Be careful what you wish for: the petition that harms chickens September 13, 2014

We have recently been the target of a petition started by a vegan animal rights activist which denounces the shipping of baby chicks. It’s time to bring you all into the loop.  The following petition has received more than 71,000 signatures to date:

A post on Facebook today had me livid and I felt compelled to start a petition.


Yesterday I was at the post office and heard the familiar sound of newly hatched chicks. They were calling out from inside a pair of cardboard boxes on the counter. No mama. No food. No water. Yes, the shipping of live, day-old baby chicks is a booming business in the States. I noted that the boxes had a website address for Here’s what the company has to say about the ordeal the chicks go through:

“When you get them home, be prepared: one or two may have died in shipping or may be on their way out. Some chicks are born less hardy than others and can’t withstand the stress and cold temperatures involved in transporting them around the country. Most hatcheries, in fact, prepare for that by including an extra bird or two for free. Care for the weak birds as best you can, and bury the dead…”

The site goes on to warn parents not to open the boxes in front of their children because of the trauma of seeing dead and dying baby animals….

It’s quite hard to believe that this business is perfectly legal.

I can understand why people who come across this petition are upset. Unfortunately, however, the petitioner didn’t think through or research her campaign. She said it herself: She was livid! She had to do something, that very same day! Shipping live animals in the mail? What? Some don’t survive? DOWN WITH MY PET CHICKEN!

I addressed the issue of chick mortality in our official response to the petition, posted both on and below. Before I get to that, I’d like to share a few thoughts.

It shouldn’t need to be said that you don’t have to be a vegan to want to relieve the needless suffering of animals. Even people who are “merely” vegetarians, as I have been for 22 years—and, yes, even those who eat meat—can champion animal welfare and oppose needless suffering. My husband and I believe so much in these principles, in fact, that we quit our lucrative corporate jobs to found a business which would enable people to keep their own pet chickens. Humanely. In their back yards. Where they can eat bugs and grass, dust bathe and mate, and do all the chickeny things they ever dreamed of doing. Understand, too, that we did this before anyone had heard of keeping chickens in urban and suburban settings. Now, people get it, but back then our business idea was ridiculed more times than I can count.

We never thought we would turn a profit with our idea to help people keep small flocks and avoid factory farm eggs. Ha! One doesn’t start a pet chicken website in the hopes of retiring at 35 and sailing off into the sunset. No–we simply hoped to help folks along their chicken-keeping journey by way of educating them (creating, for example, our free Chicken Care Guide, our Chicken Breed Selector Tool, and our  400+ “Chicken Help” topics), and we knew we’d be very lucky indeed if anyone actually bought stuff from a company with such a silly-sounding name.

Within a few months of launching our website, lo and behold, we were getting hundreds of thousands of page views per month. Within a couple of years, that figure ballooned to millions.

It has now been eight years, and we continue to grow. Only recently have we realized the true extent of our impact. We actually have accomplished what we set out to do! We’re teaching people how to care for chickens. We’re equipping them with the tools they need to get started. We’re helping to instill admiration for these smart, fun, lovable creatures across the nation. We’re supporting folks by phone and email who have chicken questions, whether they’ve purchased from us or not. And by golly, it’s working! Customers have bought thousands of chicken coops and hundreds of thousands of baby chicks from us… and each chicken they keep represents, conservatively, forty dozen eggs that didn’t have to be purchased from the grocery store, where even nice-looking labels like cage-free usually just mean less torturous torture, the kind that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, no less an innocent animal.

Draw that forty dozen number out and, based on the number of chicks My Pet Chicken has successfully sent to good homes around the country, more than two hundred million eggs won’t have to be sourced from inhumanely treated hens.

Pretty good, right? And that’s just us. An optimistic estimate puts My Pet Chicken at ten percent of market share. Given that, annual chick sales across the backyard chicken niche represent almost five hundred million eggs collected in backyards.

The point here is this: My Pet Chicken, other hatcheries, and the hundreds of thousands of backyard chicken keepers around the country who are putting their money where their mouth is, are actually on the ground, doing the work of caring for chickens, making a difference in the most actionable way possible. Working together, we have demonstrably reduced dependence on big ag. While the well-meaning Ms. Maples is likely gleefully watching support for her petition grow, we chicken keepers and enablers will be here, doing what we’ve always done: Quietly shifting the dynamic. Quietly making an actual difference.

Yes, Ms. Maples is right. Chicks sometimes do die during shipment. This is not unimportant, or to be brushed under the rug. And we don’t. We don’t hide it. We never have. Instead, we talk about it all over our website, including during the check-out process, because we want people to know what they are getting into. We address the mortality issue here, in our official response to the petition. Below that, I list some action you can take in response to this petition, if you’re so inclined.

Dear Ms. Maples,

We believe your heart is in the right place, but your petition is not.

First, the petition unfairly characterizes the shipping of baby chicks. The USPS has been safely transporting chicks since the 1800s because chicks are still absorbing their yolk sacs for the first three days of life. That is their food and water. You can learn the biological reason for this, here.

Our custom-designed, ventilated box is certified for live animal shipment by the USPS and clearly marked, so Postal workers know to treat it with extreme care. These boxes contain special padding and bedding to keep chicks from being jostled, and when necessary include long-lasting heat packs for warmth, among other measures to keep the chicks safe.

Yes—it is true—a very small percentage chicks do not survive, whether they are shipped from our hatchery or any other. But bear in mind that, irrespective of the species, not all babies survive, period. Some chicks are simply weak and will not make it, whether hatched at home or under mother hen. When there are losses in the mail, in most cases all of the other chicks are healthy and strong, indicating that shipping was not to blame, but that the chick was not strong enough to survive, to begin with.

You might also consider the implications for a business with a 100% live arrival guarantee and a high mortality rate. Setting aside that we couldn’t live with ourselves, we wouldn’t have the financial means to stay in business.

Second, would you rather see the 76.5 billion eggs Americans eat each year sourced from backyard flocks, or from factory farms? You know all about the institutionalized cruelty of big agribusiness. Not everyone does, however, so we make every effort to educate our website visitors. A search reveals 45 pages on our website that discuss terrible factory farm conditions.

However, for the benefit of anyone not familiar, here’s a good primer.

By contrast, backyard chickens lead lives like these:

Big ag is probably clapping their hands in glee when folks sign this petition, because they’re the only ones who would benefit from the criminalization of the shipment of baby chicks.

Third, if you’d rather see eggs sourced from backyard flocks than factory farms, where do you suppose folks will get their chickens, if not from mail order hatcheries?

For most people in this country, there is no source for bio-secure pet chickens (chickens tested to be free of serious communicable diseases) other than from the few-and-far-between hatcheries like ours, or else from local feed stores—who receive shipped chicks from hatcheries, too. The truth is that ordering baby chicks from mail order hatcheries is the only viable option for the vast majority of people who want to pamper a backyard flock of their own.

Fourth and finally, among the mail order hatcheries out there, My Pet Chicken is the gold standard in terms of educating customers on chicken care. Our website has by far the most extensive, “how-to” chicken care information you’ll find. It is readily accessible and free. We have chicken care experts at the ready to answer phone calls and emails, whether you’re a buying customer or just someone with a question. In fact, we don’t even allow customers to order baby chicks unless they warrant to us that they understand how to care for them. Then, we send four emails in the lead-up to receiving baby chicks with reminders about how to care for chicks, and links to learn more on our website.

No other hatching facility goes anywhere near this far to make sure chicks are going to good homes and to support chicken keepers—and that’s part of our raison d’etre. And yes, we do advise parents to check on their baby chicks before they show them to their children, just in case. Are we to be condemned for this?

We suspect many petitioners are vegans and animal rights activists, and we applaud that. You are needed. Your voices need to be heard. Someone needs to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. We consider ourselves your allies. Frankly, we’ll be incredibly satisfied to find ourselves out of the business of selling baby chicks, when the day comes that neighbors are able to share their flocks with neighbors. We will know that we did our job amazingly well.

My Pet Chicken is not some large, faceless corporation. We are a small group of people dedicated to sharing our love and knowledge of chickens with others. While the shipping of baby chicks is not perfect, we are proud to offer a realistic, doable alternative to buying commercially farmed eggs, and to support chicken keepers along their journey. This is undoubtedly an enormous step in the right direction. Given the information presented here, we respectfully ask you to withdraw your petition.

Traci Torres
CEO and co-founder

It occurs to us that we might have added this: insinuating that chicks have no food and water en route is akin to insinuating that developing fetuses have no food and water. Of course they do! You just can’t see it. Birds aren’t like humans, who are cut off from their food supply when they’re born. They have a 2-3 day supply at the ready, in the form of the remainder of the yolk.

So, sympathetic reader what can you do?

First, stop buying commercially farmed eggs, if you can afford it, or at the very least, purchase the “cage-free” variety. If you have the time, money, interest and space, get yourself a flock of backyard chickens, if you don’t have one already.

Second, you can share some words of support.  Since the petition began, we’ve been bombarded by nasty phone calls and hateful emails. While my staff knows that the wonderful work they do is tremendously appreciated, being cursed, called things like the “excrement of humanity” and wished dead all day gets wearisome. If you stand with us, we would love to hear from you, both below in the comments section, and in the comments area of our petition response. Please, also “like” those comments with which you agree. We’ll appreciate your kindness more than you know.

If you have read this far and you still don’t agree, that’s okay, too. We’re willing to hear out reasonable, respectful people. Email us your views! We’ll honestly consider them. Got a solution for the admittedly imperfect system of chick shipments? Wonderful. Let’s talk! Just don’t be a jerk, please. Don’t wish us dead. Don’t swear at us. Don’t offer non-solutions that have no bearing on the actual world we live in. (Like: Hey! If you just drop dead, people will stop eating eggs tomorrow and the whole problem will be solved!,” or “Idiot! Don’t you know people can just drive to their local corner farm and get chickens?” Those farms don’t exist in most places.) Please–show us how “humane” you are, and express your views respectfully.

Denise September 13th, 2014

I think your site is excellent and I’ve looked to it often for help. I do believe you take the utmost care when shipping and that you have all the love and respect for these babies. I think the petition is undeserved.

Robin Gail September 13th, 2014

Dear My Pet Chicken folks,
We are animal rights people, but we are not vegan. Therefore we want to eat only eggs that come from humanely treated chickens. And that’s why we have a lovely backyard flock. The flock is small — we live in a suburb — and about half of the “girls” no longer are laying. We retire them, we don’t kill them. They eat and dig around the yard just like they did when they produced eggs. We really appreciate the work My Pet Chicken has done to educate the public and as a source of sweet new babies to grow into egg-producing hens.
Thank you for being there.
Robin & Leona

Kathy Higgins September 13th, 2014

Good for you Traci! I have to admit, when I saw the article by Ms. Maples I was taken aback. However, your vision makes much more sense than the one sided dialogue that was provided by the hate letter. There is such a push for sustainable farming and organics fruits, vegetables, and milk. It makes perfect sense that you are providing Americans a way to farm their own eggs! And I think you guys have been incredibly thoughtful in your care and instruction manual to alert parents to check their chicks prior to showing their children! How devastating to not have taken that step! I wish you guys nothing but continued success! It seems if Ms. Maples would’ve simply picked up the phone and given you a courtesy call and stated her concerns, she would’ve not only been fully educated, but probably would’ve become a customer.

Emily Hayes September 13th, 2014

Dear My Pet Chicken,

I thought the inclusion of the whole petition was very effective in explaining the background of the situation. It allows the reader to completely understand both sides of the argument, instead of getting a snippet of what the petitioner had to say. The petition also made it clear that the person acted right away and didn’t take the time to research the shipping of chicks. This approach doesn’t bash the petitioner personally, it just addresses the lack of information. Providing background in how the business started and what the lives of the chickens would be like in factory farms also showed the common ground between My Pet Chicken and the petitioner, who both want what is best for the chicks.


Emily Hayes

Yizhen September 13th, 2014

Pretty silly of her to turn herself against the very same people who are trying to help. Ignorance and actions without research is what I call this. Go MPC, and ignore all the hate emails by the idiots.

Cory Guinta September 13th, 2014

One of the most effective components of Traci’s blog post is her explanation regarding the fact that she got into this business because of the good that it would do, not because of the potential profits. By providing this background information, the reader appreciates the emotional aspect of the situation and can therefore sympathize with her reaction to the petitioner. She appropriately addresses the petitioner’s lack of prior knowledge to the shipment of chicks by explaining how much thought went into the design of their transportation methods thus proving that it truly is the best approach. Traci includes details of the torture that factory farm chicks endure, which helps to show that her and the petitioner do indeed have similar goals. The petitioner stresses that she believes the transportation of chicks is abusive; however, Traci shows that factory farms are much more abusive when handling chicks.

Kristin Hall September 13th, 2014

Thank you my pet chicken for the wonderful work you do. I am a vegetarian and I support your business whole heartedly. I’m sorry you have to endure this but maybe on the plus side it’s bringing more awareness to the welfare of chickens.

Virginia France September 13th, 2014

I hope people stop buying factory-produced eggs! My Pet Chicken has made it possible for many, many families to keep chickens in natural environments.

Julie Duetsch Stewart September 14th, 2014

Dear Traci and Derek,

Knowing you personally, understanding your heart the way I do (even though it’s been years since we’ve moved away) and being there when you first decided to start this business, I cannot imagine the intense pain this has put you both through. Your passion for a better life for people and chickens alike has been solid since the beginning. It’s truly been an inspiration, and that was before the business was a success. You’ve already opened so many eyes to a better way of living and you’ve provided a way for people to achieve it.

Just remember, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I hope this too gives you an even louder voice, exposes your sustainability concepts to more people and opens more minds to the better world that you so clearly are a path to.

By the way, I truly admire the way you honored the petitioner. She was, indeed, trying to do the right thing, from her perspective. Hopefully she’ll reach out to you and become a supporter…

Much love and continued admiration…

traci September 14th, 2014

Thank you so much, Julie, for your kind and thoughtful note. The abuse from the petitioner’s supporters has been… jarring, I guess I’d say. They’re incredibly hateful and self-righteous. On the other hand, we’d never crunched the numbers before, and learning that we and our chicken-keeping community all over the country are responsible for 500,000,000 eggs annually that don’t have to be bought from the grocery store? That floored us. We really are taking power away from big ag. That’s an amazing feeling, and coupled with support from friends like you, this has been a blessing in disguise. Thank you again!

Cassie Goodin September 14th, 2014

I shared this on Facebook because I just can’t believe how ridiculous it is that someone would do this to you. As a passionate couched lover, it’s very disappointing to see someone uneducated with no idea on what they are actually doing by creating something like this. I will spread the word on this and best of luck! I think there are more people that love chickens than this petition has for sure!

jacinda September 14th, 2014

I’m a new chicken keeper & have learned how to care for my small flock from your site. I hope the petition us withdrawn.

Rachel September 14th, 2014

Just think, the reason why Ms Maples saw and heard the baby chick box is because it wasn’t being tossed with all the other mail. It was on the counter where it was safe.

Sue September 14th, 2014

As my mother was fond of saying “this too shall pass” Hang in there, we know what a great job you are doing.

Lynne September 14th, 2014

Many a bad idea has been launched under the influence of outrage and ignorance. I’m so glad your response to that petition was measured and covered all the salient points while being uniquely “you”. I am afraid that I am not as kindly towards angry and ill-informed animal rights zealots, whose motives so often seem less about the animals they purport to love and more about controlling the animals they don’t love; humans.
I love my backyard flock and they have a home here till the day they die of natural causes.

Lisa September 14th, 2014

I would be lost without mail order chickens. I respect the decision to be an activist and a vegan. I was a vegetarian for many years. Now I raise as much of my own meat and eggs as possible – and I mail order my chickens. I give them a drink and a warm, clean space to begin their life. My pet chickens, ducks, and turkeys are a big part of my life and I would not have them it if were not for mail order. I have lost very few birds through the shipping process and I believe that they receive proper and ethical care when shipped. I have been to hatcheries that were questionable — where my birds did not survive after being carried home by hand.

Christopher Robb September 14th, 2014

I just had four 1 day old chicks delivered this past Tuesday from My Pet Chicken and the people at the post office couldn’t get enough of them. All four of my girls were fine and healthy. I spent probably about an hour showing every person in the post off my new babies. NOT ONE person said anything to me negative about the shipping of my girls. The one lady said she would rather see baby chicks then the surprised snake she got the other day.

Candie Hawkins September 14th, 2014

This spring I received 7 chicks from My Pet Chicken, I can say that I did have one dead chick. When I called My Pet Chicken to report the loss I was surprised how bad the lady on the phone felt , she was very apologetic and was genuinely very sorry to hear it had died. I found the company to be very professional and truly care about the health and well being of their chicks. I as well should note that I was surprised how healthy and vibrant the remaining 6 chicks were in the box, considering their long journey, they were much more active and healthy looking than any chick I had purchased from a feed store and have grown to be beautiful girls…I find your website to be very educational, I turn to it often for answers to any concerns that I have with my flock. I appreciate your company and all the options you give us hobby farmers…because of you, someone like me is able to purchase and raise chickens that are not available where I live, such as my beautiful Lavender Orpington. Thank You!

Connie @ Urban Overalls September 14th, 2014

Hang in there Traci. I am sorry that you have to deal with this issue, but know that you have supporters. As an urban homesteader and someone who promotes backyard chickens, sourcing local baby chicks can be difficult. As you stated, there aren’t many local places (farms, backyard producers) that offer chicks for sale so that means we head to the local feed store which gets their chicks by mail. Continue to do what you are doing. Educate those that are not informed. And above all…. share the chicken love!

