One Chick’s Holiday Experience and Her Lesson for Humans December 13, 2018

Yay! Today we are going to our new home! Thankfully, those cool peeps at My Pet Chicken packaged us carefully so that we will survive our long journey.

What kind of home will it be? Will they have a big yard, full of bugs and healthy plants to eat? Will I be able to scratch around in the dirt and dust-bathe in the sunshine? Will they dote on us and show us off to their friends?

It’s so exciting!

What’s that? They say we’ve arrived! The postal service worker is calling our new family to come to pick us up! It won’t be long now…

Why is the box moving again? Wow – that’s a bright light. It’s kind of scary, but interesting… Who is that person? Whew! That’s the mom of our new family! Hi, mom! She’s counting us–yep, we’re all here! Everyone in the post office seems excited about our arrival. We’re superstars–no, we’re celebrities! Even better–we’re celebrity superstars!


What are they saying? I can’t tell…something about us being a “present.”

I’ve never been a “present” before. I hope that’s a good thing!

OK. This has been amazing…but…sigh…it’s been a long day. I’m feeling tired and thirsty from my journey. I can’t wait to get to our warm brooder to rest and drink some nice, fresh water. The first water I’ve ever had! Even though I ingested the yolk just before hatching and it provides me with hydration and nutrition for my first few days (how do I know this stuff? must be instinct, I guess…), I’m excited to try some chick starter feed.

I hope this car ride is short. I’m not a fan of bumps, starts and stops, and rapid temperature changes.

We’re here! Home at last. Listen to all those, “Awwww”s! We must be pretty special–and cute! Yes – it’s good to meet you, too. You look like a young human, and I’m a young chicken! We must have some things in common. This will be fun. But could you be a little more gentle? Adult humans–Can you help me here? This kid can be a little rough sometimes…

Where’s the brooder? I’m kind-of cold and really tired. I could use some water.



I don’t think they’re ready for us. They sound like they’re arguing. What is an “impulse purchase”?

We were so cute online (thanks, I guess?)–the young human just HAD to have us–but nobody prepared to actually take care of us. Apparently, we’re just here to be cute playthings for the kids. This is not going to work.

What does “Gotta go to Grandma’s house soon?” mean? Are we going, too? I’m tired of “going” – at least for a while. But I don’t really want to just be left here, either, especially without a good safe, warm place with feed and water.

Everyone seems to be rushing around and a little irritated. I thought our arrival was supposed to be fun?

It’s a little late to be reading about how to care for us, but I guess it’s better late than never. I’m glad they found some help on that computer. Hey, look – the My Pet Chicken people have a website! Those people really get around!

Yeesh–all this affection is a little overwhelming. I think I would just like to warm up and take a break for a little while.

Oh, good. They’ve found a local farm supply store that’s still open. I hope they have what we need. I wish they’d had all this ready BEFORE we arrived!

It’s been an hour…when will they be back from the store?

Thanks for the water. That was really nice. When you dribbled it alongside my beak, it helped me know what it was and what to do. Thanks for holding me gently and for showing the young human how to do it. That helps me stay kind-of warm, but I really need access to an area that is 95 degrees at this stage of my life.

I think I’ll just sleep here in your arms while we wait for them to get back from the store. We both seem to like that.

Whuh..? What’s going on…? Okay…Moving again…

What’s this place?

Wait…that feels good… It’s warmer in here. Wow…that helps a lot. I’m starting to feel less groggy. Is everybody here? It looks like one of us is missing. I wonder what happened to her?

What’s that red thing over there? Now that I’m warmed up, I’m going to go check that out. Hey! This thing’s got water inside! Awesome!

What about that thing over there? That looks interesting! Gotta go peck at that to see what it is…

Mmmmm….food! My first food! Who knew finely milled chick starter feed could be so wonderful? It’s just what I needed. I think this feed will do the trick for my first few weeks of life.

I like the feel of this stuff under my feet. It’s soft and I can clinch it with my toes. That will help me avoid developing leg problems. Thanks for providing this!

I’m already tired again! Man, I don’t have much endurance at this age. I must be getting old–LOL! But this has been fun. I was really worried at first. I hope our new family has a nice coop ready for us to move into when we’re a few weeks older, more fully-feathered, and ready to go outside. At least they have a few weeks to figure that part out. I hope they don’t procrastinate!

If they ever keep chickens again, I hope they’ll remember that we’re more than just cute, fluffy, and fun to watch and hold. I hope they’ll remember we’re not toys. I hope they’ll remember that we need to be cared for. I hope they’ll learn and prepare as much as they can before they do this again.

I wonder if they would have been more prepared if we weren’t a holiday “impulse buy”? Maybe it would have been a better idea to get a baby chick starter kit for the holiday (I think the young human would be excited about that), but have us chicks delivered at a time of year when it’s not so crazy busy? Humans are pretty smart; maybe they’ll think that one through.

Now, where was that warm spot? Oh, yeah…over there.

Nice and toasty… I’m going to toss my wing and my foot out and catch as much of this heat as I can. Time for another nap.

Good to be home.

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