Rare Chicken Breeds for Martha Stewart - 2018

Every year for the past 8 years, My Pet Chicken has had the honor of delivering Martha Stewart a selection of rare chicken breeds ---some of the rarest and most unusual chicken breeds available in this country. This year, we delivered a total of 50 rare breed chicks to Martha's farm. The mixture of large fowl, small bantams, and colored egg layers will provide a beautiful assortment of new egg sizes and colors for Martha's egg basket.

Martha Stewart welcomes a Frizzle pullet from the Fun and Funky hatching eggs collection.

Martha Stewart's Rare Chicken Breeds for 2018

This year, Martha chose some great rare chicken breeds that will be beautiful additions to her flock, including these:

But that list doesn't even include every rare chicken breed she choose!

Here is the full list of the fun chicken breeds that Martha Stewart chose this year which includes chicks from our hatching eggs selection as well as day old baby chicks and juvenile birds.

This box includes SuperBlue Egg Layers, Welsummers, Silver Spangled Hamburgs, and Heritage Barred Rocks

The Super Blue Egg Layers and Sweet Sugar Blues are exclusive MPC breeds. Super Blues are prolific egg layers of large blue eggs, while the Sweet Sugar Blues are a sex link bantam with a friendly personality.

These juvenile chickens--with  Sweet Sugar Blues, Mille Fleur d'Uccles, and birds from the Fun & Funky assortment---are eager to see their new coop.

She even got some amazing Seramas, including frizzle, silkied, and smooth feathered varieties.

Serama chicks

Seramas are the smallest recognized chicken breed in the world, and are fantastic layers of small cream eggs.

Martha Stewart's Chickens

As we drove through Martha's 15-acre farm to her chicken coop, we were filled with excitement seeing the beautiful gardens and orchard that were about to become the new home for the chicks we were delivering. She's been such an inspiration to us over the years that we always love to visit and bring some rare-breed inspiration to her, too!

Martha, her social media manager Jocelyn Santos, and Dawa Sherpa, who cares for the outside birds, met us. They were all excited to receive the chicks and quickly went into action getting these rare chicken breeds settled into their new home.

Dawa introduces this Super Blue Egg Layer its new water source.

They introduced the chicks to their new water and food sources. Then the babies quickly began exploring, with a heat lamp to keep them warm.

Rare chicken breeds: baby chicks!

The chicks quickly settle into their new home and begin eating and exploring.

As the chicks were settling into their new coop away from the older flock members, we were able to visit the rest of the chicken area. Martha has a lovely a predator-proof run and grazing pasture for them.

What a view! Part of the chicken run overlooks Martha's vegetable garden.

Martha Stewart's Chicken Coops

Martha has four different coops at her farm with an assortment of rare chicken breeds that have been delivered by My Pet Chicken over the years.

A Frizzle chicken from last year's delivery to Martha perches on one of the ladders placed in the run for enrichment.

The chickens have several large areas in the run where they can roam. They also have perches and ladders for roosting made by fallen trees from the property.  They also have a beautiful view overlooking Martha's farm and garden. Martha often shares her garden harvests with the flock. When we were there, her chickens were enjoying a morning snack of fresh greens and vegetables.

Martha welcomed a Frizzled Naked Neck from our Fun and Funky hatching egg collection into her flock this year.

My Pet Chicken had a wonderful visit to Martha Stewart's farm this year, as always. We look forward to seeing which rare chicken breeds she'll pick next year.

Martha's flock, which includes two Pomeranian geese,  in the chicken pasture.

What breeds do you think Martha should consider for her flock for 2019?

We'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions below!

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