

First i would like to say my love for chickens has been since i have been born. Even though my parents and grandparents have passed they were farmers and some of my fondest memories were getting eggs and putting our ducks in the pond. I would like the handbook to “My Pet Chicken Handbook” to give us a better understanding of the breeds etc. I am interested in the breed selector chart as well because a lot of people at my church are interested in eggs and I would love to provide that for them. If I were given 200$ to spend i would def. buy more silkies, ducks and some brooding supplies as I would love for our little farm to grow. I think I deserve to win because now i have three children of my own and would love to carry on the tradition of raising chickens.

Laura Nickerson February 27th, 2014

I had chickens as a kid, but I just got my own first flock last spring, making them almost a year old now. I am still somewhat of a novice, but boy, have I dealt with a lot of different things this last year. I’ve battled worms, sniffles, runny noses, attacks, deaths, bloddy combs, -28 degree weather (right now), and I feel like the handbook would really teach me how to handle all of this a little better. I’ve got to say, I’m in love with my chickens (and ducks)! I’m already considered the “Crazy Chicken Lady!” If I were to win, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get some Marans! I’ve wanted some since I first found out the different breeds a year ago! And probably some full-breed Ameraucanas. Possibly even an incubator (like I need any more)! Then with whatever is left, I would spend on my floc, buying them little treats and toys and whatnot. I love chickens, and I love this site! <3

Sandy Scofield February 27th, 2014

After a good 30 years we are getting back into doing something we love; raising Chickens! The only book we could find back then was one through 4H. The up to date My Pet Chicken book would be a huge step up. And if we could choose a item from your site to win it would be a wonderful, safe, and much needed Brinsea EcoGlow Chick Brooder (with Lavender Orpington chicks to try it out for us.)

Alisa Volpi February 27th, 2014

Oh how I would love this book! I have pined and wished and dreamed of getting chickens for years and this Christmas my husband surprised me with a lovely yellow coop! My babies ship on April 21st (that’s 53 days, if you are counting) (and I am!!) I’ve been reading and re-reading everything I can get my hands on, learning everything I can. This book looks like the perfect source for concise, well organized information for the panicking new chicken owner…. and also I’m a sucker for fabulous chicken photos!

Sadie Peak February 27th, 2014

I would love the MyPetChicken Handbook, because I spend hours on the site reading and re-reading helpful tip, tricks and innovative ways of raising chickens. We are start up Homesteaders and are really just getting the hang of living off the land. We just received our 1st flock for 15 chicks from MyPetChicken a few days ago. We are loving the experience and are looking forward to expanding. I have learned so much from this website and am sure I would use the handbook as a constant reference guide. If I was to win the $200 I would use it to buy supplies for the new chicks, treats- vitamins. I am also thinking of trying to hatch our own chicks. So maybe some supplies to that effect! We would love to win to further our dream of being HomeSteaders.

NHChickenChic February 27th, 2014

We started our flock about 5 or 6 years ago, when we were helping out a relative who had acquired some chickens that she couldn’t care for. We started with 6 birds, and when our flock was at its peak, we had 31 birds. We got some chicks from, some from local feed stores, and have taken in 8 birds that were left homeless, when friends had to suddenly move.

I would love to win the My Pet Chicken Handbook, so that I could give it to my nephew, who JUST adopted 4 baby chicks in the past week. He and his fiancé are dedicated to caring for their new babies, and I think this comprehensive handbook would be a great resource for them. I think they would benefit from the breed chart, for when they are ready to expand their flock.

If I won the $200, I would invest it into an incubator. This is something we have spoken about getting for a couple years now, but haven’t taken the plunge.

I believe that I deserve this prize package, because my husband I give away the majority of our eggs to friends and family. We have NEVER charged a single cent, and have never asked for anything in return. This would be a nice way for us to be able to continue to share eggs with our community.

Thank-you for considering my entry. Best of luck to all the applicants.

Rebecca Hildenbrand February 27th, 2014

1.i would really enjoy reading your informational handbook, I am always trying to improve my flocks health and well being. 2. If I had $200.00 I would get the home incubator so I can grow my flock from MY eggs instead of buying chickens. 3.with the way the world is today I want to be able to provide for my family and possibly friends and neighbors with food without the help of a grocery store. Thank You.

Amanda Mitchell February 27th, 2014

We have had chickens for about a year now. We love our girls! It has been an adventurous year of illness, freezing temps, run reenforcement, etc… But through it all, we have consulted our books, and scoured the internet for answers to our questions. We would love to have your book so that we have an easy to follow book with many of our frequently asked questions at the tips of our fingers
If we won the contest, I would love to have the Stainless Egg Basket, a few olive eggers and most importantly, a selection of treats for our girls.
We would be honored to win this prize as we love our girls, Rudy, Lucille, Tina and Liz. They make us laugh everyday and have been such a learning experience for ourselves and our children. We want to treat them with some special goodies and also add a few more personalities into the mix!

We love your Facebook page and your Website! Thanks for all you do.

Heather Wheeler February 27th, 2014

I would love to receive a copy of the “My Pet Chicken Handbook” since I have been searching for a year for a publication that answers all of my questions about raising a flock. My children and I started our current flock with a few chicks we purchased at a local farm and we are interested in expanding our number. I have read several books but I still find myself turning to google or chatroom boards to find out the details the books were missing. Oh, how I would love to have a single handbook that I can consistently reference when we have questions.
My flock is already so spoiled… I have a hen that will knock on the front door when they need their special treat and a rooster that stands at my back door and crows until he gets his morning treat. If you pull in my driveway, they are all going to meet you at your car in hopes that you have brought them something special. Each of them has a name and at Christmas the kids put up a tree outside of the coop and put stockings on it for each chicken. And yes, Santa visited and left mealworms for all 🙂 So with the $200.00 I would buy treats for my feathered friends and maybe a few more chicks to join the group. We can always use more friends.
My feathered friends would love to win the prize. I am positive they would enjoy the treats and would very much appreciate me being a much more informed chicken owner.

Kaitie February 27th, 2014

As a chicken owner for almost 10 years, there have been numerous occasions where I did not know something and needed to find answers. My go-to has been forums, but I get so many different answers that are all over the place. With the new My Pet Chicken Handbook, I could have all the information I need in one place! I love learning about new breeds and the breed selector section in the book would come in handy when I need new birds.

If I received $200 to spend at, I would have a tough decision to make. I love to incubate eggs and have had my eye on the Mini Advanced Automatic Incubator for a while. I have recently started to experiment with hatching out French Black Copper Marans (purchased from My Pet Chicken) to get a darker egg color, and want to eventually create Olive Eggers. The incubator is the perfect size to experiment with, and small enough that it does not take up much room when put away. I currently rely on a broody hen or an unreliable old incubator, and a lot of the eggs never hatch.

However, I also love the different tin signs and prints on the website. I could go on a hopping spree and get a bunch of chicken related decorations! I would also order a few rare breed chicks I have had my eye on. The ability to choose just one from a breed has been a great thing. I have been able to pick all different breeds and eggs colors to add to my flock, and everyone comments that I have the prettiest birds.

Finally, I want this prize because it would give me the opportunity to grow my flock and understand chickens better. I would be able to experiment with hatching chicks and maybe one day, I could own the best French Black Copper Marans line in the US. All thanks to the generosity of a company that is dedicated to providing the best backyard birds around.

Kenneth Marshall February 27th, 2014

I live in the high desert north of Reno and have one coop with small flock of 4. Lost one in the severe cold a few months back. I have been receiving the “My Pet Chicken” newsletter and to have your book handy to answer even basic questions would be a big help, I’m looking to expand my flock and free range area (have over an acre of land to play with) so I need extra waters, coop and fencing that the $200 would go a long way in getting that process going. Thank you for you time on this and I’m looking forward to reading the book which I will be getting either way.

john jeziorowski February 27th, 2014

Hi ive been checking out different sites & I really love this one.thanks for the tons of information you have.i got started last spring & bang I got the bug.our babies are like family now.being new to this I looked at plenty of books your right there are gaps,I havent seen any in your book.plenty of information.ive been saving up for the book.if I had the opportunity to win your big prize.i would have to order some exotic birds(colored layers)& some accessories for our new coop were building.i must say being a young disabled widow.yhe joy our birds have brought back into our lives.thanks for the opportunity.

Lisa Markell February 27th, 2014

OOOOOHHHHH – what would I do with the grand prize? Well to start I am a medieval recreationist – someone who recreates the middle ages. And you would never guess that it includes animal husbandry. I am also relatively new at the whole raising chickens. I only helped a little at my grandmother’s farm decades ago. I used to love to speak chicken – the little BURRR, BURRR, BURR of the contented hens. The book would be a great resource in my chicken adventure! I need to know how to build a coop to withstand predators and the cold snowy winters, the humid summers, my dogs and the local wildlife. To be successful in this I have had to research ancient breeds of chickens and their care and uses. I have found the perfect breed to raise. I would LOVE to raise Silver Grey Dorkings – a breed documented back to the Romans, cold hardy and sweet natured to boot! I am a city dweller in a colder region of the USA and could not have a rooster, but I would love to raise 6 SGD ladies. I would use the prize to purchase the Dorkings, put towards a coop (back in the day they kept the chickens in the house if you were a peasant) or perhaps some coop supplies or starter feed (they would eat a lot of my leftovers too as they did in the Middle Ages). I am looking forward to this adventure and the grand prize would sure help me on the way.

