Pet chickens – how much you’ll save October 23, 2016

I started my chicken journey three years ago. With my children glued to their iPads all day, I wanted something that would take them outside: and so came the pet chickens!

eggs from my pet chickens

You can’t buy these at the store!

Some enter into pet chicken keeping with a lot of support from friends and family, but if you’re like me you encountered some Negative Nancies! Raise your hand if you’ve had someone ask you, “Why do you keep chickens when you can buy eggs from the store?” Now keep your hands raised if, like me, you’ve spent more money on your chickens than you’ve saved from buying eggs from the grocery store.

Exactly. It’s not always about the money.

Why We Keep Pet Chickens

We keep chickens them because we love them! The person who asks me why I keep chickens doesn’t ask the person beside me why they keep their Golden Retriever. For people who view chickens solely as a means for food, they have some catching up to do.

lap-chicken, pet chickens

Lap Chicken

Keeping pet chickens was always about the experience for me. Getting delicious, organic eggs every day is a bonus, but it’s not why I entered into this world. Those of you who’ve held a favorite chicken while it fell asleep on your lap know what I’m talking about. Chickens come with as many benefits as any other pet (even more when you count the eggs waiting for you every morning!). On a stressful day, I can find myself in my backyard hand-feeding my chickens an apple to help unwind my thoughts and relax.

I’ll be honest, building my dream coop wasn’t cheap. I had to buy the supplies, and I paid the friends who helped build it (shout out!) with pizza. That doesn’t include my organic, non-GMO feed I buy every month or the treats I like to surprise my ladies with every now and then. But three years later, and that coop is still standing strong and my chickens are bringing me joy every day. Yes, even when they poop all over my patio furniture.

When people ask you why you keep pet chickens when it’s easier to get eggs from the store, show them a picture of a Silkie. Many of my friends have never seen them before and can’t believe a chicken can be so cute! Show them a picture of your son proudly holding his Buff Orpington rooster by himself. Or show them a video of how your pet chickens run to you when they hear your voice.

For us self-proclaimed “Chicken People,” it’s not about the money, it’s about the chickens! I will have pet chickens for years to come and show people the love and joy that can come from owning such a fun, quirky, and cute pet.

Jackie Easterling October 23rd, 2016

I can’t put into words the joy my girls give me. I find so much joy sharing my love of animals with my grandkids. This summer my youngest grandson fell in love with the girls. The gift of technology he still gets to stay connected 6860 miles away in Maadi, Egypt. I have security cameras setup that have wifi connection to a web portal where my grandson in Egypt can check on the girls. He says it’s a little glitchy and slow but he still loves looking in on them. We also FaceTime with 5 new chicks I recently from My Pet Chicken on October 5, 2016. We have so much to talk about.

Kris December 27th, 2016

Thank you for your post. I am looking to start our first coop and would love a variety of egg colors. What chickens do you have in your coop?

Allen Pennington January 5th, 2017

Need some advice regarding ratio of roosters to hens. I know I have too many roosters; 3 roosters and 10 hens. I have already harvested 3 gorgeous blue red laced wyandottes, and still have 2 of them plus 1 barred rock. The roosters don’t fight yet, although they seem to resent me. They have just began breeding and the hens are laying eggs. They all hatched July 16, 2016. So far they are not tormenting the hens and as I said they don’t fight with each other. My question is; can I keep all three, I do plan on expanding my number of hens?

Lissa January 6th, 2017

We have advice for how to handle multiple roosters on our blog. It can be done in some circumstances, so I hope that will provide some good suggestions for you.

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