My 3 Favorite Chick Packs September 27, 2016

My Pet Chicken recently started carrying Chick Packs, which are assortments of some of the rarest chicken breeds shipped for FREE! I jumped, leaped, and twirled a happy dance at the opportunity to receive one of these rare and designer breed chick packs.  I’m a customer service representative at My Pet Chicken—my name is Forest, hi!—and you know that anyone working here has GOT TO BE a little chicken crazy!


A Splash Ameraucana exploring the watermelon garden.

With so many rare and designer breeds available, it was tough for me to choose which chick pack I should order. First I narrowed it down.

My top 3 favorite Chick Packs

  1. Jackpot Quick Chicks – This chick pack was almost irresistible with the chance of some frizzle and sizzle genes in the mix!
  2. Ameriflower Assortment– Ameriflowers are a perfect designer breed, as far as I’m concerned. They’re friendly, good mothers and foragers, and they’re heat and cold hardy! Their blue-green eggs are beautiful too.
  3. Intense Egg Color Assortment – If you’re a sucker for a beautiful egg basket, this is a Chick Pack should be among your top choices!
Chick packs: photo of eggs from Intense Egg Color Assortment

Intense Egg Color Assortment

Once it was narrowed down, I spent a lot of time thinking about it, and I finally decided on a 10 Pack of The Intense Egg Color Assortment.

What I was most excited about is the beautiful egg basket these chicks will provide for me. The colors of the eggs laid by hens in the Intense Egg Color Assortment Chick Pack can include chocolate brown, blues, greens, and tinted… just about any egg color hens lay!

What exact birds you get in your chick pack will vary–it’s a breeder’s choice assortment, after all–but my pack included a Splash Ameraucana, a Lavender Ameraucana, an Ameri-Flower (hooray!), a Green Magnolia, a Carolina Blue Sex Link, a Super Blue Egg Layer, an Olive Egger, and a Super Chocolate Egg Layer.

I’m not sure any other chick pack could have pleased me more. Even though I didn’t get the Jackpot Quick Chicks Assortment, I sure felt as if I hit the jackpot with this beautiful selection of baby chicks!

photo of my chick pack

All 10 chicks arrived happy and healthy!

I can expect many beautiful shades of blue and green eggs from my birds come spring time. Most of these varieties are new to me, so I’m very excited to watch them grow and learn their personalities. They are all simply adorable.

Most of our Chick Packs are sold as straight run, meaning you will receive a combination of males and females in the pack. I did receive two male Green Magnolia chicks that I was not able to keep since my town does not allow roosters. Those roosters are now happily living at a nearby farm with a broody mother hen. When they grow up and mature, they could pass along genes for laying colored eggs to their offspring.

You may be wondering how I knew so early on that these two chicks were males!

Easy. Green Magnolia chicks are “sex-links” or “autosexing,” meaning the males and females hatch out with visual differences. In the case of  Green Magnolias, you can determine their sex by the yellow dots on the top of their heads. So, it’s possible that I’ll have more roosters that I’ll be able to identify as my peeps get older.  My co-workers are not always lucky with straight run chicks, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.


Male Green Magnolia chicks with yellow dots on their head show they’re males.

Not all the packs are straight run, though. If you’re looking for a Chick Pack that consists of only females, The Sex-Link Pullet Assortment is just the pack for you!

My new chicks are a week old now and have spent some time exploring a small garden bed. They have quickly found the MPC Chicken Salad Seed Mix I planted and are enjoying it! Their wing feathers are starting to grow in, too, and they’re busy exploring everything they can. I look forward to watching these amazing breeds grow and enjoying their beautiful fresh eggs.


Let us know… what are your favorite Chick Packs? Or tell us your “Most Wanted” rare or designer breeds. We love to chat chicken with you!


My Chick Pack chicks are enjoying some fresh Chicken Salad, grwn specially for my birds.

Sharp September 27th, 2016

Love it. That little chick looks so cute. I think I will name it Morgan.

Dee September 28th, 2016

Forest, I have always found my Sex links to be MEAN, a fellow farmer agees. So how do you handle their aggressiveness whe nthey are shipped with and grow older with other gentler breeds. I have had them attack each other no less than a gentle breed. No they are not over crowded they had 44 acres to roam untill I pulled them out and penned them off due to their being mean

Cindy McKinney October 7th, 2016

This is my first time having chicks, we got them from my son’s school science project and they are 6 months old now road island reds and they are Monica, Racheal and Phoebe and they are so spoiled they love there morning blue berries and to be petted and sit on my lap. we love them so much we built them a nice coop and they have just started laying eggs the past couple of weeks I call them my girls.

Forest C October 13th, 2016

Hi Cindy! Thank you for sharing the start of your chicken journey with us! I LOVE the names you picked out! Is the name of their coop, Central Perk? or Central Peck?? It sounds like they are spoiled with love! Enjoy those fresh eggs.

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