Top 7 Ways Mother Nature Decorates for Winter November 28, 2014

I loved seeing all the coop decorations from my colleagues for the Coop Giveaway with Fresh Eggs Daily. I didn’t submit a coop photo, though. I confess that while I go a little mad with inside winter decorations, I don’t decorate outside for winter. For other seasons, I do! For fall, I like mums, and pumpkins, and hay bales. (Also Halloween eggs.)For spring, I’m all over the daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths and forsythia.  My fruit trees are covered in blossoms. (And colored eggs, of course.) For summer, it’s roses, marigolds, mullein, spider flower… and fruit from the trees, veggies from the garden (which was fertilized by the chickens). Even beyond our own feathered flock, our trees are filled with all sorts of colorful birds like indigo buntings and orioles. Of course there are cardinals–this is West Virginia, after all. But as I was considering why I didn’t really decorate for winter–is it just because I don’t spend as much time outside?—I realized that I do decorate. Or someone does, anyway. I realized that Mother Nature decorates for me, just like she does in other seasons.

The flowers, the fruit, the pumpkins and berries and veggies: clearly, I take my inspiration from nature. So, while I don’t want to pretend that my coop is decorated for the holidays in the same way as the lovely coops of my colleagues, I thought I’d share some photos of the way Mother Nature decorates our coop, and our home. I have a feeling some of you may enjoy the raw beauty of the season the same way I do.

Seven Ways Mother Nature Decorates for Winter:

1. Icicles

Mother nature decorates with icicles

Here is a row of real icicles decorating our coop roof.

2. Reflected light

Mother Nature decorates our barn

Mother Nature decorates by painting our barn pink,using the same brush she used for the sunrise.

3. Snow


Mother Nature decorates with a blanket of snow on branches.

4. Celestial bodies

Here, Mother Nature decorates with a sliver of moon

Here, Mother Nature decorates with a silver sliver of moon

5. Ice storms

Mother Natures decorates also by simply encasing branches in ice

Mother Natures decorates beyond simple icicles by simply encasing branches in ice

6. Cloud

Here Mother Nature decorates purely with color and cloud

Mother Nature decorates the sky — this cloud formation is called “buttermilk sky” or “mackerel sky.”

7. Animals, and Animal Footprints

Mother Nature decorates with footprints

Mother Nature helps decorates with a different kind of animal print.

As a corollary, the footprint decorations are helped along by my flock:

Mother nature decorates with chickens

Most of you reading this blog probably have chickens decorating your yard, too.

Mother Nature is not the only one who decorates outside around here, though. As I was going through my photos, I found this little guy left on the porch banister by my husband after a snow storm.


My husband occasionally gets into the act by leaving tiny snowmen around to surprise me.

I love holiday and seasonal decorations. But I realized that because we live away from neighbors, there would really be no one to appreciate traditional decorations. Besides, I thought, anyone out here passing by may be distracted from anything I could provide by the beauty of winter itself.

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Cheryl November 29th, 2014

Winter is pretty, but I hate being that cold.

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