Chicken Dream Job-12 Best Reasons to Work at MPC May 1, 2016

Have you–or has someone you know–been fantasizing about a chicken dream job? Do you want to leave your current job and get paid to keep and talk about chickens all day? Are you looking for a way to help support your family with your beloved flock? Or perhaps you’re a budding writer looking to blog about your flock? If so, your chicken dream job may be right around the corner with My Pet Chicken. My Pet Chicken is currently accepting applications for immediate hiring (April/May 2022.) Preferred hiring states are  GA, ID, IN, MS, MT, NC, NH, OK, SC, TN, TX, UT,  WI, and WY.  We can also consider applicants from AR, FL, DE, MO, NE, PA and VA.

First, let’s talk about who we are and why My Pet Chicken might be the place to find your chicken dream job.

12 best reasons to work for My Pet Chicken

  1. You have a super-easy commute. This is because you commute from your bed to your computer for your chicken dream job.  You will be telecommuting. That means no traffic! No gas money! No wear and tear on the car! And no scraping snow off an icy windshield or getting into a sweltering vehicle! Roll out of bed two minutes before you start, if that’s your thing.
  2. You can work in your PJs. Or your comfy pants and favorite T-shirt with all the holes. We really don’t care what you wear to work for your chicken dream job. Bad hair day? No one will see it. No one, unless you have neighbors, and you feel like bringing your laptop and working from your porch on a beautiful day. And heck, that sounds appealing, too!
  3. You can be at home caring for a child without having to call off work. Snow day? Easy. Teacher work day? No problem. If you’re a single parent, or if you’re in a household where both parents work, having a child home from school can normally create all sorts of logistical problems! Well… consider those issues SOLVED.


    You have the perfect office environment for being family oriented

  4. You have the best office coffee in the world! Well, depending. This presumes you make good coffee. But whatever your coffee-ing skills may be, telecommuting means you don’t have to choke down someone else’s weak brew and stale beans. You can brew it just how you want it, fresh, when you want it.
  5. You can keep pet chickens when you work here. In fact, you MUST keep pet chickens! You may be wondering why you wouldn’t keep chickens when you work at a hatchery? Well, if you work directly at a hatchery location, you actually can’t keep your own flock due to biosecurity concerns. But employees of My Pet Chicken won’t be going back and forth from a personal flock to the hatchery flocks or incubators, so you can enjoy your personal flock of pet chickens to your heart’s content.
    chicken dream job: a baclyard flock

    Enjoy your flock of pet chickens with this chicken dream job!

    This is probably one of the most compelling reasons working for My Pet Chicken is really a chicken dream job. How depressing would it be to FINALLY get that job at the hatchery… only to discover you have to get rid of your own beloved flock?  And incidentally, if you have other pets in addition to chickens (such as a dog), this is a great job, too. You won’t have to worry about any separation anxiety, or rushing home from work to let your pup out. He can simply sleep at your feet–or even in your lap–and go out when he needs to.

  6. You will be working among the foremost pet chicken experts in the country. Everyone here is a little–okay, a lot–chicken crazy. That’s part of having a chicken dream job! My Pet Chicken can hire the smartest, chicken-craziest people from all across the country. We don’t have to hire just from the area physically closest to our hatchery, so we really get The Best people. At places where customer service personnel have to work directly at the hatchery location, the employees don’t have personal flocks, and may never have kept chickens personally. At your My Pet Chicken dream job, all your fellow employees get just as excited as you do when your new pullets start laying, or your broody has a successful hatch.
  7. You get to talk to other people who love chickens all day long. And you get paid for it! Do you enjoy “virtually” talking with other chicken lovers like you might on BYC? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make a living doing that? Well, if you feel that way, this is definitely your chicken dream job.
  8. You can take egg gathering breaks at work. We don’t know of any other workplace in the world where this would even be possible.  Need to get up and stretch your legs? Feel free to go out to your coop, say “good afternoon” to your flock, and gather any eggs. Pet a hen, turn eggs in your incubator, check the chicks in your brooder. Talk about awesome!

    egg gathering break on your chicken dream job

    It’s egg gathering time!

  9. You get an employee discount on chicks, chickens, coops, eggs, supplies… Actually, this may be bad news if you suffer from Chicken Math. (If so… well, sorry about that.)
  10. You will be eligible to blog for My Pet Chicken. Our employees blog for us–and get paid for it! Are you a budding writer, dying to write about your flock, your farm, your chicken-keeping lifestyle? Do you have lots of DIY projects to share? Well, working for My Pet Chicken at your chicken dream job is the perfect opportunity to get started.
  11. You get the chance to raise some of our exclusive breeds before anyone else! My Pet Chicken now has the largest number of chicken varieties of any hatchery in the country, because we have so many varieties exclusive to us! When we develop a new variety, we often need additional feedback–and good photos of the birds. You will sometimes have the opportunity to raise these new, exclusive varieties so you can contribute to the breed description–or even blog about them.

    chicken dream job, chick on knee

    This is a job where you can talk about your favorite, super friendly baby chick… and everyone appreciates and understands, rather than dismissing you as strange.

  12. You can pitch your favorite hybrid “designer” bird. For instance, I developed Favaucanas for My Pet Chicken, combining the best qualities of two of my favorite breeds. Other employees have dreamed up amazing varieties like Naked Neck Olive Eggers and Silchins–and we now sell those varieties, too! This is because we work closely with our hatchery –so much so that they hatch the special varieties we design exclusively for us, and we even have input about bringing in breeders and lines to improve stock.

Now, let’s talk about the chicken dream job itself. Here’s what you would do in your new position.

Chicken dream job duties

  • Respond to customers in a warm, professional manner, by email, phone, and chat
  • Answer customer questions about chick and chicken care
  • Share your personal experience keeping chickens with customers
  • Process customer-requested order changes and cancellations
  • Assure customers are prepared for chickens by referring them to our extensive library of educational materials, including our online Chicken Help section, our free Chicken Care e-book, our free Incubation e-guide, our online Chicken Chooser breed selection tool,  our information about different chicken breeds and varieties, our various informational blog posts, and so on
  • Make sure customers know what to expect with order processes and procedures
  • Enter data accurately on internal reports
  • Maintain secure customer records
  • Work in conjunction with other departments to resolve service and product issues, and make our customers happy
  • Evaluate and recommend products or services to management as a direct result of customer suggestions and needs
  • Blog for My Pet Chicken
  • Other duties as assigned

Requirements for the chicken dream job:

1. You must currently keep a flock of pet chickens. We want to hire a person who is actually involved in the hobby and has experience with pet chickens. Preferably, in fact, you must be suffering from Chickenmania, or struggle with your Chicken Math every year. This is one of the things that sets us apart from other hatcheries, and makes My Pet Chicken the best place to go for people who want to get started with a small flock! Our company was founded with one goal in mind: connecting people with chickens. We can do that best when we hire people who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about backyard chicken keeping. As a company, we genuinely want our customers to discover the joys of keeping a backyard flock, so we want to hire people who’ll enjoy being an integral part of that process as much as we do.

2. You must have a speedy computer with a fast internet connection. You will be using your own computer and your own Internet connection when you work, and we don’t want to keep customers waiting with a slow connection or processor.

3. You must have a quiet place to work. This can be a separate office, or just a quiet space during working hours. The main thing is that if hired for our phone customer service you need to be able to hear customers, and they need to be able to hear you. For chat and email, you still need a location free of distractions. The sound of roosters crowing in the background is perfectly acceptable, of course!

4. You must be able to work on these days: For our current need, prospective employees must be available to work Mondays, and (during busy season) one or two Saturdays per month.

Other qualifications for the chicken dream job:

You must have

  • Courteous phone manners
  • Multitasking ability
  • Independent internal motivation
  • Proficiency with your computer, including browsing, email, chat, office software, and other basics.
  • Ability to learn order processing, inventory, and content management systems with training
  • Accurate spelling and grammar, and the ability to express yourself clearly in writing
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Meticulous attention to detail with both note-taking and follow-through
  • Pet chicken and chicken product knowledge/familiarity
  • Cooperative mindset as a team player
  • Compassion and an enthusiasm for humane care
chicken dream job - love your australorp!

Because chickens need the best!

Bonus qualifications:

  • Advanced email management (setting filters, managing reply-tos, using labels, etc.)
  • Blogging/writing experience
  • Photography skills
  • Bi-lingual

More about the My Pet Chicken dream job

Peak season at My Pet Chicken coincides with our hatching season, which is February/March through September. As a result, you can expect more scheduled hours during that time frame, and reduced hours from October through January/February. However, during the slower time of year, you’ll be able to get training completed. Plus, in future years, employees are encouraged to pick up extra hours by drafting and submitting blog posts for the My Pet Chicken Blog.

Keep in mind that I don’t have any personal say as to who is hired! Your application will go to HR.

How to apply for the Chicken Dream Job

1. To apply for the chicken dream job, please email your resume or over letter to The subject of the email should be “<Your Full Name> – <Your State> – Chicken Dream Job.”