Melissa Caughey September 14th, 2014

Traci, we stand behind you and have written a comment on our own. Keep on doing what you all are doing at MPC. It’s very disappointing that Ms. Maples would write this, but even more so that would not do their homework prior to having this go live on their site.

Veronica L. Minke September 14th, 2014

I haven’t ordered from your business but I have received baby chicks in the mail. I never received a shipment with any casualties.
I love my chickens, I’ve built my own coops and huge fenced runs for them to protect them from predators. They provide my Bed and Breakfast with beautiful, healthy eggs and entertain our guests with their different personalities.
Please don’t let the ignorant get you down. You offer a great service for so many. Thank you and keep up the good work!!

Mike September 14th, 2014

Another example of someone sticking their nose into something they have no idea about. A crusade of the clueless, if you will. I wonder if she has a petition against Monsanto? Or the many other companies that ARE treating animals inhumane? How about the drug companies that pay off Congress to get a poison certified and passed for human use – only, to have class-action suits brought against them for negligence.

Perhaps, her thought process is clouded with all the chemicals she’s been fed. More than likely she’s a nasty, hateful busy body that hasn’t anything other to do except try to bring people down to her level of insanity.

I have a backyard with chickens and will never buy another egg from the store. Hang in there. Everybody’s not against you.


Donna McGlasson September 14th, 2014

Your response is excellent. It is sad that people jump to start something when they have fully educated his/herself on the topic.

I have had nothing but a wonderful experience with My Pet Chicken both receiving products and baby chicks. My chicks I received Spring 2014 are healthy and thriving. My girls are just starting to lay. They came to me well insulated with nesting material and a heat pack.

Keep doing the wonderful job you are doing, Traci, at My Pet Chicken. Thank you for your hard work and endeavors to educate back yard chicken keepers. I will share this on my FB and blog in hopes all of the loving, caring chicken keepers out there will rally and keep our rights to have our wonderfully spoiled flocks.

Donna McGlasson
Gardens & Chickens & Worms, Oh My!

Michelle Martin September 14th, 2014

I have ordered chicks from Mypetchicken twice. The chicks arrived healthy and active. The post office was aware I was expecting them and called my home when they arrived. I love keeping chickens, and I feel good about where my family’s organic eggs are coming from: my own backyard!! I hope the people will realize backyard chickens are a good, humane alternative to those horrible mass producing chicken farms and withdraw their misguided petition.

Cecilia Green September 14th, 2014

I truly believe these site are an exceptional place to find good information about chickens. Weather it’s info on shipping chicks to broody hens to what to feed. They take great care in giving the right answers to all of us. I for one will always keep reading your sites, and learning new things every day. Thanks for being there!!! Cecilia Green

Linda Hamid September 14th, 2014

I have never ordered from you but a neighbor did and all the chicks arrived safely. I have heard good things about you and applaud your efforts to educate people on the horrors of commercial egg production and provide an alternative.

Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily September 14th, 2014

I am saddened by the rash of gang cyberbullying campaigns lately, this being the latest. I have personally ordered chicks from My Pet Chickens and all arrived perfectly safely. As MPC mentions, Mother Nature has made it that a baby chick absorbs the yolk in the egg just before it hatches, which provides it all the nutrition it needs for 3 days. The reason for this is to allow setting hen to continue to sit on any unhatched eggs without having to leave the nest to find food or water for her new chicks.

It happens to also have allowed hatcheries and breeders to ship chicks safely for more than 100 years. I believe that the more backyard chicken keepers, the fewer factory farmed eggs and chickens and ultimately that’s a good thing. Crucifying My Pet Chicken is wrong and I stand behind them 100%.

Maybe the petitioner’s heart was in the right place but her actions have the potential to damage a wonderful company and in fact, a practice that has been a part of American life for generations, as well as backyard chicken keeping as a whole. I pray the petition is withdrawn.

Sarah in Oregon September 14th, 2014

Real positive change should encourage backyard chicken keeping and discourage factory farms. This person’s petition does exactly the opposite. I hope it goes nowhere.

Mari Quinn September 14th, 2014

Sounds like the person who started this petition really has no experience with nor have they even tired to research shipping chicks. Sad. would be like seeing a child crying as they received a shot and assuming without research or info that they KNEW better than the parent and the doctor.

Sandra Nash September 14th, 2014

I think your website is wonderful, and I have referred to it often. I just started my own flock this spring and thanks to your website and other similar sites I have learned a great deal about chicken keeping. Please don’t be discouraged by these ignorant people who don’t bother to educate themselves before passing judgment. Unfortunately the world is full of this kind of ignorance. Your response was excellent and hopefully if the petitioner isn’t stupid (in addition to ignorant) she will see the error of her hasty petition and find a truly worthy cause to pursue. Keep up the good work you do! Thank you.

Janet Garman September 14th, 2014

So yet another disconnected do gooder thinks that they are saving the world. Do they also believe that hens nurse their young? I am appalled that the petition writer would take on a reputable company like My Pet Chicken without doing any research into the matter. Where oh where do they think all the chicken come from? And have they researched the mortality rate of chicks hatched in large commercial hatcheries? They should be fined for wasting the time of a reputable business. Hang in there My Pet Chicken. We, in the back yard chicken community, have your back.

Andrea Wright September 14th, 2014

There are always naysayers… most of whom are fairly ignorant. People need to do their research before they open their mouths and get their priorities straight! I just read a Facebook post today where someone was slamming hunting innocent animals- a fair enough sentiment- but unfortunately went on to say that people should just buy their meat at the grocery store where it comes from! wtf? A lot of ignorance out there! I love My Pet Chicken and will continue to order chicks from them and other reputable sources in the future!

Susan September 14th, 2014

Your response to the very ill-informed petition was right on the money. Your respectful tone and sensible arguments speak volumes about your integrity and how seriously you take your business and this subject as a whole. I fully agree with the sentiment of another commenter that the organisers of the petition could have saved themselves a lot of trouble if they had had the decency to pick up the phone and discuss this with you before flying off the handle. This kind of well-intentioned but misguided righteousness can do a lot of harm and I truly hope that your business or spirit isn’t permanently damaged by this. Keep on clucking!

Mary Rice September 14th, 2014

I have backyard chickens. I have bantams and a few Rhode Island Reds. Now and again, I let one of my broody hens raise babies. Yes, a few do die. Some are like the article says are just too weak to survive. I try to help the weak ones and the ones hatched with defects, but despite my best efforts they die. That is nature. Let this company alone. They do good work.

Louise's Country Closet September 14th, 2014

We shared this today on Louise’s Country Closet in the hopes that we could get more people to read your side of the story. I’m sorry, but this petition against you is completely ridiculous and I hope you can get this cleared up soon. I give all your staff huge HUGS for having to put up with all those phone calls and just know that there are those of us out there that love everything that you’re doing!

Heather Colt September 14th, 2014

My Pet Chicken is a wonderful site. The shipping of baby chicks is industry practice and thousands of people receive healthy baby chicks this way every year! Baby chicks absorb their yolk for the first 3 days and they are fine. Also, if they were mishandled during shipping and did not arrive healthy and happy no one would order and ship baby chicks. People want their chicks to be thriving! My Pet Chicken has done nothing wrong and has helped many people who raise chickens and love chickens. I love chickens and would do nothing to harm them and I like My Pet Chicken. This petition will harm a really good company through ignorance! This petition needs to be withdrawn.

Jessica September 14th, 2014

I am so happy that this did not turn into a vegan basing post! Thank you. I am a vegan and I understand completely what you are saying. To be able to buy chicks so people can have their own backyard flocks, so that no one has to buy eggs etc. from a factory farm is pretty awesome. It saddens me but I understand not everyone is going to give up meat and eggs and this is better then nothing. As a vegan the only problem I have is that I don’t like the exploiting of animals by selling them. But it sounds like you aren’t in it for the money as much as you are in it for giving people their own chance of having their own flock. Gotta feed your chickens somehow right? In the long run this will save chickens. I also understand that sometimes chicks die. 🙁 Before I was a vegan I bought 6 chicks from a feed store. One did die and another was very sick. Thankfully with a little TLC she survived. My chickens are my pets and mean more to me then a dozen of eggs so even if they stop laying I am going to let them live long happy lives! I wish everyone would do this. Lol! At first everyone kept asking when I was going to turn them into soup. 🙁 Any way, thank you for what you do. You have one vegan on your side. 🙂 Jessica

Janice September 14th, 2014

I am all for different lifestyles. but there is a order in which our universe exists. And as long as you are being humane then I fully support that.. I also fully support what people want to eat and what they don’t want to eat. I am so pro self-sustainable and being a business owner. that I fully support you and others.
I do hope they reconsider, withdraw the petition, and start looking at the whole picture.

ann roberts September 14th, 2014

Such a good response to another attack on the ways of the small food provider. There is another group fighting to have rabbits taken off the dinner plate of many Americans and I have been dealing with that since I am a meat rabbit raiser. Some of my current chickens came by way of mail and I plan on ordering more this spring to increase the number of heritage breeds that I raise. There is not other way to get some of the rarer type poultry out to people if not by mail. I have in the past lost 2 chicks and 1 duckling after arriving by post. But I have lost many more in the hatching process right here at home where they never travel at all. You are so correct in stating that not all babies live and the # that pass in transit are probably the same # that would not survive under any circumstances.

Laura September 14th, 2014

Very upsetting to see a wonderful, animal-friendly, helpful company like MyPetChicken get attacked in such an ill-informed and potentially devistating way.

Jean Frizzell September 14th, 2014

Key word EDUCATION. Before you jump on a band wagon be sure YOU know how to play the song. We love our hens and treat them as any other pet. Mail order is necessary for us get fresh stock and keep the healthy eggs coming for our families.

Avril Williams September 14th, 2014

You have my full support in shipping baby chicks to those of us who would like to raise our own food rather than purchase food from factory farms where animals may never see the light of day. While I agree that we must always be diligent about animal welfare, this petitioner clearly has not clue about what she is talking about!

Alison Castillo September 14th, 2014

I am involved with the study of animal behavior and welfare, a vegetarian, and backyard chicken keeper. My chicks arrived by mail, in outstanding physical condition and are now our much loved and pampered pets (who just happen to make us breakfast every morning). Conscientious, natural methodology in chicken keeping is the ethical and humane way to ensure quality of life and maximize naturalistic behaviors in small flocks. Companies such as My Pet Chicken go to great lengths to ensure that their chicks are bred and raised in optimum conditions (for the chickens, not for production), and are pioneers in education, enrichment, and husbandry of beloved pet chickens. Hopefully their efforts will lead to the extinction of deplorable condition in factory or battery farming, and every chicken can enjoy free ranging, scratching, and foraging as the My Pet Chicken team enthusiastically support.

Carolynn Popp September 14th, 2014

I have personally ordered 24 chicks and 18 fertile eggs from you. The staff at My Pet Chicken is great and have made every experience a great one. Thank you for all you do!

Kristy September 14th, 2014

Thank you for providing healthy chicks that allow individuals to produce their own eggs and/or meat at home. Our food chain is broken and frequently continued with biological and chemical contaminates. I take pride in knowing the products our chickens produce are safe and healthy for our family. Without shipment of day old chicks or fertilized eggs, which can also be damaged in shipping and result in a chick not hatching/death, small backyard chicken keepers like myself would have to abandon our passion and buy factory eggs/meat. As a backyard, organic chicken keeper and Gardner I fully support mypetchicken.

Sid Karlowicz-Podvorec September 14th, 2014

I have never purchased chicks from My Pet Chicken but know that others have. I can say that without My Pet Chicken I would have not been able to make the breed decisions that I did. They played a role in my backyard chickens because of the information on their site and I trust their judgement.

I may order chickens in the future from My Pet Chicken and I would like that option because I trust them. I think individuals that raise backyard chickens understand the importance of trying to eat clean food and raise these chickens and care for them as pets and love them as pets. I have many vegans and vegetarians in my life and they choose their food options from their own views and opinions and I we would like the option of doing the same by letting My Pet Chicken fulfill that.

Jenny Wagner September 14th, 2014

My Pet Chicken is amazing. I ordered chicks for my first backyard flock from you and received much needed support for questions I had as they were growing. And I know that I can continue to call upon you if needed. The extra care your company takes in shipping chicks is heart warming. Your heart for the chickens is clearly evident all over your website and can be heard in your voices over the phone. Thank you for the wonderful job that you do. I recommend you to any friends interested in starting a flock of their own. I am so sorry that you are under attack. Know that many of us support you wholeheartedly!!!

Brenda September 14th, 2014

Go my pet chicken! Ashamed that a petition like this is even allowed. Your a fantazmorical company and so sorry uneducated, uninformed people cause a ruckus. I have my girls so I know where my food comes from.
Keep your head held high folks and keep up the good work!

Sarah September 14th, 2014

Unfortunately some ‘activists’ will not listen to reason and think nothing of aggression and abuse to people without bothering to find out the facts of a situation. My thoughts, wishes and support to the staff receiving this abuse. My new little flock is happy and healthy thanks in a large part to the information gained on the site. We and our neighbors have fresh, free range eggs available every day and you have been a big part of that.

Nicole September 14th, 2014

This is RIDICULOUS!! I have a flock, which I ordered from my pet chicken, which are the most beautiful, healthy, vaccinated birds ever! I refuse to buy chicks from stores as they are not generally vaccinated, nor sexed appropriately nor healthy and the breed selection is sub par. Not to mention the knowledge you gain from someone like me pet chicken before and after purchase. Perhaps some research should’ve been done before such an outlandish statement was made. Day old chicks DO have food during shipping! It’s part of the life process! I don’t know where small flock owners would be without people like them!! This petition is absurd and unfounded!

kim September 14th, 2014

we are behind you. i often refer my customers to you sight for breeds i don’t carry and have often ordered from you to expand my flock. i have never had even one of the ordered chicks die. thank you for all you do.

Tania HP September 14th, 2014

I can understand finding something upsetting and taking a stand against it. I applaud it. However you have to ask questions, listen, read, and learn all aspects of the perceived issue before going to war.

Thanks to hatcheries who ship chicks, I am enjoying my first chickens. I never would have been able to get the uncommon breed I fell in love with if chick shipping wasn’t available. All the chicks my friends and I ordered were healthy and happy upon arrival. The hatchery was very diligent about making sure we knew when to expect our chicks and the post office called as soon as they arrived. provides a valuable, humane service as well as free, dependable chicken education. This petition will cause more harm than good to the animals it is trying to “save.”

Susan Orcutt September 14th, 2014

I started my chicken flock this spring. I love those chickens and have babied everyone. My chicken came to me ALL Alive. They were healthy and running around. It has been 13 weeks since I got them and still enjoy every minute I spend with them! I live in a very rural area and thanks to mail order I was able to get all my babies.

Rachel September 14th, 2014

People who begin petitions need to be required to do their homework first. This is so unfortunate and sad that this company is now under attack for doing great things for the backyard chicken keeper. I support mypetchicken and hope that people will read this and make better informed decisions before signing every hot-headed petition that corns across their email or news feed.

Taryn September 14th, 2014

Dear folks, you have my utmost support for your business and all the help you have given small flock owners thru the years! I will sign any petition that counteracts this one sided diatribe. Surely there are thousands of chicken folk, from the 3 bird yard to bigger farms that will back you! After all, it’s in everyone’s best interest to raise happy healthy birds and fresh eggs. Good luck!

Kim September 14th, 2014

I love your site and the people at MyPetChicken. I have ordered from you and have had great experiences with you all. I plan on ordering more for next spring also. From you, because of the experiences and mostly because of the people. You love chickens as much as I do and that is important to me.

Bonnie Baldus September 14th, 2014

Keep doing what you do so well! I have been getting chicks through the mail from various sources over the past five years. Suppliers like you who ship small numbers of chicks with great care, superior safe packaging, and with success are what keep small flock owners going. Your website has been invaluable to me. Don’t let people who don’t have a clue and will never eat an egg bring you or us down.

Susan September 14th, 2014

I’m sorry you are having to deal with this ignorant knee jerk reaction. The uninformed never cease to amaze me. I’m willing to answer some phones if you want, and won’t censor me. 😉

Sarah & Dan September 14th, 2014

Our chicks arrived happy healthy and ALL alive. They are a great site great education and great customer service! I feel better I ordered my chicks from here then the death gallows of a commercial hatchery. Bravo I’ll be ordering again from you some day!

Denise D September 14th, 2014

I understand, others should do research before starting something like that. I am 3 years not buying store eggs.

Natalie Beauparlant September 14th, 2014

Dear Traci,
Thank you for your post, and explaining to those who are unaware that your business is improving the lives of everyone in the backyard chicken community. Thank you for adding the petition to your blog post, so we were able to read up on it. Yes, some chicks to die, but in this case the positives of raising your own backyard chickens clearly outweigh the negatives of purchasing eggs at the grocery store of chickens who were raised inhumanely.
Thank you for improving the lives of not only these chicks, but also the families of these chickens. I hope Ms. Maples soon realizes that the two of you are fighting for the same team.

Best Regards,

Kathy Lybrook September 14th, 2014

I have never ordered chicks through the mail. I get mine from the farm store, who did order through the mail. Since that time, we have had chicks hatched on our farm. And guess what? Not all of the chicks survived. They had the best surroundings, a very loving mother, and everything a chick could want to survive. And my grandchildren saw a dead baby chick and aren’t scarred for life. They just learned about life. Please, keep up your good works and thank you for being a compassionate voice for chickens and chicken keepers.