Melissa February 27th, 2014

Everyone likes to win 🙂 Not everyone I know likes chickens. Maybe ‘chicken’, but not the pet kind. I really enjoy going out into the girls’ run, sitting on a bale of straw, chicken on my lap, and talking to them so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself 🙂

Jennifer February 27th, 2014

I would need the book for the reference charts and to diagnose chicken illnesses. I would use the money to purchase a new feeder that keeps the chickens from wasting food as well as order some more olive, green, blue egg layers in addition to some meat birds for august. We just started keeping chickens last July and are new to the whole process.

Matt February 27th, 2014

This book will be our first Chicken book of our own. We currently rotate thru the libraries selection on chickens, reading and rereading them. But we need a complete book on the shelf for quick reference. With $200 I would add some chocolate layers to my flock, and let the kids start their own flock of Silkies to manage in the other side of the yard. And with more chickens I get to do what I like best, build stuff outside. So a great reference book on the shelf, an addition to my flock and the kids with their own flock. How could it get any better?

Sara Sweatman February 27th, 2014

I would absolutely love to win this prize. I would like a copy of your book because I believe that knowledge is power. I home school three kids and I know for a fact that you can never have too much knowledge! If I won the dream prize pack, I would use the money towards a new coop/hutch. It would really help our family a lot to win this prize package. We are trying to teach our kids to live in a more natural way. They spend a lot of time learning to take care of their animals. I think that the best learning comes from hands on experience. They learn from mistakes and they learn from success. One of the most difficult aspects of home school is that the kids miss companionship. My son has an immune disorder that makes him unable to be around other children. We were able to provide companionship to him through his birds. It has profoundly changed his life – to be able to connect with his birds. I would love to be able to reward the kids for all of their hard work and dedication – even through this dreadful weather and a really bad case of the flu – they were out there every day.

Ronda Slawinski February 27th, 2014

I want/need the book for all those reasons. I often buy assortments or left over chicks and the chart would be so helpful. I also let hens set so I might be able to identify the offsprings. I’d buy an incubator first thing. paying $3-$6 for a chick is getting expensive. I take in odd chickens all the time when people don’t want to deal with them any longer. So knowing health problems and remedies would really be helpful. I have already learned a ton from following you on Facebook. I have a lame chicken in a cage now not real sure what to do with her yet.
thanks for the opportunity to enter. hope I win

Bonnie Valentine February 27th, 2014

A new book about chickens is always considered a welcome addition to my library. One can never learn enough about our feathery friends, and it is always nice to have a comprehensive guide to loan to others when they take an interest in raising chickens.

If I were to become the fortunate recipient of a My Pet Chicken $200 credit I would add some of the exotic hens I’ve been eyeing up for the last few years to my already diverse flock. Imagine a few Appenzeller Spitzhaubens or Golden Cuckoo Marans frolicking around the yard when everyone else in the area raises Rhode Island Reds. That would be impressive indeed!

If awarded with this esteemed prize the book would be shared and recommended to others. The new additions to my flock would enjoy the ultimate chicken life; free ranging by day and staying in a comfortable coop at night. Keep in mind that they would also receive table scraps and lots of attention, only being asked to provide eggs in return. At that point in the future when there are no more eggs, fear not they are permitted to live out the rest of their life quietly being a chicken due to a modest retirement plan that each one has. I would also tell everyone where I get my chickens from and how pleased I have been with past orders and a 100% survival rate for all chicks purchased from My Pet Chicken.

Ken Littrell February 27th, 2014

I wish I could have half a doze, pretty little rare-breed colored-egg laying pullets playing in my yard.

Kimberly February 27th, 2014

All of the chicks I’ve gotten from you are growing fast. 🙂
The book would help me identify the ones I haven’t figured out yet (mystery chicks). Also would be nice to get some new things for the chickies. I love my pet chicken!

Mimi February 27th, 2014

I love your site. I love your love for chickens! And, I have neighbors with chickens from whom I purchase the best eggs. Therefore, I dream of having my own chickens. For the moment, though, work responsibilities (I’m a “traveling sales person”) only allow me to dream. The book will feed that dream! My husband and I are “laying” plans for the future and a third act for me career-wise! And in that third act, there will be room for chickens!!!!!

What would I purchase? Some special treats for my kind neighbors’ chickens and some coop plans for the future!! 😉

Morgan R February 27th, 2014

I would love to win this prize as a new chicken owner and an “ambassador” for chickens to those who don’t know what wonderful animals they are! The book would be great to use while I teach preschoolers about different breeds of chickens, and for the list of breeds in the book! If I won, I would buy some more chickens to add to my flock but certainly buy some treats for my girls also! They are spoiled rotten and if they found out I didn’t buy them anything, well…
If I win this prize, the money/book would continue paying it forward as I teach younger people and adults alike about the benefits of raising such a diverse, adaptable animal and how they themselves can make the world a better place by knowing what they are buying in the stores. A stream of chicken education will flow!

Lyddie February 27th, 2014

I want the book because you can never know too much about chickens–at least as far as I’m concerned–and I would love the chance to learn more. Obviously, I don’t know the contents of the book in great detail because I haven’t read it yet, so I can’t honestly say what I will enjoy most about it. Suffice it to say, it’s a book about chickens, and therefor I shall love it.

If I had $200 to spend on MPC, I would have a tough time deciding what to spend it on. Of course, I have several breeds on my wish list, including black copper marans, silkies, olive eggers, and leghorns, but I also have been wistfully gazing at the pages for the eco-glow and ovascopes. It’s a really tough call, but one I would greatly enjoy having to make.

The final and hardest part–why I think I deserve this prize. Of course, like everyone who shops at MPC, my chickens are more than livestock to me. Although we originally decided to get chickens for purely practical reasons, they have become so much more than egg factories or sources of meat. They have demonstrated an amazing capacity for love, affection, intelligence, and comedy that I never would have dreamed possible, and they have proven to be the most effective means yet in controlling my anxiety disorder. Now, my father and I are sharing this experience with the next generation–we are scheduled to start teaching a class later this month to children between the ages of 5 and 11. In addition to learning the basics of chicken ownership, they will get to watch eggs develop and hatch and get hands-on experience with our flock of over 50 chickens. Who knows? Maybe we will inspire a new generation of avid backyard chicken owners!

Kathie Grey February 27th, 2014

I am a new chicken owner and have so much to learn about the care of chickens. With the new My Pet Chicken Handbook I could have all the information I need in one place to help me deal with all the new situations that arise. While I would love to use the $200 to buy some new hatchlings and an incubator…I would have to use the money to buy a new chicken coop and all the items to furnish it. My flock has 2 roosters and one of them, Gideon, has received a brain injury from the beatings of the dominant rooster. His behavior upsets some of the other chickens and I need to provide him with his own community. The vet says he is perfectly healthy…except for his spastic movements. I have several other hens that seem to get along well with him so he will be able to have his own ‘family’ and home. I really think Gideon deserves a chance for peace and happiness and he deserves to win the new home and I will need the guidance. from the book, on how to care for my ‘special needs’ boy.

Tonya February 27th, 2014

Oh my goodness this contest could not have come at a better time! Just a few weeks ago I ordered 6 baby chicks from ya’ll that we will anxiously be awaiting arrival for in May. You see, I am a wanna be farm girl trying to make the best of it in suburbia. My family and I moved up here to beautiful Ohio from sunny Florida a little over a year ago. And while I know most people would be confused by my excitment to move from paradise I find great joy. I finally have a home where my dream of raising chickens can become reality. So I began my research on raising chickens and came across your amazing website and blog. So much information but having a book at arms reach would be so helpful for when we get our new babies in may. My 4 children have already named them after 6 Disney princesses. To say they are excited is an understatement. If we won the $200 it would of course go to all the supplies we will now need to keep our new babies growing strong and comfortable as well as things needed to add to the new coop we plan to build. So as you can see with 6 new bundles of joy due in May we could absolutely need and could put the book and the $200 to very good use!

Tiffany Chamberlain February 27th, 2014

I have suffered from autoimmune diseases for many years. After many years of drugs and surgeries , including having my entire colon removed I have learned that home grown food is my best way to stay healthy. We moved last August and I finally have room to garden as I want and have animals. We have been planning all winter and this site is by far the best resource I have found! I would love your expert handbook at my side while beginning this venture! I would also love to purchase the waterer and feeder I have been drooling over as well as order my very first chicks.

Winning this contest would help me attain my goal of becoming more self sufficient and keep my family healthy. My hope is that if I raise my 4 kids as naturally as possible I will help them avoid the fate I was delivered due to bad genes and poor choices.

Thank you for offering this!!!