2. In the body of the email, tell us why you would be perfect for this job, and also let us know which days/hours you would be available to work. The ideal candidate will commit to at least three 4-hour phone or chat shifts per week, during the hours of 10am-6pm EST with the understanding this allotment may increase or decrease depending on the current rate of orders.

3. In addition to the above information, please compose an answer to the following sample customer email, and send it to us in your application email:

“My chicken has been acting very strangely. I noticed about a week ago that she wasn’t walking around as usual. She can walk, but doesn’t want to. Then last night, I noticed that her face was very pale. I was wondering if you could tell me what the problem was.”

Understand that we will be evaluating your experience, your writing ability, your chicken knowledge, AND your ability to follow written instructions based on your application email, so be sure to proofread and think carefully about your responses before you send your application.

Now, tell us in the comments below… does this sound like your chicken dream job?

Molli Allen March 30th, 2016

Um, this sounds AMAZING!! I’m quite the locally known chicken lady, with a flock of over 70. And my job as a nanny is just ending. I will apply when I get home!!

Michelle Spence March 30th, 2016

In human ER triage, you evaluate a patients symptoms, check vital signs, medical history and current medications to determine whether you have a critical or non-critical condition. Chicken ER starts similarly. I would ask the age of the chicken, see if she is laying, and find out if she may have been injured.
I’ve been a chicken mom for several years. I’m bad at math, but love anything that has to do with science. So when it comes to chicken math, if you aren’t sure how it works my answer is to always round up to the nearest common denominator.

Lisa Nuckols March 30th, 2016

Well, I will certainly be sending in my resume – after I feed and gather eggs from the the chickens, ducks, and turkey. 🙂

Kait March 30th, 2016

I’d love to do this 🙂 my chickens would be happy that I’m doing something with my chicken knowledge instead of hovering around them all the time lol!

Trina Robinson March 30th, 2016

Um…. YES!!! Oh wait, did I blurt that out loud? Let me recompose myself. *Ahem* Why yes, this absolutely sounds like the dreamiest of dreamy chicken jobs ever… unless the White House had a chicken coop and I was the chicken keeper there, THAT might be the dreamiest. However, since the White House sadly does not house chickens, this would be the absolute next best thing, ever. I will be taking my time in the next few days to compose the most compelling email as to why I would be perfect for this job. You guys are awesome and I hope to join your team one day.

Adrienne M Atkinson March 30th, 2016

I want to be a part of this! I will apply today!

Marlene Assennato March 30th, 2016

I love chickens. Everything about them .And there smarter than everybody thinks!

Angela Quinton March 30th, 2016

Awesome job description!

Debra Polasko March 30th, 2016

I love my chickens, in fact I’ve got four more from you scheduled to arrive in June. I write about my own chickens all the time. This would definitely be my dream job. I love animals, particularly my lovely ladies in the coop.

Christine Webb March 30th, 2016

This seems to be a wonderful job and opportunity to share with others who enjoy their chickens as much as I do, mine. I’m looking very much forward to applying later this evening…

Patsy Mckenzie March 30th, 2016

Chickens are fun!I love to call my girls and they all come running:)

David Parker March 30th, 2016

YES!!!! I have been waiting all my life for this opportunity. I ordered my first chicks from a hatchery Catalog when I was 6 years old (29 years ago). I have raised over 25 breeds and some in many varieties. In addition to LOVING poultry, I am the Poultry Superintendent in my county which means I help all the 4H and FFA kids get ready for fair and show their birds. Over the past 10 years I have worked for a 117 year old feed and garden center where I have written the orders for and sold over 30,000 chicks. I NEED THIS JOB!!!

Jennifer Coghlan March 30th, 2016

Yes! I am a chicken crazy, stay at home mom that homeschools my two chicken crazy girls! We have turkeys, guineas and ducks and had quail at one time also!

Patti Balch March 30th, 2016

Yesss sounds amazing — manage flock of chickens in Laguna Beach Ca — had a giant buff Cochin “Paddles” for nine years — finished veterinary technology school in 2012 with avian emphasis & hoping to stay involved with chicken health forever!

Leigh Ann March 30th, 2016

This does sound like my chicken dream job!

Lynn Crusham March 30th, 2016

Yes, I am the crazy chicken lady aka as Mammaw Chicken by grandchildren and current co-workers and have been for the last 10 years.We have chickens, ducks and French Guinea hens. Have had chickens and other fowl for over 13 years. It has been great exploring the heritage breeds, and bringing them home to roost.Would love to be the crazy chicken lady for your flock too……. It would be so eggciting……

Renee Leffler March 30th, 2016

What an Awesome Opportunity! I just submitted my Resume!

Teresa Welsh March 30th, 2016

Oh my! This sounds to good to be true. I love the thought of raising a new breed and documenting it. I have taken a few photography classes and just got new lenses. I am also a Herbalist. That has came in handy with my own flocks. I already have new chicken keepers asking for advise. I never give advise I’m not sure of. I research things I’m not sure about. Then offer that to them. I am going to give this a shot. Thank you for posting !

Lisa Wood March 30th, 2016

This is eggsactly what I’m looking for. I need to work a few extra hours a week to build up my nest egg. Until I hear back from y’all, this Mother Hen won’t be counting her chickens before they hatch.

Christina Schilz March 30th, 2016

Darnit!! Wish I had a faster internet connection, but living in the country outside of a small town in Western Nebraska does not provide me with that option..

Teri Anderson March 30th, 2016

Absolutely my dream job, but, I have only been keeping chickens for a little over a year. I think my experience is probably not as full as many others. I know I fit the job description otherwise.

Angela DeLegge March 30th, 2016

I eagerly applied for this position today. I am really looking forward to hearing back from them. I am a veterinary professional who adores raising chickens and this truly is a dream job. Super excited about this opportunity!

Angela DeLegge March 30th, 2016

My application email was just returned to me stating “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently” for the address provided to apply to this job. Is there another email address I can send my resume to?

Lissa March 31st, 2016

Angela, please check to make sure you correctly copied the email address. is the correct address to use, and we have received many applications at this address, so it seems to be working. We do have other email addresses, of course, however your resume will not arrive in the correct department, and could get filtered out.

Curtis Plott March 30th, 2016

Absolutely would love this job. I have several flocks and i also own and operate a hatchery. I have worked with chickens for 10 years or so. I truly put everything I have Into the work and dedication. I have my own Facebook page for it , not only do I love my birds I have sold thousands of chicks and chickens and I am always open to help anyone interested. I hope I am considered for this amazing opportunity thank you for reading God bless.

Karon Wurst March 30th, 2016

Ok, You have just described my dream job. Not only do I have chickens (38 of them) I am chicken sitting for some friends for their two hens. I have had my chickens for two -three years. I have Buff orphingtons, California white giants, Black Sex-link, Americans, and Japanese Fan-tail bantams. This year I plan on adding miniature goats to our flock. Oh, yes and I cannot forget the geese. I have 8 of those.

Charlene Link March 30th, 2016

Yes, this sounds wonderful. After working in a book factory for 30 years and raising, training and showing ponies all over the country, I have taken up chickens and raise a set or two a year. They are amazing animals if raised right they can be just as spoiled as cats and dogs. I wrote the newsletter for the Ohio POA Club for many years. So I enjoy writing and communicating on the computer. I have learned a lot about the chickens the last several years and much more to learn. I will send resume. letter, and answer to the questions in the morning. I am retired but not ready to be totally retired.

Brittany March 30th, 2016

Yes! Yes! Yes!
This sounds like the perfect chicken dream job.

The Crazy Chicken Lady of LA March 31st, 2016

I love this job. Too bad I have a phone-phobia. I could only write emails & blogs and send pigeon post to people. Well, at least my 5th bonus qualification is good sense of humor. 😉

Victoria Dye March 31st, 2016

Are evening hours an option or only day hours? I’m a nurse. I work full time but I keep a flock of 40 chickens. I’m interested. I’ve crossed olive eggers, and other birds. I’m very interested in this. In in Oregon.

Emily Becker March 31st, 2016

Oh, boy! I can’t wait to send in my application. Chickens are my life! Working for My Pet Chicken would be a dream come true. My girls would be so glad to have me at home all week instead of going to town for work. Thanks for the opportunity to apply.

Chelsey A. March 31st, 2016

This sounds like the perfect job. Not only do I feel like my skills would be useful if I was hired it would also give me a chance to further my job experience!
And I mean…hello..CHICKENS ♥

Joy Smith March 31st, 2016

What an amazing opportunity. I would love to work for a company whom helps folks solve their chicken problems, while feeding the addiction. I am a long time chicken math addiction sufferer. I buy, I incubate, The struggle is real lol. My favorite people are chicken lovers. I love fluffy butts! Four different breeds plus a few mixes. Recently added Pheasants. I love to talk about chickens, and have room for more. I am a member of almost every chicken group I can find. I have a new windows 10 computer, and Charter fast speed internet. I will be applying today. Thank you in advance for the opportunity. I know Judi C. and Jackie C. have been helpful to many including me. They seem to enjoy their jobs as well. Eggcited.

