Blue Combed Chicken Mystery November 30, 2015

Recently I have been made aware that there is a fascinating “new” breed of chicken floating around the internet.  No one knows what it is called, where it comes from, or where to get one. It would seem it was first spotted on Pinterest, which is a great place for locating the new and unusual, never-before-seen must-haves. So, I did what any good chickenista would do and picked up my magnifying glass, plopped on my detective’s hat, and located pictures of this elusive blue-combed, blue-wattled bird. First I went to the reputed source: Pinterest. Sure enough, there was the blue combed chicken… a white chicken with the bluest comb and wattles ever seen! I began trying to locate the source of that picture and could not seem to track it down to any one site with information, so I decided to poll our team here at My Pet Chicken to see if they knew where this photo of a blue combed chicken could have come from.

blue combed chicken, Fair use for the purpose of critique

You may have seen this altered photo of a blue combed chicken circulating on social media. (Fair use.)

We have a lot of team members that love rare and unusual breeds of chickens. You can’t call us hoarders because our flocks are limited to what we can properly care for, but we definitely have an affinity for going “Oh, look! New chicken!” But there is no chicken breed with bright blue combs and wattles. There was some joking about this being a “snipe hunt” or  “wild goose chase” even! My Pet Chicken’s own Lissa is a pro at reverse searching and located the original source of the altered photo of the blue combed chicken, which shows the chicken with its natural red comb and wattles. The photo you have been seeing of a blue combed chicken is photoshopped.

We understand the confusion, though! There are a few chicken breeds with different skin colors, such as the Ayam Ceymani with its shockingly black skin, or the Silkie chicken, also with black skin, and a deep purple “mulberry” to black comb and turquoise earlobes.


Silkie with turquoise earlobes

There is no breed that looks like the  blue combed chicken in the viral photo, though. The vast majority chickens have plain old red combs and wattles.

Below is a photo of a normal Blue Cochin from my flock. It took me less than 5 minutes to give him the new blue combed chicken “look” in a photo editing program. Today it’s fairly easy to create digital alterations of images, whether it is to play a joke, to practice a digital art skill, or just to have fun.

Blue combed chicken before and after of a cochin

Parallel universe, evil twin chickens must have blue combs, right?

While a blue combed chicken such as the one in this post does not exist, we’d love to know what your thoughts are on the color! Would you have a bird like this in your flock if it could be found? What unusual birds do you have in your backyard “collection”?

Jan December 7th, 2015

I have 4 Easter egg hens, 2 barded Plymouth rocks, a Marans, 3 rhode Island Reds. I have found that like seeks like. They sleep together, move about the yard together according to their type. The Marans is a survivor of a set of two, one was a rooster. She is very independent, aggressive to get her needs taken care of and a very good layer. She and the Easter egg hens all flew up to the rafters to sleep the first summer.

When I close them in at night I accused them of being prejudiced.

Cathy Hill January 3rd, 2016

I raise Cemani, totally black! I also have Araucana’s, the real ones (not hatchery) that are rumpless with tufts. I also have Tomaru’s, a longtailed/longcrower breed. I have a few project lines and a few hybrids (Jungle Fowl crosses).

Chani April 2nd, 2020

I have two Rhode Island Reds and Two Buff Orpingtons.
One of which is a light yellow with white blended in a a few black dots on her tail.

Lisa May 9th, 2020

It could be a (Putih) white ayam Cemani rooster. They have combs shaped like that, and white ones do exit, but are rare.

Lisa May 9th, 2020

But should have a dark beak also

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