Top 9 Freaky Chicken Traits October 18, 2017

Trick or Treat! Could this fun, funky, and freaky chicken—with its wind-blown feathers—really exist? Or is this a just photoshop job?

Little Frizzled Rooster


Well, we’re not playing tricks on you!

This Frizzle is a real treat, a true (and absolutely adorable) type of bird we offer here at My Pet Chicken. Chickendom has moved beyond just run-of-the-mill chickens, anymore! Now you can get truly freaky chickens to wow your neighbors with what pecks and scratches its way out of your backyard coop.

Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual traits chickens can have—the kind that might make your neighbors do a double-take when they see your freaky chickens!

Top 9 Freaky Chicken Traits

1. Crested

Some freaky chickens have a showy crest of feathers like a top hat or mohawk on top of their heads! However, others have smaller top knots that are more subtle.  Silkies, Polish and Cream Legbars all have crests of various sorts.

Polish have large crests

2. Bearded

Some birds, such as Easter Eggers, and Ameraucanas, have fluffy cheeks that meet under their beak for a full coverage beard—for both hens and roosters.

Poofy Cheeks, Oh My!

3. Frizzled

Frizzled chickens have distinctly curled plumage. Did someone put curlers on that chicken? Of course not. IN fact, frizzled feathers occur in many chicken breeds, such as Serama bantams.

Freaky chicken: Frizzled with beautiful curls!

4. Silkied

Silkie-feathered chickens have soft, fluffy fur-like plumage. Those genetics can be bred into mixed breed birds, but of course the Silkie Breed is the prime example of silkied-feathering.

              Freaky chicken: silkie

5. Sizzled

This type of soft feathering with a distinct curl combines silkied and frizzled feathers. Sizzles can sometimes be found in our Fun & Funky assortment packs.

6. Feather-footed

Feather-foot chickens have feathers that grow on their legs and feet, in addition to their bodies. They sometimes look as if they’re wearing bloomers, for example Cochins or Brahmas.

“Can’t see my toes!”

7. Naked Neck

Self explanatory! Naked necks have no feathers on their neck, giving them a turkey-like appearance.  The hen below also has frizzled feathers and came from the Fun and Funky Chick Pack™

Freaky chicken: frizzled naked neck

             “Only I can pull this look off.”

8. Bow Tie

Bow-tie chickens have naked necks, but with one tuft of feathers centrally located on the neck imitating a bow tie. Then there are Silkie chickens with bow-tie feathering, which are often called “Showgirls” (including the roosters). The little hen pictured below came from Fun and Funky Hatching Eggs.

Look at that little collar of a bow tie.

9. Fibromelanosis

Most breeds have natural pink or yellow tone skin. However, there are a handful of special breeds that carry this gene for hyperpigmentation,. They not only have black skin, but even black combs and wattles, and black beaks!

Freaky chicken: Svart Hona, black from tip to tail.

There are many more freaky chickens out there—chickens so unique in appearance that people who don’t know much about chickens may wonder what sort of exotic bird you’ve trained up as a pet!

Do you keep any freaky chickens? What is your favorite type?


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Steve Langdon December 20th, 2017

I really enjoyed the pics. We are just learning about Buff Orpingtons.

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