Katherine Sharpless September 14th, 2014

In April 2013, I ordered five peeps from My Pet Chicken and they were all alive and healthy when they got here. When I picked them up at the Post Office, I asked the two men working there whether they wanted to look at them; they laughingly reported that they’d already taken a peek. I wouldn’t have minded buying peeps at our local farm store, but they didn’t have the varieties I wanted. And this year, the store has begun requiring that you buy six at a time. MPC is the only place I’ve seen that will ship as few as three – to provide sufficient combined body warmth – and I’ve referred friends to them. MPC provides terrific information on selecting the right chickens and taking care of them.

I grew up on a farm with about 300 chickens, and they went outside in the evenings when the weather was nice. I thought that something was wrong with the first store-bought egg that I ate because it didn’t taste right. Maybe the petitioner didn’t think through the fact that by providing us with the ability to purchase peeps through the mail, MPC is allowing us to eat fresh eggs and allowing our hens to live healthy and happy lives. Maybe it’s not terribly enjoyable for a peep to spend a day in a cardboard box, but I think my hens would agree that their reward at the end of the trip made it well worth it.

Jane September 14th, 2014

While it may seem to an unknowing individual that shipping chicks is inhumane because a few may die during shipment, but the reality is the percentage is minute compared to chicks that die when a mother hen steps on them.

Chicks are well equipped to live without food or water for three days. It’s natures way of allowing the first hatched chicks to live while the mother hen continues to sit on the rest of the eggs in the hope that they, too, will hatch.

If someone wishes to see inhumane, simply go to ANY egg laying facility and experience how those hens live…even the expensive organic, cage-free eggs people buy. The conditions are atrocious but surprisingly the practice continues.

My own backyard chickens free range several hours every day, are fed high quality feed, and are loved just like all our other pets. They will stay with me until they have lived a long happy life and die naturally.

Backyard chickens is a reputable company that sells everything needed for people to be successful in keeping their chickens healthy and happy. I have selected particular breeds of chickens for my flock based on trusted information from the Backyard Chickens website along with a multitude of other tried and true information. My chickens are healthy, happy and lay substantially more nutritious eggs than any store will ever offer.

tracie montgomery September 14th, 2014

I ask you, petitioner, what would you prefer? A few dead day old chicks that back yard farmers are willing to accept in order to provide themselves and others with humane and often organic eggs, or keep it so we are unable to attain chicks and rely on factories to provide our eggs? How dare you infringe on what we are trying so hard to abolish (factory kept fowl)? is a valuable resource to all us back-yarders, who are all animal lovers. Seems you have made an enemy out of those who should be your friends, had you a brain.
THINK before you ACT. It’s what separates the people who do good rather than harm.
My Pet Chicken, I support you!

Lynn September 14th, 2014

I wholeheartedly support your business and the right to ship chicks. My daughter raised chickens for 4-H and FFA. I grew up on a farm but we never had chickens. It was a learning experience. Those chicks that are shipped are needed. I support you and I hope that the petition is withdrawn. Seriously, if we had people jump to the aid of others as fast as people jump to conclusions, we would have solved a lot of world problems by now. 😉

Jackie Thomison September 14th, 2014

There is nothing terrible about shipping chicks. We raise some of our own & you loose some even with the best Mother Hen watching over them. You take cattle to sale in trucks… Are you going to start a petition to ban livestock auctions? It’s about the same thing; baby chicks are just cuter & easier to get worked up over. No offense, but let farmers & ranchers alone. We are very compassionate, and know what we are doing.

Becky Case September 14th, 2014

Keep fighting the good fight, you are doing it for the right reasons!!! There will always be people with their “holier than thou” attitudes! Life is hard sometimes, this is not a perfect world!!!

Lora V September 14th, 2014

I just got my first flock from you about 2 months ago nature has a way of doing things. In this case nature has provided the yolk for the baby to eat because in nature momma still has eggs hatching under her so she will not leave to feed the baby yet. So overnight shipping and pre arranging with the post it is being delivered to I was able to pick mine up at 5am, about 12 hours after ship time. I now have 8 girls they are moving into their huge coop and run tomorrow. They will free range when I am home and will be spoiled and loved and given to many treats. When they quit laying eggs they will live out their days doing exactly the same thing, not killed because they won’t give me eggs. I have friends who are activists and vegan and have showed me the absolutely horrible ways chickens are kept to give us eggs at the store also the process of which the egg has to go to to even get to the store so chemically laden. My girls and future boy will be eating like kings and queens and will be feeding my family with healthy organic eggs. If it were not for My Pet Chicken how many more birds will live in the cruel, horrible chemically treated factory farm instead of my beautiful green backyard eating bugs and clucking happily away. Thank You My pet Chicken for giving me the chance to do this.

Linda September 14th, 2014

I have never purchased chickens from you, but I have visited your website for information. We have a small backyard flock that we were able to build from chickens purchased from a local farmer. Thank you for supporting backyard chicken farmers and for providing help and information to those of us who choose to keep these amazing birds! Keep on keeping on…this too shall pass.

Kim September 14th, 2014

I have received–twice-‘chicks on the mail and they Jane been healthy and ate now full-grown 1 year and 8 month olds. The petition from is entirely wrong.

SE September 14th, 2014

Keep up the good work! Here’s to hoping the petition goes nowhere!

tyler davis September 14th, 2014

I understand how people can be angry at a glance. I have never had a dead chicken and they are very well cared for on the road. My mail man mad a special trip and made sure I was home. Trust me when I say my chickens live far better lives than an large farm. So much love and the children in my area like to visit and learn about where there food comes from. The people who are getting upset are simply uneducated on the situation. Don’t worry you will still get my business and I tell people about you all the time.

Kayley September 14th, 2014

When I first read the petition, I knew nothing about chickens or the care they need, which made me very easily swayed to the petitioners argument. However, after reading your posts I realize how informed you are and the lack of information the petitioner had. You explained the background well and gave multiple sites so people can fact-check you (which really proves your credibility). I also liked how you made it clear that you guys are on the same team! You both love animals, especially the chickens, and in your own ways are trying to improve life for them. I applaud your hard work and your statements to defend your company and your chickens.

Hayley FitzPatrick September 14th, 2014

Initially I came across the petition on with no prior knowledge of the subject, and I was shocked that such a business existed. However, after reading your response on and this blog post, my opinion completely changed on your business and this situation. It is very clear that the petitioner has not researched her claims, has no information to support them, and needs to be educated on the shipping of baby chicks. Your response provides more information into the reality of shipping chicks, and it shows that your business takes extreme measures of care to ensure that the process is humane and conducive to the survival of baby chicks. Both My Pet Chicken and the rash petitioner have the safety and survival of chicks in mind, so it would be wise to remove this petition.
Hayley FitzPatrick

Denise September 14th, 2014

My Pet Chicken you are the one and only place I will ever order my babies from. My girls came to me happy and healthy and now completely spoiled rotten by me, they are all laying eggs. Stay strong!!!!!!! If a petition comes around in your support you bet my name will be on it.

Stephanie Wells September 14th, 2014

I purchased 6 chicks last week in support of MPC!

Mechelle September 14th, 2014

We have purchased chicks by mail and it is the only way to get the variety of chicks best for our needs. We love our pet chickens. We eat their eggs but rest assured they are pets.

Suzanne Knapp September 14th, 2014

I find that people who don’t know what it means to raise farm animals sometimes shout the loudest. I respect this company and all it does for the backyard chicken movement. Keep on doing great work!

Yvonne September 14th, 2014

I am raising my first flock of yard chickens. I appreciate your site! I bought these first chicks from a feed store. Not much choice in breeds though. I plan to order my next through the mail! Thank you for the help and service you provide. My hope is that knowledge can overcome the pain caused by ignorance!

Suzanne Knapp September 14th, 2014

I find that people who don’t know what it means to raise farm animals sometimes shout the loudest. I respect this company and all it does for the backyard chicken movement. Keep on doing great work! I have 28 chickens, 4 ducks and 18 guineas. Some were mail order, some were gifts, some were the farm store. All are great.

Katy Carter September 14th, 2014

I am a suburban backyard chicken keeper. I have six healthy hens. Three were shipped via the mail. Three were shipped to a nearby farm store. In other words, none of them were miraculously hatched at my home without some form of shipment. These hens live a pampered life. They are not on a factory farm. They are named, and hugged. They receive top veterinarian care — even for eye problems. My vegetarian friend love that she get eggs from chickens she hugs! When our first older hen passed away, we buried her in the yard under a favorite tree. We still talk of her and she is missed. We absolutely love our sweet birds and treat them with kindness. I would not have engaged in a shipping process which wasn’t equally concerned with the care of the birds.

Pat Quinn September 14th, 2014

Oh how I love My Pet Chicken. 1 1/2 years ago, I received my happy, healthy chicks in the mail (less than 24 hours shipping!) – they are all still alive and enjoying a wonderful chicken life – LOTS of bugs/weeds/seeds/grass/veggies from the garden – big giant dust bowls for bathing – room to fly and a safe place to roost at night. And of course, the eggs are amazing!
Thank you 😉

Sarah September 14th, 2014

Your response to this petition is so well written. You are an amazing company doing amazing things. I fully support you!

Claire Snyder September 14th, 2014

I would not have my small flock of Cuckoo Marans had I been unable to purchase by mail. I only lost one of the six I ordered. I also would not have been motivated to attempt having a backyard flocks of hens had it not been for your wonderfully encouraging website. Thank you.

Sarah Mckinney September 14th, 2014

I just want to say that this petitition is ridiculous. I don’t have chickens (yet!) but I am planning to order chicks in the spring. I found My Pet Chicken a few months ago, and I’m so impressed with all of the information available. I’m really looking forward to getting my babies, and any reasonable person should be able to read their articles about shipping chicks and understand that this company works hard to ensure safe, comfortable accommodations , and a successful delivery of the baby chicks.

Amanda September 14th, 2014

I totally support you…the petition is so so wrong…….I have both ordered and hatched my own chicks here at home…….I had a better survival rate with the shipped chicks then the home hatched ones………I only lost one out of the shipped and lost 3 out of the hatched ones…….and yes to say they do not have food…ha she really needs to do more research. You guys are awesome….keep up the good work you do 🙂

Michelle Olsen September 14th, 2014

I have recently had a friend say “If i’m ever reincarnated as a chicken I want to live at Michelle’s”. I take that as a super big compliment. I love my chickens and they are extremely spoiled. They have a huge insulated barn with automatic pop doors so they can go outside and scratch to their hearts content, dust bathe, or simply enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, We live in Alaska where it’s dark part of the year so the chickens get timed lights so they always have enough “sun” to be happy, and they even have a pair of Maremmas (Livestock Guardian Dogs) who watch over them.

Thank you for having such a great website, I appreciate the information you make available. Several of my chicken friends work for My Pet Chicken and I know each of them to be humane and ethical people who would not support abuse or neglect.

Thank you for giving the neighborhood chicken keepers an opportunity to pay it forward. To combat battery hens by keeping our own backyard flocks. I know all my friends and customers who enjoy my locally grown eggs are happy I get to raise my wonderful birds.

Meg Frost September 14th, 2014

I agree with shipping the chicks. I have ordered from my pet chicken and they allow me to only get a few chicks so that I can raise a small flock in my backyard. Our family eats these eggs . Our chickens are free range and well cared for. Shipping chicks is not inhumane and I am very disappointed ant on this one. They have lost my following as I thought they did more thorough research on their petition movements. Hand in there My Pet Chicken you are a stand up company that does a fantastic job.

Mary C Gardner September 14th, 2014

My Pet Chicken has our support! Keep your chin up.

jeannie c September 14th, 2014

What amazes me is that people that are so consumed with animal welfare are so overwhelmingly rude to other humans. Many of the same people, as I know many personally, also believe in abortion. Beside the point, no matter what they think, there is no reason to call and harass\make threats to someone. Don’t that have anything else better to do other than start petitions, call people, etc… They would really be shocked to see how many chickens die from other predators, their heads would spin! I’ve ordered chick’s before, I was told that sometimes half don’t make it, no fault of mine, but… all but 1 lived! I had a great pen of chickens that year for 4-H! The chicken rights petitioner does not want to know those chickens fate… they sure we’re tasty!

Melissa McDonald September 14th, 2014

Thank you, MPC. We still have the first chickens we ever got from you. The girls would be considered old ladies by now, but they are still going strong. We love them (and treat them) just like we love our cats and dogs. We haven’t bought an egg for more than 5 years now and are sickened by the treatment of factory chickens. Hang in there – we will want some more soon.

Alexandra Matthews September 14th, 2014

We have been raising backyard chickens for 7 years, since my kids were 8 & 9 years old. We have probably bought 50 chicks from My Pet Chicken over those years. Every single chick has arrived cheeping and healthy. My Pet Chicken Does such a wonderful, careful job of keeping the chicks safe and comfortable during their journey. Our chicks have lived happy lives, free ranging in our yard. They have truly been wonderful pets. My daughters have learned about responsible chicken ownership. They have learned how hard it is to be farmers. We have not had to buy any commercially produced eggs in that time, and have made many neighbors happy with fresh, organic eggs from happy hens. We couldn’t have done all this without you guys. Thank you for everything you do!

Livy September 14th, 2014

I am disappointed and yet, not surprised to see someone target you in this manner. It just comes from their lack of knowledge and understanding and sadly, they tend to clip everybody and misinform a lot of people in the mix. I have often turned to your site for guidance, knowledge and support. Clearly those that started this petition are not aware of the work you do to educate your followers and readers.

amy patterson September 14th, 2014

I’m so sorry y’all are having to deal with this. We don’t have chickens yet, but my list has been made and we still plan on buying from YOU when we’re ready.

Chad C September 14th, 2014

Also, I wanted to add (for my wife and I, Jeannie C) that our family buys our eggs and chickens from our neighbors. The the petitioner was really concerned about chicken welfare, they should visit Tyson or pilgrims or the “egg factory” and see how those chickens are treated. They would really be appalled, at least your chicks are going where they’ll likely have much better treatment/life span. And shipping is important to keep many breeds alive. It’s far too expensive to travel to get chick’s and probably more die in the process. What you do is a good service that is needed, needed by the chickens!

Brooke Kay September 14th, 2014

Thoughtful, wonderful response from an amazing company. Love what you do, My Pet Chicken!

Victoria September 14th, 2014

I’m a Vegan. I haven’t had eggs in at least eight years and when my fiancé lamented that he misses them, I told him the only way they could come into the house is if they were ethically raised in our backyard. We knew they would have the nutrients and space they were meant to have. So, we did copious amounts of research, fenced off a portion of our yard that was too shady for gardening and had you send us four chickens. In the middle of Los Angeles, we can not just “go to the neighbor farm and get a few chickens”. But, we can order everything we need from you, go to the farmers market so that we can chop up fresh veggies for our little flock (this morning they had beets, carrots, garlic, Italian parsley, kale, mushrooms and cashews. All organic and all fresh.) In another couple of months, I’ll have all the eggs my fiancé can eat and who know, maybe I’ll try some too. We love our chickens, we love having our morning coffee with our flock and I’ve gotten back into reading novels again, while chickens are sitting on my lap or foraging around me. It’s fantastic and we look forward to ordering four more in the spring.

Katie Reilly September 14th, 2014

Thank you for your blog post. It is so sad that you have been the target of this petition. I am happy to know your background because it is clear that you truly care about your business and the chicks that you obviously care so much about. I also like how you own up to your shortcomings in relation to chicks dying during the delivery process. You and your petitioner both have the same goal; to advocate for the animals. Your approaches might be a little different, but it is clear that your top priority is for the welfare of the chicks.

I hope this all blows over soon. Good luck to you.

Jane L. Beecher September 14th, 2014

This is so sad because while I understand their thinking, I know mailing chicks is perfectly safe. It isn’t perfect, but then nothing is perfect. I certainly hope a petition drive is instituted to combat this assault.

Page Johns September 14th, 2014

I am in full support of My Pet Chicken and their service of shipping live chicks to chicken keepers across America!!!! I have personally used My Pet Chicken to receive chicks this year. They were shipped in a well packaged, breathable box with a heating pack that was still warm when I received it. I was called on my cell phone by the local post office 11/2 hours before they even opened to come and pick up my chicks from the back door. They were chirping happily, not stressed out. When I got them home, I put them in their prepared “stock tank,” equipped with a heating lamp, water, food and fresh aspen shavings. They again were chirping happily, not stressed out. I ordered 7 of their brown egg layers and they all survived. I appreciate their follow-up, their knowledge and their customer service. I have emailed and called them with questions and was always helped right away. I still have the chicks that I ordered, they are now pullets and should start laying soon. They are healthy and full of personality!!! I am WAY happier with the selection and quality of My Pet Chicken’s chicks than what is offered at our local feed stores!!!! I remember my grandma used to receive chicks in the mail throughout the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. She also had great success and because of the “shipped chick” option was able to get different breeds of chicks that are not offered locally. It saddens me that My Pet Chicken is being attacked for inhumane practices… Most people do not realize that farmers and ranchers care deeply for their livestock and try their best to provide them with appropriate care. My hope is that the people who are accusing My Pet Chicken of their inhumane treatment of chicks would do a little research on their practices and realize that it is in fact humane. I am behind My Pet Chicken 110%.

Lindsay September 14th, 2014

Although our chicks came from a different hatchery we’ve ordered 45 over the course of 2 years and received 49 (they always include extras) and have never lost one. We love our girls and hatchery chicks were both a convienent and economical way to start our flock. These birds arrived peeping and full of life. People need to do some research before going off on a rant that isn’t supported by an scientific evidence, just ignorance and malcontent.