Connie L Auck March 31st, 2016

Absolutely, I will be applying for this unique opportunity to share with others my life long experiences in raising and keeping chickens, exploring new techniques and ideas and fulfilling my idea of working from home sharing my passion- Responsible Chicken, Animal husbandry

Tim Johnson March 31st, 2016

What a wonderful opportunity. I am already blogging about getting the most of life and the joys of backyard chickens.

Lisa M. March 31st, 2016

I’ve been a happy MPC customer since Traci herself was answering calls and taking orders.This is absolutely an opportunity of a lifetime for me! My resume is polished up, and I will be submitting my application today.

Peg D. March 31st, 2016

I would love this but living in the country in Coshocton doesn’t leave me with a fast internet either so again this is not an option. I love my chickens and my first 18 where sooooo much fun. They always came running when they saw me. They did not like my new ones when I introduced them. They were like little kids guarding their toys.

Donna Baldessari March 31st, 2016

OMGoodness…I talk about chickens all day anyway. So please, can you give me 1 good reason why this wouldn’t be an excellent opportunity for a stay at home mom of five and owner of the Wichita Cabin Coop to earn cold hard cash for talking about chickens? Dream job indeed!

Traci DeLore March 31st, 2016

Sounds like an awesome job!

Erika Forsythe March 31st, 2016

Oh my gosh what an opportunity! My husband travels a lot so when he’s home it’s hard for me to be working full time and not be able to spend more than just two weekends with him. Plus my chickens are upset that I don’t let them out as long or as much as i used to. And by the time I get home they’re in bed and miss out on their evening treats 🙁

Ellen Geaney March 31st, 2016

This sounds amazing!! How do I get started??

Windy Elliott March 31st, 2016

I wish I could give up my current job and do this. I would love to work with such a great company and I love my chickens. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to give up my IT salary. But it was a nice thought for a few minutes.

Leah B March 31st, 2016

oh I wish I was more experienced with chicken care, becasue that sounds like a wonderful job. so far our flock is still tiny and new, but maybe in a few years 😛

Dru Terrill March 31st, 2016

This sounds like a wonderful job! I am somewhat new, but obsessed, with chicken keeping. I am semi retired and my other part-time job is at home on a computer and I sit at a window and look out at my girls and roo, all day.

Cindy Temple March 31st, 2016

This does sound like a dream job. I am new to chickens, my oldest are 6 weeks old, and I just love all my girls. I am studying to be an accountant, but find I suffer from chicken math. My 4-6 girl flock is now at 14, with 4 eggs in the incubator (and 10 more coming next month!).

Tricia Pumphrey March 31st, 2016

Yes!!! This most certainly is my dream job! I will be sending an application immediately! What better job than to do something you love?

Elizabeth (Liz) Moore March 31st, 2016

Hi! I’m Liz, and I’m an addict. Everyday when I need a fix, I go outside and talk to my 20+ addictions. My ladies do talk back, and they adore mealworms. I love opening the door and seeing my feathered friends flying over to see me. I usually don’t even have to call them, but a “Hey Ladies!” gets the stragglers to come. Pronto! We have long talks about my real job, and the seriously sick patients I see. Hippa is a HUGE deal, and these ladies have promised not to repeat any identifying patient info I tell them. I started with just four tiny pullets, and I’m at 24 now. I guess you could say my addiction has become my therapy. Working for My Pet Chicken would be my absolute dream job. My patients would just be chickens etc., instead of humans!

Linda Schuppener March 31st, 2016

I have a dream……that one day retirement will eventually come and I will be able to talk “chicken” instead of “law” all day long! 🙂

S Miller March 31st, 2016

I’m a 911 dispatcher and my chickens are a great source of stress relief! We have a good time with them all and we have recently added to our flock! The more the merrier!!! This wouldn’t even be a JOB because it would be so much fun!!!

Janet Nash March 31st, 2016

I volunteer at a 28 acre ecumenical center just outside of Boston, and I bought them 45 chicks plus some beehives. I commute four hours each way, a few times a month between my home and the center. While I am away, the residents at the ecumenical center care for them and even built a fabulous coop with antique stained glass windows. We have learned very much over the last few years, including which birds will get picked on by a mixed flock, which can forage, which tolerate confinement, and which are most likely to get snatched by a hawk or other predator. The most vulnerable were always on my mind, so I brought them back with me to NYC. From the 45 original flock, my husband and I now keep 6 in our walkout basement, fully furnished with chicken furniture and potted trees, sprouts and forage. Each night, we bring all six up to the living room in their chicken diapers. They watch TV with us while I post their comments and photos on Facebook. The girls can go outside to scratch around with our three dogs and cat during the day, but Our Polish rooster, George, and our baby Silkie rooster, Bean, must now hide in the basement. They are rebel roosters hiding from the chicken police. They have their own huge skids of forage oat, wheat and barley grass, and some full spectrum lights but it doesn’t feel right to keep them from fresh air and sunshine simply because of their manhood. To compound matters, my chicken math skills inspired another two dozen amazing heritage chicks, on their way in the next two weeks, and our back yard is smaller than most people’s living rooms. I already cancelled one order (brief moment of unfortunate sanity), and then after attending the Northeastern Poultry Congress and then the Poultry School at Stone Barn Center in Tarreytown NY, I experienced an acute chickenmania relapse. So my husband and I are flying the coop and spending our life savings on an old dairy barn and ramshackle farmhouse in Vermont. We just got back last night, and are leaving again tomorrow to meet with the most wonderful 72 year old real estate agent/ex dairy farmer. My chickenmania has reached such a fever pitch that I’m giving up my job and home of 32 years, and have convinced my husband to throw caution to the wind. We were just wondering what we would do for some extra spending money incase the barn repairs cost more than we estimate and cut into my essential chicken spending money…(and possible emus). The last time that I spoke with one of your wonderful customer representatives, I commented on how she had the best job in the world and no wonder she seemed so happy. So I hope that you are inclined to enable my chicken addiction. I will be sending my resume’ immediately.

Mandy G. March 31st, 2016

This company sounds wonderful-resume is in your inbox.

Jill March 31st, 2016

This sounds like a job I would enjoy doing.

Rachael Cochrane March 31st, 2016

I’m so excited!! I just applied. I hope I fit the bill. It would be the perfect job, and I absolutely love my chickens. In fact, I have 42 eggs in the incubator right now. Yikes. I’m raising them for purebred blue (bbs) orpingtons.

Theresa Pierce March 31st, 2016

I’m going to get my resume polished right now! I can’t imagine a better job than talking chickens all day (or a few hours/day).

Tina March 31st, 2016

Is this eggtastic dream job paid a salary weekly/monthly or just based on a commission? Very curious and interested in this! I know the people around here are tired of the Chicken Lady talking about all her teenage girls and what there doing this week :@ I would love this opportunity as my two main girls are now gone to college and need money for there college funds! I always told them all these chicks will pay off someway.

Summer Steele March 31st, 2016

Sounds like my dream job! All I really want to do is spend time with my chickens and talk about chickens. My friends, family, and neighbors all refer to me the Crazy Chicken Lady! Lol!

Shellie Adams March 31st, 2016

Yes perfect job I love my chickens and to be able to work with chicken people I love it

Barb Grupido March 31st, 2016

I love that you are giving this great opportunity to apply to a chicken lover! Dream job? Absolutely!

Jenny March 31st, 2016

This sounds amazing!! I love chickens and am just starting a new flock after losing my flock to divorce. I have always enjoyed raising and learning about chickens and am passionate about animals in general. I’m totally applying!!

Heather Hannigan March 31st, 2016

I applied and sent my responses to your email questions yesterday! This is my dream job! I own chickens, hatch chicks, lead a poultry based 4-H club and we regularly attend and show at poultry shows.

Erin Carter March 31st, 2016

I really,really, really, want this job, or should I say career. Jobs are usually things one dreads to do, whereas this sounds like just the kind of fulfilling career I have been dreaming of.

Christine March 31st, 2016

This would be an amazing opportunity , I love my chickens ! I’m now working for Amazon from home and this would make working at home even better, I will be applying for sure.

Noreen Dayton March 31st, 2016

This sounds so interesting and I think I will apply. This is like a dream come thru.

Heidi T March 31st, 2016

I was just checking email on my cell phone, saw the job posting in your newsletter, literally dropped my cell phone, and raced to my laptop to read more details! We got our first order of day-olds from My Pet Chicken five years ago, and our fourth order is arriving next week. Over the years, I have always been impressed by the knowledge and helpfulness of the MPC staff. Your customer service is top-notch. This is a great opportunity to be a part of that wonderful customer service experience for others and share my love of chickens! Pure kismet.

Kevin O'Donohue March 31st, 2016

Absolutely sounds like my chicken dream job! I have years of marketing experience, so I have the writing, photography, customer service and computer skill requirements down pat, and I am an artist, so my scheduling is very flexible. You’ll be getting a resume from me as soon as I get back home!

