Unexpected Coop Visitor: the Cardinal November 10, 2014

On a snow covered winter morning, to my surprise, I found a wonderful but unexpected coop visitor in my coop’s window. This darling little red cardinal, in all his genius, found his way into our silkies’ coop through an opening in the run wire. Our unexpected coop visitor then came in an open door in the floor to get inside where it was warm. With the ground covered in snow, and the bird feeders were iced over, he found an easy meal from the chickens’ feeder. Surrounded by hay and pine shaving he must have gotten in the day or evening before, and spent the night warmed by our little silkie chickens.

unexpected coop visitor: cardinal

Look how beautiful our unexpected coop visitor is!

This lucky little cardinal got a warm meal, a nice bed and great view of the melting snow. But he couldn’t stay. Sadly, I spoiled his free ride opening the coop door and shooing him out.

He didn’t go far though, just flying over and landing on the bird feeder across from the coop. I’d found him back a few times in the mornings. I see him in the chickens’ run snacking on scratch grains that I put out for everyone in the morning. It’s funny how well the chickens tolerated him. Maybe they had daily discussions over their morning breakfast with their new-found friend. I wonder if they also discuss the crazy lady who gave him a good scare that morning of the deep snow when he tried to move in unnoticed with my girls.

My mother loved this story when I shared it with her, and told me she believes it is my grandfather coming to visit me to see what we’ve done on our land. He always loved gardening and was really the one who got me so interested to begin my gardening adventures and the keeping chickens. My heart swells at the thought that he may have wanted to look in on my chicken keeping, because his adventures never got so far as to add chickens to other animals to his gardening list.

My Grandfather with his corn in 1976

My Grandfather with his corn in 1976

With this in mind we added another bird feeder and fill it with sunflower seeds to just keep the cardinals visiting all year now.  I kind of hope it was my grandfather’s spirit, because he’d love the chickens’ company as I much as I do.

Any strange, but much welcome visitors to your chickens?

Julie Bates November 22nd, 2014

I LOVE the cardinal picture. I want it framed! Julie 🙂

Debra Polasko November 25th, 2014

I love laurens coop and run from the outside, looks wonderful and functional. We have many cardinals in our yard and it isnt strange to see them visit the runs…. sitting along the topside to gain access to their own feeders which are nearby.

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