Tammy G. September 14th, 2014

I often sign petitions for animal rights, but this one is obviously created by an uneducated person, with no consideration. I think it is awful that MPC is receiving nasty emails and phone calls! If these people care so much about living things then why are they being cruel to humans? If they can’t voice their opinions in a peaceful manner, then they are contradicting themselves. I hope this petition is withdrawn!

Wendy in California September 14th, 2014

I’m new to chicken keeping. I regularly use your site to make educated decisions on how to care for my silkie chicks, Q-tip and Swab. Our chickens are already apart of our family and in the future we will expand our flock. We will be using your to do so. Thank you My Pet Chicken for the services you provide!

Linda Friend September 14th, 2014

Enjoyed your Letter and the information in it. We have 40 acres and have about 25 hens, 2 rosters, plus goats , cats, dogs and 9 grandchildren. As with all things we need to educate our selves on the facts before speaking or writing on a matter. Pray this lady will read up and take note on her mistakes. God bless you and your family and your business.

Amy September 14th, 2014

Traci, I support you & your efforts. & I’m sad about the abuse you & your staff have faced. I read a portion of the fb comments, & was appalled. So much ignorance & band-wagon hopping. Some will always have knee-jerk reactions & act like little lemmings… Your response is considerate & professional. I think only staunch vegans have any real dog in this fight, & they need to respect that others just don’t share their beliefs. I don’t, yet I support & often defend their position when they are criticized or ridiculed.

I am also extremely grateful for Jessica’s comments. She has done just what I’m talking about & promoted discussion as opposed to argument. I agree w/ her that it demonstrated a more intelligent, higher level of discourse that this post did not dissolve into vegan-bashing. The hateful, us vs them tone of the fb comments was disturbing…

Do not let this disturb your peace. We are here for you, & know the value of your mission.

Dzemal Ganic September 14th, 2014

Dear My Pet Chicken,
I condone and respect your ability to keep composure as well as maintain professional practice dealt with the cards faced. Unfortunately, despite your good intentions and business moral, there will always be naysayers administering misconstrued information. In this case, the extent of the false accusations in the petition placed your company under attack as well as under the scrutiny of thousands of people. With that being said, I applaud the manner in which the situation was handled. Your tone was professional and was factually supported, not opinionated and biased. This speaks volumes about a business and it’s practice. The petition as well as your response has opened the eyes of many into the reality of you’re accomplishing; providing chicken’s a safe, habitable and humane environment. What the petitioner has failed to see is that just like them, you care for the welfare of these animals. People tend to look at the negative aspects of things without any form of research or ground to stand on and immediately point fingers. Subsequently, it was your company that was targeted as a result. Your response, however, has addressed the concerns in the petition. What this has shown is that business matters aside, My Pet Chicken holds just as much of a concern for the health and safety of these chickens as the misinformed petitioner.
Dzemal Ganic.

Alicia Santiago September 14th, 2014

The petitioner should have educated herself prior to filing her petition. My Pet Chicken is one of the few places that ships small orders, takes in consideration the time of year for shipping for the benefit of the chick’s health, and requires a minimum number of chicks ordered depending on the location of the buyer, again for the benefit of the chicks. When chicks hatch they have all the nourishment they need for a few days from the yolk they absorbed prior to hatching, this makes it possible to ship chicks. I hope the petitioner will reconsider her petition.

Barbra Zivelonghi September 14th, 2014

We received baby chicks from My Pet Chicken this year for the first time. They were all happy and healthy and are now thriving in our backyard, where I assure you they are treated like a part of our family. They have a very safe coop to sleep in, they free range during the day to find all the bugs they can eat. We love them and they make us breakfast. Thank you My Pet Chicken for the newest members to our flock.

Ben September 14th, 2014

I support you all the way! Thank you for the work you do!

Jamie September 14th, 2014

My shipment from My Pet Chicken arrived six weeks ago. I ordered twelve chicks for my small backyard flock. I anticipated several might perish due to “survival of the fittest” which happens under a hen as well as in a box. Two were weak upon arrival and died shortly afterwards. My children, who undestand the cycle of life and death, were fine. They had been prepped that we ordered 12 hoping 8 would live. But, we have ten beautiful babies growing feathers and snuggling with us every chance that get. Soon they will live in their coop we built by hand from repurposed materials and free-range in our fenced-in yard. Once they start laying, we will mo longer support factory-farmed eggs. Thanks to hatcheries like My Pet Chicken, we can experience this phenomenon. We want pets who provide us with food, and now we have them.

Kirstan Summers September 14th, 2014

I have ordered chicks three separate time from My Pet Chicken. My family, my neighbors and friends have enjoyed the delicious eggs that can only come from happy, healthy chickens. We have inspired neighbors to start their own backyard flock, and they subsequently have ordered form My Pet Chicken. Our chicks have always arrived healthy and strong, an have grown into the most gorgeous flock. They are our beloved pets, except that we feed them and they feed us back. They follow us around. They like to be picked up and held. Our chickens are out when the sun is up, and on their cozy coop when the sun goes down. They take a break from laying in the winter. They eat weeds and bugs. When they stop being productive, guess what happens? Nothing. They carry on as usual to live out the rest of their years as nature intended. They also turn our leftover groceries into eggs. It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship. The people who keep backyard chickens do so because they believe in animal welfare. And small business. And sustainable agriculture. I will continue to support My Pet Chicken, and to tell my friends about you. I will be ordering more chicks in February. Thank you for making it possible for more peopee to provide natural food to their families.

Kelly Leiner September 14th, 2014

I ordered baby chicks via mail/USPS for the second time since I began raising chickens. All 16 chicks arrived safely, however one of the 16 was very small weak and died at day 7 – NOT during shipping or immediately after. All of the other 15 are happy and healthy. I do not believe for a minute that this was from shipping, since I had three chicks of the same breed that did just fine. I depend on hatcheries to provide the breeds I cannot find locally, and have used their website often and with great success to learn how to care for my chickens from hatch through adulthood. Just because the disclaimer says chicks might die during shipping doesn’t mean they will. Hatcheries have restrictions on how many chicks can be shipped, and when, to protect them from extreme temperatures. In addition, people who breed their own chickens for meat and eggs also run the risk of losing chicks… To snakes, rodents, raccoons, etc. should those people stop raising chickens too ?

There is risk with every type of transport. Cars, trains, planes, boats – people have died during transport, and we still continue to use these methods. And the transportation industry responds by making travel safer… Just like the hatcheries do all that they can to make sure their chicks arrive safely.

Tracy September 14th, 2014

I have just recently started raising my own chickens just for the fun of watching them! The one thing that we know from this petition is that the person that made it is very uneducated about anything that has to do with chickens which is sad in itself. I was unaware of your company but from what I have read know that you are in this with your heart and soul and would not do anything to harm your chickens/babies. I love all the links that you have given us to educate ourselves in all aspects of raising chickens for ourselves and I thank you for that. Keep up the great and heartfelt work that you all do and feel comforted with the support that all are showing.

Alexandra Bernard September 14th, 2014

I have never had any problem with chicks being mailed. I just don’t understand why people who have nothing better to do, decides to target companies who ship chicks for no reason. Question for these people. Have you ever ordered any chicks from the hatcheries? Please, leave these hatcheries alone. They are
Not doing anything wrong and as you can see, there are many satisfied and happy customers. That should tell you something!
I support you 150%, thank you for everything you do!

Tamara Oliveiro September 14th, 2014

I totally agree with you. Most people can’t drive to the country and get baby chicks. I was raised on a small farm/ranch and we had many kinds of animals. It was not uncommon for some of the babies to die shortly after birth even though we would take them in the house and do all we could for them. People should do their research before getting on their high horse about something like this and DON”T sign a petition blindly. Of course whoever started it is going to tug at your heartstrings in an attempt to get your signature, but often it isn’t the whole story. Don’t let the people who don’t have a clue get you down and keep up the good work.

Hillary September 14th, 2014

Your website was the reason why we began keeping backyard chickens in the first place! Your selection of heritage birds at such low minimums were the only way we could keep chickens. Not to mention your how to guides were extremely helpful! We got our first birds three years ago and ordered a new bunch last spring! They were healthly and wonderful birds and I can’t believe these people are after you. We are on the same side! Keep up the great work and keep us updated on how this lunatic petition progresses.

Debbie Mariott September 14th, 2014

Most of my chicks came from My Pet Chicken. The company has glowing reviews and I can say from personal experience, deserves them. Everything Tracey said about the links they go to, to ensure that buyers know what they are getting into, is true. The chicks I bought from My Pet Chickens all survived, thanks to the impressive and careful packaging, and have grown into beautiful heritage breed chickens!

Kat September 14th, 2014

I ordered chicks through the mail this spring, after doing research and making sure I was prepared for proper chick care.

I knew it was possible some might not make it, but thankfully all 8 birds did well, and are currently in my backyard enjoying fresh air and sunshine. The hens aren’t laying yet (we ordered 8 pullets, and got 7 hens/one rooster, that’s life) but we’re hoping in the next few weeks we may start getting fresh eggs.

I have found that many of the “bleeding heart” type of reactions to things are not based on facts. I am an animal lover, and also a meat eater. I prefer to eat local humanely farmed animal products when I can get them, or wild game. I believe farming and wildlife management can be conducted in ways that are mutually beneficial to both animals and humankind. Thank you for your contribution to helping families who want to keep healthy happy backyard chickens.

Nola September 14th, 2014

To my friends at MPC: Please don’t ever stop shipping chicks! I would be devastated! Without you I would never have started on this crazy adventure of backyard chickens, or my subsequent journey towards more sustainable living. Honestly, your chickens have changed my life. And without you I wouldn’t have my beautiful blue laced red Wyandottes, or my cunning australorps. Every time I ordered, the process was so painless and I could trust that my babies would be we cared for. If I had a loss, your customer service reps were incredibly caring and consolatory, even if it was ‘just’ a baby chick. THANK YOU and also please start carrying some chocolate orpingtons.

Lisa Serafini September 14th, 2014

I am thankful to My Pet Chicken for all they do. I love my chicks and so do my neighbors. Although I lost one chick in shipping, the others were fine and thrived. In less than 20 hours they were safe and happy in my home.
I cringe every time I see livestock being transported on the highway, all stacked up and crammed in small spaces. I am happy that my chicks traveled first class and that you have shipping guidelines.
It would be ideal to get my chicks locally, but people will not permit us to have a rooster, because “it makes too much noise” so we have to purchase, not hatch our chicks.
I think this woman’s efforts would be better spent promoting laws permitting local hatching of chicks and allowing roosters, like nature intended.
Thank you to My Pet Chicken for letting my family eat healthy eggs and learn about nature. I can’t wait until next spring so I can get more chicks, especially some endangered heritage breeds.

Melissa September 14th, 2014

I just wanted to say thank you for the type of business you run. I don’t have a backyard coup, but would if my yard and dogs could accommodate. I do buy cage free eggs though and always try to buy organic meats from respectable sources. I wish you much success in creating a world where people understand the need to feed our bodies good, healthy foods.

Anne Beckham September 14th, 2014

I have raised chickens for years, and out of every dozen eggs that my birds set, there is always one or two that don’t hatch, and one or two chicks that don’t survive the first week. It’s nature, shipping chicks doesn’t change that. If the petitioner wanted to make real difference, go after the big factories that grind up day old chicks simply for being born male!

Kristina September 14th, 2014

I LOVE My Pet Chicken!!! If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am in my health today. It started with a desire to have fresh eggs and save money and morphed into a new way of life and awareness. I have purchased two flocks from you and I love my chickens so much that I named each of them, gush over them, spoil them, and give them the coolest living arrangements I can think of. I didnt know anything about keeping chickens before My Pet Chicken. My husband and I are also vegetarian and huge advocates for the fair and humane treatment of all animals. Petitioning against My Pet Chicken is like standing outside of my house and telling me that I am not allowed to care for my healthy and sweet chickens. How dare anyone try to take that away from me and my family, shame on anyone who signed the petition. Another thing, how dare you talk to the staff with the intent to hurt them. How can you say you care about life and treat people that way. You are worst than big ag if that is how you talk to people. Get your facts straight.

Patty Langley September 14th, 2014

Thank you for what you are doing. We have had our 5 hens for almost a year now. The eggs are amazing, but we can sleep at night knowing that our chickens are free ranged during the day and kept safe in a clean coop at night, just the way that are meant to be! Keep doing what you are doing!

Nadine September 14th, 2014

Thank you for supplying our chicks!
They are healthy and happy!

Nicole September 14th, 2014

I just wanted to let everyone know I have ordered for two years now, from I love my girls! Yes, my first order I did loose some, but I believe this was more due to the smaller breed rather than anything else. The post office has been shipping chicks for hundreds of years, and while there might have been good intentions behind the petition, I think there should have been more research done before hand. Also, to those sending hate mail/phone calls, let’s think about your actions there, not very kind of you in the least. This company is HELPING people by providing them with animals, knowledge, and supplies to raise their own animals, rather than having to buy from a source that you don’t know what the animal was fed, or how it was treated. Where do you think farm supply stores get their chicks from? That’s right…they are shipped! If you don’t like the actions of a company, don’t buy from that company, but don’t try to take the right to do business with them away from me. Why anyone would attack people who are so caring and helpful just escapes me. Educate yourselves on chickens before you attack something that you obviously do not understand.

Peggy Vidaurri September 14th, 2014

Raising chickens is one of the most amazing and wonderful endeavors I have ever attempted. For me, it actually started with an egg I hatched in my third grade classroom 7 years ago. My rooster was a loving, loyal pet that loved going to school once a year to have “Chicken Day” with my kids. Needless to say … I was devastated when a neighborhood cat killed him last fall. In February of this year, I went to a local feed store, that gets their baby chicks by mail, to pick out two hens, a Rhode Island Red and a Buff Orpington. My girls are happy, loving egg layers and get very excited to come into the house to get treats or just sit in our laps. My Pet Chicken has always been my go to resource for any questions I have concerning my chickens …. Thank you guys so much!

Louise Taylor September 14th, 2014

Thank you to My Pet Chicken I now have a flock of four spoiled hens! I live in an area where I do not have access to live baby chicks so ordering my girls from My Pet Chicken was the best option I had. Even if I had waited until next spring for the local feed stores to get baby chicks in stock, they too would have had to have day-old chicks shipped to them. By having my pets shipped directly to me I was able to save them an extra step along the way to my home and minimize their stress as much as possible. And my hens have never had a stressful day in their lives since – they live with open space, comfortable shelter, clean water, all the nutritious food and treats they could ever want. They are a flock and provide each other with companionship and the social needs that factory chickens will never have. Thank you again My Pet Chicken for allowing me to have this pleasure and keep up the wonderful work that you do.

CassC September 14th, 2014

I actually saw the petition on last week and have been meaning to email your company my support against it since I first saw it, but, alas, time got away from me like it usually does.

It is obvious that this woman has never been on a farm or anywhere where animals are raised from birth. Nor has she done any research on the raising if chickens and it’s history in our country or how companies like yours have actually helped some breeds come back from the brink of extinction. She also hasn’t actually talked to anyone to actually find out the percentage of chicks that do not make it through delivery because from my own research, it doesn’t seem to be that high.

We haven’t ordered chickens ourselves, not yet at least, but only because we haven’t needed to. We have looked though! I really hope this stupid woman’s survey does not do any harm to any hatcheries or companies who sell and deliver chicks this way.

Greg September 14th, 2014

Thanks to your hatchery for shipping chicks, they are happy healthy chicks. Bless you. I support you all the way!!!!

K C Corun September 14th, 2014

Hi Y’all!
I’m a 60 year old city raised girl with two wonderful caring and dedicated “country” daughters. They and their families are raising backyard flocks.
I ran across this petition during my daily animal rights activity, and went straight to my family for answers.
My older girl sent this site to me to understand exactly what’s going on.
Sadly, some folks knee jerk reactions are from the heart, but due to their lack of research, is at the very least, is very detrimental.
I personally want to Thank You, for opening a wold for my family and me, to become sustainable, healthy, and respectful of life.
I love visiting our Chicken Mansion, watching the process of regeneration, and knowing that these precious birds are so well cared for.
I would be 100% behind a “stop factory egg prducers” petition, altho I don’t suppose that’s possible in my lifetime.
Please, don’t be discouraged, You’re doing fine work, and I appreciate the education. ♡

Dyann Blaine September 14th, 2014

I wholly support My Pet Chicken and the caring people that work there. I am fortunate to be able to breed my own chickens and have friends that share eggs from their breeding flocks, but not everyone is that lucky. I always recommend MPC to people that ask about ordering chicks by mail, and would absolutely order from you if I didn’t already have access to so may breeds from friends. I am so sorry you are going through this – activists that are driven by emotion and not fact can be so damaging – I hope you are able to keep doing the good work that you are doing, and don’t let the uninformed haters get you down.

Craig Mittman September 14th, 2014

I send all the people to your web site that ask me about my flock. I tell them that you have a lot of info on the ups and downs in owning chickens. They can do a lot of research on the different breeds so they can pick the best birds for them. Keep up the great works you do for use out here. I ordered the my first birds and they all arrived safe. You do take great care in the shipping process.

