Inside Birdbrains: Chicken Joke Survey Results! March 23, 2017

The Most Comprehensive Survey of Chickens Ever!

Finally—after incubating the idea for months—the results have hatched!  Through months of vigorous surveying by phone and chicken joke focus groups, My Pet Chicken was able to interview more than 10,000 American chickens from a variety of breeds, geographic locations, and socio-economic situations. Our Annual Report on What Chickens Think—Groaner Version—is here!

Chicken saying "epic!" chicken joke

Epic chicken joke survey results

We’d like to thank all the birds who completed the interviews and didn’t make a straight run for the door, accepting our invitation to vent their opinions on a free range of subjects, including sports, current events, pop culture, and more.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on inside those bird-brains, here’s a sneak peak into what chickens think:

Top TV Shows for Chickens

What do chickens enjoy watching on the small screen?  The results may surprise you:

  1. Favorite drama – The Eggs Files
  2. Favorite variety show – America’s Got Talons
  3. Favorite comedy – It’s Always Sunny Side Up in Philadelphia

Surprisingly, “Who’s Line is it, Anyway?” was mentioned by several of those who responded.  Why?  One Barred Rock from Plymouth explained:

barred rock chicken joke


Top Movies for Chickens

What about their favorite movies?  You might have eggspected one of the recent Hollywood blockbusters?  Not eggsactly.  While chickens enjoy crossing the road to see new movies, the #1 answer among our participants was the 2004 comedy, “Meet the Flockers.”

Yeah, we were surprised, too!

Top Music for Chickens

When asked about their favorite music, the answers were as varied as the breeds themselves.  Here’s what we discovered:

  1. Favorite artist among the brooder generation – The Dixie Chicks (who knew youngsters are such country fans?)
  2. Favorite artist among the roosters – Sheryl Crow
  3. Favorite artist among Golden Buff (Red Stars) – The Sex-Link Pistols

While we were surprised at the diversity among breeds and ages in regard to their preferred musicians, there was no disagreement about the least favorite band of all time: The Eagles. (Apparently the name itself makes them feel vulnerable).

But one music group was consistently a favorite among all the demographic groups for our chicken joke survey, and can safely be called American chickens’ all-time favorite music group: The Beatles

One Speckled Sussex pullet summed up how chickens feel about the Beatles:

chicken joke: chicken joker


Football for Chickens

Who knew that chickens have such strong opinions about the pigskin?  It turns out that many breeds consider themselves very lucky to skip Sunday dinner to enjoy watching a game.  Here are the results of our survey:

  • Favorite teams: Houston Teggsans and the New England Incubatriots
  • Least favorite teams: Oakland Nest Raiders and Pittsburgh Egg Stealers

But that doesn’t tell the whole story.  A vast majority of our respondents listed the following teams as being so hated, they almost can’t stomach watching the games: the Panthers, Falcons, Eagles, Seahawks, Bears, and Jaguars.  We asked them why these teams are so hard to watch, and one young cockerel replied:

“Those teams all suffer from bad cochin.  They illegally target their opponents.  It’s not right.  I’d rather watch the Olympics, especially the Welsummer Games.”

Political Issues

That’s just the beginning of the results of our chicken joke survey and we’ll unveil more in upcoming blog posts.  But for now, we’d like to conclude with perhaps the most surprising result of our survey.

For all the chickens, across all breeds, from patriotic Silver Spangled chickens to every Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn, and Blue Andalusian in between, one political issue was on top of everyone’s list:

Flock eating chickweed


Stay tuned to the My Pet Chicken blog for more!

J.M. Miller April 14th, 2017

loved the Chicken jokes. They should be on Saturday night alive.

Buckinhard May 23rd, 2017

This is too funny, laughed and laughed. Thank you !!!!!

Joy Sayre July 11th, 2017

This was great .. Loved it, very funny ..

TwoCrows July 11th, 2017

It’s all too egg-citingly funny!!! 🙂

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