Decorating Blown Eggs January 25, 2017

Decorating eggs can be year-round fun—and decorating blown eggs means you can keep your egg art in the long term.

Decorating blown eggs is a great project for all ages and abilities. With a simple and inexpensive egg blowing tool and some art supplies, you can enjoy year round crafts with your chickens’ eggs.  You’ll also be enjoying lots of quiche, scrambled eggs, frittatas… Yum!

And we want to encourage you by giving away three of our one-hole egg blowers. (We’ve also put this on sale for our readers if you’re not lucky enough to win!) Read on to see how to win a blown egg tool for your decorating project.

How-To: Decorating Blown Eggs

1 . Select the eggs you’ll use. 

You may use a variety of chicken, duck, turkey, or quail eggs. When choosing your eggs to decorate, it’s fun to play around with different colors and sizes.


Using different colored eggs adds to the fun of the project

A large blue egg from a Super Blue Egg Layer can make a nice backdrop for a painted flower. Speckled eggs are my favorite to decorate with, although any shape or color is fine to use.

2. Poke your holes.

Next, you’ll carefully poke a hole at either end of your egg, being careful not to crack it entirely. (If you have a one-hole egg blower, you’ll only need one hole!)

Once you have made a hole in each end, slightly enlarge the hole on one side by rotating the metal edge. Even this is easiest using a blown egg tool, because it’s sharp enough to pierce without cracking, and it gives you a good deal of control.


The tool should insert easily with a little tapping on the egg.

However, in the good old days you might make the hole with what you had on hand: a knitting needle or awl. Make sure to use your tool to break the yolk inside the egg (it blows out easier this way).

3. Blow your eggs. 

You may now begin blowing the yolk out. If you have the tool, use that! If not, you want to blow from the smaller hole, so that the contents come out the bigger hole. It’s best to do this step over a large mixing bowl.  Remember to save the egg contents that you blow out for later use.

4. Clean and dry your egg shells.

When eggs are emptied out of the egg contents, wash and rinse the eggs, both inside and out.


Eggs after holes were placed in them and drained of the inside.

I used warm water and a small amount of dishwashing soap to clean the inside.

5. (Optional) While your shells are drying… cook!

A good time to use your egg contents is while your shells are drying. You can make scrambled eggs and feed it back to your flock… or make a quiche!


Figs and Pigs Quiche

6. Decorate.

Once your shells are dry—and once you’re full of quiche!—begin decorating!

I like to decorate my eggs with acrylic paint, but permanent markers, yarn, lacing, a hot glue gun, and some fun accessories would also make for great ways to also decorate.

Supplies I used to decorated eggs.

Supplies I used to decorate my eggs.


The possibilities are endless. You can even make holiday decorations and displays. I have made Christmas and Easter Decorations—hang on a holiday tree by just adding a loop of ribbon or string at the top! But decorating blown eggs is a simple enough project to use year-round.

For instance, Lissa decorated some “Day of the Dead” eggs (not blown) with special markers that used food coloring. With blown eggs, you could just use regular markers, no worries! Just remember whatever you do, don’t put too much pressure. You don’t want to break that shell!

Decorating blown eggs for springtime is fun:

Add Text

Painted cherry blossom tree and Mandala print

Here’s an anytime decoration I love: our My Pet Chicken mascot, Lucy!

Lucy, our My Pet Chicken mascot

Lucy, our My Pet Chicken mascot

We love getting crafty here at My Pet Chicken! Perhaps you can even use a display of decorated blown eggs at your farm stand to show off!

decorated blown eggs in a display basket

A collection of decorated blown eggs


You may enter once. Please comment below by Feb 1, 2017 at midnight EST to enter the giveaway. (Contest Closed 2/2017). You must reside in the US (because we only ship to US addresses).

When you comment, make sure to use an email address you check—if you don’t check it, you won’t know if you’ve won! Winners will be chosen randomly on Feb 2, and contacted by email. If a potential winner has not responded by Feb 9, 2017, we reserve the right to choose a different winner to accept the prize. (Contest closed 2/2017).

Holly January 25th, 2017

So glad I found your site! I’m learning so much.

Michal McKee January 25th, 2017

What a neat tool!

George Castonguay January 25th, 2017

I taught my boys how to blow eggs since I got the EE hen with her beautiful blue eggs. Be interesting to see how that tool works.

Karen January 25th, 2017

Love your site. I have learned so much and enjoy reading all the ideas and comments.

Loretta January 25th, 2017

Would love to win one of these. My birthday is in February so it would be a great present. Love your site always great things on it.

rebecca hickey January 25th, 2017

something new to try

Cheryl Tucci January 25th, 2017

If I don’t win I’ll have to buy…just added to my May chick order today, I’m sure I’ll be calling again ????

Tina January 25th, 2017

I love decorating blown eggs, but don’t do it much anymore because of the hassle of blowing them. What a convenience this tool would be!

Janet Marshall January 25th, 2017

That tool would make things much easier, I’ve tried blowing eggs using a needle before with not so good results

Jennifer Hortillano January 25th, 2017

This is great, we can make Easter eggs without wasting the contents of the eggs or having to toss the shells to eat them ????

Susan Hoyes January 25th, 2017

I would love one of these!

Shawn Hall January 25th, 2017

I didn’t grow up with chickens (that’s why we’re SO EXCITED about our March chicks), but I did grow up learning how to use yellow onion skins, red cabbage, tansey, and turmeric to naturally dye eggs!

Erika Forsythe January 25th, 2017

I need one of these! I have a whole basket of hollowed out eggs done with a syringe and that was hard!

Gina January 25th, 2017

I wish I had this tool when we made our Santa eggs for our tree this year. Love the invention

Gina January 25th, 2017

Great invention. Love decorating eggs. We just did 50 santas. Could have used this tool. Plan on doing more

Joanie Matthews January 26th, 2017

Wow, this is neat!!

Sara D January 27th, 2017

I remember doing this as a kid with my mom. I would lovery to win the tool and do this again with my kids!

Mendy Belgarde January 27th, 2017

Such an awesome tool to get creative with 🙂

Kristy January 27th, 2017

I have always wanted to decorate eggs like this!! Loving your blog❤️

Tami McAfee January 27th, 2017

Pick me pick me

Jill Dennis-Booth January 31st, 2017

This is a great site. I enjoy my chickens and like learning new things. I will try this with some of our eggs!

Gloria woods January 31st, 2017

I hope I get some eggs soon to do this..Waiting patiently..
My babies are only 20 weeks old,
And we haven’t had the nicest weather lately.????

Kim January 31st, 2017

We do eggs every year !!!!

Marianne January 31st, 2017

Nice giveaway. I remember doing this as a kid using a sewing needle! The tool makes the process so much easier! Hope to win one!

Wanda L Torres January 31st, 2017

I so love Lucy the pet chicken!!!!

Dawn Hollifield January 31st, 2017

Cool tool! ????Would hope it will help me drill without cracking egg.

Vickie February 1st, 2017

I want to try with some Ostrich eggs but I have plenty of chicken eggs to practice on!

Summer February 14th, 2017

It looks so cool and it looks awesome it looks like something fun to do!!!!

Andrea May 29th, 2017

Beautiful site and eggs! These are a great project thanks for sharing.

Catherine Smith March 30th, 2018

I thank you for this and all your articles! I Love decorating blown eggs, as would love to get a one hole blower!

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