Sarah Roper February 27th, 2014

Hello! I have never owned chickens in my life, and never thought I would want to. However, my 12 year-old daughter has written a “bucket list”, and one of the adventures listed is “raise chickens”. So, after much thought and research, we’re taking the plunge this spring! I’ve ordered 4 Red Star chickies from you guys that are due to arrive the week of April 14th. We’ve read everything we can get our hands on regarding chick care, but we’d LOVE to have your book as our go-to reference on our shelf. My husband is building a coop and my daughter has saved up her own money, which we’ve happily used to buy some brooder supplies. If selected, we would love the stainless steel egg basket, some organic chick feed and maybe a magazine subscription! I don’t even know yet what we still need, but oh boy, we would have such fun picking stuff out! We would be thrilled to be chosen, because we are total chickie-newbies, but we are so, so excited to embark on this adventure. It’s become a whole-family project and we can’t wait to get our chicks and learn better how to take care of them. Thanks! 🙂

Heather February 27th, 2014

I have several chicken/ hobby farming books, but they never cover the topics I’m interested in learning about or they don’t go into much detail. Some leave me with even more questions! If the My Pet Chicken Handbook is anything like the website it will prove to be a wealth of information to newbies and old pros alike! I love My Pet Chicken! I got my first chicks from there 4 years ago, by am by no means an expert. Having a “go -to” source of information right at my fingertips would be AWESOME! *smiling*
If I won the contest, my “chickie babas” would get new nest boxes and an automatic chicken door ( both items are on the list of things to get this spring!) I’d love to have signage letting neighbors and passerbys know we have eggs for sale, too!
As much as I’d love to win, I’m up against some pretty crazy chicken lovers! I look forward to the new handbook and spring!( Here in New England we are still feeling the bite of winter!) Thanks MPC!!!

Terri MacMahan February 27th, 2014

First, the reason why I want this book is because I NEED it. As much as I think I know, there is always more to learn. There is no such a thing as too much knowledge on any subject.

Second, If I could choose one thing it would be an incubator. We get new chicks every spring to expand our flock but wouldn’t it be wonderful to hatch our own eggs! I have explained chicken reproduction to my children, ages 6 & 8, in as much as they can understand at that age. But to watch the experience from setting to pipping with Christmas like anticipation would be such an amazing gift .
Lastly, I certainly don’t feel that I deserve to win more than anyone else. But I know that I need to continue teaching my children about the animals we raise, the foods we eat, and the environment we live in. So I want to win so you can help me raise them to become good stewards of our earth.

Thank you!

Darlene Hargrove February 27th, 2014

We have had chickens for 3-4 years now. We really enjoy watching them, they each have their own personality. Also, my 9 year daughter has begun to show them in 4-H. I am the secretary for our local Jr. Livestock Association as well as one of the poultry ID reps and I know that books and internet sites are invaluable tools to find out about issues that arise with any of our babies. What sets your book apart, in my opinion, are the accounts of actual experiences from other “chicken people”. If I were given $200 to spend at your site, it would go toward a separate house for my silkies or maybe even some new silkies! I think that I would put this prize to good use with our little farm as well as using the information to help our 4-H youth with their projects. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Adriel February 27th, 2014

I would love this book! I will probably buy it anyway but MPC is such an excellent source of information. I ALWAYS send the links to my friends who are looking into chickens or have questions about breeds and what not. This book would also be great to take on vacation for those of us that like to try and identify feral hens and roosters we see while on vacation lol.

With the prize I would get some Salmon Faverolles ( I first learned about them on MPC) some dark chocolate eggers or in my life “dream layers” and a coop! I hope to win this because I dearly miss my girls after moving across the country and we need to start all over. Of course I would just be happy with a coffee mug 🙂

I really want this as well since we have a little girl who loved watching our hens when she was wee little. There are definitely posters who probably deserve this more than us, but I thought I’d try and at least let yall know how great your resources are.


Melanie Mallory February 27th, 2014

I am a chicken newbie and have just built a coop and ordered chicks (die to arrive in July!). I have been preparing my sweet 2 1/2 year old boy for the chickens. I read your blog to him, we look at pics and videos of chickens. He has asked multiple times about hatching eggs. Elliott is so excited about the chickens that he has told his teacher and she asked if I would consider letting her hatch eggs, as she had done so years ago in a classroom and the kids so benefitted from the experience, even children so young. She said the kids talked about it even as young adults when she would run into them. I arranged to borrow an incubator, but it fell through. Were I to win the contest, I would purchase an incubator to provide an enriching experience for my son and his classmates, as well as yummy eggs for us. Chickens are an excellent modality for teaching children from a young age (and adults) about precious value of life, animal friends, food systems, and responsibility.

Danielle February 27th, 2014

I know exactly what I would do if I won the book…I am currently looking for prizes for our 4H County Poultry show. I think that would make one of 4H Poultry owners very happy! They educate themselves all year long in order to both compete in showmanship and to educate the public at the various community service events we do. So many people they meet and show their chickens to are amazed at wonderful chickens are, and the 4H club has helped several families start flocks of their own! The 4Hers of our County Poultry Club are wonderful ambassadors to keeping the backyard chicken hobby going. The book would help them further their knowledge to share and make a fun prize.
What I would do with the $200 – even easier – my kids help the local 1st graders hatch eggs (which we have previously gotten from MPC) and we would be able to afford some neat ones for them this year! And yes, I would splurge and get my family one of those wonderful breeds you have that I cannot justify buying otherwise 🙂 I think some fun chicken treats would make some great prizes for the 4h show as well.
I would love to enter and win to help grow our 4H club, many opportunities, prizes for their show, hatching eggs for outreach, and new birds for a breeding project for them. Very excited for the opportunity!

Kerry Lopez February 27th, 2014

About 6 months ago, I received a box of chicks from MPC. I had spent countless hours on the internet (and the MPC website) researching chickens, coops, chicken care, and everything else I thought I needed to know. The one thing that I didn’t do was buy a book. What? WHAT? I didn’t buy a book because I couldn’t find one that was good enough for my 8 new family members. I just constantly referenced the MPC online handbook and chicken-finding tool. And NOW YOU HAVE A BOOK! I NEED IT! The ladies have the best of everything, and deserve the best care I can give them. Having an accurate and reliable resource at my fingertips would be wonderful! I could read it outside while watching them peck and forage! I could read it during down-times at work! I could read it while my husband watches lame sic-fi shows on TV at night! I could read it while having my car’s oil changed! It would be my excuse to lock myself in my room and just read and relax. Ahhhh, relax.

Now, what to do with 200 MPC dollars…
Well, I have a chicken “wish list”. Santa wasn’t as chicken-friendly as I hoped he would be this year, so I need to take matters into my own hands. On that list are an Olive Egger, Blue Copper Marans, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Lavender Orpington, Blue Orpington, Barnevelder, Buff Brahma, and a Columbian Wyandotte. And should I have any left over, I would buy another Chicken Fountain because they are the best things ever. Oh, and a few bags of Chicken Salad mix too. You can never have enough salad.

Bryn February 27th, 2014

My husband retired from active duty with the US Air Force in Sept 2013. We relocated to Florida to be closer to our families. We need to start a new flock down here and the new handbook seems great for figuring out what breeds are heat tolerant. It also looks like a great read just to get extra information on raising healthy, happy chooks!
The prize money would definitely buy some great, unusual chicks to start our new southern flock (as well as some treats for them, of course!). We will be building a coop ourselves and the plans available on the site seem like a great start.
Our military family has moved around a lot on Uncle Sam’s orders for the last 22 years. Now we are ready to settle down and enjoy our hobby farm. This prize would be a great way to start our adventure!

Carolyn D. February 27th, 2014

I would love to win a signed copy of My Pet Chicken Handbook!

I have been keeping chickens for about a year now and must say I love my girls!
Who knew that the little cluckers would hold such a special place in my heart. I wish I had this “Handbook” a year ago when I first started it would have been a huge time and expense saver to know exactly what size coop to build and what feeders and waterers to buy not to mention the guide to selecting a breed.

Now that the girls are older I find I really need a book on chicken health and what to do to nurse my girls back to health, I have recently had to deal with one of the girls having sour crop, let me tell you I had to search on the internet to find out what it was and how to fix it. It would be great to be able to pick up this handbook and have the answers on hand when health questions arise.

My dream prize from your catalog if I had $200.00 to spend would be the Brinsea Mini Advanced Automatic Incubator and some fertile Blue and Lavender Orpington eggs!

I really deserve to win the Handbook and Dream Prize because I am a dedicated chicken mama, I love my girls and I want to do whatever I can to keep them healthy and happy…Thanks!

Marcy February 27th, 2014

Why would I like the new chicken book? So I could go outside and read it with my chickens of course! I don’t have a laptop, so all of my chicken research is done on my desktop computer. All kidding aside, I am new to chickens, I bought my first flock last Spring. I know there is a lot for me to learn about chicken keeping. Right now, I have some egg birds, but would love to expand into meat. I do have a lot of questions about meat birds that I’m sure this book could help me answer!A breed chart would be really nice to have on hand. I live in Michigan and we can have very harsh winters.

What would I buy with $200? An incubator and egg turner would be nice. I would love to hatch my own chicks! There are also a few breeds of birds I would like such as a couple of Silkies, some Frizzles, and some more Easter Eggers and definitely some treats for my birds! If there was any money left over, I think my kitchen would look nice decked out in chicken décor (since my husband says I can’t bring the real ones in!)

