Fantasy World Poultry Tour February 27, 2015

I’m ready to go on a fantasy world poultry tour. Why? I miss my chickens. I mean, technically, they’re still here. I’ve not stopped keeping chickens, of course. Nothing has happened to them. Nothing but snow. Deep snow.

Deep, deep snow.

Mother nature decorates with chickens

How can I get back to the coop without touching this white stuff?

My girls enjoy a little of the white stuff, but when it gets deeper than they are tall, they tend to stay in their coop. Wouldn’t you? And when it gets to be in the single digits as it has in my area recently, I tend to stay in my coop–I mean, house. By the fire. Ideally with hot cocoa or bowls of steaming soup.

So, I stay in and they stay in, and we seldom cross paths. I gaze longingly at the coop door through my window, hoping for a glimpse or two as they pop their heads out to test the weather, but they’re as disgusted by it as I am. When the temperature rises to the 20s and 30s, it’s snow and grey skies. When it’s sunny and clear, the temperature has dropped  to intolerable.

Dear Spring: I’m quite ready.


Forsythia, I long for you!

In my winter dreams, I fantasize about taking a world poultry tour. I could tour poultry farms of the Italian countryside, and see breeds we don’t have in this country, like the Bionda Piemontese, Pepoi, Robusta Lionata, Padovana, and Siciliana (different than the Sicilian Buttercup we’re familiar with here).

My world poultry tour could include the farms of southern France to see the Bresse-Gauloise, the Poule d’Alsace, or even breeds that have become available here in the US, such as the Faverolles and Marans (two of my favorites).

world poultry tour: marans

Some black copper marans (and other rare breeds) free ranging


Finally, my fantasy world poultry tour would also include famous egg recipes of local cuisines: quiche and hollandaise in France, and frittatas and carbonara in Italy.

Are you ready to watch this show? Because I’m ready to flee the winter and fly off to the riviera in order to find the next great rare breed to import for My Pet Chicken.

Terry February 28th, 2015

Take me with you!!!!! I get happy just because the sun is shining, I’m so ready for spring.

Lissa March 2nd, 2015

I’m SO ready for spring, too!

Ami Rice March 4th, 2015

Just wanted to thank you for info I found on this site.
My 7-month-old rooster developed a stagger and could not walk.
An avian vet thought his symptoms were consistent with was Merek’s Disease and though I should expect that he might only live a few days.
I came across recommendations on this site, and tried treating with St John’s Wort.
My rooster, Tranny, made a miraculous recovery in a matter of a few days.
He is walking just fine, and I am so grateful.

velda denney October 28th, 2016

Enjoyed your post and the fun things you created in your coop…I also use cheap decor to give my ladies some southern flair…a stump with metal rooster on top by gate, a wash tub on its side,glued board across front and planted pansies inside…red metal hen sitting on post…also planted wheat seed around coop and chickens love the fresh wheat as it emerges…I have 6 hens and a rooster getting ready for Oklahoma winter!!Hope to see your post again….velda denney

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