Kim March 31st, 2016

This is my dream job ! I will be sending my resume !! 🙂

Connie Aymold March 31st, 2016

It somehow seems fitting that I would see this notice about the “chicken dream job” today. I lost my first chicken today. It was “Tessa” my most outspoken Welsummer. She loved sitting as high in the coop as she could. I found her on the floor with a broken neck. Applying for this job, and hopefully getting it, will sort of be in her honor. We will also be designing a better way for the girls to get down from the high nesting boxes. I would love to see others become as chicken crazy as I am. Coop design, chicken treats, setting up a meal worm farm, and any number of other chicken keeping helps make getting started in chickens fun, easy, and so rewarding. It would be a dream come true to be able to help people in this way.

Gennifer Bayless March 31st, 2016

This IS a dream job. I have been in the chicken loving business my whole life. It began with my grandma sharing her love for chickens. I in turn have carried it on with my 3 daughters. I am beyond excited at the prospect of a job that is all about chickens!

Angel March 31st, 2016

Most definitely a dream job, I <3 chickens!

Carolyn Wickert March 31st, 2016

This sounds like the perfect work-at-home job ever, even in my grandma years. I started with 6 chicks, bought another 5 that came with their own coops. I currently have 12 chicks in my basement that are 5 weeks old and waiting on another 8 chicks, hopefully this weekend. I am looking at having to build my own chicken coop in order to house all of the new chicks and the more seasoned chickens. I had to order more chicks because every time I turned around, my husband was taking the eggs to work to sell and I would have to buy eggs from the store. I think that this would be a fun way to meet other chicken enthusiasts.

Claire Rupert March 31st, 2016

I just retired after 45 years as a nurse and have kept a flock of family hens since the 80’s. Currently have 36 laying hens and horses, dogs and cats. Would LOVE to help other folks have the joy of these wonderfully affectionate, productive and charming creatures, and to develop some new friends along the way!
This job would help my limited revenue stream and allow us to enjoy our retirement caring for our little zoo!
Thanks for opening this opportunity!

Fawna Zwart March 31st, 2016

Who would have thought a year ago I would have retired from the City Manager’s Office in California, get married, move to West Virginia and have a lovely flock of Buff Orpingtons (thanks to My Pet Chicken).
This job sounds amazing, and I am so glad I researched through My Pet Chicken to find the perfect winter hearty and summer hearty breed. I’ve already kept my family and friends updated on my Facebook and writing a blog and taking more photos would come easy! I love my girls and I would love this job!

Lissa April 1st, 2016

Fawna, FYI there’s a WV Urban Ag conference coming up at the end of this month. Not sure how far you are from Charleston. (Welcome to Almost Heaven, by the way.)

Lori Vore March 31st, 2016

Sounds like the perfect job for me!! I will send my resume asap!!

Justin Johnson March 31st, 2016

This is most certainly the dream job of a life time for a chicken enthusiast such as myself. What a great opportunity this is.

Theresa McNemar March 31st, 2016

I’ve been looking for a summer job that lets me be home and do what I love. Raising chickens of course! I have a tiny flock of eight right now but am looking to expand. This looks like the beginning to my real passion in life- farming and raising animals. I have a full time job as a teacher, but would love the opportunity to do something fun like this!

Hannah March 31st, 2016

What an opportunity for an amazing work-from-home position! I would be honored to fill this spot! Looking forward to submitting my resume tonight.

Nichole Hall March 31st, 2016

So thankful for this opportunity! Just sent you an email with my resume.

Stacee McClain March 31st, 2016

Sounds like a total dream job!! I would give anything to have a job like this instead of working in corporate America and worrying about my chickens all day! I do get to work at home some and I cherish those days to see them outside 🙂

Kathleen Gardner March 31st, 2016

Finally, a job that requires skills from my favorite hobby! I would love to help other chicken enthusiasts! Sending my resume now.

Leyla Kocaoglu March 31st, 2016

How cool is this job! Any where I can talk chicken all day long is the place for me!!

Michelle Krebs March 31st, 2016

This IS a wonderful opportunity for a Dream Job. I absolutely love my chickens and learning more about their health and well being. I love all things Chickens, my kids call me the Chicken lady. I certainly don’t mind and I have mad chicken math skills too. I sincerely hope that I would be a candidate for this amazing opportunity. I am so excited at the thought of it. I also make chicken jewelry at my stamped jewelry business 🙂

Jennifer R March 31st, 2016

I would love this job! My chickens are my biggest hobby! I work at a Rural King(bigR) full time though, so I’m not so sure I could juggle that.

Marla Garner March 31st, 2016

Would an alcoholic work in a bar? Yikes! Feed my addiction AND get paid for it??? Talk to chicken lovers all over the world? A job where I would be encouraged to raise more chickens. Wow! I wouldn’t have to chase people to talk about chickens – they would come to me…makes my eyes tear up.

Donna March 31st, 2016

My friend Tricia Monahan Pumphrey has applied for this job. She is perfect for this job. She is absolutely in love with chickens. She cares so much about people and all animals. She started one Spring day and like a kid on Christmas morning went and bought a few baby chicks and now she is the proud mama of 20 chickens and 1 rooster named Buff. She calls them her girls and Buff. They know her and follow her everywhere. They bring her joy and peace. She has great knowledge of Chickens and learns more each day. She loves helping people and sharing what she knows. She has taught me about chickens and I love them too. I read your qualifications for the job. Tricia meets them all and more. I know you want someone who represents your company with knowledge and integrity and be courteous and helpful to your followers. I could go on and on about her great qualities and what she would bring to My Pet Chicken. You will not go wrong with Tricia Pumphrey. She will be great for this position.

Lisa L March 31st, 2016

I am so excited to hear about this opportunity! I will be applying shortly. I’ve been longing to be able to work from home, and “working” with people and chickens is frosting on the cake! I’ve kept chickens for over 24 years, since our children were young. I sell organic free-range chicken and duck eggs. I just love fresh free-range eggs, and my family and I will not eat anything else. I even love going out to collect them in the dead of winter on a frigid moonlit night after work, when NOTHING else would get me out there… then being so thankful for that beautiful moment I never would have had. Chickens add so much to life and are so entertaining and fun. We started letting our determined Blue Wheaton Maran hen set and it was a joy to watch the little family foraging together with her chicks of many colors. We have also incubated and hatched some of our eggs… pure joy! 🙂

Monica Baro March 31st, 2016

YES! this job sounds like a dream come true! I have always loved chickens and I have regarded the chicken as one of the most noble of creatures on this earth. I work at a hardware store now and when customers come through my line with what look like building materials for a chicken coop I ask what they are making? If they say a chicken coop, we become instant friends swapping stories of our flocks!

Laura Klim March 31st, 2016

This sounds like a perfect fit for me. Everyone, around here, already calls me when they need chicken advice. It would be fantastic to actually combine my passion with my career! Thanks for the opportunity.

Elizabeth Thompson March 31st, 2016

What an amazing opportunity! My, not so little, flock and I would love nothing more than helping others with their flocks, new or old. My Pet Chicken has been the only hatchery that I trusted with my babies, largely due to your customer service professionals. I also work with our local farmers market in an effort to expand backyard chickens throughout our county. I will submit my resume and look forward to the opportunity to represent such a great company.

Tania March 31st, 2016

Owwww how awesome….!!!
I would love to apply!!! Are you taking interested applicants from Australia???
Please, please, please!!!
Thank you

Christy Cothren March 31st, 2016

This would be an amazing experience. I have started raising chickens of 3 different varieties. It’s amazing and a dedication as in raising a child! I would love to share what I am experiencing with everyone who would be interested! These are amazing birds who I have developed a true relationship with!

Laura March 31st, 2016

This is awesome opportunity! You are going to be very busy sorting through applications!!! Including mine… 😉

Lissa April 1st, 2016

Laura, yes… wow! We have 2 positions available now. I can tell based on these comments that HR must be getting a lot of resumes from many sufficiently chicken-crazy peeps! 🙂

Theresa Anderson March 31st, 2016

I am soooo excited about this job opportunity!! I love animals especially my chicken coop ladies!! They would be happy for me to be home more often so this is the job opportunity of a lifetime and I will definitely be putting in an application.

Angela Manring March 31st, 2016

Wonderful job opportunity! I have no children but have a flick of chickens. I’m home all the time and have a computer. I’m in NC. I’m 49 years old and have plenty of experience with customer service as I was a manager for 6 years. I have a great personality and spoil and hold my chickens frequently.

Corbett McAlister March 31st, 2016

WOW!!… This really is my dream job… Since I decided to quit my ” work out of town job ” to stay on the farm, we have really struggled. However, this could be just the answer.

Patricia Forbis March 31st, 2016

What an awesome opportunity it would be to share my love of my feathered friends. I have always been a “country girl” with a love for animals, but my little ladies brings such joy to my life every day. They follow me around all over the farm and take rides with me in my ATV. They are so friendly. If any of them suddenly become sluggish acting and just doesn’t have that beautiful glow to her face, I would dust her for lice and keep close watch of her making sure she is eating and drinking. With a little TLC, she should be following you around again soon. My little ladies brings such enjoyment to me. Start your own flock and experience the joy that I experience every day.