C miles September 14th, 2014

If more people would look at situations as a whole and not try to fit everything into little square boxes we would have so much less problems. My point is she singled out shipping live chicks and your hatchery and went to work on damaging someone’s reputation. She is trying to fit everything into her vegan box. I am appalled at the inhuman treatment of animals in general… But this is the equalent to making a mountain out of a mole hill… We have ordered from hatcheries a couple of times and have yet to have any dead chicks.

In business today the unfortunate fact is you must make the comsumer aware of every possible outcome or suffer the illfates of someone unsatisfactory comments of your business. Back when baby chicks were first shipped by the USPS it more than likely took 3-5 days for chicks to be received but the consumer was more aware of what the possibilities were since they weren’t new to the chicken business. If you want to change the world find a real issue and not something that is helping people around the country live the simple life.

My Pet Chicken thank you for paving the way for those of us who want to raise our flocks and avoid more harmful chemicals.

Laurie Bartlett September 14th, 2014

The educational value My Pet Chicken has provided and the ability to obtain healthy day old chicks from a reputable source has allowed me to learn about and practice a much healthier lifestyle. Without this business and others like them, I would be at a loss as to how to help my family be better custodians of this small piece of earth we call home. I can attest to the fact that all poultry I have purchased and had shipped from hatcheries have arrived in excellent health, ready and able to be loved and cared for. Reputable businesses like My Pet Chicken allow us the freedom to live simply. I thank them for that gift.

Emily Davis September 14th, 2014

We are new to raising chickens. My Pet Chicken is an incredible source of information and help. I’ve ordered chicks from them twice now (bc my hubby won’t let me get anymore) and EVERY chick arrived healthy and thriving. They are still today! We had one error in the breed, but I emailed them and they were extremely helpful and actually refunded the error. I have been to the local feed store to purchase chickens. That place is disgusting. You walk in and smell death. I’ve seen birds bleeding and featherless, overcrowded and dead. I’ve seen dead puppies and pigs the size of baby rhinos crowded into small pens. The USPS delivery person told me they try to get the chicks delivered add early as possible. If you aren’t home – They DO NOT leave them on your porch. You have to sign for them. These chicks are well treated and I’m extremely upset by this petition. Most sites you have to order a minimum of 15-25 chicks. MPC is the only site where you can make small purchases. And to all you Vegans out there, you should check the scientific article on how plants have feelings and can feel pain. Don’t throw stones in a glass house. I currently lost a Silkie to respiratory infection (not purchased thru MPC). I am treating the rest of my flock with the info provided by MPC with herbs and natural remedies. They all seem to be doing pretty good so I’m hoping it hasn’t spread. The 2 other chickens showing symptoms are now eating and drinking. Neither of those 2 chickens came from MPC either! So, Iwant to THANK MPC for everything. If you need any help, l would be more than happy to provide it however I can. It’s really a shame people are so ignorant. Do your research and become educated BEFORE you speak! Besides, not every animal survives. Some are sick and some are weak. Some born with malformations. It happens in every single type of animal. Even my niece died when she was 19 days old, so don’t go blaming people breeding chickens humanely. Now I’m pissed off. Thank you again MPC! You are awesome!

Kacie Harkins September 14th, 2014

I was a first time My Pet Chicken customer this spring and will definitely be a repeat customer! Their site is educational, friendly and engaging. Their staff knowledge is deep and their customer support is exceptional. My chicks arrived on time, what I ordered, and healthy. They’ve grown this summer into good producers and maintain a calm coop. MPC gave me the mixed flick I never would have been able to get at my local feed store. My thoughts are with you as you meet this challenge!

Claire Souza September 14th, 2014

I am behind you all the way. Stand your ground!

Ashlee Valentine September 14th, 2014

My first four chickens are from you and they arrived happy and healthy. They are happy spoiled backyard chickens. The person who started this petition obviously is uneducated about birds. We should worry about large scale chicken farms and battery hens. Let’s focus on the real problems.

Jim Belliveau September 14th, 2014

I think Ya’ll do great !!!! We have 30 chickens currently ( 20 RIR & 10 White leghorns because my yankee wife won’t eat a brown egg) and business’s like yours make raising our own chickens and getting eggs and knowing where everything came from including what our flock eats is important. And not to mention hang a head of cabbage in the run and watch them “play” with it is absolutely hillarious !!! Keep up the good work !!!!

Amanda holt September 14th, 2014

Some people just need a reason to complain. My husband and I own a feed store in Texas. We order over 300 baby chicks each spring. We have lost a total of MAYBE 5 over the past 3 years. Yes, I’m always sad when I open the box and one has passed. I make sure it’s treated and buried properly. This chick more than likely would not have lived had it not been shipped. People have no ideA how “factory farming” is so cruel to hens. Cramped quarters, beak grinding, and never are able to have their feet touch the ground. I started raising my own flock last year and I absolutely love it. I have not heard of your business until seeing this post. I will definitely look into ordering from you come spring. Thank you for taking the extra care to ship these chicks. Also, my local post office calls me around 5:30 or 6:00AM when the chicks arrive at the post office. They do request immediate pick up. So for the lady who felt she needed to save the chicken world. I say do your homework, raise your own chickens or BE QUIET.

Kimra Ross September 14th, 2014

We love our backyard chickens, currently at 33, and our 10 ducks.
I like your site and all the free info you provide.
I love my farm eggs.
Sorry you are having negative things said about you.
Lp smiling and know that lots of us think you are great!!

Allison J September 14th, 2014

We have 7 chickens from We started with 9 chicks, but two died within days of their arrival. It was not unexpected, but we’re thankful that the USPS was so helpful with delivery. We support your business and appreciate how you allow folks to raise their own chickens for eggs, as we are conscious about what we eat.

Kim September 14th, 2014

I am currently in my first year of chicken owning. So far it is a wonderful experience. I can’t think of anything more relaxing than watching the girls peck and scratch in the yard. I did not buy my chicks from My Pet Chicken but I did buy them from a feed supply store which purchased mail order chicks. Without the MPC site I would have been lost!! Before this past spring I knew absolutely nothing about raising chickens. I cannot even begin to tell you how helpful the information on the site has been. Thank you for all that you do and all of the wonderful information you provide for all of us chicken lovers!!

Wendy September 14th, 2014

You are vegan so you are targeting MPC one of the most popular chicken businesses. You just want to force your ideas on everyone else. The problem lies with the postal service and baby chicks should be overnighted. All of these companies would do that in a heart beat. I have 90 beautiful birds and because of MPC and Mcmurray I am able to sell my organic eggs and teach people to pay attention to where food comes from. Because of the variety of chicks I was able to get I have a rainbow of colors which entices people to buy them. you just want everyone to be vegan. Your attack here is selfish and misguided and ultimately harms the backyard chicken movement which ultimately takes power away from Tyson and big corporations who care less about animals. This company and the people who buy from them do care, however, unlike you we are not vegan and do not share your beliefs. Ultimately your own actions support the very corporations that you hate.

Debbi September 14th, 2014

Missed in the letter is the fact that every feed store that carries chicks buy them through mail order. Is the livid person against all chicks? Many backyard farmers are not allowed to keep a yowling crowing rooster to impregnate their hens. So mail order is the only option if we are to have chickens.

Krissy September 14th, 2014

You keep on keeping on! Knowing where our food comes from is so important and what you do allows people who would otherwise not have the option to start their own backyard flock. I support My Pet Chicken 100%!

Lydia September 14th, 2014

Over the past year, I have received several shipments of chicks from MPC, as well as hatched many broods of chicks out using my own incubator at home. The survival rate for chicks that have been shipped vs. the chicks hatched on-site are actually pretty similar, which leads me to the conclusion that most chicks who don’t survive shipping weren’t strong enough to survive regardless. I cannot imagine that the process of being shipped is really so horrific when the shipments I have received have been at or near the same survival rate I could expect from home-grown chicks.

By comparison, let us look at the commercial egg industry, which promptly euthanizes half of its chicks within hours of hatching. Any chick born male is disposed of–sometimes in the most literal sense possible by being thrown away in large trash cans, where the chicks at the bottom are slowly crushed to death by the chicks added to the top before the bag is tied off and thrown in the trash. Other factory farm hatcheries dispense of their male chicks by running the unfortunate souls into meat grinders while they are still alive. The “lucky” hens get to spend their short lives in tiny cages or overcrowded coops, kept alive through carefully rationed feed until they are not longer productive, at which point they are disposed of as well. Birds destined for meat farms are bred to grow so big so quickly that their bones break under their weight, and they spend their brief lives sitting in their own waste because they are simply too heavy to move. Is shipping chicks really worse than that?

Think about this: A chick spends three weeks in a box called an egg. A couple of days more in another box doesn’t make a huge difference when it has its yolk reserves to draw from, and afterwards it leads an enviable existence compared to what chickens on commercial farms could expect. In addition, for every chicken kept in a backyard flock, that is another chicken that doesn’t have to endure a factory-farmed existence–even for a birds destined to be meat, that is a substantial win for animal welfare.

People need to educate themselves and be informed before they fly off the handle for a cause.

Lorra Fowlar September 14th, 2014

I have raised chickens for over 25 years and have enjoyed my small (3-6) flocks immensely. They provide me with enjoyment, eggs and peace of mind. It is so fun to watch them play “Chicken Football” with treats I give them. They have all been better pets than some of the traditional pets, and always give me eggs and fertilizer for my garden and to share with others who don’t have the good fortune to own such great pets. All my girls have names. They come to their names and also know when I tell them not to get into or onto something. They have sometimes told me when they have something wrong in their space (the whole backyard) by the certain sounds they make so I can protect them. They are my friends and I will always have my backyard girls.

Beren September 14th, 2014

As an apartment dweller I have no place for chickens, but hope to retire to a place with a little chicken yard. We lived on a farm briefly and fresh, new, clean eggs (that we could eat raw!) were a luxury beyond description. In the short term, CSA eggs are the closest I can get, and they’re worth it. Kudos to you for providing education and chicks to those who want to grow their own. Keeping you in mind for that happy day when I can join you!

charlie pedraza September 14th, 2014

I love your website and your business. You have increased my knowledge of chickens a thousand fold. After seeing a video of a agri- corp egg factory, I knew I had to do something. I am a proud hunter, meat eater, and nature lover. I am a realist. I know you do everything humanly possible to do the right thing in a realistic manner and I salute you. I am the very proud rooster of nine plymouth rock “gordas” ( from a local feed store) and two unknown species hens saved from the local animal shelter. By the way my local shelter has no chicken adoption program. I have not bought or consumed store bought eggs in over two years.

Zinta Aistars September 14th, 2014

As someone who raises chickens (I have 14 at this time) so that I can do my part to fight Big Ag and end factory farm chickens, which truly is cruel, I commend hatcheries like yours. I do pick up my chicks in person; it is about an hour’s drive for me to do so, but not everyone has that option. Keep doing what you are doing, Pet Chicken. You’re on the right side. Education for the petition signers is in order.

Michael Smith September 14th, 2014

Keep up the good work! Our small flock of 20 birds not only feeds our family but many of our neighbors as well. It’s amazing to me that vegans never seem to mention the massive amounts of insects and living creatures that are slaughtered by pesticides used to grow the very food they eat – but I guess that’s ok as long as it benefits themselves.

Elena Fiske September 14th, 2014

I was pleased to see that there were far too many comments to read them all. We have bought from you twice now and been very pleased. We love our chickens and our fresh eggs. We refuse to buy supermarket eggs and we hate factory farms! Thank you for offering beautiful breeds and good advice.

Walter September 14th, 2014

Please don’t be bullied by the petition on Keep up the good work.

nancy pavlisko September 14th, 2014

I thank My Pet Chicken for my feather babies. They arrived alive and were happy and doing well within 24 hours. My chicks will never suffer and be ground up alive as in the poultry industry. They are our pets and the fact that they give us breakfast is just a bonus. They have a happy home with us for all the rest of their lives. Yes I’m also a vegetarian but enjoy eggs. I have no guilt eating them as i know how the hens that provide me with these eggs are happy and healthy. Live and let live.

Michelle Benge September 14th, 2014

The deplorable and cruel way factory chickens are treated was my main reason for getting chickens. I picked eggs at one at the age of 12, I’ve seen first hand the terrible, cruel conditions the chickens live. My chickens eat better than I do! I can buy non GMO feed for them that is clearly labeled whereas I don’t have the option when buying my food. They are loved, spoiled and will have a long happy life. I am forever greatful for pages like Mypetchicken, they gave me the knowledge, confidence and support to care for my chickens. Every person who has backyard chickens are doing more for the cause of better treatment of chickens than ever!!

Kimberlee Kozakiewicz September 14th, 2014

To the “vegan” that started this petition, did you bother to check out their website? Did you bother to ask any questions of the post office employee about the shipping of baby chicks? Why not ask questions or better yet use the internet! When I decided I wanted my own flock, I checked out a number of hatcheries and by far “My Pet Chicken” had the best information, and everything I wanted, needed or didn’t know I needed to know about chickens. If there was something I didn’t quite really understand, I looked it up on the internet. One of the first things I found out was that baby chicks can survive for up to three days without food/water is because the number of eggs the hen may lay and they don’t hatch all on the same day. It’s God’s way of keeping them alive! So you are WRONG and need to pull your petition and say you are sorry! I will be placing my next order with them and know that I will be getting the very best and healthy new flock member. Thank you MPC

Tallie Rose September 14th, 2014

I’m so sorry you guys are having to go through this. I got my first batch of girls from you in August and they are all so healthy and happy. The only problem I had was a polish getting pecked out and it was easy to rehome her because everyone trusted MPC chicks. I have every intention to order more chicks from you in the spring.

My family loves MPC and I’m really saddened that people don’t do their research before trying to shut down a wonderful business.

claudette September 14th, 2014

dear friends at MPC,
I saw the original petition on and of course as a new chicken keeper, I dismissed it without even thinking of the impact on you folks. I’m truly sorry you’re all on the receiving end of someone’s knee-jerk reaction to something they obviously know next to nothing about. We had been buying eggs from a local chicken keeper for awhile before we decided to take the plunge and start our own flock. Your website has been an amazing and necessary resource for us along the way. Keep up the great work! I think your response was informative and levelheaded and this lady would be a fool to NOT withdraw her petition. Good luck and let all us chicken keepers know how we can support you!

Cheryl September 14th, 2014

We have ordered many chicks from you as well as other hatcheries. All we’re shipped safely, with the post office notifying us immediately after arrival. Your company is a good one, which we will continue to support. Keep up the good work!

Christine September 14th, 2014

Keep up the great work! I love the articles and your website was such a big help with picking the members of our flock. We are lucky enough to have great feed stores that purchase, through the mail, chicks so I have 4 different kinds of chickens in my flock!

My flock is so spoiled that it is over 100+ each day still and they are giving me 3-6 eggs a day! Without people like you, I would not be able to have such great diversity with my backyard flock!

Keep up the great work! I support My Pet Chicken 110%!

kelley September 14th, 2014

Great response to very uninformed campaign. Please do keep up the great work. Since receiving my 3 chicks I haven’t bought store eggs in years!!

traci September 14th, 2014

Thank you all so much for your kind words and encouragement. I just can’t wait for My Pet Chicken staff to see your notes when they log in Monday morning. While they’ve been weathering the abuse like champs, you have no idea how much good this will do their hearts. What wonderful customers and community we have here in the world of backyard chickens. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Natalie September 14th, 2014

I have ordered from My Pet Chicken and I am so thankful that you are on business and that I’ve found you! Countless animals are shipped daily. Whether it’s by mail, truck, or air. Shipping animals has also gone on for thousands of years now. As comes progress, so does variable options for shipping. I support My Pet Chicken and everything that you do!

Sonja Sokol September 14th, 2014

It is ridiculous how many crazies are out there that have no idea what they are talking about and try to mind everyone’s business but their own! I support you and your business 100%. The more of us that stand up for y’all will insure these crazies go right back to where they came from.

maryerlene huffman September 14th, 2014

We live next to the lake, the chickens roam free, eat the spiders, bugs, fallen fruit, as they please, we use no insecticides…it’s bad for the chickens and bad for the lake. The chickens are friendly and environmentally useful. The idea that a chicken is only for eating, or laying eggs is short sighted. The chicken is a natural deterrent for using sprays that can harm the lake. This whole thing about deciding what’s best for the rest of us, and how “we are supposed to comply” is infuriating. Mind your own yard, our’s belongs to us, we decide what’s best for our health. This my friends is our own fault, we’ve allowed these people to control our lives, tell us how high to jump, we need to speak up, tell them to back off.

Becky September 14th, 2014

I got all my babies from MPC and they are just wonderful. I never imagined what a joy raising chickens could be – something I would not have been able to experience if not for your company! You have my wholehearted support and gratitude.

