The Overhatch Madness of a Chickaholic August 17, 2016

Hi, my name is Jordana. And I’m a chickaholic.

It was Monday morning, I was at my office here at My Pet Chicken and the phone was barely ringing. Hesitating, I hovered my cursor over the date selection on our baby chick page, debating if I really wanted to see what was available in our over-hatch.  For over a year I have resisted the temptation to add to my flock, despite helping others fill their baskets with chickens I dream of in fevered chickaholic dreams.

I tried to justify it to myself: “You need to look at the overhatch, because you have to be prepared when customers call so you can help them get that special chick!”

“No, if I look I will be tempted, and if I am tempted… well, I’ll need a larger coop!”

Then, my finger slipped. Just slipped on the touchpad. I pressed a little too hard with my shaking chickaholic fingers… and there, right before my eyes, I see one of the best over-hatches in weeks.

Basket full of chickletts for the local chickaholic!

A chickaholic dream!

Every chick on my dream list was there, ready to add to my shopping basket. The phone was quiet as others busily ordered from the peace of their home or office. One by one, I added chicks to my basket, thinking I would just play around and dream a bit. Just dream, right? Even chicken dreams are dangerous for chickaholics! I saw…

  • Blue Laced Red Wyandottes… 10 chicks left
  • Ooh, I’ve never had a Salmon Faverolles… 15 chicks left
  • Gosh, I wonder if I would like Lavender Orpingtons?… 20 chicks
  • Oh, look! There are Buff Laced Polish! What can 5 more hurt…. 25 chicks in my basket.

That doesn’t seem so bad, because I’m only dreaming, after all. The phone rang and I helped a customer fill out her order. Then nothing, for 5 whole minutes. That’s a long time for a chickaholic like me. I sat staring at my basket. Could I? Would it really be so bad?  My cursor inched over to click “continue” checking out.

But before my shaky finger touched the button, the phone rang. It was another thrilled new chick family ordering for their daughter’s birthday. I began to sweat. Chicks were disappearing quickly; I had to make a decision, and those chicks needed a home… so why not mine?

Finally, I did it. My willpower gone, I placed my order for 25 chicks. That’s nothing. right?! I mean, I already have 18… or was that 20? Who’s counting anyway! That’s right, I’m suffering from Chicken Math. I’m a chickaholic, what do you expect? Of course my husband just shook his head and asked “How many eggs can we really eat?” But they are so beautiful, and imagine the personalities!

Fast forward to two days later. The post office calls at 4 am to tell me my chicks have arrived. I throw on something acceptable and rush into town. You’d think this was my first order of chicks, I was so excited! Of course, everyone had to see my new babies. The staff at the post office were amazed at how many colors the chicks were and that I could get so many breeds in one order. I proudly showed off my new brood before heading home.

I put all 26 chicks in their prepared brooder (yes, that is 26, I got an extra! *grin*) and just sat and admired them for a while, my chickaholic nerves momentarily soothed. They were all so happy and active, running around investigating their new home.

I was shocked to see how big and active the Salmon Faverolles were; I had always heard how docile and quiet they are. Mine are playful and curious, I can see how intelligent they are and how much fun they are going to be. The Polish are calm and are the first to come see me. With their funny hats of feathers they looks so silly when they cock their heads to watch me watching them even as babies. I chose them for a bit of whimsy on the farm and do believe they are going to be a favorite. Then there are the Lavender Orpingtons… such sweet and pretty chicks! The color truly amazes me, I have never had a self-blue chick before. They are so soft they feel like a cloud. Last, but not least, the treasured Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. I have waited a whole year to see some available and they are the real reason I clicked that button and placed an order. I find they are the sweetest of chicks, and am really excited for the colorful plumage. I loved laced coloring, and am really hoping for a perfect blue laced red, although I will enjoy the black laced and splash as well.

In the end I am so very glad I gave in! My lovely babies are delightful, and someday will provide eggs for my family and friends!

Have any of you ever succumbed to the temptation to place a rush order on hatch day? What was that special chick that made your decision? We’d love to hear the stories of other chickaholics!

Laurene August 19th, 2016

Your husband is a very patient man to allow an order of new baby chicks after he already said your family didn’t need any more. He deserves a new drill for his shop, or video card for his computer, or football, or whatever makes him happy. 🙂 Congrats on the new babies!

Fred August 22nd, 2016

Hey, the ladies started making all kinds of noises that didn’t sound right. I went out to see if they were ok and they are but, I found an egg outside of the coop on the ground. It looks weird. I have it in the house on the counter. I won’t wash it until you get home and take a look at it. It’s got like white on it. Here’s a pic.

Fred August 22nd, 2016

I was unable to attach the pic

Lissa August 26th, 2016

Fred, our blog doesn’t have a way for you to attach photos to comments. However, if you’d like our experts to have a look at your egg, you can email the photo to, and we’ll have a look!

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