Top 10 Hottest Chicken Trends of Spring 2015 January 2, 2015

Are you a watcher of chicken trends? Okay, maybe not. There aren’t many people who do that… but I’m one of the few. (Sometimes it does feel as if I’m a paparazzo hovering around the red carpet, just waiting to see which birds will go into the premier—the premier being, in this case, the New Year 2015.)  I love to see what breeds and varieties chickenistas are drawn to, particularly since I’m in a position to make recommendations from personal experience. Do people enjoy the same breeds I do? Is there a breed I should take a look at–but haven’t? What are the top 10 hottest chicken trends of Spring 2015?

Determining which chicken breeds and varieties are trending certainly depends on how you measure it, though. By bare quantity sold, the chicken trends list will look different than it does when you’re look at which varieties sell out fastest. There are some rare breeds that are all reserved within just a day or two of our posting availability dates.  Since we have fewer of these rare breeds to begin with, if we go by quantity alone, it won’t really reflect which breeds are the most wanted. (To see the breeds listed below—and to see what is still available to reserve for the coming year, go to our home page in the menu above and click on “Day Old Chicks” on the left side of that page. And remember, you can still get “sold out” rare chicken breeds in a couple of ways!)

Cream Legbar

Cream Legbars are the 2nd trendiest chicken breed of Spring 2015

So, the list I composed takes both aspects into account. But surprisingly, the two lists were quite similar, regardless.

Top 10 Hottest Chicken Trends (Spring, 2015)

  1. Olive Egger
  2. Cream Legbar
  3. Easter Egger
  4. Black (and Blue) Copper Marans
  5. Blue Ameraucana (and other true Ameraucana varieties)
  6. Speckled Sussex
  7. Lavender Orpington (other Orp colors like Buff and Blue figure highly)
  8. Welsummer
  9. Silkie (Particularlywhite, but including blue, black, splash etc.)
  10. Faverolles

What surprises me about the top 10 hottest breeds this year is that I thought we’d see at least a few of the stereotypical backyard breeds… but no. How exciting is that? People are really embracing another type of bird as their backyard chicken. They want more than just an egg factory. They want a pet.

Splash silkie

The blue splash silkie is a favorite, especially with children.

What this list tells me is that most backyard chicken people seem to be interested in birds with personality–and birds that lay unusual egg colors.  Breeds whose only quality is an excellent lay rate don’t figure in the top 10. And unsurprisingly to us, the favorite breeds MPC employees keep are at the top of the list, too. Speckled Sussex in particular… several of us keep or have kept Sussex and find them some of our friendliest birds.

They lay well, but have beauty and friendliness to recommend them, too, much like the Welsummer, which boasts a beautiful dark terra cotta egg, as well. The Orpington is a perennial favorite, and in addition to the common buff, people are looking for the more unusual colors.

Polish Frizzle

Do you think the Polish Frizzle will ever make an appearance?

I have to wonder, what breeds will appear on the Spring 2016 list—will we see any new faces? Will old ones drop off?

Julia Hufford January 2nd, 2015

I have 4 Speckled Sussex hens, two Ameraucana hens, 3 Welsummer hens, 7 Buff Orpington hens, and 3 Ameraucan Roos, Two Welsummer Roos, and One Buff Orp Roo. Planning to breed and brood in the Spring, and it looks like I chose some great breeds! Am going to also Cross the Welsummers with the Ameraucanas for some Olive Eggers, and My Barred Rock hens with the Buff to try to get some sex-links.

Julia Hufford January 2nd, 2015

Oh, and by the way, what I’ve always heard about the Speckled Sussex is true; They are an absolutely DELIGHTFUL bird! Curious, and communicative!

joanne January 2nd, 2015

Do you think frizzles will make MPC’s list in the future?

Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily January 3rd, 2015

Great list! I raise Olive Eggers, Ameraucanas, Marans and Lavender Orps and love them all.

Fresh Eggs Daily

Emily January 3rd, 2015

i want some colorful eggs, husband wants a heavy layer. Any suggestions?

Lissa January 4th, 2015

Emily, the Welsummer is a great layer of chocolate brown eggs.

Lisa Lichtenhahn January 3rd, 2015

I will b getting chickens this year. I haven’t had them since we were kids. What would be recommended? Egg layers and nice chkens. I still have the scars from when I was little on my hands.

Audrea January 3rd, 2015

We have 6 Speckled Sussex in our flock. One of the roos is our sweetest roo! They each have their own lil perzonality. Our head hen is a SS. I have thought about Favorelles and Marans, but didn’t get them for the Spring order. I am stepping a lil outside the box this spring and adding 5 different polish!

Heather Morocco January 3rd, 2015

We have a true blue egg-laying Ameraucana and she is a Jem!! Jewel, as named by our youngest child, is the sweetest hen !! We think everyone should try this breed for sure!! We also have two Ameraucana roosters with the friendliest dispositions as well! Our experience with the breed has been delightful!!

KT Rhodes January 3rd, 2015

I would like to find silkie eggs to incubate come

Bill January 3rd, 2015

I think you cannot get much better than the Sussex breed. They are just a very gentle chicken that loves to be around you and are great parents to their brood. Will lay a nice medium to large light brown egg even in the winter. They are a nice white table bird as well. As with all heritage breeds it may take a little longer to grow into adults but are healthier and tend to live longer. A good source for information about the speckled sussex can be found at I sure hope you really consider adding the speckled Sussex to your flock.

william Van Blargan January 3rd, 2015

what about 1 male goose 1 femal goose with the chiekens.ww

Mr Patrick L Hannold January 4th, 2015

I have 2 of the list on order..Speckled Sussex, and Cream Legbar (a bit pricey) And both I ordered not for the number of eggs they lay. Of course the more the better though … 😉

Heather H January 4th, 2015

I have a Welsummer and Black Australorp. My other two was Red Sex Link and White Cochin. We ordered an Easter Egg but died on shipment. Plan to get some more soon!!

nancy allen January 4th, 2015

i have barbanters and love there friendliness and large white eggs. more people should look into them and help save this breed

Yizhen January 5th, 2015

I have 4 chickens: 2 Isa Browns/Golden buffs/Golden Comets named Dawn and Cookie, a RIR named Gugu, and a Barred Rock called Lola. We got Dawn and Cookie first, then accepted Lola and Gugu from some friends. Dawn and Cookie are inseparable bff’s and although Lola and Gugu don’t get along as well as our original two hens, they’re friends as well. It’s so adorbs how they each have their own personality! Lola is the mildest in our flock and also the lowest in the pecking order (poor Loly), but she’s afraid of hugs and dislikes being picked up O.O

Lornezo Poe January 8th, 2015

My Welsummers are great foragers and good summer and winter layers, not so much for spring and fall. They like the extremes and fight like roosters.
They follow me out to the orchard and love to jump into any hole I dig, always out free ranging!

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