June September 14th, 2014

I’m at a loss for kind words!!!!!!! Being raised as a family farm child many years ago, we raised POULTRY!!!!!!! Both my parents AND grandparents made their livings raising poultry! Both chickens and turkeys!!!!! We raised and sold dressed turkeys from Thanksgiving through Easter every single year of my young life! They always bought mail-order chicks and poults!!!!! There were many times they didn’t lose a single baby, but, there were times that they did lose!
For GOODNESS SAKES!!!!! Every animal on earth, INCLUDING HUMANS, die!!!!!!! There are no guarantees with any of us! Even in nature, baby animals don’t always survive! She just needs to keep her NOSE in town, where she apparently belongs, and keep ingesting all of those wonderful GMO VEGETABLES, and leave the farmers and ranchers ALONE to do what they were born and bred to do!!!!!!! MPC keep up the good work!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Mary Martin September 14th, 2014

There are always going to be those who probably don’t even eat eggs trying to get all of us who do, to stop. I guess they wouldn’t be happy until no one has chickens at all. Well, they are not going to convince the world not to eat eggs. At least there are people who are willing to keep backyard flocks to furnish their own supply of eggs and, like us, have enough left over to give away to family and friends every week or two. Our six girls live a very pampered life, doing what comes naturally to chickens. It only costs me about $12 a month to feed them—not counting the treats that they get (mealworms, BOSS, cracked corn and scratch). Other than that, they get some scraps and forage for insects and seeds. They are our pets as well as a food provider. WIth an average of five eggs per day, that is about twelve dozen eggs a month. It makes the physical aspect of raising chickens more worthwhile, in monetary savings, compared with eggs from a store or farm market—but I also get lots of entertainment and exercise as an added bonus.

wina ward September 14th, 2014

May I say “ditto” to the above comments. You are doing a great job, keep up the good work. I don’t understand why backyard chickens are so controversial. I love my chickens as do all other chicken keepers. Why else would we have them. And… no one turns down fresh eggs!

Michele Reid September 14th, 2014

I would be lost without My Pet Chicken. I have learned so much from you. I haven’t ordered by mail but if I had a bigger piece of land I would. You have my support.

Melissa H September 14th, 2014

Dear My Pet Chicken,
I think the way you guys handled the situation is classy and is well spoken. This past summer I ordered six chicks from you all and had them express shipped via USPS, and I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive since it was my first time ordering chicks through the mail. It is true that they were shipped in a ventilated box, they had a little heat pack to keep them warm, and there was even some straw bedding in there to keep them comfortable and from sliding around. All six of my chicks were alive when I opened the box. There was one who looked to be a little weaker than the others, but she came around very quickly. They’re all about 10 weeks old right now and they are the cutest and most ornery chickens I have ever seen! If it hadn’t been for you guys I wouldn’t have been able to get to them.

Michele Clement September 14th, 2014

I have ordered chicks several times through My Pet Chicken and have hatched my own at least as many times. I have to say that the mortality rate in the first 48hrs is the same either way. I now have 93 chickens who are kept for laying and as part of the farm family free-ranging on my farm. It’s wonderful to watch them all go about their day and also great to have fresh eggs to provide to my local community.

Please keep up your good work. I went to the petition site to see if there was a way to comment, but couldn’t find any. Please know that you have my support.

Angie September 14th, 2014

I am so thankful for my pet chicken. We have 8 very happy hens and one happy rooster. The days olds all arrived safely. My local post office is used to receiving them and handles with such care. They called us as soon as they arrived so we could go get them. Our chickens free range, eat organic feed and we look forward to providing our family and friends with fresh eggs. We know where they came from, how they are raised and fed. Couldn’t be happier! Keep up the great work and please don’t stop providing these services. I didn’t know much about raising chickens and learned so much from your site. A million thanks! And I’m looking forward to placing my next order in the spring!

Peg September 14th, 2014

Thank you for responding to the “haters”! My Pet Chicken has done a LOT to further the cause of locally-raised chickens, especially in urban settings, and to educate a largely-ignorant populace about the ins & outs of raising a small flock. Too often an emotional response to a perceived problem results in ill-conceived “solutions” without thought to the unanticipated consequences. That occurs more frequently with the advent of social media & instant communication available to us. In the past, there was time for those disinclined to do their research before reacting, to become informed before beginning a petition drive of any consequence on more than a local level. Now, however, even the most ignorant, ill-informed individual can have a global voice. Especially now that the bulk of our people live in urban settings – far removed from farms & country life. Please give your longsuffering employees a hug from me, and let them know that they’re in my prayers. Anonymity emboldens the cowardly. These hateful, pseudo-activists are more to be pitied than condemned….

DeAnn Scabilloni September 14th, 2014

I have ordered chicks three times and have had zero deaths. I had better luck with chicks than fertilized eggs, I ended up with two rooster that I am not allowed to keep, so far the pullets that were ordered ended up being hens like they are supposed to be!

DeAnn Scabilloni September 14th, 2014

I forgot to put in my comment that my girls lay the best tasting eggs hands down! And they lay one egg per day like they are supposed to!

Madison Family September 14th, 2014

We have really appreciated the time and effort you have put into this site. We purchased our chicks from our local feed stores so the kids could be involved. We have really benefitted from the free information you share. Our chickens are not quite 6 months and already laying! We have just a small backyard flock. They are very loved and happy. I have thanked them for their eggs and given them their requested cuddles in exchange for the eggs. We know where our eggs are coming from, and that is comforting! We don’t have to buy eggs anymore and the chickens are so fun to watch! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and for your fair response to someone who wasn’t very fair to you.

Vicki Burke September 14th, 2014

Truly unfortunate that this was all generated because she didn’t do her research beforehand, but that might not have changed anything anyway.

MPC, I stand by you 100%. I am a new chicken owner this year and if it want for hatcheries shipping I would not have been able to find any chickens in my area at all.

Thanks you and good luck.

Poppy hall September 14th, 2014

I’ve received 49 chicks through the mail and all of them survived. I adore my
Pet chicken for all the invaluable information. I can wait to get my order of
chickens through the mail next spring. I hope this petition falls flat because
this is the only way for us to get exotic chickens healthy chickens.

Karola Hitthaler September 14th, 2014

Dear Traci, I’m so sorry you got targeted by this person and have to fight against people with a lack of common sense. When I decided to have chickens I did my research and the idea that shipping baby chicks would be cruel didn’t come to my mind at all. My baby chicks arrived in a very good condition and are now happily enjoying their life in our backyard. I hope that I will be able to order chicks via mail in the future. You have my support!

Jacinda Purtle September 14th, 2014

I adore my pet chicken,I ordered 25 chicks last year they were packaged in a nice ,well vventilated box,with a heat pack in a customer I read all directions and I did not lose a single chick,they are all alive and healthy.

Stephanie Bohannon September 14th, 2014

I began my flock 3 years ago with a couple of chicks from MPC. I enjoy them daily. MPC was very helpful and resourceful as I began my new journey as a chicken owner. I turned to their site many times for assistance and/ or reassurance. I disagree with the petition. MPC offers a variety chicks that are healthy and unique. I sincerely believe that MPC makes ever effort possible for their chicks to make it safely to their new homes. I’m thankful for those efforts. I also thank MPC for their effort to educate people who want chickens. Keep up the good work MPC!!!

Mandy September 14th, 2014

My family has had the pleasure of caring for chickens for six months now thanks to your site. All our chicks arrived healthy and safe. They live comfortable, happy, healthy lives, and my children have benefited greatly from learning to care for them. Thank you for all you do and for making it possible for us to own and care for chickens! We love them!

Lisa Robinson September 14th, 2014

While I have not personally bought from backyard chickens, I have been around chickens much of my life. You are right, the sad truth when we farm is not all animal babies will live, and sometimes we don’t know why. Even when you do everything “right” sometimes it happens. On the other hand though, the more you do right , the better the odds for most. Your website has been a valued resource in raising mine and keeping them healthy, and I would certainly keep you in mind due to the care you show , should at some point in the future I get the chance to branch out to something a little more exotic. Thank you for helping more people get it right.

Helen September 14th, 2014

We were fortunate enough to learn how safe it was to get a shipment of chicks from our son and his family. What a great education it has been for them to have 20+ backyard ladies to help feed their family of eight. Our 6 girls arrived happy and healthy in May of this year. We now have a small beautiful backyard flock that we will be able to share with family and friends. We love educating the neighbors and sharing the experience. Please don’t judge until you research how safe it is to ship baby chicks. When chicks are raised in backyards, they become part of your family and they are great pets!

Laura September 14th, 2014

Great response to an ignorant and ill-conceived petition!

We’ve ordered mail order birds for 7 years, raising pets/layers and meat birds. Backyard flocks offer the healthiest option in respect to the birds’ well-being and treatment, human nutrition and impact on the environment.

MPC is a terrific educational resource. When friends ask advice on starting backyard flocks, I refer them to MPC’s website. Outstanding information on husbandry, biology and that breed selector tool is great! Thank you MPC — I’ll be watching to see if the petition is revoked or if there are other ways I can support your business.

Margo Gordon September 14th, 2014

Dear Traci, Seems such a shame that someone so ill informed can cause so much trouble to a Co. that does so much good. I have learned a lot from your site and last year I had 6 healthy chicks delivered. They are amazing healthy chickens even today and gave me 6 eggs the entire winter, even though I had no light in their coop. I have raise them Organic. The eggs that should be banned are the ones in the grocery stores. Those chickens, most, are so inhumanly treated, it makes me sick. There should be a petition against the way those poor chickens are treated. Keep up the awesome work you do and my prayers will be with you and My Pet Chicken.

Christine September 14th, 2014

So sad to see so many people having a knee jerk reaction to something they obviously know nothing about! When I decided to get chicks to raise, I was careful to research all I could to find out what was the safest way to get them here, that’s when I ran across your company. I was delighted to see all the helpful information that I could click on, much more than other sites. There was some info that was concerning, the shipment being one, but after reading everything I could, I decided you were the right choice. I ordered my chicks and my girls and I waited excitedly for them to arrive. When we got the call they were here, I darted home from work to see them delivered safely from a very nice gentleman from the post office, he had turned the heat on in his car to help them stay warm until he got them delivered to my home. All 8 were healthy and happy and peeping up a storm. All 8 are still alive and well and are having the time of their lives in our backyard digging up bugs, bathing in dirt piles and following my girls around when they are outside with them. They are our pets as much as our 3 cats and we would not be the same family today if you had not been there to provide us with these 8 lovely ladies and all the pertinent information we needed to raise them. Thank you for all you do and I hope that this petition falls along the wayside when people realize they were misinformed.

Emily Modlin September 14th, 2014

I knew nothing about chickens when we decided to get some 2 years ago. We now love them and keep adding to our flock.I also didn’t know you could get them in the mail, but where the heck else would you get them if you didn’t have a feed store or farm close by. I think some people view animal life as more important than human life and take things to the extreme. I agree no one should at any time be cruel to an animal. Our animals are cared for to the best of our ability, they all love us and we love them, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits… we are giving our children ourselves, friends, family and neighbors good fresh food. I totally support what the hacheries are doing and wish people would stop looking for ways to hurt others. Don’t they have something better to do?? (Like raise livestock?!) I fear that so many people just don’t get it.. they just don’t understand where food comes from. all of the “natural” stores don’t just poop fresh food our behind the swinging door. It comes from a farm where people work HARD.

Bev September 14th, 2014

We have always simply purchased our chicks from our local farm store in the Spring. But I am seriously considering purchasing our chicks through My Pet Chicken this next Spring as the variety will be more and the thought of supporting a smaller/home grown company is definitely appealing. Keep up the good work. And from a fellow small business owner, I totally understand the heart wrenching that goes along with negativity from the public, especially unwarranted. Keep up the great work!!!

Ronda Slawinski September 14th, 2014

Hang in there. I’ve raised mail order chicks for years. and yes a few have died. BUT I also let my hens set and hatch their own. Many more have died with mom. Foxes and skunks kill chickens every year. Some people don’t think things through before they start yelling “murder.” Sorry but death is a part of living.
I love your site and fb. Like you say, mail order is the ONLY way some of us have to get our back yard chickens.

Cheryl Allerton September 14th, 2014

Stand your ground, My Pet Chicken! I have ordered chicks from you folks before, and every one arrived healthy and happy. In fact, all of them are still here at our farm, years later, laying eggs, eating bugs, and rolling in the dirt. Don’t let the crazies bother you.

Cindy Traver September 14th, 2014

I have never ordered from a hatchery for my chickens but my neighbor has. She gets phone calls as early as 5 am to come pick up her chicks from the post office. She has actually been fortunate to not have any of her chicks die. I on the other hand have had new chicks die after mama hatched them. I am glad to see you post a full educated response to this petition. Education to the mailing process and the fact our backyard chickens are treated so well is important for people to understand. Keep up the good work!

Leslie M. Ficcaglia September 14th, 2014

If the petition were to be successful in stopping the shipping of live chicks, where would those of us with small operations in rural areas go to add to our flocks? This is clearly the idea of someone who doesn’t understand the way the poultry shipping business works and the fact that it supports backyard operations which raise chickens in the most humane way possible. Do away with shipping of live chicks and we would all HAVE to buy factory-farm eggs because nothing else would be available. Talk about unintended consequences!

Scotty McCall September 14th, 2014

I’ve ordered chicks through the mail every year for over 30 years and I’ve only lost a handful of chicks. I lose more raising my own to black snakes, coons and opossums and when the chicks are larger to a Coopers hawk family that raises every year near my house, it’s just the nature of things. The petition lady obviously doesn’t have a clue about farm life not realizing that chicks hatched at home sometimes die, that’s also nature’s way of culling out the weak and producing healthy chickens. Just curious if this lady eats any type of food with eggs in it (muffins, cake, cookies, brownies, etc.) and if she does where does she think these eggs come from, a poor hen that lives her entire laying life in a cramped space with no room to move around or being outside enjoying the sunshine and eating bugs and grass and doing things that chickens do. If I was forced to buy only local birds it would be a very limited selection. Every chicken and breed has a different personality and I’ve enjoyed every minute of raising them. When the hens are older and quit laying they are not killed and disposed of, they live their life as they began it doing chickeny things in the yard. I commend you guys for all the information you put out there to help beginners enjoy and benefit from raising their own flock of chickens. I truly am sorry that you were targeted by a person with such a misunderstanding of life. My post office branch is the greatest when I receive my chicks. They called me as early as 6:30 in the morning to let me know my chicks have arrived and are ready to be picked up. They love to see all the little chicks when I open the box and have learned how the chicks survived the trip on the yolk they have absorbed. I do hope that petition is squashed and that lady finds something to do with her life that is justified and meaningful. Keep up the good work raising your chicks and I’ll be in touch next spring to order more chicks through the MAIL!!!!

Rita kapalka September 14th, 2014

I haven’t yet started my back yard chicken
Flock. I think I’ll be ready by next spring and I’m so glad that youll be Here
To help. I no some people that no nothing of even being
Around farm animals my find it hard to understand the shipping of
Birds. They are probably not comfortable with mother natures
Thinning of the herd either. Hopefully they will see what
A great service you are providing once they learn more.
Good luck with that and hope to contact you in the near
Future. Keep up the education to the back yard farmers.

marla September 14th, 2014

my extension agent signed and posted the petition to facebook. thats how bad it is.

Karen Dunn September 14th, 2014

It is sad that one radical person can ruin so many lives by hating and spreading the hate. Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts on things. It makes us a great country to be able to use the rights to voice those opinions. However, when taking things this far and not knowing what they are talking about…they need to stuff a rag in it and do their research. My Pet Chicken has provided us with the best chickens, the best advice and all the information we could use to raise a healthy flock. We hope you know you do a service that we all appreciate as backyard flock raisers. Thank you!

Autumn Strahle September 14th, 2014

I ordered 8 chicks from you over a year ago and they all arrived safe and happy! They have been healthy and we have enjoyed their wonderful eggs for the past year. I’m eating more eggs and my cholesterol has dropped 40 points!

Mairik September 14th, 2014

The petition is totally unfair and incorrect. The baby chicks I have gotten from My Pet Chicken are well “packaged” and heated. The chicks all lived, and if they hadn’t, it would not be the fault of USPS or My Pet Chicken. The people protesting someone should do the research to find out if their complaints are legitimate. My backyard chickens are not eaten, they lay wonderful organic eggs, and are quite happy in my yard where they are kept protected from predators and fed on greens and plants, insects, and some organic, non-GMO grain.

Marsha Berdan September 14th, 2014

In the 7 years that I have been keeping a backyard flock, I have ordered 3 times from my Pet Chicken, in all that time, never have I received a sick or deceased chick. They were all happy and healthy. My hens lead a happy , pampered existence, being doted on by my family and dog. Each year I take a hen to school for a day and we share what it is to be a chicken, and how wonderful and sweet they are. It is because of deplorable factory farms that I began to keep a flock. Thank you My Pet Chicken for safely shipping those precious babies to me!

Tracy September 14th, 2014

My first backyard flock, I chose My Pet Chicken because they had the most education available on their website and they are endorsed by Martha Stewart for the care and quality they provide. I spent roughly 2 months researching and educating myself on chicken keeping and everything I would need to prepare for the arrival of my chicks. I followed all the directions from the website. I tracked my chicks en route every step of the way with online tracking. On arrival morning my post lady called to to tell me they had arrived and were waiting for me to pick them up. She took excellent care of them until I arrived and told me she had been peeking in on them and they were doing great. All 15 were alive and active. I took them home and set them up in their new brooder. This is when the real fun began. I loved watching them for hours at a time. I have been completely satisfied with my decision and feel that the education on My Pet Chicken’s website helped me prepare to be the best backyard flock keeper I can be. My chicks arrived healthy, with a guarantee for health and sex and certified disease free. I will always order chicks from My Pet Chicken!

Molly Tatum September 14th, 2014

Dear MPC,
Keep on doing your good work. You provide healthy chicks & accurate chicken keeping information to hep the public start or maintain a backyard flock. I have ordered fertile eggs in the past (not from you) & had 1 out of 16 hatch. Ordering live chicks? 100%! The chicks were healthy & untraumatized. I hope this unwarranted petition becomes an irritating & forgotten blip in your companies fine reputation. For the rest of us who applaud your efforts to reduce dependence on mistreated hens in factories, thank you.