Heather L Martinello March 31st, 2016

This is the job for me!! I have a backyard flock at home and am raising chickens for my employer too! As a customer of My Pet Chicken, I’m sure I have spoken with everyone there at one time or another!
What a fun and great learning experience this job would be! Talking with people about chickens every day…could it get any better than this??

Marie Clare Fleming March 31st, 2016

This is truly the ultimate Chicken Dream Job!!! I love the idea of helping people start their own flock while being able to care for my own!

Sarah Proffitt March 31st, 2016

Is this the coolest thing ever?!?!? First off I love this company and second of all my chickens would think I was one awesome momma hen!;)

Lisanne Kane March 31st, 2016

What a wonderful opportunity! I’ve loved birds ever since I can remember, and would use scraps of wood from my father’s carpentry projects to make “bird houses” and little “chicken coops” when I was 3 years old. These days Chickens and Roosters are my favorite art subjects for paintings, pastels or watercolors. I’ve had birds in my care since I was 5 years old. I ran a companion avian rescue for 25 years, helping birds from Finches to Macaws, and yes some abandoned chickens. I’ve had experience incubating, hand feeding, inoculating and treating injuries. I also volunteered at Tri-State Bird Rescue when I lived in Newark, and still help with avian transports from my area. I currently have Finches, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Doves, Homing Pigeons and yes, my beloved Chickens, along with 1 ornery but lovable Rooster. Mornings are great, when I wake up hearing their serenade to welcome the day. My Rooster particularly always makes me smile, better than any alarm clock! This would be an awesome job, getting to talk to fellow chicken lovers! I will be applying as well.

Sari Hewlett-Pacheco April 1st, 2016

This really is a chicken dream job! I began raising chickens in 1980 we had 220 hens. We sold eggs and watched new chicks hatch. I know they have different personalities and they really know their person. My kids have grow up with chickens and my son showed them at our livestock show and took first place. We have always been farmers growing crops and raising our chickens for eggs and we enjoy sharing with people that do not have the opportunity to be around these birds. I take care of my mom who is very old and she loves the chickens. We have new chicks this year and she has enjoyed watching them grow, It really is a family hobby.We also custom made out chicken palace as we call it. The chicken coop looks more like a person’s home. I would love the share my knowledge, learn from others and have a job where I can still work from home to care for my mom and birds. I am excited about the prospect of this amazing dream job!

daphne carrillo April 1st, 2016

We are chickens. We have lots and lots and lots of chickens that we ordered and raised and loved loved loved from this wonderful company. In fact, our goal is to provide all our locals with our fresh eggs, yep, we’re up for the challenge and boy has it been a ride. A ride filled with laughter and tears and one that I will never get off.

Ann Slattery April 1st, 2016

This is a fabulous opportunity! I am sure every chicken lover that follows MPC will be scratching for this role!

Kyla Jefferson April 1st, 2016

What a great opportunity in every way! Yes, this is my chicken dream job!

Amanda Schnaare April 1st, 2016

This is life-changing. Praying for a blessing. Thank you! 🙂

Cori April 1st, 2016

Such a great opportunity, my family and friends will be so happy to not have to listen to me go on and on about how awesome my girls are!

Kara Burnison April 1st, 2016

My wardrobe has been waiting for a job opportunity like this for years! Just sent over my resume.

Natasha Hendrix April 1st, 2016

This is an amazing opportunity and definitely my dream job! I love raising chickens! A perfect opportunity to add to my flock!

Leena Gray April 1st, 2016

Well I was thinking about applying but after reading all the others who will apply, I don’t stand a chance. I’m just your little ole city dweller with two coops and a happy little flock of 15. Instead of giving my home schooled daughter allowance, she takes care of our little flock and sells the eggs…how’s that for hands on business training?! I wish everyone who applies well….thanks for crushing my dream. JUST KIDDING! Stay calm and egg on….

Lissa April 1st, 2016

I agree that there are a LOT of applications, Leena. (Honestly, more than we anticipated!) But we encourage everyone to apply. There are a couple positions open, and HR will weigh all your qualifications. Experience with chickens is a big part, for sure, but we are also interested in problem-solving skills, your passion for humane treatment, your writing ability, your ability to work independently, and so on. Plus, we do keep applications on file for the next time a position opens, so even if you don’t get hired this round, you may still be considered next time.

Lisa Gentry April 1st, 2016

I have loved chickens since I was very young. This would be an awesome job opportunity for me. I raised chickens when I was a young girl and last fall we started a new flock. I love them! I research chickens on a daily basis! This would be a my chicken dream job!! 🙂

Cynthia Brasfield April 1st, 2016

Wow…have been looking for part time work. I am raising three granddaughters; 7, 8 and 15; two dogs;chickens and ducks. Have started my veggie and herb garden with the thoughts of family and foul in mind. Would love the chance to talk about all my girls and get paid for it. Will definitely get resume out to them!

A.J April 1st, 2016

How old do you have to be?

Lissa April 1st, 2016

Well, I think the time at which you’d need to be available to work would generally preclude also being in high school. If you have some other arrangement that would allow you to work at those times, I’d recommend sending your question to to get a definitive answer.

Rose Brunnelle April 1st, 2016

I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my adult life and currently work from home as a flower farmer (my fourth year) and when I received your email for an opportunity to work from home I got excited! I presently have six Buff Orpingtons who are such lovely girls. I look forward to this potential opportunity. Thank you.

Renda Cate April 1st, 2016

This sounds like a dream come true! I’ll be sending in my resume today 🙂

Susan Mann April 1st, 2016

In 2008 I decided to face my long ago childhood fear of, that’s right, chickens! I fashioned a coop and adopted 8 varied and colorful hens. Of course I came to love and appreciate them all and soon found myself with a case of chickenmania! When some of my girls went broody I found a friend with fertilized eggs and the journey began. Endangered breeds, 4H with the grandboys, quest for beautiful shades of eggs and so on. Chicken math complicates things a bit so until I get the 4th coop completed, I’m keeping 16 chicks in my “quiet space”. I’ll need to move them over to get my desk ready to compose my resume and answer the phones. This is exciting!

Rosalind Sova April 1st, 2016

Sounds like a very interesting and fun position. Somewhere that you can share your knowledge and love of chickens and gain more knowledge as you go along. I have been dubbed the “Chicken Enthusiast” among other fun names. I actually am adding 15 more to flock, and they are being shipped by you the week of the April 18th. I have gotten the neighbors child so much in love with “my girls” her Dad if making her a chicken coop this weekend, so she can start her own flock. Passing on the tradition!!! I love it!! Thank you.

Erin O'Brien April 1st, 2016

It’s funny, a couple of weeks ago I was just thinking to myself, “I need a telecommute job that will allow me to be around my chickens.”

I got my “starter” flock a year ago almost to the day. They were 8 girls that needed a new home, as the family was moving to a city that didn’t allow backyard chickens. It was perfect, as my husband was still pretty doubtful about the whole thing, and I really wanted to have eggs right away so he could see the end result.

We installed the birds late at night and all looked like a success! Little did I know that my first lesson in chicken math was about to hit, as someone asked if I could take on some chicks from a school project. Then the local feed store got come chicks, and of course I wanted a different color egg in my egg basket!

This of course led to all kinds of research,as I don’t live in an easy area to keep livestock or grow gardens. At 7800′ we face everything from a 3 month summer to mountain lions.

I can share much much more on my adventures over the last year, from heart attacks to roos who won’t roost indoors to building a chicken coop, but I’ll save that for the application! Of course a lot of it will go up on my blog, now that I finally have reliable internet! I have so many posts to write!

Thank you for this opportunity!

Christen Volentine April 1st, 2016

This is my “Chicken Dream Job!” Please keep a lookout for my email and resume!
I look forward to hearing more from My Pet Chicken!

Annalisa Switzer April 1st, 2016

Yes! In fact, it’s so awesome, I can’t even fathom how many applications you’re going to get. I hope you tell us – I bet it’s over a thousand!

But from all those exceptional applications, please…..

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

Jason Stults April 1st, 2016

This sounds like a perfect position for me, my wife currently works from home and we are about to start a family and this would be the perfect setup. I have been raising a small flock of our own for just close to four years we started with twelve chicks and have 7 very healthy girls today, 5 got sick as babies, anyway I love them all like kids and we call them our girls! I will be sending a resume very soon!

Amber Van Ree April 1st, 2016

This position fits me to a T!!! I am addicted to chickens and love getting people addicted to chickens also!! I have around 150-200 chickens at any given time. My incubator that holds 250 eggs runs all year around and I try keeping it full of eggs!!

Sara Andrews April 1st, 2016

Man, I would LOVE this job!! I stay home with my boys so this would be an awesome opportunity!! We’re just now building our flock here in our new home in the country, but we had a backyard flock for years at our last home (city residence) so I have experience with backyard flocks and am now building a much larger mixed flock for our homestead!! And I was just laughing at myself the other day because I went to the local feed store to buy chick starter food and walked out with a couple 2 week old chicks that were a breed we’ve been curious about! LOL! Can you say addicted??

