Chicken privacy March 10, 2017

I was ready for many adventures when I decided to start keeping chickens! I imagined us all in the garden working and snacking together. I envisioned us napping on the hammock under the summer sun. I knew we would have many interesting conversations, even though I don’t know how to cluck! The one thing that I failed to see was the loss of my privacy. Chicken privacy is something different—-something I didn’t expect!

Buff orpington hamming it up for the camera

Buff Orpington

MY privacy started to turn into “chicken privacy” little by little. First with little peeks in the window: ‘Hello, hi, are you busy? Got any treats?’

“Yes, I have treats… and how can I refuse? Look at you, so cute peeking in my window asking politely.”

Of course, I opened the door to give her the treats.

The was the first moment I began to experience chicken privacy

Fern peeks in to check for treats.

Here’s where it got hairy. Or maybe feathery.

Because like any good sister would, she went back and shared her story of treat triumph.

chicken privacy: two buff orps intrude

Fern brings back her sister, Peaches. Now they’re both looking for snacks.

And her sister came back with her to look for more.

As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for them all to catch on.

Chicken Privacy Spreads

Once they wore me down, they began trying to convince The Boy to give them treats, too. And he was more willing to give up his privacy to them than I was!

The flock at the door begging

Saying good morning to each other.

Mistakes will happen and back doors will accidentally get left open in life… but if you own chickens, open doors lead to wandering beaks. Chickens are curious creatures and will explore a new area given the chance.

chicken privacy: an invasion!

This is what chicken privacy means: an open back door leads to a chicken takeover in the living room!

Before I knew it, I was sharing my lunches! Sometimes willingly, sometimes not!

They’re never picky about what food they want to snack on and will gladly eat anything that is within inches of their beak.

sharing lunch with a chicken

Sharing lunch.

I soon stopped wondering what happened to how I ended up with chicken privacy when I realized it went out the door the moment I let the chickens into my heart. I have learned to live with the loss of privacy although we have made some compromises. The garden is now fenced in, the doors to the house are more carefully closed, and I have figured out how to have the chickens work for me.

We do nap in the hammock and have interesting conversations (I think?). The chickens bring so much joy to our lives that dealing with chicken privacy is worth it all.

Have you lost your privacy too? Share in the comments below.

Hermione Phoenix March 13th, 2017

Privacy? What is that? ???? My chickens go where they please and forget making a phone call,my hen Matilda likes to join in the conversation and squawks very loudly until the call has ended.It used to be an annoyance,but now I see the funny side as I have been welcomed into their little chicken family with open wings and I will be forever grateful for their love. My two girls are rescue hens,they barn free range. That may sound nice,but in reality is far from it. When they arrived they were bald except for their wings,head,chest and some tail feathers from living in a barn with 200 other hens with no access to the outdoors. They were afraid of everything when they arrived,even me. I am pleased to say that after 6 months,their feathers are looking a lot better and they are very confident birds,to confident in fact. They will explore anything anywhere. Rescuing ex laying hens is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and the love they give in return is insurmountable.

Forest C March 13th, 2017

I love that they like to join the conversation on the phone! Thank you for sharing your story of the rescue hens you have adopted!!!

adreinne March 13th, 2017

Hatch or brood them in the house and it is home! I’ve let a few linger for a time when I felt they needed it for health reasons. I also learned not to give treats at the door…..Now turkeys are another story. The turkeys don’t peck at the door. They try to come in the windows! Really tear up a screen. People wonder why our screens have duct tape on them…..poor people can’t afford screens….NO just pointless to replace them very week or two. LOL

Karin March 14th, 2017

Yes, I too have resigned myself to “chicken privacy”. They will even “knock” on the front door if I’m not noticing their presence right away. It’s not really the privacy, but the poopy front step that is a bit of a bother. I wouldn’t change a thing though and will just plan on sweeping and hosing off.

Teri March 15th, 2017

love this! i don’t have chickens yet, but am making plans to…somyour post was helpful (and funny)!! 🙂 i’m curious…do they peck holes in the screen door?

Forest C March 15th, 2017

Hi Teri! How exciting that you will soon be a chicken keeper! So many adventures await! My chickens have never pecked a hole in the screen door and I doubt many would have the strength to do that BUT never underestimate a hungry hen who wants her treats!

Jim P March 16th, 2017

My nine chickens (eight Rhode Island Reds and one Barnevelder) are all interested in what I’m doing – ‘cept for the treats, of course!

I found one watching me as I cleaned up a mess I’d made, and they all seem to regard me with ‘no treats, huh?’, or ‘what are you up to now?’ expressions.

Andrea April 3rd, 2017

Love this post! Chickens are so worth the loss of privacy and all the other concessions we make to have them as part of our families.

may ap trung mini July 27th, 2017

love this! i don’t have chickens yet, but am making plans to…somyour post was helpful (and funny)!!

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