Why do I deserve this prize? I am 34 years old and suffered a stroke two years ago. Since then I cannot work and do not receive any government benefits. I started keeping chickens last Spring and they are the sweetest most non-judgemental beings out there. They do not care if I walk a little funny or forget what I am telling them. They still flock to me when I walk outside. They just cock their little heads sideways and make sweet little noises as if to say “that’s ok, we love you anyway!” Reason #2…I live in Michigan and have so far survived this unbelievable record breaking winter with all birds in tact!

Kristina Gardner February 27th, 2014

My motto is you can take the girl out of the country, but she’ll probably get chickens.
We moved from our home on small acreage to the city, to be closer to work and family. In doing so, I gave up my beloved horses- one of whom I had owned for over 17 years. I have always loved chickens and after speaking with my neighbor (who was a new chicken owner) I was bound to learn more! My chickens have softened the blow of giving up the country life that I loved and I credit MPC for helping me find the right breeds to perfectly compliment our needs.

My Pet Chicken was the first site I went to when I began looking into chickens. I don’t do anything halfway, and research something as much as possible before jumping in. I wanted to have “forever” chickens so it was so important to pick the right breeds for our needs. The breed selector tool was invaluable to me and I have referred several other to it since then.
Even though I have had chickens for a few months now, I am still very much a newbie and have so much to learn. This handbook would be very helpful going forward with my flock and would help me provide information and resources to others in my area looking to get into raising chickens as well.

I trust this site as the foremost leader in all things chicken, and I rely on it for reference and accurate straightforward information. I know this book will be an excellent supplement, and something that I will use and reference as long as I own chickens.

If I were to win, I would be torn between a custom portrait and purchasing spring chicks and supplies for my flock. I just love spoiling them and watching them run to me whenever I go outside.

My girls have gotten me through the sadness of losing my horse– allowing me to stay rooted to the country lifestyle; and I dearly love them. I am so thankful to have been able to find such a fantastic site to aid me in finding the perfect breeds for myself and my family.
Thank you for you consideration!

Amanda Auchterlonie February 27th, 2014

I want the My Pet Chicken Handbook for the recipes and because I am old school. I prefer to have a book that I can refer to rather than navigating through different websites. I would spend the money on some Black Copper Marans, treats for my chickens and let my mom pick something out for her flock as well. We recently acquired an incubator and I can’t wait to try it out, so I would probably get some eggs to hatch out, too. I would love to be picked for this so I can expand my flock and my knowledge of chickens.

Karie Swennes February 27th, 2014

The reason I would like to win the book is because I need all the help I can get.I want to keep my chickens happy and healthy. If I were to win $200 I would put the money towards a coop to seperate our broody chicken from the rest of the flock, so that she could hatch her babies in peace without the rest of the gals bothering her. The tend to try to take over as mama or get jealous of and agressive towards the new chicks. In conclusion I would like to win this book because it would help me take better care of our flock of chickens. I could learn more about their querky behavior towards each other. It would also be good to know the difference of a sick chicken that needs medication or just time to get well.

Ellen February 27th, 2014

I am the neighborhood’s “crazy chicken lady” (my husband says so, so it must be true.) While I’m not new to this whole chicken thing, I always have room to learn more. I pride myself on being an emissary for the urban chicken keeping movement. Living in a northern suburb of Indianapolis, I‘m unique. My community has recently relaxed its ordinances regarding chickens, but not many know about it. I’m spreading the word one person at a time! I enjoy sharing new knowledge, having given chicken husbandry workshops locally. In warmer months, a parade of parents and children come to the fence to feed and talk to our chickens. They get a handful of corn and a short introduction to chickens. I often get to explain about roosters and why they’re important, too. I think the new book will be a wealth of knowledge for me. It would help me ‘up my game” and I will share it with those considering chickens.
As for the shopping spree prize; I was like a kid at Christmas, picking what I dream of getting. I am familiar with the quality chicks sold at your site, having received our Golden Laced Polish hens from my kids, who ordered from That said, I would add to my flock, with the Maran collection topping my list. Blue Orpingtons are a close second. Supplies for my flock are included on my wish list w/ the poultry water nipples to thwart my inherited Muscovy duck in the hen house, brooder bottle caps for the chick brooder, and cage cups for my nighttime rooster cages. The free range eggs sign would be a much classier avertisement than my hand lettered eggs for sale sign.

I won’t judge whether I’m deserving of this prize, but can say that I would put it to good use and that many, beyond myself, would benefit from the knowledge contained in this new book. The new chickens would be conversation starters in spreading the word about keeping chickens and the myriad benefits that kids, adults and communities reap from having backyard birds

Theresa hennessey February 27th, 2014

1. We have been raising chickens for 3 years now. I would love to have this book on hand in our homeschool room and am interested in the homade treat section as well as the trouble shooting section.
2. If I had $200 to spend I would put it towards something bigger like the cabinet incubator or coop. I also really want an ecoglow and the poultry net.
3. I think that winning this would be such a blessing to our family. It would be a tremendous help to us in our homeschool life lesson chicken project.

Erin Saari February 27th, 2014

The reason that I am choosing the My Pet Chicken Handbook is because I view My Pet Chicken as one of the most reliable sources for information on raising chickens! I first found out about them on The Martha Stewart show, it was where I became inspired to have my own backyard flock. If I were to win the prize money, I would purchase a Brinsea Brooder lamp, a brooder pen, Baby chick starter feed, chick grit & a pair of lixit feed/waterers. I would use these great products to raise the newest addition to my flock, 6 chicks that I ordered from My Pet Chicken, that are due to arrive in May:). I would love to win any of the prizes! I would use the handbook as my go to guide because when I ordered my first chicks last year, from MPC, the information provided was very practical & useful, so I’m sure that a book would be even better. Our hens provide my family with nutrition, teach my children how to care for another living being & to be honest, a day out in the sunshine “chickening” just makes me feel so peaceful! We love our ladies ! Thank you MPC.

Elizabeth A February 27th, 2014

1 – Would love to win the new My Pet Chicken handbook as our go-to guide to keep at home. We’ve looked at every book in the local library (some more than a few times) and while all are good, we haven’t found one that we want to have in our home library. This would be a great book for us to have! Only just started keeping chickens last year and we’re totally addicted! 2 – I think I’d like to get some chocolate or blue/green layers with the $200 gift card. They’d be a nice addition to our RIR, Orpington, and Plymouth Rocks. Then again, I’d also like to get some chicken décor for the kitchen/home. Love the variety of salt/pepper shakers and egg baskets on the site! 3 – I don’t want to say I “deserve” to win – others are more deserving, I’m sure. As I said earlier, we’re new to the chicken-keeping venture but we’re definitely hooked. As our kids get older (pre-teens now), we were looking for a family activity that would be of interest to all of us – having chickens did it. I love knowing what our chickens are eating and knowing that we’re feeding our family the most nutritious eggs possible for us. Both kids enjoy checking for eggs as soon as they get home from school and with a new set of chicks in the basement till this current polar vortex moves on, they go downstairs to check on them before leaving for school and before bedtime. And all this has encouraged us to learn more about where the rest of our food is coming from: local sources, organic, or unknown?

Jennifer February 27th, 2014

I just love raising chickens! My flock consists of 13 ladies and I have ordered eggs for delivery early April, so my flock will be expanding. As I enter my fifth year as a chicken farmer I am amazed at the new things I learn along the way. I am sure there is some new knowledge to be had in The New My Pet Chicken Handbook! With the prize money I would like to order some cartons with my girls slogan on them “Jen’s Hens Eggs – “Laid with Love”, what eggs my family doesn’t use we donate to local seniors living on fixed incomes and some friends, of course!

Cathy Piner February 27th, 2014

1. I would love a copy of your book because I have learned to respect you as a trusted source over the past year. When I first purchased my chicks I had very little knowledge and I scoured the Internet for information. Your name just keeps popping up. Kudos to you! I visit your site often. I would trust your book and the information it provides and it would be handy to have close by in an emergency. The breed selector guide would be beneficial and I’d love the added extra of recipes for me and my chickens!

2. I have wanted a Brinsea EcoGlow 20 chick brooder for some time now so that is top on my wish list. Of course, if you have the brooder you may as well get the chicks to go along with it. So I would choose chicks, gro-gel, sav-a-chick, and starter feed to stick with the theme.

3. So, why should you chose me, well, because I think I am your market. I started with chicks because I knew it would be an enriching experience for my kids and me. It has become so much more than that! We love our chickens. They are our pets! They bring us joy, fresh eggs, entertainment, and they are just plain fun. We plan on keeping them healthy and happy for years to come and that is where your site and expertise fit in. We will be loyal customers because you have proven to be a trusted source so we can provide the best for our little flock.

Lisa February 27th, 2014

I would love to have your book because winters are loooong and I like to spend cold evenings planning for warmer weather. If I had $200 to spend, I would probably get the Solar chicken coop light and timer. Not only would that help us get a few more eggs through out the long winter, but it would make morning chores a bit easier to accomplish before work. Thanks and good luck to all who have entered.

