Breakfast for Dinner May 2, 2014

Yesterday morning, I decided I would make myself a nice simple breakfast. On an English muffin, I put a scrambled egg, melted Swiss cheese, and some thin slices of smoked ham that I’d fried just enough to crisp the edges. Sort of a real food version of fast food… and way, WAY tastier. That’s unusual for me! For someone who’s always overflowing with eggs, you’d think I would cook eggs for breakfast more often, but the truth is that I usually have granola or a piece of fruit in the mornings. I typically make a big breakfast for breakfast on weekends when we have company at the farm. I prefer breakfast for dinner. It’s the best meal of the day.

Is it just me?

Huevos rancheros

Dinner time!

For example, even my Huevos Rancheros (pictured above)—one of the recipes I also shared in the My Pet Chicken Handbook—is something I usually have for lunch or dinner rather than breakfast. It’s one of my favorite, quick recipes. And as I look through all the “breakfast” recipes I shared for the book, I find that I’d almost invariably prefer to have them for Not-Breakfast… including my Ham Strata, my Cream Cheese Eggs in Crispy Ham Crust, and even my Dropped Blueberry Scones.

Actually, the only recipe in the breakfast section that I regularly have for breakfast is the Green Breakfast Wraps. Everything else gets made for Not-Breakfast, and usually for Breakfast for Dinner, since my husband is home from work to enjoy it with me. Almost nothing sounds better than breakfast for dinner.

Breakfast for dinner - fried farm eggs

Even just toast with fried eggs makes me giddy with anticipation

Yesterday evening, I slow cooked pulled pork in a homemade barbecue sauce. I served it on whole wheat buns with slaw. On the side,we had  sweet potato fries and a kale salad with apples, almonds and dates with a fresh lemon vinaigrette. Yum! It was wonderful (and that salad, BTW, is highly recommended).

Even though it was delicious, when a friend of mine mentioned she’d made breakfast for dinner, and I was instantly half jealous, hahaha! She didn’t even have to tell me what, specifically, she’d made. Just saying breakfast for dinner was enough to make my mouth water.

So tell me, do you find you make breakfast for dinner more often with access to the delicious eggs of your backyard hens? That’s certainly my experience! What’s your favorite breakfast for dinner? I may make some tonight—tantalize me!



Jacque May 5th, 2014

I make hard boiled eggs for snacks. We eat at LEAST a dozen a week that way. I also like deviled eggs, so I eat those at least once a week. I also just like omelets with cheese, mushrooms, onions, and sometimes some pepperoni (is that weird??).

Jessica May 13th, 2014

Very true for our family! ! Since we get fresh eggs from our own back yard now. .. more times than not we have breakfast for lunch or dinner! !

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