My Pet Chicken is open for business! March 13, 2020

With so much uncertainty around you-know-what, with schools and businesses closing, we want to let you know where we are. And as of today, we are open for business! Here’s what you need to know:

We are ppen for business
Chicks are shipping!

COVID-19 does not affect birds as far as we know

Our understanding is that birds do not carry COVID-19 and that they cannot communicate it to humans.

The CDC says “There is no reason to think that any animals including pets in the United States might be a source of infection with this new coronavirus. To date, CDC has not received any reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19.”

Read the latest animal-related COVID info from the CDC, here.

Products are shipping on time

  • Our partner breeders and hatcheries are still hatching and shipping chicks, waterfowl, started pullets and hatching eggs.
  • Our product fulfillment centers are still open, and shipping coops and supplies on time, for now.
  • Some of our chicken coops are quite low in supply, however, and it may be a few months until we receive more. Affected products are marked as such, so you won’t have to guess. If you think you might need a chicken coop, in other words, you are best to purchase soon.
  • As of today, we have no word of post offices shutting down, but that could happen, so if you’re expecting an order of chicks, it’s best to call your local post office in advance for pickup instructions (which we always recommend, in any case).
  • Coronavirus can survive on cardboard shipping boxes for a short time. Read about that and how to disinfect surfaces.

Our staff is staying safe

  • My Pet Chicken has always been a virtual business. Our staff work from their own homes around the country. Therefore our operations remain “business as usual.”
  • Our partner breeders and hatcheries have their non-essential staff working from home, and essential staff taking extra precautions to stay healthy.

While this time is a bit scary and uncertain for everyone, we at My Pet Chicken, and our partners, will continue to do the very best we can for you as we remain open for business. Thank you for your trust in us. Please stay safe!

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