Chicken Leggings – DIY Project August 20, 2017

Chicken leggings? You bet!

Actually, I never used to be big on leggings, but it seems like they’re everywhere now! Once I picked up a few pairs from a thrift store to layer under dresses, I got hooked—they are so comfortable! But my entire secondhand collection of leggings consists of solid colors, so I thought about branching out into some prints, but nothing really caught my eye until Bitty Bee Fabrics recently ran a chicken print that I fell in love with.  I love to do chicken DIY projects, so I hatched a plan to make DIY chicken leggings!

"mise en place" for my chicken leggings DIY project


DIY Chicken Leggings

Find your pattern! My go-to leggings pattern is the Peg Legs pattern from a company called Patterns for Pirates (they have a coupon code in their Facebook group to get the Peg Legs pattern for free.) I’ve used the pattern before and found the directions easy to follow.

my favorite leggings pattern


I folded the fabric in half before cutting so I’d end up with a left and right side.

chicken leggings pattern

Like my fancy pattern weights? They keep the pattern from shifting while I cut.

My daughter couldn’t see how I’d get a pair of leggings out of this piece of fabric.

chicken leggings fabric cut out


However, the chicken leggings appear just like magic in just a moment!

chicken leggings side seams


These small side seams I’m sewing up are actually the front and back seams.

making my chicken leggings


So when you put these seams in the front and back like they belong, the legs appear. Presto!

pinning the seams of my chicken leggings


I started at one ankle and serged up one leg and down the other—they’re really starting to look like chicken leggings now!

sewing set up


Many seamstresses hate hemming, and I’m one of them! I tend to make myself do it in the middle of the project or I’ll be too excited to wear them to stop and do it at the end.

hemming my chicken leggings


These chicken leggings will just be the cutest! I love that there are cheery little coops in the fabric pattern, too.

fabric for my chicken leggings


The pattern I use allows for a choice between a regular waistband and a yoga waistband, and I chose to do a yoga band.

sewing the waistband on the chicken leggings


Here I am making that last seam to attach the waist band!

waistband on my chicken leggings


Done! Chicken leggings for this crazy chicken lady.

chicken leggings


Soaking up some sun!

chicken leggings


Have you found any cute chicken fabrics? Please share your favorites!

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Olivia October 6th, 2017

Soooo cute! This is awesome, great job Karen 🙂

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