Dela Hayes April 2nd, 2016

I am dreaming of a day when my fat bottomed girls have a momma who facilitates the making of more chicken parents, aids in their education, and encourages the spread of chicken cheer to all the corners of the earth…until then, I will apply and see if their little hen wishes are granted.

evelyn jones April 2nd, 2016

After raising chickens for over fourty years,hey Why not apply for a job like this? I have been the local chicken nanny,doctor and rescue advacuate for the ones needing homes. Answering chicken questions have been one of my biggest joy. I just love helping people know all they can to keep their chicken pets happy. A common question is how long does a chicken lay eggs in their lifetime? Living where I do I am fortunate to keep all the chickens I want? I live and deal with all the country living, but still get awsome internet. So yep I will apply.

Connie Avilla April 2nd, 2016

Sounds like an amazing opportunity to help others with their chickens and expand on my own knowledge. I’ve had chickens going on seven years and am learning something new everyday. This would be a perfect way to earn and learn! Would love to hear back from My Pet Chicken soon! Thanks!

Evelyn April 2nd, 2016

The greatest job I’ve ever heard of in my life!. I’m retired and have been
looking for something to pay for my chicken addiction so my husband doesn’t get that look on his face when I ask him to stop and buy feed again. I also have a goat (left over from my son’s days in FFA). Currently have 7 chicks in my washer room since East Texas is having some more cold weather.

Connie Avila April 2nd, 2016

Sounds like an amazing opportunity to help others with their chickens and increase my knowledge on the subject. I’ve had chickens for seven years and have researched and learned plenty. What a great way to earn and learn! I am looking forward to hearing back from My Pet Chicken! Thanks!

Rachael April 2nd, 2016

When is the application deadline and when will applicants be chosen?

Julie Higgins April 2nd, 2016

Absolutely, this job would be a dream come true for many. For me particularly, it combines two of my greatest passions: chickens and writing. Thank you My Pet Chicken for this amazing opportunity! What excitement you’ve unexpectantly brought into my life!

LEONORA April 3rd, 2016

Holy cockerel ! My chicken-tending meditation wish came true !
This IS the ultimate dream job to balance things on the homestead.
Ohhh please peck me !! It would be an honor + privilege to be a part of MPC.

,-‘__ `-,
{,-‘ `. } ,’)
,( a ) `-.__ ,’,’)~,
<=.) ( `-.__,==' ' ' '}
( ) /)
`-'\ , )
| \ `~. /
\ `._ \ /
\ `._____,' ,'
`-. ,'
`-._ _ ,-'
,–'/` '
Thanks for posting this opportunity.
Best of luck reviewing the very impressive flock of applications.
And good cluck to all fellow applicants ! Fingers + eyes crossed !!
(If you would kindly consider letting us know if/when you select your candidate, I'd bet my bottom dollar many of us are waiting with bated breath + would surely appreciate it.)

Maureen Goronson April 3rd, 2016

This does, indeed, sound like my chicken dream job on so many levels. WOW! What an opportunity. We own a small hobby farm and raise several different breeds and varieties. I am certified chicken crazy – just ask my husband. I will wait with fingers crossed.

LEO April 3rd, 2016

PS. That was supposed to be a roo above.
Looks like it crossed the road… Darn spacing !

Melissa Leveque April 3rd, 2016

WOW, based on all the other responses, I am not alone in chickenmania. Only a fellow chicken freak would understand the love affair between human and chicken. When I read your email to my family they all said “hey mom that sounds like you”. They asked if it was a real job or just some other chicken person describing their dream job. I explained that this is a real job posting. They all replied, You have to apply mom it sounds just like you. My 18 year old daughter is in cahoots with me as well, when I was reading the chicken math to her she got it right away, her and I spend a lot of time talking chicken math. It is nice to know that other people understand how special it is to have pet chickens. This is my dream job. I will be sending you my email and resume.

Catherine Reeser-Bague April 3rd, 2016

This position sounds amazing! I just left a high stress job at the end of the year and have been taking some down time to figure out what I want to do next. I came across this opportunity and it is a perfect fit. Our girls (chickens) are such stress relievers, it would be wonderful to be able to chat with people who don’t think I’m crazy. We have 6 girls which all, of course, have names. Thelma and Louise, Lucy and Ethel and Lavern and Shirley; do you see a theme? We love our girls and they are a big part of our family. I have a strong background in customer service and retail management and will be sending in my resume.

Reed Coles April 3rd, 2016

This position does sound very appealing. Have my flock for the past there years and becoming part of the chicken culture has been a wonderful experience and it gets better every day. Being a representative of My Chicken would afford me a great filler to my retired life of driving handicapped school kids around as a substitute driver. I find myself constantly talking about chicken and loving the experience. It will be fun to apply and see if I might qualify. I’m wondering how many positions do you hope to fill. I can tell that you seem to have some very qualified applicants. The best to you all and thanks for all you do for this amazing critter and the culture of modem day chicken raising. Reed Coles

Dana Hamrick April 3rd, 2016

I would love a chance to take this position and certainly have the experience for it! I currently have around 120 birds which consists of mostly chickens with a few ducks guineas turkeys and geese. I keep a chicken layer flock of about 20 birds year round and I raise around 70-100 for meat every year for me and my family and friends. It makes me feel a lot better knowing where the meat comes from and knowing that I humanely raised them and slaughtered them. I currently work at a small animal clinic where we see chickens from time to time and have assisted the doctors in treatments of the chickens. I have also worked at Tractor Supply which has “Chick Days” every spring I was always the go-to lady for chicken questions and still have customers 2 years later that still contact me with questions regarding their flocks. I also take in a lot of “rescue” chicks anytime Tractor Supply or someone that knows me has sick one or one with a disability they call me to come pick them up and I try my best to save them and to give them the best shot at a normal life. I will be applying for this job and look forward to seeing what the future holds!

amy swanson April 3rd, 2016

Yes, I would love to apply for this job! This sounds like a great opportunity for someone like me who loves chickens

Anne Hakooz April 4th, 2016

I would love to work with my pet chicken! I have the time, and experience, including excellent customer relations. I’m patient, knowledgeable and more than qualified. I’ve owned chickens all my life. 40 yrs and counting! I am in many a persons phone as the chicken lady! I love my chickens…and love educating others!

Maureen Goronson April 4th, 2016

Lissa, I am applying today! What is the deadline?

K.D. Thomsen April 4th, 2016

Good Morning! I just came in from taking my dogs for a walk, stopped to check on my small flock (6) of chickens who were out enjoying the grass that is popping up, the worms and bugs too. We have had chickens for over 8 years, sometimes 25 at a time. Our current chickens are a mixture of a few of the breeds we have had, as all but one of our hens were hatched and raised by their own mother. We love having chickens as part of our small ranch, really enjoy watching them wander about and do what chickens like to do. We have three dogs that have kept them safe from predators and look forward to more babies this year. This job would be a great way for me to share the love and enjoyment with others of caring for a flock of chickens and help educate them on the care. I look forward to this possibility.

Chris Thompson April 4th, 2016

Wow! Sending my resume for sure! Looks like there will be LOTS of candidates!

Chris Thompson

Autumn Dufresne April 4th, 2016

It absolutely DOES sound like a perfect dream job! I am in the process of composing my application right now and you will have it in your inbox by the end of the day! *big grin* This just brought so much added excitement to my day! 😀

Amy Cook April 4th, 2016

This truly would be a dream come true. It would be wonderful to be at home with my husband who has MS and help him with our flock full time. Trying out new breeds would be a lot of fun too. I am applying today!

Craig Johnson April 4th, 2016

I love animals period. I have been around chickens my whole life and have been afforded the opportunity now to have my own. I have deliberately crossing birds just to see what they would look like and compare crosses: in ex: egg production, size, color, temperments and dispositions. It would be grand to have a job such as this with all the other resources that would come along with it.

Ayers and Zicarelli April 4th, 2016

I have a question about applying. We are a mother-daughter team. Mom is the one with 25 years experience with fowl of many types and I work the tech side (computer, incubator, camera). Mom can answer the sample question and I can keep a blog.
Is it possible for us to apply as a team?

Lissa April 4th, 2016

It’s hard for me to imagine how that would work… after all, we are looking for a person with chicken experience and interest to blog using that experience and interest. And the job requires more than blogging. In order to be able to help customers with their questions about chickens, the person answering chicken questions would also have to be able to manage to use tech to access orders, update customer records, and so on. That said, I am not the person reviewing the applications or making the hiring decisions! I’d recommend writing and asking HR to get a firm answer.

Danita Pitts April 4th, 2016

Sounds like the best job ever!

Amy DeBaun April 4th, 2016

Sent my resume in over the weekend and am thinking about all the reasons I love chickens. Too many to count! I’m so proud to sell non-GMO eggs from my pasture-raised happy heritage hens. I dove into this world by chance and by way of a few setbacks in my life. We’ve all had them, right? I’m willing and eager to share my journey and how going from high-stress job and living in an apartment to full-time farmer and living in an antique farmhouse has changed my life for the better. So glad that there are so many poultry enthusiasts out there!

