Hen stone – Chicken Rorschach Test July 18, 2014

Traci recently found a stone at the beach. “It looks exactly like a hen!” she said. A hen stone.

The hen stone


I saw the hen in the stone immediately, a bearded hen like a Faverolles. WOW! “That’s crazy,” I said. “I can even see her beak and eyes!”

We marveled together. “She looks bearded to me,” I pointed out.

Huh? Beard?

… it was a few minutes before we realized we were seeing two completely different chickens in the hen stone.

Here’s the one I saw (I’ve played with the contrast to better show the features):

The hen stone: a Salmon Faverolles

She’s so pretty! Her head is top right, her beak pointing to the left

Here’s the hen Traci saw (again, I enhanced the features with some increased contrast):

Hen stone, chicken #2

Traci saw the head to the top left, tail top right

Two different hens! When the heart loves, the eyes see, we decided.

For whatever reason, I tend to prefer bearded hens like Faverolles, Easter Eggers and Ameraucanas, and the designer cross I convinced Traci to offer, the Favaucanas. I love the bearded Silkies, too (even though the crest gives the a different profile).

On the other hand, Traci keeps hens of all kinds. I don’t think she has a particular preference for beards. She just likes assorted chickens of all kinds.

Which hen did you see first in the hen stone? Did you see something completely different? Nothing?

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