Cara Switzer February 27th, 2014

First, thank you so much for opportunity to enter!
Admittedly, I haven’t looked through your new book closely so I’m not really sure what makes it stand apart from other books currently on the market. However, I purchased my chicks from My Pet Chicken a few years ago, and if the expertise and amicable customer service that I received on the phone (multiple times!) has been carried over to this book I know it’s one for my shelves!
I began raising chickens with my young daughters. The lessons in responsibility, biology, and a bit of self-sufficiency have been immeasurable! They’re so proud when friends sleep over and they bring them to the coop to gather their breakfast, and a multi-colored one at that! And it always puts a smile on my face to send friends and family home with a dozen extra.
So, you ask what I would spend $200 on? Eggs and an incubator! Now that my girls and I have a few years of experience under our belts, we’re ready (and ridiculously anxious!!) to expand our horizons and try a hatch of our own. Unfortunately, I won’t hatch our own eggs because our rooster is a Silkie. You see, my girls BEGGED me to buy a Silkie pair, each taking full responsibility for their own. They would go out to the coop and the adorable little fluff balls would just curl up in their laps and fall asleep! But, tragedy befell when my youngest daughter’s Silkie hen, Sammie, was knocked on the head by another hen. Both girls were phenomenal nurses, but we lost her. My girl was six, and absolutely devastated. Another life lesson I suppose, but as a result I’m afraid to hatch our eggs for fear that the open skull gene will be passed on and put any new chickens at risk.
I can’t really say that I ‘need’ or ‘deserve’ to win the prize any more than your other customers. I can say though that I would LOVE to surprise my girls with a chance to hatch our own babies this Spring! Thanks again!

Lindsey Turner February 27th, 2014

I’d like the book because it’s one of the few chicken books I don’t have 😛 I’d buy some nest boxes or some beautiful new chickies! I don’t know if I deserve it the most but I still would like to try 😉 Thanks for the opportunity!

Elaine February 27th, 2014

The My Pet Chicken site is one of my main “go-tos” when I have questions about my chicken gals. While I’m not a newbie to chicken raising–I’m going on my 4th year as an urban chicken wrangler–I still have issues that arise at times that I need either assistance with or reassurance about. Having the My Pet Chicken book would be a handy, excellent resource with all the information in one location, rather than noodling around on the website looking for answers to my questions. It would be a one-stop shop!
Spending $200 at would be easy…I’ve spent lots of time looking at all the things I don’t currently own but would like to have, the wonderful home decor and fun items available, and of course the amazing selection of fabulous breeds that I could enhance my flock with! However, if I win the $200 I plan to pass it along to a 2nd grade teacher at a local elementary school, Miss Malone, who is single-handedly creating a community garden for her school with the ultimate goal of having chickens onsite for the students to learn from and care for. I think the $200 would be very well-spent!
Books are always a welcome addition to our home, and a book like this one would be well-used, well-thumbed and well-loved. The chicken gals and I thank you for considering our submission–and Miss Malone may need to borrow it one day, too!

Sharon February 27th, 2014

My Pet Chicken is my go to site if I have questions about my chickens. I have had them almost 2 years now. I believe you can always learn new things. I’d love to get some Silkies, some more green or blue egg layers. My family thought I had gotton on the crazy train when I said I wanted chickens! Now I don’t think they can live without them. Thank you for this opportunity!

Jessica Huszar February 27th, 2014

I would love to win the “My Pet Chicken Handbook”! My Pet Chicken is the first place I found when I started my flock, and it’s still my go to site for my chicken related questions. I would love to have all that knowledge in book form to fill in the gaps in the other books I have. I’m especially interested in learning how to get my broody hens to take care of chicks and the chicken breed selector. I’m kind of addicted to different breeds and just like to look at the selector even if I’m not ready to add to my flock.

If I had $200 to spend at My Pet Chicken I would get an ecoglow brooder for my chicks arriving in April (from My Pet Chicken, of course), a mini incubator because I would love to hatch some eggs, and some treats for my girls. And I probably couldn’t resist some new babies!

Living in Los Angeles, having chickens is such a treat for my 3 daughters to learn to appreciate where their eggs come from and how to care for the hens. My neighbors also love my hens and ask to come over just to watch them. 🙂 I need to win this so I can keep sharing the wonder that is raising chickens and to do it right.Thank you so much for the give away!

Amy Adams February 27th, 2014

I need to win this contest because I’ve been seriously chicken obsessed for about 10 years now! I’ve got my 24 girls, and their rooster, The Boss, but I really need the book because you can never learn enough about chickens. They are so very complex and interesting, and I’m always talking my friends and acquaintances into getting a flock of their own. If I were to win the contest, I’d be THRILLED! If I had $200 to spend with you, I would buy an incubator so I could hatch a tiny flock for my friends who keep asking me about mine. I’d love to be able to give a few chicks along with my advice, and winning the grand prize would help me do both!

Amy Calkins February 27th, 2014

My Boyfriend and I finally got something together last two years ago, CHICKENS! We raised them he set up a web came so I can watch them while I was at work. My pet chicken has been a blessing in learning the things I need to know. Now I bought a house in the country and built a castle coop for many hens thanks to your resources I came up with a grand design. I am building my coop with needed supplies, feeders, water systems and all the special treats. I will grow my flock to more I only have three hens now but I have room for at least a dozen. I would love to buy some new birds from you this spring and feeders, treats and all needed things. I LOVE The handy bird info sheet really helps me pick to my needs and winter weather they will have to make it alive. Only Winter hardy birds for me!

Axlbul February 27th, 2014

Well, if I did get chosen, the first thing I would have to get is treats for our flock as they are the reason for it. Next would be an incubator or pen for the chicklets. We moved from the city just because of our chickens. We started out with 7 lovely older girls. They taught us much to begin with. Being in the city really didn’t give us much room for them. The first and most important thing we found out is that our girls are therapists. While gardening or doing yard work, they listen and talk back to you. We now have a 2.5 acre farm with 13 girls and our rooster Fabio. We have been chicken keepers for 3 years now and have never regretted a moment of our choice to raise chickens. We have a good selection of chicken keeping books but new questions arise everyday. 10 years ago if you told me I would be putting preparation H and lubricant on a chicken at 4 am for a prolapsed vent I would have laughed my butt off. I think your book would be an excellent addition to flock owners, beginner, expert and potential.

Danielle C. February 27th, 2014

1) I know the handbook will be awesome if its anything like your website and people who answer the phone at (walked me through which birds I want/may like etc.and you can tell they REALLY like chickens). As a 2nd year flock keeper, I need these kinda resources at my fingertips, plus I inspired a good friend to start a flock this year, so what better way to learn by sharing the handbook!
2) If I won the $200, I would totally buy a net! In my first year I learned so much but the one lesson I don’t want to learn again is that chicken hawks will make a visit to your backyard, and do damage! Fatal damage. I have a great set up, all that’s missing is the net so they can forage a bit more and roam. I love watching them do their thing, but I gotta keep them safe. Since I know this isn’t a phase, I’d like to have my family grow up with chickens their whole lives, I think its worth the investment so I would probably upgrade the feeders and waterers.
3) Why me? Because Im just wanna be homesteader in my 30’s having a 2nd baby the week before I get my spring chicks, who is trying to create a simple good life. I work hard, so I can play hard…winning would be really really cool! Thanks

Beverly Rosa February 27th, 2014

I got hooked on chickens a year ago. I adopted my first five Ladies from My Pet Chicken. I Love them!! I now have 11. Planning on expanding this year!

Teri Brown February 27th, 2014

Reading about chickens is almost as much fun as having chickens. I love to learn about different breeds and to look at coops. Even though I have had chickens for a couple of years, there is still so much to learn. I need the MY Pet Chicken Handbook because I still make mistakes, and your book seems tailored to a backyard flock just like mine. My pet chickens deserve an educated caretaker. Those lovely layers want me to win a copy so I will have more money for treats. And since we love everything we have gotten from My Pet Chicken, we are sure to love your hand book too.
A shopping spree at My Pet Chicken would be the best. My family and friends tire of me asking for gifts from your web-site. I still want an upcycled chicken feed bag and the upcycled sail pillow cover with the big red chicken. My girls need some chicken caviar and a subscription to Backyard Poultry would be devine. Of course I need more chickens. They are the new black. I love Silkies and Easter Eggers and Marans. The list goes on but that will do for now. Once I have a copy of your book, I can make a more comprehensive list,
I should, no doubt, be the winner because a girl like me needs a crazy chicken lady starter kit. I want to grow a healthy flock and be knowledgeable about caring for it. Chickens have enriched my life. They give fresh eggs and entertainment each day. I love my chickens and enjoy your website. Thank you.

Renee Cutts February 27th, 2014

I fell in love with my great-grandmother’s chickens as a small child. Her tender care over her free ranged chickens was adorable. Her gentle chickens loved her right back, following her around and gifting her with eggs every day which she made for breakfast every morning, eggs over easy, toast and a cup of hot tea with cream and sugar! When I grew up. I wanted to pass that love on to my children and share the joys of having chickens with others! I deplore the corporate farm treatment most chickens endure and am always educating and encouraging people to seek out eggs that have been produced by chickens that are treated humanely like God intended. Raising free range chickens takes some know how, they are completely dependent on you for protection and well being. My Pet Chicken has been my source for acquiring new chickens and answering questions about their care. Your posts and photos touch my heart! I have found no better source for information and I am excited about the book release! Of course I would get more chickens with the prize! I’ve had my eyes on some lovely chocolate layers!

