Chicken Bloopers September 30, 2015

Chickens are not always the most cooperative subjects to take pictures of, as we’ve discussed before. Sometimes, you get chicken bloopers.

We wanted some great chicken pictures for our website of our newest breeds and assortments of hatching eggs… and we did get them, eventually. As with any photo shoot, there were some unique (and hilarious) shots—our chicken bloopers—that we wanted to share with you!

The goal of the photo shoot was to get pictures like this:

Not a chicken blooper


Or this:

Not a chicken blooper


However, we also ended up with lots of hilarious chicken bloopers. For instance, some hens became camera shy and made a run for it!

Chicken blooper - running away, Monty Python style

Serpentine, serpentine!

Chicken blooper: running for the bushes.

Head for the hills, girls!


Chicken blooper: BCM hen fleeing the frame


Others decided the bushes we far more interesting.

Chicken foraging in the bushes

Hold on, there may be some bugs all up in here!

Serama photo bloopers

What do you mean this isn’t my best side?

Thankfully we had helpers to re-direct the chickens back to the camera. However, sometimes those helpers inadvertently photobombed the shot!

Chicken photo bomb

Pay no attention to the boy behind the bushes!


Chicken blooper, running

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!


chicken blooper

I feel someone is trying to upstage me.


Chicken blooper: foraging chicken and galoshes

Just stopping for a snack!


These little cuties wouldn’t stay where they were supposed to! They kept running over for a snuggle.

Chick blooper: chicks snuggling

We don’t care if it’s perfect weather! We want some love. (And snacks, okay?)

Some chickens wanted to fix their feathers for the “perfect shot.”

Chicken blooper: ruffled chicken

Shake it off!

We had one that fell down on the job:

Chicken blooper: silkie pile

I can’t even.

He was tired from playing Follow the Leader:


I just can’t escape!

Others were more than willing to come in for their close up—a little too close!

Chicken bloopers: chasing the camera lens

Hey, whatcha doing lying on the ground?


chicken bloopers - Frizzled chicken checking out the lens

How does my hair look?

Of course nobody likes to be photo bombed:

Chicken bloopers: chicken photo bomb

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. …. what is SHE doing here?!

All in all, it was a great two days of good weather—and good laughs from all our chicken bloopers.

Chicken bloopers

And I’m spent. Do we get a wrap party?

I hope everyone enjoys the new pictures of our chickens!

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Marilyn October 1st, 2015

Love this – my afternoon is made happy!

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