Amy September 14th, 2014

I support you at My Pet Chicken, and I want to thank you again for the wonderful job you do. My little flock of hens was shipped to me as day old chicks, arriving during a freak March snowstorm here in Tennesse. Thankfully, they were well packed and perfectly healthy. They are now providing my family with delicious eggs, as well as fun and entertainment! I have already begun the wish list of breeds I am planning to order from you next Spring.
If there is any other way that I can support you I will do so! I have been impressed with your customer service, educational tools, and website since the moment I found you. I hope to continue to purchase chicks for you.

NicoleMaye September 14th, 2014

My Pet Chicken,

Thank you Thank you, A Thousand Times THANK YOU for all you do for us Backyard Chicken lovers! Your response was educational and perfectly worded- I for one am not as strong in will power. We stand behind you from Indiana. Much love, many prayers, spreading the word.!

Alice Beckham September 14th, 2014

Traci, My first experience with was this winter/spring. I ordered 7 chicks from you and they were shipped to me at my office in great shape! We had “farm day” at my office so everyone could see the chicks!! They were healthy and arrived on time! I placed my order over the phone and the lady that helped me was completely knowledgeable and so helpful. I would definitely order from you again! I have always received my chicks from my local feed store (who receives their chick via the mail from Mt. Healthy Hatchery in OhIo…I am in the most SE corner of Alabama)… My point is that for the last 8 years that I have gotten chicks from them, I have never had any die in transport and neither from you. I totally support what you do and would be willing to help you any way I can.

Jan Sturtevant September 15th, 2014

It pains me no end to hear of the abuse you are suffering at the hands of such an impulsive and mis-informed person. It’s far too easy to respond to such a petition in a knee-jerk way without getting more information.

I love your site, your business model, and the excellent information I find when I have questions about my chickens.

Keep your chins up, and keep up the good work!

Jannell Shaw September 15th, 2014

Nature has equipped chicks with a way to survive for a few days while the whole clutch hatches. Taking advantage of the awesome phenomenon to ship the chicks is great. All my chick’s have survived & I’m grateful that I could obtain some rarer chickens this way.

CathyMK September 15th, 2014

I don’t know how the petitioner could visit this website and come away having decided that your business is abusive. Your love and care for chickens shows through on every page. Whether it’s the blog posts about the joys of less popular breeds or keeping older hens after they’ve stopped laying, the affectionate breed descriptions, or the extensive care advice, it’s clear that you want only the best for your girls. I trust your site more than any other for unbiased and sound advice on any and all issues that come up with my chickens. My flock is happy and healthy, and has been since the day they arrived in the mail.

From what I saw in the comments on, these people are seeing the phrase “pet chicken,” equating it with irresponsible people who buy and discard “Easter chicks,” and not looking any further. They’re in such a hurry to judge others that they don’t even notice when someone is actually one of the good guys.

Tabitha Dromiack September 15th, 2014

Poor misguided Ms. Maples. I wonder if she is aware of the number of newly hatched chicks that die because their “mother” kills them, a rooster gets them, or another chicken in the flock doesn’t take kindly to their presence, not to mention death by farm cat, predatory wild animals and a whole host of other things that can happen to a chick not hatched in a hatchery. New chick death by chicken or other animal is dramatically higher than the rate of death by shipping.

Being in a priority USPS box is probably the safest place for a new chick!

laurie September 15th, 2014

excellent explanation. I already responded directly to those who sent the petition to my mailbox saying the same things! You do wonderful work and that work is an essential part of the whole movement to push backyard flocks. i fully support you and your wonderful work.

Chris September 15th, 2014

I love what you do! I have read for hours on your website and appreciate the information you provide. We are not allowed chickens where we live (hopefully that will change with some local regulations being changed), but as soon as we move and are settled, we will be buying chickens and researching and learning through your website even more. I’ll share this on fb and get the word out…

Dorothy Elliott September 15th, 2014

I’ve had my silkies for a year. They came to me as you described. All 6 survived! Today they are part of our family, just like the 2 dogs and cat we have. Every night when I go to “tuck them in”, I have 3 that will jump out of the coop and come running to me just so I can pick them up and put them to bed.
The original reason we chose to get chickens in the first place was so we could provide my boys a healthier alternative to store bought, factory produced, eggs. In addition, I wanted to give my boys the opportunity to experience what raising chickens would be like, since I had the experience also as a child. There’s nothing better than farm fresh eggs right out of the coop.
We went with MPC because they had the type of chicken I wanted and were able to guarantee they were all female. The chickens available close by, couldn’t guaranteethe chicks were female and roosters are frowned upon. The ones they were able to guarantee were Pullets, and I wanted to give the boys the experience of raising them from chicks.
We all go through trauma when we are first born, but does any of remember it? My chickens are happy and I think that’s all that matters. My entire extended family would stand behind you and what you do because they love my chickens just as much as I do.
Not to sound off, but chickens will do what chickens do, and would this person rather see the chickens being sent to good homes, or just eaten :/
Love you guys!
Dorothy, Clover, Blue, Billy, Miss Gray, Fluff and Grape

Connie Ferguson September 15th, 2014

Dear Traci,
I have never personally ordered from you but have ordered from several other hatcheries over the years. My chicks have always arrived safe and healthy. I have been lucky and all my chicks survived, I realize that at times a few will not but live but the shipping method has always worked for us as it was designed to. I understand their are some who do not agree with this but they do not have to order chicks if it offends them.

I would recommend to anyone who is interested in raising chicks to order as they always have. I enjoy my chickens and the eggs they provide me and my family. I hope this organization does more research on this subject so they to can enjoy as we do our backyard chicks and the antics and different personalities of each chick.

I wish you continued success in your business and hope the nah sayers focus on a subject where they are needed. Thank you for the services you provide to all of us.

Lori Osburn September 15th, 2014

After adopting 4 abandoned hens in Sept 2011, we bought 27 mail order chicks in May 2012 and it changed our lives forever… for the good!
When we picked them up at the post office, it was exciting!
All chicks were healthy, perfect and alive. We have lost 0… even to this day, 2 yrs & 4 mos later.
Our sweet chickens are our life and we love them!
They are free-ranged for 2-3 hours EVERY evening on 1/4 acre under our direct supervision- they are happy hens!
We have regular egg customers who love our girls’ eggs, too!
Please don’t take this important resource from folks who choose to be responsible and produce their own humanely- raised eggs!

Marcus Loidolt September 15th, 2014

Keep up the good work!! Educating the public about the source of their cheap food is a very important business!! So many are woefully ignorant about agri-business…especially vegan types who are mistakenly convinced that soy and corn are healthier than grass fed meat…I teach environmental education with the YMCA and am constantly shocked by such ideas..

Jody Holm September 15th, 2014

I ordered 10 chicks from you 1 year ago because I wanted to raise healthy happy chickens that would give us healthy eggs rather than purchase any more eggs that come from a factory setting where chickens are treated in the most inhumanely way.
They all arrived alive. We had one chick that was weak and a quick phone call to your office gave us the information we needed to quickly give the chick what it needed and was healthy and strong by the end of the day. Today we have 10 healthy and HAPPY hens producing healthy eggs for our family and friends. Your site helped to make that final decision to bring chickens into our lives and we’re so happy we did. I applaude what you do.

Melissa Wells September 15th, 2014

I have been ordering chicks through the mail for more years than I can count. I don’t think I’ve ever received a dead or dying chick. When buying locally I have ended up with sick birds and had to cull the entire flock. I now always buy mail order and get healthy strong chicks.

jessie rountree September 15th, 2014

I am one who will protest and sign petitions, if they r worthy of notice. I did receive notice of this one and didn’t respond as I felt this person was making an err in judgement. If they have concern about the chicken industry try the factory farms. Specifically tyson. I have not ordered from my pet chicken but I can guarantee that the backyard chicken farmer would not deal with them if they were inhumane.

Carol September 15th, 2014

I wholeheartedly support you in your work. Thank you. I have often used your website as a valuable source of information. I purchased 6 baby chicks through the mail this spring, and recently hatched (through use of an incubator) 20 of their chicks. They were given excellent care, yet one still died during the first night. The rest are all healthy, viable chicks. I am aware that sometimes babies simply aren’t strong enough to make it, no matter how cared-for.
When crunching numbers, you said in an above response, “learning that we and our chicken-keeping community all over the country are responsible for 500,000,000 eggs annually that don’t have to be bought from the grocery store…” This seems to me a rather conservative estimate, considering that I am undoubtedly not alone in raising the offspring of the chicks ordered through your site. In this way your impact reaches exponentially.
Thank you for your vision and support of my goals to be more self-reliant and live organically.

traci September 15th, 2014

Thank you for your support, Carol. You’re right–I was very carefully conservative in the numbers I published. I’d rather err on the safe side. Don’t forget, too, that an unknown number of chickens are lost in free-range flocks, especially due to predation. Thanks again for your kind comments!

Allen September 15th, 2014

While I can appreciate your business, and have no qualms against the notion of teaching people to raise chickens, can we please stop with this “every chicken we sell is one less egg being commercially sold”? Eggs are still commercially sold – regardless of how many chicks you sell – because a hen will lay eggs at least daily without the presence of a rooster.

traci September 15th, 2014

Hi Allen! If nobody kept chickens in their backyards, eggs would only be sold commercially–and if everyone kept chickens in their backyards, no eggs would be sold commercially sold, right? So wouldn’t it stand to reason that if some people keep chickens, fewer eggs would be sold commercially? In fact, since each hen lays, on average, more than forty dozen eggs in her lifetime, why isn’t it fair to conclude that each hen we sell represents 40 dozen eggs not bought at the grocery store? Please help me understand your position.

Debbie Fraker September 15th, 2014

Our first two sets of chicks were from All were alive and healthy. The information we got from your site helped us keep them healthy and safe. Recently we had a hen hatch a set of chicks. Two were lost to a predator, a snake probably. It happens. It has been fascinating to watch them grow and learn under the guidance of a mama hen. But we could not have done any of this without being able to order our first chicks on-line. We haven’t bought eggs in several years, and, in fact, we are able to supply friends with healthy eggs from free-range chickens. Thank you for being there.

Grace e September 15th, 2014

Can you take legal action? Keep doing what yall are doing! I have an order in with yall right now and will be ordering again in the future!

Wendy September 15th, 2014

Keep up the great work. We got our first batch of chicks this year and they are happy, healthy and so much fun. We will never again support the terrible egg companies by purchasing store bought eggs. Just imagining my girls living that way makes me so sad. We support you wholeheartedly and thank you for all the great work you do.

Jared September 15th, 2014

Thank you for everything you have done for the cause over the years!

Shelby September 15th, 2014

I have never ordered from your site but have ordered many chicks and have had lots of wonderful eggs to share with friends and family. Backyard chickens are great and that’s why i was surprised to see this petition. I have had a shipment that was greatly damaged while being delivered (from another company) and from the amount of box damage it looked either intentional or gross negligence under something exceedingly heavy (the box was very, very tough and rigid and should have held up well). I was unhappy with the post office but not with the producer/shipper who did everything they could to ensure a great delivery. It was the only two chicks i ever lost to shipment issues and i’ve had over 100 chicks shipped to me over the years.

Dana and Ian Niday September 15th, 2014

I have friends that hatch their own eggs at home under the hen. The rate of live chickens is about 1/2 live at birth. I purchased 20 chickens at and got 20 healthy live chicks thru the USPS. We will purchase again and folks in my county have been purchasing chicks via mail for over 100+ years. The boxes used for transport are safe and the Postal workers are gentle. It is their job to get the chicks to their customers as safe as possible or they would not have that job. We love and have encouraged other folks interested in pursuing raising chickens for healthy eggs to buy from them as well. Their customer service is awesome and they will answer any questions you may have concerning thoughts on raising chickens, the correct chickens to purchase to live in your part of the country weather wise. And how to be ready to receive your chicks if you do not understand their well written direction online. Thanks mypetchicken!

Kylie Baker September 15th, 2014

Unfortunately very many people do not thoroughly research a subject that may upset or cause them a strong emotional reaction before condemning it. I am a seasoned veterinary nurse who is always trying to make life better for all animals whether domesticated or wild. I raise, chickens, dairy goats and fiber goats, and I try and do so in the most natural way possible. I know that confinement and crowed housing leads to stress and stress triggers a release of hormones that are detrimental to the body of ALL living creatures. My egg customers are always upset when my girls go into their molt because they are forced to buy the “cage free”, “organic” store bought eggs. Not only is it clear to them by the color of the yolk that they are NOT fresh, they also taste VERY differently. Even though the label says “cage free” that does not at all mean that they are in a natural environment where they can forage for the foods and minerals that they prefer which keep them healthy, happy and stress free. As well they have artificial light and are kept awake longer so they lay more eggs……which leads to more stress. Before someone takes on a cause they should research and if at all possible experience (visit a backyard flock as well as a factory “farm”) both sides of the debate before taking up arms against one or the other. This is the only way that one can justify and preach their cause to others.

Good luck and continue to keep your head held high!

Deb September 15th, 2014

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You just found out how many, many supporters you have. We all raise chickens from you and you take the best care of them when you ship them to us. You help us to raise chickens that are providing samonella free eggs and chickens that the larger places that provide eggs to stores can’t always do.
Maybe she can’t have chickens so she wants no one to have them. We are pretty tired of people thinking they know what is best for us and trying to force it down our throats so you go, we all support you! 🙂

Becky September 15th, 2014

Thanks MPC very nicely done! We are very glad you do this service and education is key!

Vickie September 15th, 2014

Hi! I am on your side on this issue. I’ve looked at your site and it does look like you are very good and careful and care about what you are doing. I haven’t ordered chicks from you yet, but I will be when I can.

Felicia September 15th, 2014

Very thoughtful and insightful response to the petition. I am an animal advocate who typically signs these types of calls to action, so I am grateful to have read this first. I stopped buying eggs when I learned “Big Ag” suffocates and/or grinds up thousands upon thousands of baby male chicks because they are “useless”. Then my hairdresser, who does something similar to this site on a local basis, educated me about the alternative. I won’t raise my own chicks because I wouldn’t be able to handle what to do with them at the end of their egg laying cycle, so I’m grateful for visionaries like you, Traci.

amy elizabeth September 15th, 2014

Been ordering chicks from My Pet Chicken for years… all my chicks have arrived safely EVERY TIME.

Sondra Gibson September 15th, 2014

There is nothing wrong with shipping baby chicks and as others have said it’s really the only way for people who want backyard flocks to get them. I’ve had excellent success with mail-order chicks, as have my friends. I’ve actually NEVER had one arrive dead or dying. The feed / farm stores get their chicks by mail order too, so buying them locally makes no difference. They have still been shipped. This is also one of the main ways of preserving rare or uncommon breeds. It allows flock owners to purchase breeds that they might not otherwise find in their local area. I love all the free invormation that My Pet Chicken as well as other chicken websites provide to potential owners. Keep up the good work. (and to the lady who started the petition – please keep your nose out of things you know nothing about)

Nancy Baumgartner September 15th, 2014

All too often people react to emotions triggered by some assumed truth or another rather than inquiry and critical thought. Its as if because a thought and the subsequent emotion is experienced, a fact is born. This happens with many issues, this one happens to aim to impact small chicken keepers- the people who stand the best chance at eroding the cruelty of the mass- produced chicken industry. Its maddening.

Marsia Jager September 15th, 2014

My children gave me chickens and a coop for Mother’s Day. I love my chickens! I share our eggs with neighbors and have already convinced two friends to start their own backyard flocks ( we live in the suburbs, not out in the country ). Being that we live in the suburbs, we cannot have a rooster, and thus cannot produce our own fertilized eggs to grow our own chicks “naturally” and have to purchase our replacements. I can buy chicks from the feed store, but they get them through the mail themselves and I do not get to know the background. Most feed stores gets their chicks from humongous hatcheries where, I suspect, get the eggs from hens that are not living the most humane lives themselves. If I purchase my chicks from a reputable hatchery, like My Pet Chicken, I know I will be getting healthy, breed specific, chicks. I am doing my best to get away from huge mega agriculture and get my food from sources I feel I can trust. I trust My Pet Chicken. I feel they are treating their chickens as I would treat my own. Yes baby chicks do sometimes die. That is as natural as chickens hatching. Some make it and some don’t. It really has nothing to do with the chicks being shipped through the mail. I, for one, could not ever afford to have a special currier hand deliver my chicks to me. Even if I could afford a special currier, what would they do differently than the USPS already does? Thank you, My Pet Chicken, for making it possible for folks like me to have my own back yard flock. Please keep up the good work. We need folks like you more than many may understand. Please don’t let unkind or ignorant comments deter you from the wonderful work you are doing. You are very much appreciated and needed.

Kathy W September 15th, 2014

There have been many of my chickens, over the past nine years of keeping them, that have been saved by the free information provided by Backyard Chickens. I have learned so much and am forever grateful for the time and care involved in providing that information.
As to the petition and the shipment of day old chicks. It is awful when there is a chick lost in shipment. It is terribly sad when it happens. It happens though. It also happens when chicks are hatched in the brooder. It happens when a mama hen hatches them herself. Sometimes a weak chick makes it though the first days after hatch (either shipped or not) but fails to thrive and dies within the first week or two. There are other “weak” periods in a chicken’s life as well. Two months and four months both seem to be danger periods. Anyone who bothers to take a bit of time to do some research, maybe even ASK A PERSON WHO RAISES CHICKENS, could find this out rather easily.
To everyone there at Backyard Chickens, hang in there. You are doing a great job and hopefully the negativity will soon pass.