Amanda Bickford February 27th, 2014

We bought our first home, a 1820 fixer upper Vermont farm house, a little over a year ago. The first thing we did was make a list of repairs. It was a long list and included things like: re-plumb whole house, re wire whole house for electric, new roof, new furnace, paint every room, plaster repair, fix broken windows, and build a chicken coop/ get chickens. Many things need to happen right away, and we set out to work on the most important things first. We spent one night, with a bottle of wine, in front of our fireplace trying to figure out what we should do first. We both voted too build the chicken coop and get chickens of course! How hard could it be to build a chicken coop?

That weekend we stop buy our local hardware store to get supplies, and in the parking lot was a chicken swap. Fate? We came home with our little babies in a fried chicken box! A long three months later, they move out of our house and into their.

We would use the handbook, to learn more about our girls. Chickens are amazing animals, and we would love to learn anything we could about them. And we would use the $200 to purchase more girls to live at our farm house in Vermont. I think a rainbow flock of egg layers would round out our home quite nicely.


Shawn Foster February 27th, 2014

A rural lifestyle with chickens scratching around in the yard has always been a dream for me. When I finally got the opportunity to move out of the city, I bought a couple chickens almost immediately. I was a clueless. The first time I saw a chicken taking a dust bath, I freaked! I thought it was having a seizure. I have learned a lot but still have many questions. I do web searches and slowly pick through all of the information trying to find sensible answers. Your book would be a quick and reliable resource to help me save time and avoid confusion.
There are so many items in your catalog that are on my wish list. If I had to choose I would pick a watering system. I know that giving my chickens fresh water at all times is so important for their health. I would love to stock up on chicken health products, like vitamins and medicine, also. I would like to be as prepared as possible for any illness or stress.
Finally, I hope you choose me because this is not just a dream anymore. I am here to stay. Some people say that the backyard chicken trend will be short-lived. I whole heartedly disagree. I LOVE this life style and plan to always have at least a few chickens scratching around in my yard.

Deirdre Thrash February 27th, 2014

First let me saw that I am getting my first chickens on Friday, the 28th so all I have been doing is online reading as much as i can find, I keep coming across people recommending your book and your expertise, so from my reading I know I want your book to continue gathering knowledge on everything I can, I would read your book from cover to cover and I know I would refer to it again with any question or concern that comes up in the future.

What I would use the money for is buy stuff for my birds for when they move outside. I still pretty much need everything for them when they move outside.

The reason I want to win is so that I can be successful with my chickens and with your book and gift I know I could be successful and give my chickens the best life.

Rachel Fiori February 27th, 2014

I would love to receive another copy of the handbook because the two copies I alreay have were stolen by my two friends! I’m afraid I’ll never see those books again!

Mary Kelly February 27th, 2014

Last year, we made our first foray into the wonderful world of raising chickens. I purchased a guide to raising chickens and we bought a small standard coop. We modified it by adding a nest box. Then I started searching for chickens. A family nearby needed to get rid of their brown sex link and two black Australorps that were bullying their bantams. We brought them home and fell in love. These wonderful young ladies were adorable and charming and never failed to make us laugh. My parents live with us and they were very amused when the chickens arrived at the back door to say hi every morning. We learned as we went along with the help of our guidebook, but we found that our book didn’t answer all of our questions. We sought additional guidance from the internet, and from our local cooperative extension. We were doing okay, but we realized we still had so much to learn. Then one tragic day last August, my husband went out in the dawn to let the girls out to free range for the day. Instead he found our beautiful hens murdered in their coop. They were not eaten, but large bites were taken out of their crops and the eggs they were to lay that morning were ripped from their bodies. My son who is a wildlife specialist examined the coop and the scene and declared that our predator was a raccoon that had pried open the cage and attacked the chickens on their roost. We decided not to acquire new chickens that late in the season and instead spend the winter rethinking our security plans and learning more about our emerging love of backyard flock management. It was a really challenging winter and we are glad we postponed. We visited our local shed place and commissioned them to build us a much better and more secure coop. Two of our neighbors are joining us this year and we will cooperatively care for each other’s flocks during vacations and provide other supports. Now we are preparing for a glorious Spring after this monstrous winter and looking forward to renewing our flock. I would love to win “The My Pet Chicken Handbook” because I have so much to learn and would love to have this valuable resource to guide me. If I won the prize as well, I would obtain my new flock ( my neighbors and I have discussed the breeds we would like to love) and some of the accessories I would need to make my chickens most comfortable in their home. I trust that ‘The My Pet Chicken Handbook’ would give me the wisdom to know which items I really need. Thank you for offering this giveaway. I hope that many more people learn the joy and benefits of maintaining a backyard flock.

Sandy February 27th, 2014

I’m a Barred Rock, a devastating beauty, a real Betty, the envy of my former flock. I’ve recently left them because my elderly human passed on–the dear, always stashing table scraps in his worn overalls!–and we girls decided to part ways and try our luck in film and onstage. I’m Broadway bound, to be sure, but must live for now with a married couple who desperately need to read your book, if I am in any way to enjoy the standard of living I was properly raised in. They need “My Pet Chicken Handbook” to learn the simplest things! (I would laugh at them, were not my very survival in question!). Can you believe the female half of this pair of feather-brains actually admitted to Googling the question “What is chicken feed made of?” !? The male half constructed a shameful coop from scrap lumber and metal wire — place looks like Sing-Sing, and I’m embarrassed to be seen there! They have no idea how to treat me the way I deserve, and I know from a renowned academic authority (who has his own fine flock of five) that your book is the bee’s knees. Please! Consider a girl’s needs.

Were I to win those 200 smackeroos, I would invest it in a closet full of jazz shoes and a bus ticket to Manhattan. Maybe a few singing lessons, just to tune up the old vocal chords. But since you’d most likely go right over my head (literally), and hand it to my new humans, I suppose I would coerce them into putting it toward a more respectable coop…maybe that one with the herb garden on top. I have a thing for thyme…

I unquestionably deserve to win this prize after all of the hardship I’ve suffered: the dispersal of my girlfriends after the loss of my human (I’ll bet they’re in L.A., enjoying a bohemian, beachy California lifestyle while I’m stuck in the sticks of South Carolina!); and now living with THESE two, who have not yet figured out the basics for how they will raise the new chicks they hope to bring home soon. Actually, although I bitterly miss my old friends, this couple IS rather lovely, even if they have small brains and just cluck about nonsensically part of the time. Still, I beseech you: please help me train them properly so that I have a safe, fun place to live, proper nutrition, and some young girls to gossip with as I await my turn on the stage of the Great White Way…

I thank you and will ask my human to check the box below.

Katrina February 27th, 2014

Hi- We love chickens and collect ANY book that has anything to do with their care. Mypetchicken is our FAV site and has the best chicken breed chart around so naturally a book by them would be THE BOMB!!!
As to what we would buy, I would order some polish chickens for hubby! He wants a few specific ones and if there was enough leftover, I might grab a blue egg layer and/or a dark egg layer for myself!! Can never have too many chickens!!!
And why we should win…..hmmm, because we love chickens!!! We are country folk moved to the big city and are practicing urban farming on our small 1/4 acre lot. We are teaching sustainable living to not only my own 2 boys but to all the daycare kids I care for. They learn and interact with the chickens and ducks. They help grow and then eat the yummy stuff from the garden. Getting the book and the GC would mean we can educate them even more!
This is a great contest!

Ken Vaughn February 27th, 2014

I want to win the My Pet Chicken Handbook because it covers everything – breed selection, brooding, flock management, and what to do with all of those wonderful eggs! I have raised two flocks from day-old chicks ordered from and I have enjoyed watching more than 2 dozen breeds grow up from day-olds to productive hens, even when “production” really means just looking pretty. (I’m talking to you, Blue Polish of mine, who refuses to lay more than 13 eggs per year!) If I was given $200 to spend at I would buy a Turbofan Incubator with the Auto Egg Turner add-on and 24 Hatching Eggs (Extremely Rare Assortment) – after the incubator arrived, of course; and I would finally experience the thrill of hatching my own eggs! I can’t say that I deserve to win more than anyone else because I’m not sure how deserving it can be measured, but I can guarantee you that no one WANTS to win more than I do. I soooo want to hatch eggs and experience that last (or is it first) step that I haven’t experienced before. My chickens are part of our family, and being there for that first day of life would be a very special experience for me to share with my daughter.

