Best Chicken Blog News EVAH March 28, 2014

Today I’m blogging about Martha Stewart blogging about My Pet Chicken. How very meta. Plus, I may have discovered a way, using just chickens and geekiness, to travel back in time. How, you ask? I’ll tell you, But first a short trip down memory lane!

I’ve been subscribed to Living magazine for more than a decade. I keep my back issues, and in fact, come the various holiday seasons, I’ll get out the blocks of them to look for seasonal recipes and decorating ideas to try.

Martha Stewart Living back issues

This is JUST April!

Martha Stewart has blogged about My Pet Chicken before. (I’ve also mentioned Martha Stewart in my blog posts several times: gingerbread coop, anyone? Or do you want to make her amazing chocolate rum balls?) You may also know My Pet Chicken has been on her show (more than once!).

Traci at the Martha Stewart show, 2012

Here, Traci gets ready for the My Pet Chicken appearance on the Martha Stewart Show in 2012

We’ve been hand delivering live baby chicks to Martha Stewart every year. My Pet Chicken chickens are Martha Stewart chickens. Martha loves the especially rare breed, trendy birds she can get from us! This year, Traci delivered Black Copper Marans, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Blue Ameraucanas, Lavender Orpingtons, and Olive Eggers.

martha stewart shipping label

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

These are seriously cool chickens to add to a flock, and will lay some gorgeous eggs, too! Martha will have chocolate brown, light brown, pale blue and olive green eggs from these beauties.

Eggs colored by hens!

I have these same colors in my own flock.

This new post on Martha’s blog is especially exciting to me personally, because she mentions our new book, the My Pet Chicken Handbook. Who would ever have thought Martha Stewart would be blogging about me (Lissa says, not without some serious exaggeration!). But I’m really excited about this! Traci looks happy showing off the book, too.

My Pet Chicken Handbook

Show it off, Traci! (Photo courtesy Martha Stewart.)

But how does this relate to time travel using chickens and geekiness?  Let me tell you. I’ve never denied being a geek, whether its a crafty, decorating, cooking geek that adores her Living magazines; a chicken geek who wrote the My Pet Chicken Handbook with Traci; a home brewing geek or just the regular kind of geeky geek! But, thanks to my inner geek, I always get to say “Hello, April!” ( or any month) in Martha Stewart style.

Martha Stewart Living in April

April Living: Many years of magazines give me all sorts of ideas for egg dyeing, springtime decorating, and delicious egg recipes

The only problem—is this a problem?—is that she adds to the portfolio every year. I’ll never get to everything!

Martha Stewart chickens

Here is Martha herself, holding one of her lovely pet chickens

So here’s what I figure: my mad sci-fi/fantasy geek chops tell me that if she blogs about me blogging about her blogging about us, we’ll have unraveled the fabric of space-time, and I should be able to enter the mirror universe where ALL my chickens are bearded. Or I am.

Mirror universe Lissa

Mirror universe Lissa needs a better beard stylist!

Now, how do I find evil Spock? I guess I’ll figure it out. Hopefully I can also figure out a way to include her blog post about the My Pet Chicken Handbook in my Martha Stewart Living collection!

Joyce March 28th, 2014

What a grand article, Lissa, and when you need help with your beard, call in a Salmon Faverolles, or a Silkie or maybe lots of them.

Lissa March 28th, 2014

Thanks, Joyce! Man, I just realized I didn’t put April 2014 in the photos. It’s still on my coffee table. Khaa-a-a-an!!! I mean, daa-a-arn!

Lucy April 3rd, 2014

Great article….love the egg photos!!

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