Elisabeth Dowson April 5th, 2016

Would someone from Canada be considered? Journalist, reporter, publisher, office manager, artist. Managed a 200-layer flock, heritage breeds advocate and enthusiast.

Lissa April 5th, 2016

We don’t have a hatchery in Canada at this time, although someday we’d like to! So, while we don’t operate in Canada, you could always write to ask if you would still have hiring eligibility.

KIM MARTIN April 5th, 2016

I would love to work with your Company from down here in Mississippi!!!!

Renee Costanzo April 6th, 2016

I have been raising chickens for 6 years now and my life has improved immensely! An opportunity to share my passion with others and make some money doing it woukd most certainly be a dream come true. My résumé will be en route shortly. Thank you for the opportunity!!

Beth Schmidt April 7th, 2016

I have been praying for this exact job! I love the bubbly enthusiasm the MPC website portrays, and I know I’d fit in great here. Plus, I’ll have a reason to own more birds!! The hubby’s gonna love that. 🙂

Kimberly Seda April 11th, 2016

Oh wow yes absolutely!!! This literally would be a dream for me, and work out very well for my family. My medium-long term goals are to own a farm, start a chicken rescue organization, and get my DVM and specialize in chicken doctoring!! My chickens are my 9 daughters, my loves, and my therapists for when I have a rough day. Something about sitting down right in the middle of the coop and cuddling a purring chicken seems to make the mundane problems of humanity fade away! I currently have 9 beautiful ladies, and will be getting 5 more babies next week – SO excited!!! Praying I am considered for this job, I’d be a fantastic addition to your team!! 🙂

Carmella Phillips April 12th, 2016

What an excellent opportunity and I am looking forward to hearing from MyPetChicken’s team!

Harry Gordon April 20th, 2016

Lissa You posted the Chicken Dream Job over 2 weeks ago. I suspect that the response was overwhelming. How is the employee selection process going? Have the positions been filled or are you still involved in the team member selection process?

Lissa April 21st, 2016

I am not involved in the selection process. I do know HR is still going through all the applications (or they were the last time I was updated), and that they received over 300! I expect we’ll introduce the new employees on the blog, once they’re selected. 🙂

angela amy June 24th, 2016

I have been raising chickens for 6 years now and my life has improved immensely! An opportunity to share my passion with others and make some money doing it woukd most certainly be a dream come true. My résumé will be en route shortly. Thank you for the opportunity!!

Donna Hart-Nolte June 28th, 2016

Dear Sir, I would like to be notified when you are taking application. I will then send you my finished application with all of you requirement met. Have a marvelous day and may all be well with your flock.

PS: I too see colorful happy chicken when I look out my back window.

Amy August 25th, 2016

OH MY CHICKENS!!! Well… It’s September, so perhaps you are slowing down enough to enjoy this reply. 300 applicants…. and counting! That’s worth a grin for sure. I have been investigating/enjoying this site all afternoon. I lost track of the time lol…mail order chicks of any kind, delivered coops or plans (depending on your cooping abilities), photos to enjoy, knowledgeable resources, a very helpful “Which Chicken is best for me?” I even found Chicken paraphernalia like diapers, leashes and treats. Unbelievably funny!
I was originally searching the internet to find creative ways to make money….and relief from sadness. I have limited financial resources, fatigue, pain similar to arthritis and depression which my doctor thinks is Fibromyalgia. How did I stumble upon this hilarious Chicken-lover site? I can’t remember, perhaps it was an answer to prayer, but I’m sure I’ll never forget it!!!
Thanks Lissa! I’ll be back when I can finally order some chicks. If for some odd reason you actually need another applicant, I”ll be happy to apply 🙂 I hope you find this reply as encouraging as I found this site.

Elise February 23rd, 2017

What an wonderful way to work! Since we began raising chickens I have referred to and ordered from My Pet Chicken. But to realize one could work with you?! Well, I can’t imagine any other job that would feel less like work and more like daily enrichment.

Abigail Neff March 13th, 2017

Hi Lissa,
I realize that this position must’ve been filled long ago. However I would very much like to work for MPC. I currently work and live at my university’s poultry center. My mom calls me the Chicken RA. I would truly consider it an honor to be able to support myself by doing something I love, especially since I am very passionate about preserving and developing rare breeds of livestock. So, even though the opportunity has currently passed, I will be sending in my resume and answer when I am able to do some research, and I hope that if an opening comes up you will keep me in mind. Sincerely,

Kassy Johnson July 28th, 2017

I just have to say, I talked to the sweetest lady on the phone the other day , I was adding more chickens to my order , because I didn’t already have enough, ????. As I was talking with her, I realized I could totally do this with people everyday! I know your not hiring at this moment, but at sometime you will be and I want to be first on your list . I love people, I love our chickens , and would love to help you out everyday! Thanks for the information, sending my resume !

Pamela Kalil December 16th, 2017

I would love to be a part of this amazing operation. I will submit my application as soon as possible. I do meet all of the requirements. Thank you.

Sarah Dearman December 16th, 2017

Yes! Have to update my resume but I’ll be emailing y’all!

Peggy Lewis December 16th, 2017

This is my dream job!! I would love to help others with their chickens, orders ect. I talk about (and too) my chickens all the time. My ladies and gents are the loves of my life, well other then the husband and kids. We almost always have a chicken in the house and 40 in the yard. Everyone has a name and birthday, which we celebrate. Being able to talk about, educate and help others with their chickens would be amazing!!

Heidi December 16th, 2017

this does sound like a dream job. i love my chickens (I love ALL animals and wish I had room for other ‘farm’ life) and to be able to work from home without the worry of a commute would be awesome.. and I’m a blogger occasionally in my own free time.

but I’m not a fan of phones.. email is more my thing.. and I’ve only had chickens for about a year and a half.. so there are people much more qualified than me.

Pat Coleman December 16th, 2017

I am obsessed with chickens, chicken crafts, chicken photography, & chicken blogging…but my state isn’t on your list. Will you be seeking a crazy chicken lady from Florida in the upcoming weeks?

Lissa December 18th, 2017

I was told that the list of preferred states has to do with the tax situation. A glance tells me that these are states in which we either currently have, or that we have had employees, so I’d guess it has something to do with paperwork related to employment taxes. MPC is headquartered in Connecticut, but we have employees all over. So… if your resume is wonderful and we don’t receive applications from those in preferred states that are as wonderful as yours, it’s possible they may decide to do what’s necessary to arrange to have employees in a state not on the list. But that’s just my guess; I don’t work in HR, and I don’t have any say over whom they choose to interview or hire.

Shanon December 17th, 2017

Sounds amazing. Even though I’m in Wyoming, I applied.

Shannon December 22nd, 2017

I live in SC but this job would truly be my dream job so I applied! Fingers crossed!

Dana Smith January 30th, 2018

I am from Texas, moved to Las Vegas to be be with my elementary sweet heart. He is from here and is a definite country boy(raised in the country), he wanted chickens and I am very adventurous, so we did it. We have four dogs and goats, our pets are our lives they make us happy and laugh on daily basis. So we built a pretty elaborate chicken coup, I thought he was getting a little crazy with it but after getting a dozen chicks. I started decorating the coop looking for curtains, perches etc I am glad they have a nice house and room! Having them in our house taking care of them as chicks, my little yorkies developed a love for the chicks, I actually think they were very sad when they graduated to the coop, because every morning they would run to the box we built for the chicks.I could see they were sad! But now when we say we are going to the chicken coop, they get so excited! I research every day things on the internet and learn a lot about care for all of my pets and found you guys! Tim was awesome and made my mind to order from your company! Sounds more like a review…But I am impressed and I am home bound due to an immune disease and miss working and miss people even though animals are great less drama. I would love to work for you guys it would be amazing to chat with people that have the same interests as me! Thank you Peeps!

Jennifer Quesada June 25th, 2020

Amazing opportunity, just sent my application in!!!

Amy Willey June 25th, 2020

100% ME! I am a blogger, a photographer, and a crazy chicken lady! I have taught Microsoft Office Computer classes and I am proficient in multiple computer programs and systems. I live for details and organization. And I LOVE talking about chickens! I am a resource for many other chicken-parents, often being messaged or called with questions about flock care. I have hatched many clutches of eggs with my Brisnea incubator (purchased from!)

I would love to be part of the My Pet Chicken family!

Kimberly Collier July 1st, 2020

I am needing to supplement my income and I have over a 100 chickens. I so enjoy learning all things about them, health, lifestyle, and educating people who purchase from me. I keep numbers and give them mine, we do updates to make sure all is going good. This would be great!

Wendy Sherman July 1st, 2020

This job sounds fantastically wonderful!😊 I don’t have my own but, I have always wanted my own chicky babies. I live in a town house right now and I don’t feel that I have enough space. I would ❤❤ to work for a company like this.
Does the company offer jobs for beginners, very willing and eager to learn? ❤🐓🐣♾

Hannah January 19th, 2021

I would love to be part of this team!

Kayla January 22nd, 2021

Yes! This sounds like my absolute dream job!!