Monica Grant February 27th, 2014

With great excitement, I am awaiting the arrival of my peeps from My Pet Chicken. This is my first opportunity to raise and own chickens and I couldn’t be happier. It is from My Pet Chicken that I am learning about the requirements for my girls’ coop, equipment, feed (including treats, of course), which breeds I want, and how to protect them. I want the My Pet Chicken Handbook because I have come to trust My Pet Chicken, like the practical advice on the website and blog, and need to learn more about raising my peeps and managing my flock for many years to come. Having a great reference handy at home will be just the ticket to help me become a confident and responsible chicken owner.
A $200 shopping spree at would have to include starting my girls with a healthy diet. My basket would include Organic Chick Starter, Baby Cake Supplements, Chickie-Puffs, and for healthy fun, a Chicken Treat Ball. Of course, I want them to be safe so I would pick up Solar Night Eyes to help me keep raccoons, opossums, and other varmints away.
Here is why I want to win the book and shopping basket: I chose to raise chickens for enjoyment, for the joy of fresh eggs and to teach my grandchildren the love of pet ownership and proper care. I can’t imagine a better way to start off on the right foot than with a great reference book in the My Pet Chicken Handbook, a healthy diet for the girls, and a predator-free environment. I can’t wait to experience it all!

Amanda Jeziorowski February 27th, 2014

I would be estatic to win this prize. At first i thought who would wanna have chickens, but now there just like a pet dog or cat. there part of the family with names and all. Your website and book are perfect, they explain everything for beginners to geniuses. Other books leave out important information but this is the first book that was complete. Seeing a chick hatch in your own house is beautiful and watching them grow up is even better! Chickens are like potato chips you cant just have one. If i had $200 dollars to spend i would buy all sorts of chicken supplies and chickens themselves. $200 would sure help my dad out with buying supplies for the animals he loves most in life. If they make him happy im happy. I think my family diserves this because we may not be the the richest or the poorest family, but chickens makes us happy and “free” money is always a good thing. Chickens brought us closer from building the shed sized coop to watching a chick in the incubator hatching. Thanks for your information it is greatly appreciated.

virginia dover February 27th, 2014

My husband recently had a heart transplant, he loves his chickens but is not very teck savy so it would be wonderful for him to have this book when he has questions. Those sweet chickens give him incentive to get out of the hospital when he’s confined and gives him a reason to get up when he’s at home. With all the anti rejection meds the winnings would be wonderful for something special for his girls, and Solo the rooster. Thank you!

Annie KD February 27th, 2014

As a 4-H advisor in Ohio, I would love to win your new book. Our club has taken the “ChickQuest” group project where we teach the 4-Hers about hatching eggs and brooding chicks. That’s how my flock began 4 years ago. I’m always looking for new resources for raising chickens and your new book, My Pet Chicken Handbook, sounds great! I’m especially interested in different flock management styles and promoting picking the right chicken for your climate! After this record breaking cold winter, having the right breed is a matter of life and death! I am also looking forward to the section on about having a back-up plan for unwanted roosters. If I won $200 to spend in the My Pet Chicken online store I would definitely get the Brinsea EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder, day old baby chicks: Easter Egger, Salmon Faverolles, Blue Orpington or the Assorted Brown Egg Layers, the 4-H Easy Fill Drinker, 5 gallon, and last but not lease, the I Heart Backyard Chickens Magnetic Bumper. I am a huge backyard chicken advocate. I’ve encouraged other people in our area to keep chickens. As a 4-H advisor and I can help young 4-Hers to take a poultry project, learn to take proper care of chickens and they can take that skill into adulthood and start their own flocks.

Zachary Diehl February 27th, 2014

I’m a novice when it comes to urban chickens. I interned on a farm and fell in love with them, but farms are different from homes. My Pet Chicken is a trusted breeder of chickens and supplies. I NEED to have a trusted guide on my way to my urban flock. Looking at different resources everyone has their own opinion but I want to trust the experts who raise chickens for a living. What is the best mood chicken to own, and how to have a safe coop for my pets? The first thing I would do if I won would be to pick my first flock! I want to be able to have a rainbow of different eggs every morning. Next I would pick the All American Coup. Finally I would select the LightPassage Solar Light. Every year I get chicken fever, its relentless. I know it won’t stop until I actually acquire a flock. I am a grad student, so money is obviously tight, this prize would make the difference between me getting and not getting them. I want 5 chickens, which will produce more eggs than I need, but I also volunteer at a food bank, I want to be able to give my excess eggs to those who can truly use them. That’s what this is all about isn’t it. The chickens really will become my pets, and the joy they bring me is more important than the eggs they produce. This prize would be a gift to both my community and me. I really want chickens, badly; winning this prize would be such a great way for me to start my flock.

Kelly W February 27th, 2014

1. An up to date book made by one of my favorite chicken info sources is a must have. I have gardening books, horse books, dog books, but no chicken books. That must be remedied.

2. Wow, money to spend on the cheeps? Oh yes please! I would probably get some coop supplies-feeder/waterers and buy as many treats/food as possible. The girls love to eat and I love to spoil them.

3. And last but not least….I think I would put the prizes to wonderful use. I was not a chicken lover until I decided we should add chickens to help improve our sustainability and self reliance. So we got some chicks and built Fort Chicken and Bam! I became a chicken freak. Who knew chickens could be so adorable and loving and entertaining? I have spent many hours just watching them go about their day pecking and scratching and clucking away. And those girls love their treats, free range time and affection. They come running when I call and beg to be let out when we get home from work. I would LOVE to be able to spoil my chickens with some free stuff and also improve my chicken knowledge so they continue to be happy productive girls. Thanks My Pet chicken for the opportunity!

Gwen Hernandez February 27th, 2014

oh I would love to have a copy of this book. My pet chicken was the first place I learned about chickens and I gleaned tons of knowledge about breeds from you. I am sure that there is lots more information I could use in that book. If I were to win the prize I would buy some cream Legbars. I would get several females and a roo. Then I could breed them and enjoy them forever. I want/need this prize because my children love to breed, raise, and show chickens. This would be a great breed for them to work on and help perpetuate.

Diane Stevens February 27th, 2014

My first chickens came from MPC, they will be 2 years old in June are healthy and thriving.

The girls had been in their renovated 12 x 18 barn for a month or so, when Storm Sandy demolished it:( They didn’t mind living in my dining room for a week while we salvaged what was left and rigged it up so they could live in over the winter.

My husband and BIL spent every weekend this summer rebuilding the barn, it ended up fabulous and better than before.

Your book would be a great addition to my library, especially the breed selector since I’m always looking to add to my flock now that I have a bigger indoor coop area!

There are many things that I’d love to add to my set up from your catalog, new chicks, feeders, everything you offer is GREAT!

I would love to win this contest my chickens would appreciate any help that I can get to give them a long healthy life:)

Jessie Monson February 27th, 2014

I would love to win My Pet Chicken Handbook for all the great tips on raising my first flock on my new hobby farm. I would love the breed selector chart to find that perfect match. I would definitely have to purchase an Easter Egger chicken with the purchase prize. I would also need some additional poultry netting so I can build the best addition to our existing coop. I think I really deserve this awesome prize to jump start our new chicken flock. It would allow me to realize the dream of having farm fresh eggs on the table every morning.

Pam February 27th, 2014

Just saw this contest and am excited to enter! I love the idea of your book – I have raised chickens in the past as my mother before me, but have learned there are always new things to learn and I’ll bet your book will be just the thing! I would take the $200 and buy 4 Silver-Laced Cochins (LOVE Cochins!), Chickie-Puffs, grit, starter feed, waterer, lamp with a clamp, thermometer, mini hanging feeder, SST egg basket, wall decal, rooster spreaders, farm spreaders, 2 sets of wooden hens, chicken magnets, “Mommy, Me, & My Chickens” (for my granddaughter, the 4th generation chicken enthusiast), kids’ Egg-cellent apron, rooster coasters, and 10 wooden eggs! Phew – can you believe one can buy all of that for under $200?!? That’s awesome! I would love to win this prize to create a 3-generation project for myself, my daughter, and granddaughter to give us a shared hobby and create wonderful, lifelong memories, especially for my granddaughter. Thanks for this opportunity, MyPetChicken!

Linda Saylor February 27th, 2014

Growing up with chickens, I realized how smart they are. I wanted my own someday. Seramas came into my life, and they proved to be the best PETS EVER. I might have forgot to say I am allergic to dogs and cats. Your handbook will help me expand on my chicken knowledge. I want to get a personalized portrait of my 1st Serama pair, Kasey Kahne and Danica Patrick. My dramas have become my children.All 34 of them. At 62 yrs of age it took a long time to revive my passion. My birds mean the world to me. I wash them brush them and even rock them to sleep. A different pair every night. We now have a beautiful pair of silkies as my husband and caught the bug. Life without these angels would be pretty empty. They also live inside, and interact with us daily and wear diapers for free run when out. Handbook would be priceless and the portrait from catalog would be heirloom. We even supply eggs for our senior neighbor’s.

Jennifer Lawrence February 27th, 2014

I would love the new My Pet Chicken Handbook because I believe that it will be easier to navigate and use, than other chicken books that we have acquired over our past year of chicken ownership. Ease of reading and understanding such as the chart of breeds is essential because I am raising my two boys to help me in all aspects of the chickens’ care and they love to read about what they should be doing to be good caregivers, yet we struggle to find books that are kid friendly to help them learn.
If we were given $200 to use at we would buy some more pullets and branch out into bantams. We especially are wanting to get into silkies as well as cochins and I hope to one day give my kids the chance to experience a broody hen raising her young. They have experienced what it is like to hatch and raise babies from an incubator, the difference would be an invaluable for us.
Chickens are wonderful creatures who teach responsibility and caring for what is around us, which is what I am trying to teach my children in every way possible. This is why we should win the prize package.