Jim Duvall September 15th, 2014

Deb and I started our flock nearly a year ago and have been guided and educated by your site and others. We have tried incubating and brood hens but started through the mail. We raised the first 15 in our house due to winter weather and found ourselves getting attached to our babies quickly. We free range during the day and secure them in a large coop with plenty of perches at night. They like to hang around us and being held and talked to as does any other pet. We do use ours for meat as well as eggs and find it very hard to do the dispatching. We thank our hens daily for their contributions to our lives as well as the others they feed. We thank them and God for blessing us and make the dispatch as humane and swift as possible. We share eggs with friends and family all over the country and thoroughly enjoy some of the best and freshest food in the world.

L.Barker September 15th, 2014

It’s very sad when people (with the best intentions) fight for a “cause” the have not fully researched or fully understand. They end up doing more damage than good.
I bought 5 chicks from My Pet Chicken, all 5 arrived safely. Although a couple days later one of the girls, got week and died. It had nothing to do with the shipping process. She simply wasn’t strong enough. My Pet Chicken promptly refunded the price of the chick. The four remaining girls are 18mo old now, and doing great!

Mary Jean Hartel September 15th, 2014

Thank you all the staff of MyPetChicken!!!!! I appreciate your well-thought out and reasoned presentation above and want to support you and your work! Because of your efforts I have received a total of 10 chicks in two different batches, 3 years apart. When I’ve had questions, you’ve answered them–sometimes outside of work hours!!!

The chicks all arrived well and healthy (though one with a touch of pasty butt! : ) They have provided us with gorgeous eggs and many hours of chicken TV. Through my chickens I’ve earned about wild birds as well. Please keep up the good work!

Do you have a “reverse petition” we could sign?

Brian September 15th, 2014

Thanks for your hard work! You helped get my family into chicken keeping! Keep fighting the good fight!

Dana September 15th, 2014

I’ve purchased about 30 chicks from MPC over the years. They have ALL arrived in excellent condition and have grown into healthy birds. I am so thankful that I was able to find a place that would sell me just four birds to get started when everyone else had minimums of 25. I’ve utilized the chicken experts a few times and have always had great experiences with them. Thank you, MPC for helping people get started in small flocks and guiding us on the way. Kudos.

Dorian Ferrari September 15th, 2014

I have purchased and learned a lot from mypetchicken. I saddens me that people put up these type of petitions without knowing the real facts. The backyard chicken movement is a keystone to be self-sustaining and having your own safe food. I’m not a vegan, and that is not the issue. Too often it seems animal rights activists lose sight of what they are really trying to accomplish and end up making them seem like fools.

Jeannette September 15th, 2014

I am so thankful to have such an educated and supportive site as MPC to go to. I am so eager to get my chicks from you this coming spring. Not only is it an amazing site but one of the best in breeds that you offer. THANK YOU!!! for all you do to promote/support chickens and those that LOVE them!! I phoned in and talked to the most helpful and kind person today and it affirmed to me that I am making the right choice in backyard chickens!! Keep up the good work!!

Heather September 15th, 2014

My kids are wanting more chicks other then from the local feed store. So we are looking at your website. Looking for a Different line and quality of chickens. It’s sad when people over look big corps doing the same but for profit not quality of the chicks.

CJ Higgins September 16th, 2014


First off, great job with the response to the original petition on That was a very thorough, thought-out, and effective response to the gripes of the petitioner. In this blog post, you continued on that effective path by educating the casual as well as the active participant on the most recent updates of the petition by sampling her original comments as well as your response.
That was a great way to update your base with the background story with a snapshot of the timeline and your reactions to the events. It helped to create or strengthen the connection with your readers but revealing your humanity—that takes tremendous courage.

Hopefully your non-supports will do their homework and review the links you have provided so they can better understand the shipping methods involved as well as their impacts to the chickens. You did a great job in outlining how the yolk provides nutrients and how you do prepare your customers that some may not survive the process, an unfortunate reality, but better than the inhumane treatment from the larger farms.

Ultimately I do hope that your non-supports will eventually join your cause and unite against big business agriculture because that is where the true travesties occur; both you and the petitioners share the common goal of protecting the chickens and I hope that doesn’t get lost in translation here. Keep up the good work!

Melody Roy September 16th, 2014

I went to the petition and left a message against what was said there, as a small farmer myself, I hatch and have had chicks shipped to me, I have, I’am happy to say, never lost one that was shipped, but some I’ve hatched myself have died, either within mins or a few day’s later and told them this. I also said that I thought they should remove the petition as it was making false statement’s, and those who signed it were only parroting Ms. M, and not taking the time to find out the fact’s themselves, I hope that the ugly emails and calls stop soon, and I wish you, and all at MPC, all the best in your very important business, anything we can do to stop big ag is a good thing.

Linda Cook September 16th, 2014

I remember many years ago when I first heard of shipping baby chicks and that it involved neither food nor water, and there was a mortality rate. I was appalled! Incensed! And then I asked questions. It was hard to understand at first, so I asked other independent sources. Sure enough, baby chicks are amazing! We all lament the death of any wee one that doesn’t make it. But not all puppies, kittens or human babies survive. So sad to have a good company’s reputation sullied by the lack of research.

Carla September 16th, 2014

why don’t people focus on big industry that are trashing baby male chicks..

Kansas September 16th, 2014

Some people have nothing better to do that stick their noses into a cause they have purely invented in their very small mind.
I have my own chickens and I started with mail order chicks because, where I live, I can’t get anything else. Every batch I have received no chick has been dead but very strong and healthy. I now hatch out my own chicks and not everyone makes it, their death has nothing to do with shipping at all.

Jonathan White September 16th, 2014

I just wanted to commend MPC on the great job they are doing informing and teaching people on how to raise and care for their own back yard flock. I’ve received two order of chicks from MPC with 100% arriving alive and healthy. These chickens (and one roo) are loved on and cared for by my entire family and will live out their full lives as pets. That they provide us eggs is a bonus.

Olivia Elgart September 16th, 2014

I understand that one might read the Facebook comment and say, “wow — My Pet Chicken is wrong and this is, in fact, a harsh company.” However, after reading this blog post, I know now, what this company is truly about and I support it. The petitioner obviously never did her research, and I hope she reads this and knows the truth now. The funny part is, you and the petitioner both share similar goals: you are both very healthy and into animal rights, and treating animals well. You were once even a vegan, just like the petitioner. I fully support your company after reading this.

Angela September 16th, 2014

We ordered baby chicks last year (although from another hatchery) and they arrived via mail perfectly healthy– all 26 survived. Mail order is the only way we could have gotten the breed and number of chicks we wanted. I totally agree that they are so much better off running freely on our property than being raised inhumanely in some crowded factory farm or whatever.

sheryl September 17th, 2014

I have lost more chicks when I have incubated or allowed one of my hens to go broody than I ever have in the shipping process. 1 so far out of a couple hundred. this do gooder would probably be the 1st to call the city council over a back yard chicken coop too. please when you go spouting off and making petitions and slander folks do your homework. I am so tired of these I am better than you lefties that nothing is ever good for them. the real issue is you want everyone else to be vegan like you, but that isn’t happening and because it is not, why don’t you focus your rage on the REAL abusers. I love my chickens

Diane Servay September 17th, 2014

While I don’t have amazingly elegant words to share, I support YOU!

I haven’t ordered from you, personally, but I know and know of folks who have. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to source the breeds I want locally.

Businesses like yours are needed, you do / did your research and you are doing the absolute best you can. Not many can say that.

There will always be haters in anything you do. There will always be those who go off the deep end w/out knowing their facts. It sounds very much like that’s what these folks do. When folks have a cause, they often have that cause to the exclusion of all other causes. I have friends who are vegetarians and some who are vegan and some who are non-meat eaters who either do/don’t consume eggs and/or milk. We discuss recipes every week at market – when they have one that doesn’t include meat (since my hubby is a meat eater in a high degree), they often say “You could make it with this type of meat for him, that’s what was originally in the recipe”; when I have one that has meat, I return the respect saying “I make mine with pork, but you could easily substitute beans or some other protein rich vegetable”. Respect goes both ways!!

Keep up the good work and most especially KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!!!!!

Brenna September 17th, 2014

We received our very first cheeping box in the mail last week. All 16 of the chicks were alive and well. I could never have obtained the variety of birds locally that I was able to get from mypetchicken. Thank you so much!

Amy Linch September 17th, 2014

Oh, good grief. The individual that started the petition should have taken a few minutes to do a little research. Ridiculous.
Rock on, MPC.

Lynda September 17th, 2014

So typical. Someone sees something that they know nothing about and run off half-cocked to do good. Your website provides so much information about raising backyard chickens. While I have never ordered from you, I know that when chicks hatch, if they are not being shipped they should stay in the incubator for the first 24 hours. They do not need a mamma hen to survive. That is what the yolk sac is for. I support your efforts to educate 100%. Hopefully we will still be able to purchase non-factory chickens.

Terez September 17th, 2014

Some these activists are out of control and this example proves just that. They should properly investigate and educate themselves before
Attacking an innocent company such as yours!

I for one am tired of these activist attacking
People who go above and beyond to care for
Their animals while the FACTORY FARMS
Continue to abuse and mistreat animals!

You have my support!! Thanks ~ Wisconsin

Leanne September 17th, 2014

You have my full support! I found your website two years ago when I was just thinking about starting my own flock. You provided all the necessary information for me to decide to raise chickens. I, too, am vegetarian. I decided to raise my own chickens for the healthy fresh eggs. I also did not want to support the commercial egg companies that subject their hens to horrific conditions. Not only does my flock provide healthy eggs to my family but also to local residents. I have loyal customers that will only buy eggs from my flock. Because I went a little breed crazy due to the vast selection that you offer, I have more eggs than my family alone could possibly eat! I have a flock of 26 hens and 1 rooster, 16 of which were ordered through your website! You have had a positive impact on backyard chicken keepers by providing the necessary tools to raise healthy, happy chickens!

Don & Suzy September 18th, 2014

Unfortunately, there are many people out there who are just looking for a reason to be angry. They aren’t interested in learning about an issue before they jump to a conclusion. It makes them feel good to explode with righteous indignation about something they know nothing about. They are sad and miserable people who only find satisfaction in trying to make other people miserable.

Even if we never read your blog, we can see your character by your thoughtful, reasoned, and mature response the nasty barrage of thoughtless noise. Suzy and I are praying for your team until all the noise dies down.

You inspired us to cover this topic in the latest episode of our podcast. I hope we did it justice.

Frankly, we are okay with people having a differing viewpoint. We just wish they would examine both sides before coming to a conclusion and then share their viewpoint in a respectful and reasonable manner.

Don & Suzy

Paige September 19th, 2014

I support you, My Pet Chicken. All my chicks were and are quite alive and healthy. Thanks and sorry you have to suffer this clearly misinformed individual.

Cindy Barton September 21st, 2014

We believe so much in backyard chickens and the gift they give our family daily. Not just the eggs which we get to eat and share with others but the fun just watching each and every one’s personality. We have a lot of Silkies and Polish. We have free rangers and show birds. We have met people from all over the country because of chickens. They bring us countless hours of stress free fun. As breeders of show birds we ship across country too. We take care in using the highest standard of USPS approved shipping boxes. The birds are always washed, nails trimmed, and healthy when they are shipped. They are packed with Gro-Gel nourishment for the young chicks (just in case) and the adults have puréed corn, scrambled eggs, or fresh fruit for food and liquid. I have not had one bird arrive deceased, not saying it couldn’t happen but, the upmost care is made for the birds safety. I totally agree with MyPetChicken in that some people don’t have the option of buying birds local or the breed of birds they want and the only way to get them is having them shipped from a hatchery or a private breeder. To take that right away would be devastating and only lead to more egg production by big AG commercial farms who have no regard for the hens natural cycle of life. Watching chickens free range and experience the dirt beneath their feet and the taste of an earth worm is priceless. Please don’t take that away from families that depend on mail order chickens. Thank you and Cluck On ~ Barton Hollow Bantams.

Marilyn September 21st, 2014

Bravo, My Pet Chicken and Traci!
Applause for all who work for humane animal care!
Cheers, that these two wonderful things fit together as a beautiful whole!

Amy Jernigan September 23rd, 2014

I think there must be better ways for one to get baby chicks rather than having them sent through the mail?…. it really does not sound humane at all.

traci September 23rd, 2014

Hi Amy, people are welcome to buy from a local small farm if they are able to find one, or a hatchery if they live within driving distance. For the vast majority of people in this country, there is no such option, and that’s why chicks are shipped (with incredible success, for a century and a half).

Rose G September 29th, 2014

My sincerest apologies,I laughed … for real, out loud.
Another reason people like me choose to have chicks shipped is because we take into consideration the breed and if it can survive in our local climates.

I think what this gal is angry about is that our chickens are pooping on and eating her food. 🙂

Again, my apologies because this has to be one of the silliest things i have yet to see.
Chicken Owner
Chicken and egg eater

Kathleen from Texas October 12th, 2014

In Sept. 2014, I purchased my first baby chicks through the mail from two hatcheries, (including My Pet Chicken) with great success. I appreciate MPC’s helpful staff and information you provide in raising my little peeps!! It is sad that some people stir up a lot of trouble for no reason and it is sad those people are not really interested in seeking the truth. They are more interested in making themselves appear to be important.

New Mamma Hen — Kathleen

[…] Be careful what you wish for: the petition that harms chickens […]

Shannon December 11th, 2014

Pet chicken, you have my support! I loved reading the history of your company. Will be following and hoping that as people are educated, this petition will lose all steam.

Chris Chung December 13th, 2014

My Pet Chicken is a very fine and friendly place for chicks to be ordered and safely shipped. They have every need for a chicken at the website, which is a better alternative than zipping around on Google for about two hours. Consider My Pet Chicken better than other hatcheries like Murray McMurray because the minimum of chicks you can order here is three, while MMM requires at least 15 and includes males for ‘warmth’.

Ronald Hughes April 5th, 2015

To the Staff of My Pet Chicken:
I’d like to make two points regarding your response to the petitioning party(s). FIRST: Your response was very professionally delivered–courteous and articulate, and this speaks volumes about your credibility. SECOND: Unfortunate as it may be, it is a fact that there are all kinds of people out there with whom we have to deal. It’s great to deal with the people who are considerate and knowledgeable. It is more than frustrating, however, to deal with those other people (and there seem to be far to many) whose limitations render them judgmental, unkind, and even mean spirited. I’ve observed that the internet is often plagued with such folks who probably just don’t know any better. Perceptions are generally about the perceiver rather than the perceived. As challenging as it may be, it is my hope those of you who are doing your best in all of this, will keep in mind with each and every aggravating caller (or writer) that their limitations are such that their remarks reflect ONLY on their limitations and not at all on you. Consider each call an opportunity–a reminder to you that you’re more gifted than they with knowledge, and more skilled than they in verbal expression. Thank them for calling, hang up swiftly, and smile about your being a good person. Don’t let the caller zap YOUR energy as they are hoping to do. BTW: We adore our backyard hens that we purchased two years ago from the local Feed Store and we just learned the Feed Store gets their supply/shipment from you. Everyone who visits us tells us that our adorable “girls” have a better home than most people they know. They are a constant joy to us. Hoping to get more this year.
Best wishes.

Annie April 25th, 2015

Proud chicken shipper and farmer right here. I dare you to sue me for spoiling my girls.

Christine August 13th, 2015

I am a long term vegan and animal rights activist, well educated on the horrors of factory farming. This past summer I ordered 6 little babies on this website, and they all arrived in good health and have grown into beautiful ladies. I intended to start a flock to give them a good home, and someday soon, open my home to rescues of factory farms. I think this website does great work and I support the idea that helping take away the egg demand from industry will ultimately lead to better lives for chickens in general. I can now show people whom have never actually met a chicken just what wonderful companions they can be, sitting on your shoulder, falling asleep in your lap, etc. Watching them live their lives in happiness brings me great joy. So thank you my pet chicken for all that you do!

Traci August 13th, 2015

Thanks for your reply and support, Christine! We’re glad you, too, believe that we’re on the path toward more respect and better lives for chickens overall.

Beverly October 12th, 2015

I admit I was taken in when I first saw the petition, but after writing you and learning more about My Pet Chicken, I realized they (and I) were wrong, wrong, wrong! I was reminded of a quote by Jonathan Swift: “A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong,which is but saying that he is wiser today than yesterday.”

I’m glad I got in touch with you and learned more about your company. I really admire what you are accomplishing and wish you the best. To all the people that adopted these little treasures, thank you for saving lives and taking steps to stop factory farming. If I ever have a backyard, I’d love to adopt a couple of these loving, intelligent creatures.

Thank you for the work you do.

Tara October 15th, 2015

People need to understand that the hard-core radical wing of the animal rights movement has a goal of no use of animals at all by society. Even to the point of no pets or service animals. Thank you MPC for educating the public!

Traci October 15th, 2015

Thanks for your comment, Tara. You’re exactly right. We learned that the hard way not long after we incorporated. Instead of offering baby chicks, our business model was to hook folks up with rescued battery hens. We were turned away by rescue organizations which would only allow adoptions by vegan families. I kid you not! Even just thinking about it has steam piping out of my ears. There are umpteen reasons why this benefits nobody.

But, you know what? I’m so glad you’ve written and reminded us. We’re going to pursue this option with renewed vigor. Stay tuned!

Cleeon October 17th, 2015

I just know about this case, I have lots of serama chicken now after reading much article on M.P.C, just from 1 male and 3 hens, but I do not have back yard yet, hope soon, I will be richer enough and buy some backyard/land near this home 🙂

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