Today’s Best Way to be Chicken Crazy January 28, 2016

Are you chicken crazy? We are. First we’ll share some clues that will tell you whether you–or someone you know–is chicken crazy, too. And then we’ll tell you the BEST way to be chicken crazy today.

You may be chicken crazy if you post photos of our first egg on Facebook as if it’s a new grandchild, or gather up pretty fallen feathers without knowing what to really do with them. Like us, you may agonize over which egg to eat when cooking–because they’re all so pretty! You take—or in my case write—quizzes to determine how much of a crazy chicken lady or man you really are. You may add chickens to your flock because: Chicken Math! Your cars may have chicken bumper stickers. You have–or are planning to acquire–rare chicken breeds that few have ever heard of, and some of which don’t really even look like chickens. Your holidays have chickens in them, too: gingerbread chicken coops, chicken ornaments, egg nog. And your houses are filled with chicken themed giftstin signs and art that you try to keep sophisticated rather than hokey—with mixed success.

That brings us to…

Today’s Best Way to be Chicken Crazy

My favorite way to be chicken crazy–today–is DreamscopeTo be clear, this is a free app, and we are not getting compensated by Dreamscope. I just think it’s COOL.

Dreamscope is an app my cousin introduced me to. It will transform your own photos–since I’m chicken crazy, my mind went naturally to chicken and egg photos–into art. My thinking is that I’ll have my transformed photos printed onto canvas and hang it on the wall.

That addresses three issues that only other chicken crazy people will understand.

3 ways Dreamscope will help your chicken style

1. You can choose your chicken style, chicken crazy person! Not only can your chicken art avoid The Hokey, but it can even be quite modern. Or, if you prefer, rustic. Choose your favorite filter. For example, check out my beautiful egg photo, transformed into an oil painting:

beauty eggs

Still life with Breakfast

As chicken crazy people know, when it comes to eggs, your egg basket can be practically unique–particularly if you keep rare breeds! Blue, green with purple speckles, terra cotta brown, chocolate, olive. It’s a still life masterpiece you wish you could have painted. Well, now you sort of can. You can showcase your own egg colors.
2. Using Dreamscope also addresses the fact that you can find 60 kazillion–I will fact check that figure later–pictures with Leghorns or Rhode Island Reds pictured on them, but next to zero with rare breeds. If you want to showcase your favorite rare breed chickens, where are you going to find Frizzle Tolbunt Polish art? Or Cream Legbars? Super Blues? Favaucanas? Or Easter Eggers that look like yours?

You can even go for an abstract feel:

Chicken crazy for my splash silkie oil painting

I guess silkies always look a little abstract, but this helps send them over the edge into art.

Here is the rare and hard-to-get (chocolate colored eggs and a winning personality put them at the top of everyone’s list) Black Copper Marans, as a watercolor sketch:

BCM watercolor sketch

Modern looking watercolor Black Copper Marans

Or check out this photo of the new, trendy Super Blue, which has been Kandinsky-ized:

Superblue Kandinsky

Super Blue hen–doesn’t this have a mid century modern feel?

Transforming your photos will make it look more like you’ve had a designer in, and less like you’ve had a chicken explosion in your kitchen.  Also, when people ask about your art, you can explain about the trendy chicken breeds you keep, which will make your home and chicken crazy self seem much more fashionable and modern, too, right?

3. You can transform your family photos into art, too. Do you love that photo where your little girl is cradling her favorite silkie? You might love it even more, as a painting.

child with pet hen

Child with silkie

In this photo, I love the way the chicken wire came out… and I also love the way the little chick in the foreground looks so ready to eat from her hand.



4. Dreamscope can make so-so photos look great! You may be familiar with the fact that that your chickens will not want to hold still to be photographed! You get a lot of blurry photos of chickens. We have shared chicken photography tips before, but you will still have the occasional great-shot-if-only-it-wasn’t-so-blurry.

Chickens won’t stand in front of the flowers unless the light is wrong; they’ll want to be in front of your trashcan, or just give you a weird expression. Most people are surprised at how many funny expressions chickens can have!

Frizzleface painting

This is a “blooper” photo that Alex took–Van Gogh’ed!

It’s enough to drive a chicken crazy person, well… crazy. The upshot of all the movement and not-posing is that many of your photos are going to be blurry, or have distracting backgrounds, etc. etc. But art them up, and suddenly it all falls into place.


A brief and blurry scuffle between rare breed cockerels turns Klimt-ey.

Check out Dreamscope! Comment below and tell us which are your favorite filters for chickens. Or, if you make some beautiful art you’re willing to share with us, please post it to our page on Facebook so we can see it!


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