Christina M Gille January 25th, 2021

I have 6 chickens, they are Fred, Benedict, Bean, Taco, George, and Cecil. I never knew that having chickens would be as rewarding as it has been. I just figured, oh you get fresh eggs, done, but, it has been so much more than that. They give so much. They are funny, quirky, and smart. The neighbor kids love coming over and seeing my chickens too (I have become the chicken lady of Aurora). I think it would be really fun to write about chickens and what I have learned through this process and perhaps help others learn a thing or two.

Julianna Smith January 25th, 2021

Yes yes yes, this really does sound like the best job ever! I cannot wait to apply! Thanks for the opportunity!

Barbara Daniel March 29th, 2021

Hi! My coop is the Fallensky Cluckery, based on the chicken little story. I have 12 chickens currently, 2 black stars, 2 buff brahmas, 1 Salmon favorelles, 1 lakenvelder, 2 Silver Spangled Appenzellers & 2 blue olive eggers. I’ve owned chickens for 11 years.I sell my eggs locally. My friends call me the chicken whisperer because I always am there to help out any flock in need. I’d love to work at My Pet Chicken and share my knowledge. I’m in Massachusetts.

Kim Stowell March 30th, 2021

Sounds like the perfect job! I can talk chicken for hours!

Sarah Sanchez March 30th, 2021

This sounds like such an incredible opportunity! Please be on the lookout for my application!

teresa mccafferty March 30th, 2021

sounds like a perfect job love my chickens I have about 85 and 18 guenies and just hatched babies we have 80 acres in southeast Oklahoma and my husband has a nursery he retired from att and is 42 year master mason I am retired from banking and the chickens are my hobbie we will be building four new chicken coops this year

Willow Hittle March 30th, 2021

I think you are going to need to hire someone to weed through all of the applications! I don’t need or want a job, but if I did, this would be it. You are a truly great company and anyone would be proud and happy to work with you.

Tanya Newlove March 30th, 2021

This would be an amazing dream job!! I can’t wait it apply!

Sara Fullington April 1st, 2021

This absolutely sounds like the best job in the whole world! I’m already a teacher, so this would make my life even more perfect than it already is! I currently have 50 chickens, 8 ducks, and 3 turkeys that make me happier than I could have ever imagined!

Stephanie December 29th, 2021

It sounds positively dreamy, – I love helping others with my chicken knowledge…. but I am living in the wrong state, apparently… And, actually being out in the country makes our internet connection iffy at times. Oh well.

Joseph Kelly Jr December 29th, 2021

I have wanted to apply for this job for years but we always lived in Washington State. Sadly, my wife fell in our barn and has been the victim of a traumatic brain injury, seizures, and a stroke. We have fought really hard to rebuild in Arkansas. Now we see this as a blessing and opportunity that maybe I can get the golden ticket to work the best job ever. Working in the best environment, for the best company, to teach and help others with the best pets anyone can ever have!

Mary Mullen December 30th, 2021

This is an incredible opportunity!My husband and I currently have around 35 chickens.We also have two pygmy goats and 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats. I love all of our animals. The chickens are a riot and make me laugh! I am very interested in chicken behaviors and the pecking order. There is always so much to learn.

Carmelle D Kuehn December 30th, 2021

This sounds like a great job to have. I am a backyard chicken owner (finally) and I convinced my husband that a COVID chicken flock would make us self-sufficient! I lived on a farm growing up, and to be honest, I was fairly ambivalent about chickens in general. Who knew the connection I would make with them??? Lots of people knew! I am not that unique because a LOT of people see their chickens as pets, stress reducers, entertainment and even family members.

Heidi Barnett January 2nd, 2022

I just sent in my application, I am so excited!

Shelbi January 5th, 2022

This looks like an amazing job. I have been a customer for aprox. eleven years now and love being a chicken owner. I even love my grouch rooster Ha Ha. I live in Mass. and don’t believe that was a state you were looking for but hope you find amazing people to hire. Thank you for being such a good company. I enjoy ordering my chickens through you.

Linda Steffen January 25th, 2022

Absolutely. What an amazing opportunity to be able to help people with their little feathered friends! I would absolutely love to be able to work at a position like this not only to help others but also to educate myself on the products, care and new ideas that are constantly being updated into the community. A position like this would ensure I could help not only my flock but also keep other “poultry people” have the best possible access to this information and help when needed. It would truly be a dream job.

Kari January 26th, 2022

I plan to apply soon! I’m in grad school and looking for a fun, part time job. This would be perfect for me and my 23 chickens to accomplish together.

Brey Anna Sanchez April 28th, 2022

I knew dreams did come true! My chickens would be the coolest chicks in town if their momma worked for My Pet Chicken! Just sent in my Resume and application email. What better job to have than one you get to bring all your chickens to work with you!

Karen Harris April 28th, 2022

This would be the most amazing job I’ve ever had and I’ve worked for over 20 years. I raise brahmas as a hobby/therapy. Chickens are just the best. My husband said I could have two and now I have close to 30. I go out every day and talk to them. It seems all the people I talk to now have chickens. All we talk about is chickens. I absolutely love it. If I can get paid to talk about chickens, that’s even better.

Danielle Walker April 29th, 2022

I am very interested in this amazing opportunity, I feel I am uniquely qualified for this position and would love to be considered. I have been keeping poultry on our family farm since I was about 6 years old ( now 32). I have been a veterinary technician for the last 16 years. I have experience in all aspects of veterinary care, including client relations. I was the assistant to our resident exotic animal doctor, hew treated poultry, birds, small mammals, and reptiles of all types. Since having my daughter in 2017 I have taken time off to focus on caring for her as well as growing our family farm where we raise pastured pork and poultry and of course, my cherished egg layers. We also have an awesome rooster who recently fought off a hawk but curiously seems to lack the all-to-common rooster urge to attack people. I have been labeled by family and friends as a “chicken addict” and have successfully convinced quite a friend to keep chickens themselves. During Covid, I was offered an opportunity to work remotely for the animal hospital where I had previously worked before having my daughter. My responsibility included answering emails from clients regarding medical questions, making appointments, phone triaging patients before their arrival, and reminding clients of upcoming appointments and medication refills. I love sharing my enthusiasm for chickens as well as my years of practical and medical knowledge with others. Since my daughter is getting older and is in pre-school during the day I have been looking for an opportunity to fill my time and make a little extra money while still pursuing my passion for raising our livestock. I have been considering options to fill this vacancy in my life and this position seems like the perfect fit.

Cindy April 29th, 2022

Wow, if only KY was on the list I would apply in a heartbeat. And even if I didn’t get it I still think it is an awesome opportunity for all of us chicken tenders.

Elizabeth April 29th, 2022

This is an amazing opportunity for a sahm like myself!

Lisa Naquin May 2nd, 2022

YES! I am the perfect candidate for the Chicken Dream Job! I love my chickens and have been accused of being a little “eccentric” about my chickens! I’m the “chicken lady” in our neighborhood and would love to help others join the flock!

Lora Dalton May 4th, 2022

Hello!!! Chicken help line? Yes, please!! I have 4 grown silkie girls and 4 6 week old baby silkies. Everyone calls me the crazy chicken lady because I am so nuts over my flock! My dad and I built a custom coop and run for them that looks like something from a storybook. I’d love to help people with chicken related questions, and to blog about them would be a dream! I see that Louisiana is not a state you are looking for, but if you EVER need Louisiana, I’m in!!

Lori Sweeney May 4th, 2022

This job sounds almost too good to be true! I am a nurse, ready to retire soon, and love my backyard pet chickens. This is my 4th attempt to have chickens because even though we live right in town, there are many predators here in Oklahoma. This time around I have had much success to the point where I am acquiring more chickens to add diversity to my flock. I have had to overcome many problems first time chicken owners deal with so that now we are finally finding our “happy space”.

Heidi Smith May 4th, 2022

Would this be my dream job? It’s like you know me! (blush) Early in my chicken keeping obsession, I mean career, I had the opportunity to call in to My Pet Chicken’s customer service center. I spoke with the most marvelous, knowledgeable chicken lover. My question was actually, “Which girl do I want?!? I can’t decide!!” She walked me through my goals in chicken keeping, my priorities (you know, egg color, feather color, type, even personality.) I remember her saying, “Girl, we need to add some brilliant blue to your basket!”, and we did. When our new bestie conversation ended, I thought, “She has my dream job.” I knew it then. Yes, yes My Pet Chicken, this is my dream job.

Marilyn Fett May 4th, 2022

Dream job!!? Yes!!! I’m recently retired and moved to NW Florida! (You needed Florida representatives too!) I’ve just started my chicken loving adventure! Always bad at math my 6 chicken goal has turned into 15!! I love my girls to pieces! In my process of chicken “gathering” I’ve read and watched tons of chicken info so if I don’t know the answer I know where to go! My girls are why I get up every day and my dream job would fit right in!!!

Noah Wimblay May 5th, 2022

This is too good to be true. I tried to apply but the email address is invalid. Then I tried to post this comment and was told error. How sad.

Bambi May 11th, 2022

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble reaching us. We did receive your comment so somehow it made it through! The email address to apply to is

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