Cindy Little February 27th, 2014

I would love a copy of the “My Pet Chicken Handbook” because I am all the time consulting your FAQs and there are times when the internet is just not handy enough. And I could take the book to work with me and amuse my coworkers with 12 hours of interesting chicken anecdotes. If I win the dream prize, I would replace some of our small flock that was devastated by a neighbor’s loose dog, I miss our easter eggers and friendly orphingtons. We are moving, so are hoping to get supplies for a new “chicken palace,” and I confess, I love that crazy chicken purse. We’d like to win because my young daughters love spoiling our little flock and the fat little hens coming at run when I call “chick-chick-chick!” is an unabashed delight. As my eight year old often proclaims, “Happy chickens lay the tastiest eggs!”

Christina Hendrickson February 27th, 2014

Firstly I would love to be able too refer to something when I have a question instead of having to go to the library or pay for internet. On your site I have found the answers I have been looking for mutable times. Secondly if I had 200$ for site I would be able to buy a cockerel and some pullets so I could breed next year, plus the chicken dinner would be very nice. I have also seen lots of things on your site I love, like an incubator for example. I should win because if it were up to me we’d already have a bookshelf full of chicken books, a rooster so I could breed. Plus my current hens are getting older and not very happy about laying in winter so I think your book will have some of those answers. My girls are my babies and I want to do as I can to learn more about chickens.

Bobbie Orchard February 27th, 2014

i cant really compare the book since i have not read it yet nor have i read any books on chickens.i have read info on line and chicken chats.I would love to read this book and having it be the first book i read on chickens.I am always reading and grathering info for the care of my hens.Hummm what would i get with the $200 prize …i would get some chicks and some chicken decor ..Now why do i deserve it…well im sure there are others who need it more then i do.It would be nice to win and i would put it to good use, my hens are my pets and i give the wonderful eggs they lay to families who need them and friends who have cancer and can get out and older people on fixed incomes in my town.i dont have many hens but i give what i have and would love to get more hens so i can give more eggs..

Brenda J. February 27th, 2014

I would like a copy of My Pet Chicken Handbook because I would like one book, instead of the outdated old one . I need one place to look up current info, instead of the hard to find info online. With my prize money, I would purchase a New batch Chicken baby’s . I would love to fix up there make shift home. So during the winter months it would be a bit warmer so the water would not freeze . would get a great new addition a wonderful enclosed yard my hubby can built for them. I want and need to win the book and the prize because I love having chickens in my yard. along with the great eggs they give us and our friends.

Ken February 28th, 2014

Having just acquired my first two golden comet chicks, Scrambled and Poached, almost a year ago, I am surprised that I was able to keep them alive and well in foggy San Francisco. Along the way, I raised a rooster from a chick (which sadly became someone’s dinner about 2 weeks ago). With all the information on the internet, Mypetchicken Website was actually one of the first websites that came up during this initial search for information. I work in IT, so I would like to get away from technology when I get home. I don’t even own a smartphone! The handbook would be great for this reason alone. With the handbook, I would probably be more prepared for the rooster that came along, before the neighbors complained and I had to rush to get rid of him. The handbook probably would have helped in the introduction of new chicken to the flock, which I had to experiment with on my own. I would like to get more chickens so the prizes would definitely help me in this area as our family loves the chickens and even my wife who is a big city girl mentioned that she wouldn’t mind retiring to the country side and raising chickens and other farm animals. If I had $200 to spend, I would definitely want some chicks, but also some equipment to accommodate them. Maybe a pre-fabbed chicken run would be great since the chickens are eating my wife’s roses while freeranging. Being a newbie in this, I would love to win this prize to help me along to do things right from the beginning and also to address concerns I have had. One example is whether the chickens are happy and healthy. I have seen one hen limp on one leg for 2 weeks and also a hen with a wet butt for 3 straight days so I was worried about their health but both cases went away without intervention. Winning the prize would definitely help me grow in this journey.

Nick Benevento February 28th, 2014

I have had chickens off and on since I was 5 years old. I am now 43. I am still learning every single day. I really enjoy reading other peoples ideas and trying new things. I believe your book would have even more insightful information on best practices for chicken keeping.

I’m not entirely sure what I would buy from the catalog. There are so many options! I would probably either use the money to put down on a new coop for the Silkies my wife and kids want to get or maybe I would just build the coop myself and use the money to get the Silkies!

As far as the book and why I would want to win it and this contest may not be popular with the author. I would pay it forward. I do it all the time. When I am done with a book and know that it is just going to sit on a shelf, I give it to someone else that would benefit from it and I ask them to do the same. Every person that reads the book is asked to write their name in the cover and keep it going. In this situation, it would just be a small way to spread the love of chickens to more people!

Stephanie February 28th, 2014

Night time is the right time for me to research the questions that have filled my brain after a busy day with my human and feathered family. How can I make my coop more predator proof? Are those roosts really adequate? What am I going to do with all those eggs I brought in today? A cup of tea and some quiet time reading My Pet Chicken Handbook would be the perfect way to wind down. I could quickly find reliable answers to my questions without having to wade through a lot of questionable on-line advice. THEN, I’d have time to engage in my favorite on-line pursuit–shopping! I’ve had my eye on the welded wire chicken yard at My Pet Chicken for a while now. I’d love to be able to give my birds some daytime playtime when the grass turns green again without having to worry about their safety. Owning both the My Pet Chicken Handbook and the My Pet Chicken welded wire chicken yard would give me what I want–safe, happy chickens–and what my chickens deserve–a knowledgeable, well-equipped human!

Kim February 28th, 2014

I would love to win a copy of the My Pet Chicken Handbook. This is the first book that I know of that is tailored to people who keep chickens as family pets. I can remember when my husband and I were contemplating getting chickens several years back. When researching how long chickens live, we could not find a definitive answer . . . most common were – we really don’t know how long chickens live as they are typically victims of the environment or dispatched for various reasons. We were a bit horrified to say the least. Other books are so dry and clinical, I look forward to reading the My Pet Chicken Handbook with it’s beautiful photographs , breed selector, care tips, and recipes. I live in an urban area, so breed selection is important as I have to narrow my choice down to about 4-6 chickens. Really smart to incorporate egg recipes into the book . . . I do love cooking, and I do love eggs . . . great to know what to do with all those eggs!

What would I do with $200? Tough one, so many choices . . . I would say that I would either apply the credit toward a new coop (The Clubhouse – back in stock soon hopefully? We need one ). Or perhaps a couple of recycled sail Henny totes, they are pretty great.

I can’t say that I deserve to win more than anyone else, but I can say that I love my chickens and everything that goes along with keeping chickens. I work full time and have two small children. Evenings after work (when daylight allows), sitting in the backyard with a beverage in hand, hearing my girls quietly clucking as they mill around the garden helps keeps me sane. The kidlets love them too, however they are usually chasing or trying to ride them . . . run chickens run! And, of course the chickens would love to be the happy recipients of homemade chicken treats.


Keri February 28th, 2014

Chickens. Are. Awesome. I’m just like most people who commented…overly obsessed with all things chicken. It’s kind of apparent by the 900+ pictures I’ve taken of them on my phone since their arrival in June (which I purchased from your website). They are truly my pet chickens! I think you should add a link to your site that would take customers to CA (chickens anonymous), where we can all find respite in our ridiculous fascination with all things poultry. Until CA comes to take me away, I will continue with my obsesent research of poultry. Therefore, your new chicken guide will fuel my addiction even further. I would then buy hatching eggs and an incubator because that little voice in my head keeps telling me, “you need more chickens”. So pick me, chose me, love me. Because I love my pet chicken!

Dee Lawson March 1st, 2014

I have been remembering lately of my Grandmother Helen. Every March she would have me come to the acreage to help her with a sea of baby chicks. First we would go to the post office and pick up 2 or 3 boxes of lovely yellow chicks chirping away. We would bring them home and check each and everyone to make sure they were all healthy. My Grandmother had readied the coop and we fed and watered them together. I was awaken all through the night caring a lantern out into the cold to check on all these fuzzy creatures. I so enjoyed those special times with my Grandma.
Now I am home without any chicks of my own anymore so I am thinking about tending to my own small hen house. I think even with my disability I will be able to tend to a small flock and enjoy their company. I could use the booklet to pick out the best hens for my needs and I am definitely going to buy from My Pet Chicken. I can tell they are good people. Plus I really need females and they are one of the only hatcheries that will send males or females.
Good Luck everyone…God Bless.

Shawn Jennings March 3rd, 2014

Are we going to hear who won? 🙂

Lissa March 6th, 2014

We’ll announce it on FB when finalized. First we have to determine the winners, let them know, and hear back from them!

Zach March 7th, 2014

Wait, I don’t have a Facebook. Are you guys going to announce it on the blog too?

Lissa March 7th, 2014

I’m not sure what you mean. Is the country you live in blocking Facebook? If you just mean you don’t have an account, you don’t need one simply to view public profiles.

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